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  1. Top tier in my Dunkerque
  2. Replace the mahjong board with a full course dinner
  3. Narcissus
  4. I don't need to hear you, I'm fabulous
  5. I've fixed the file so it shouldn't happen to anyone else, it was my fault while setting up the .ZIP
  6. Oh, damnit, my bad. I'll fix that in a few minutes
  7. Go for the hull, you'll need every HP you can squeeze out of the Tier 8 and 9 Frenchbotes
  8. But here's one for you, @Edselman
  10. Pretty sure you used that one already (Course, if America was older than the vine I got my wine from you might actually have some variety in music)
  11. Wooooop~
  12. @littleroadhouse @razgrizMC Did I screw something up somewhere?