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  1. So, I've been considering releasing Mermaid's Wrath in its current form, it will, however, be missing a few lines (most noticeably from the 0.6.8 quick commands).
    These lines include:

    • Carrier Fighters - Squadron number call-outs (1-9)
    • Raptor Rescue - One of the Raptor's lines about hiding behind an island
    • Quick Commands - All the new lines introduced in 0.6.8
    • Dunkirk - One line each from the convoy commodore and RAF support, as well as the "mission complete" dialogue

    In all, it's 29 lines that are missing, but that's weighed against the 437 that I could give you all right now and potentially just patch the missing lines in once they're done (probably next week).

    ...opinions? Thoughts?

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      Never mind. I saw your later post.

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      Yup. I saw.

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