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  1. So, since Mermaid's Wrath's International Version failed to get off the ground (Not through lack of interest, just through lack of Russian actresses responding to my messages to get the first new set started) I've been looking into other ways we could branch the mod out. We've got the voices done, the captain portraits and names, what else could be branch into?

    Anyone have thoughts on the matter?

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    2. Volron


      Can you not use what you have managed for the International, then add in the Russian lines in an update?  Just point that fact out and, well, you'll still get gripes about it, but probably not AS many. :Smile_hiding:


      The only option I can think of is GUI interface, custom ribbons and what-not. :cap_hmm:

    3. Chobittsu


      Well that's sorta the point, I was going to get a group of Russian VAs together, record all the existing lines in Russian and then release them as the first of the international packs... but the Russians never responded, none out of the five I poked

    4. Volron


      More poking may be required. :cap_look: