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  1. So today was interesting. I was taking out the trash when I heard what sounded like a fleet of lawnmowers above me, so I look up and, surprise surprise, some folks had themselves a set of reproduction Nieuport biplanes.
    I'm about 99% sure it was these guys: http://www.vimyflight.ca/

    Only issue I had with it was the mixed roundels but there could be a reason behind that, I'm not a WW1 expert.

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    2. Carrier_Lexington


      I once saw B-52s landing in-front of me. You think biplanes are loud? The only thing louder than a B-52 is a Tu-95.

    3. Chobittsu


      I'm aware, but a 40-ship NATA formation might beat out a single B-52
      And then there's any typical afternoon in 1940s England

    4. Carrier_Lexington


      True. I failed to consider the power of numbers.

      *Gets steamrolled by Soviet Russia for failing to consider the power of numbers*