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    2. Atomic_Manatee


      The last burn was a bit too powerful and now Starman will end up cruising in the asteroid belt instead of Mars's orbit :Smile_teethhappy::Smile_ohmy::fish_boom:

    3. XXRed_DawnXX



      I understand the test for the rocket system (It's beyond incredible), yet what is the point exactly on sending a Tesla into space?

    4. Chobittsu


      @XXRed_DawnXX Elon owns both SpaceX and Tesla, and that was his personal car. Normally when a rocket is tested, they loft a big weight to simulate the mass of a satellite, usually a big concrete block that just lands in the ocean later on. Musk wanted to prove that the FH could not only reach Mars, but also reach Mars with a brute-force launch, no gravity assists or fuel-saving trickery. Not only did they meet that goal, they vastly exceeded it when they realized they had fuel to spare:
      As for why the Tesla, SpaceX has had a long history of launching very silly thing on their maiden flights. The first Dragon spacecraft carried a large wheel of cheese