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  1. Gaijin sends me a survey to fill out about their new build and made the mistake of letting me fill out the "Other" boxes my self~   *cracks knuckles*

    Update 1.75 “La Résistance”

    We’ve added French ground vehicles, new scouting and repair mechanics, new aircraft, automatically changing camos and some amazing locations into update 1.75!
    Leave your feedback so that we can make War Thunder even better!

    What have you enjoyed most about 1.75?


    It's nice that you finally added a "Safe Mode" to the launcher so I can test my mod development. The new Operation for Tier VII ships is also a blast and the Hamburg Port is very well made.
    The changes made to camos also make using them worthwhile and I'm really looking forward to-... oh, wait... this is a War Thunder survey?
    Oh... umm....
    ...I got nothin'.


    How did you find out about the Update 1.75 "La Resistance" release?

    Someone mentioned it in passing while I was sailing my Dunkerque in WoWS and I was like "Oh yeah, Gaijin still exists..."


    Please leave your own suggestions here, questions about the update news. For example which change wasn't clear enough, so that we may clarify it.

    Get bought out by Wargaming.net so you have a PR department that doesn't make me want to carpet-bomb Moscow with rotted fish.