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  1. Stephen-Hawking.jpg

    He may have stopped, but ALS never slowed this glorious bastard down!
    I met him once, only in passing though, several years ago. I was at the Perimeter Institute taking a few exams, and Prof Hawking pretty much uses the place as his summer home. So I'm on my way to another part of the building, turn a corner and this guy in a wheelchair is rollin' down the hall at me with a couple other professors in tow.   So I do what anyone in my position should have done; casually walk by, smile and greet him with "Hey Steve"
    I didn't stop to chat, he was obviously on his way to something, but little moments like that make the universe worth exploring

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    2. Jim_Byrnes


      A mind as bright as a Nova his passing is a sad loss. Yet, I feel confident he now has the answers he sought on religion and God.

    3. Incendiary_Tanker


      Oh.. crap.. hes dead?! I didn't see the rest of the post as it didn't load in.... only a picture of his face..... well crap... I... really don't know what to say now. The man was one of my greatest idols..... 


    4. tcbaker777


      never thought id see the day this guy died, its weird how we think the most famous people could live forever, but they're just human, like us, i never once stopped to think "oh yeah, Stephen Hawking is just like us, so of course he'll die one day" not ONCE did that thought run through my head, never met the guy, but i knew a bit about him, a real genius he was