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  1. message_1_by_chobittsu_studios-dc9ti0g.p

    Reports of my death by drowning in soup are greatly exaggerated. I shall now elaborate on the details;

    For the past 2 weeks I've had at most 2 hours of sleep per day. I'm a night owl, no question about it, I go to bed at 4am, I wake around noon. This is a leftover of my previous occupation's working hours that ended up fitting into my social life as part of an international online community. This, however, seems to have come with a price as my neighbour has decided to practice playing his guitar and singing right around the time I'm starting into a new cycle, disrupting the pattern and bringing the whole house of cards down. It's bad enough that my bedroom is brighter than the surface of R136a1 but to now have a second sense bombarded by what I can only describe as "hippie trash", even by the strange standards of a 1960s lovechild is taking its toll on both my mental and physical health. And this is on top of having a raging case of tinnitus from a misspent youth on the flightline of many airports. Between that and now this the only sanctuary is unconsciousness. 

    Here is an accurate depiction of myself at the time of writing this:


    About the only thing keeping me from turning the 3rd floor of my apartment complex into a recreation of Passchendaele complete with barbed wire, gas attacks and stabbing people with bayonets is that I'm a man of reason in an unreasonable situation. I've wrote the management of this building a letter every day for two weeks demanding action which culminated in what amounts to the following:   "Hey, can you please stop?"   "No."   "Okay well we can't stop you."

    How does this all affect my actions here? Well, it really doesn't. Even after taking a week off, shelving everything I was working on and focusing every resource I have on finding a solution to this problem, none were found, short of pumping chlorine gas under the little frak's door...

    So, since that week seems to have been a waste, I'm back, with more soup, more Mermaid's Wrath... more headache.

    ...venting complete... if any of you have suggestions for curing this ailment, or recommended types of sleeping pills, let me know below.

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    2. Atomic_Manatee


      Can't he practice at other times such as it doesn't disrupt your sleepy time?

    3. Chobittsu


      @Cruiser_SanJuan I've already asked him to pick another time, let's just say that his tone, body language and wording were... unpleasant.   I'm going to confront the building staff tomorrow about this mess, probably going to find a new home within the month. This [edited] isn't worth the effort

    4. Atomic_Manatee


      Go get 'em, tiger!