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  1. aug46n0z.thumb.png.4ea6e09d16d1b5b752a213468cf741d1.png

    I have returned from my holidays holiday on which I went for a holiday. Doesn't seem like I missed much, not even a thread that needed to be drowned in soup...
    I, however, have been chipping away at some new content for Mermaid's Wrath~! It won't be ready until January (Our VAs already booked time off~) but it'll double the number of standard lines you hear most often, starting with Anna. (Aiming for at minimum 4-5 variations more for existing lines, us battleship captains get set on fire a lot, would be nice to hear more than a couple lines for it~)
    Other than that, Aessaya and I have been considering adding more languages to Mermaid's Wrath... HOWEVER, and that's a big however, it would require crowdfunding, a dozen VAs each from 10 countries, skilled translators... it would be a massive undertaking and I don't have the funds, I was eating ramen for a long while when I was making this mod....    XD

    1. The_first_harbinger


      Hope you have enjoyed your holiday(retreat to the Maginot)!

      I'm very fond of your excellent work, and although I do not possess a sweet and charming voice like your VAs (I speak like a proooper ingleeshman), I'm more than willing to help out! Specifically with translating from and to Mandarin, and I guarantee fluency and accuracy as I consider it my...err...second...first...language...*yeah, that works*so to say.

      Anyways, good luck and fair seas! :Smile_honoring:

    2. tcbaker777


      pls dont drown in the soup of soupy soupness, we need you for your  French memes