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  1. I'm hijacking your thread for soup use~
  2. Mina Ura complete, anyone have some name suggestions yet for the others? [EDIT]: Also got "Rick Hotep" done tonight. Fun fact, the hieroglyphs on her hood actually say something~ "A million years into the sky is Ra, sun god. Sealed and buried for all time, his gate of stars"
  3. Well they're getting my money, so I guess it balances out
  4. What is WG trying to tell us?

    Oh I saw it, I ignored it, and continued on to sink 3 ships. If Wargaming didn't want battleships to go certain places they would implement sandbars
  5. Forum Game - Word Association

    Quintin Tarantino film
  6. Republique is my workhorse, I can't speak any more highly of her
  7. First one finished~ Lazer Kent has never looked so good~<3 Additionally, I'm opening the Halloween captains up for you guys to pick names for, the only one that we don't need to pull a Rule 63 on was Mina Ura, but everyone else is fair game. Below are the existing names associated with the characters #1 - Lazar Kent #2 - Mina Ura #3 - Rick Hotep #4 - Boris Razor #5 - JG Mephisteufe #6 - Sairus Gerrero #7 - Klaus Teslau #8 - David Jones #9 - Dr. Frankenship #10 - Max Strauss #11 - James Dgrease #12 - Mr. Hyde #13 - van Helsind
  8. Forum Game - Word Association

    square table from Ikea
  9. more leaks on subs

    Hah! Seaquest, now there's a rollercoaster of a show
  10. Caption the profile image above you.

    Elf in ant cosplay
  11. Forum Game - Word Association

    Three six seven~ Eleven~ Eleven~ Come to Pizza Pizza~ Hey hey hey~!
  12. WASD hax are more OP, as well as watching the minimap. Most of the times that I eat a whole spread are because the lil bote is right next to me and I don't have a chance in hell to avoid it anyway. Unless Wargaming says otherwise, it's not a rule, nor is it even a suggestion
  13. Lil preview of the new Halloween portraits~ Click a couple times to increase res~ (Note: Not full view of the images since I haven't drawn clothing on them yet. Wouldn't be wise to post nudity here~) Only one that's a direct remake from the event captain is Mina Ura (#2), her and the other returning captains from the previous events will get two costumes, while the totally new captains will only get one. #5, the green cutie, still needs some work done on her horns and skin to make her look properly reptilian/demonic, #4 (Totally-not-Cordie-from-Cliffside) needs to be holding a tapeworm/leech/thing in her hand, #11 (Totally-not-LWM's-FFXIV-character) needs a lil cheeseboi on her shoulder, for #12 (Totally-not-a-friend's-OC-needing-more-coffee) I need to finish the remake of her body, decided against the pose at the last minute. And I might make Mrs. Cthulu at #8 a bit more wet (hue hue hue) but that depends on what I do for her clothes