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  1. Serious question;
    If I opened up crowdfunding for more languages in Mermaid's Wrath after version x2.0, do you think it would get funded?
    (cause I can't really sustain anything beyond the English version on my own wallet)

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    2. The_first_harbinger


      I don't think anyone's expecting a full expansion of all these languages at once. It's not an official mod, and everybody's grateful for any form of expansion or optimization.

      Again, I'm suggesting that you should promote the mod to Asia and Eu servers, where there's a lot more player base who would be interested and would be willing to donate and contribute for the mod

    3. Aessaya


      Now I'm wondering how to make single mod.xml nation/language-aware. Pretty sure it's possible, just need to do my research! *dives back into the code pile*

    4. Chobittsu


      Noooo noooooooo no no no nonononono. Bad Saya! BAD! I've already had a friend take a total mental breakdown this year cause of overworking themselves, I can't have another doing it too!