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  1. I was asked today how I could have tinnitus at such a young age.    I had a simple answer.


    1. The_first_harbinger


      Or you can just listen to live lobby mic spam in cs:go. That works too.

      Playing Minotaur with max SFX volume can achieve similar effects, the combo of the frequent shrill bangs of you firing and the sudden abrupt base drop when you blow up is deadly.

    2. Jim_Byrnes


      Aw C'mon! Few thing in this world sound better than a Pratt & Whitney radial!. Worked on them and gotten to fly several planes with them including a T-6. Tinnitus sucks though I have a friend who suffers from it it's no fun at all.

    3. YeOldeTraveller


      Most awesome thing I have ever heard was the sound of 22 B-25s flying over.


      Tinnitus from an early age.  Then too many years around diesel engines and jet airplanes.