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  1. Lemme tell you about the best fish...

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    2. Jim_Byrnes


      Cool! They have God given skillz! Just checked in after watching the newest Bungou Stray Dogs my late sisters favorite anime.

    3. Chobittsu


      I pay Satra regularly through Patreon (a bit more than a few dollars I must say~), anything beyond the usual projects I pay her full commission prices, she's currently reworking those prices but this should describe her pricing styles:

      Aside from helping keep a good friend fed, I decided to step away from doing the art for PfS myself because I'd spend far too much time editing each image than I would actually writing the story.
      Satra and I also tagteam the artwork for my mother's children's book series

    4. Jim_Byrnes


      Very cool! A broad spectrum of interesting talents! Be safe! Time to get ready to go truckin... my schnauzer is having none of it!