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  1. My neighbor woke me up with her loud religious music...
    ...returning fire.


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    2. MotorheadEddie


      Nothing wrong listening to music just to judge on it's own merit as MUSIC     a great amount of that military music from that year range as musical pieces are works of art if you broke it down and pick up their clever combos of notes that created a musical piece that is very pleasing to the trained ears. Those whom don't understand are bound to say that since all they see is what is on the surface no more....no less. Music is deeper than that, music knows no bounds. As long as you only listen to the music for the music it is fine, whole different story if you buy into the ideology behind the song. It is the people on the outside looking inside who jump the gun and slam the panic button since they cannot explain what is happening(humanity in a nutshell since day 1).   

    3. Chobittsu


      We the ideology of the song I posted has more in common with Captain Jack Sparrow than it does with Chancellor Adolph Hitler

    4. MotorheadEddie


      That is true I know what it is, it is a German Navy Raider song that makes you feel good about being a convoy raider and being a true master and king of the seas. It's  a cliché pirate song with German flavor.