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  1. Wow brand models

    I'd like to see some French boats~
  2. Relatively speaking there haven't been many hypergolic rocket accidents, and the reacting chemicals tend to not leave much behind. Sure it's more toxic of a cloud than a hydrogen explosion but due to the safety measures, it's a very rare occurrence. As for the liquid hydrogen thing I was talking about, I meant if a tank burst next to you or something, if it exploded then, well, that's the other temperature extreme, in'nit~?
  3. There are many advantages to using hypergolic fuels over others, but you'd have just as many dead people if a tank of liquid hydrogen burst. Ever had your skin flash-frozen off you? Sure it evaporates quick but not before you get some serious freezer burn. Rocket fuels are like any chemical, handle it correctly and you'll be fine
  4. So something interesting happened the other day in China. Folks in Xiangdu, located in China’s Guangxi province, were rather surprised to have a piece of a Long March orbital-class rocket fall into their backyard. Nobody was injured and the chemical cloud dissipated quickly as there was only trace amounts of fuel left in the tanks. For reference, it was one of the smaller strap-on-boosters on the sides of the main stage: Like most older rocket designs, the Long March uses Dinitrogen tetroxide and Unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine for fuel, this might sound nutty when you have fuels like kerosene or hydrogen handy, but these two chemicals are hypergolic, meaning they ignite instantly when they come into contact with each other. From an engineering, it's simple and reliable and don't need to be chilled like oxygen and hydrogen. But they provide a bit less thrust, hence the need for the side-boosters. Now, the problem here isn't the toxic fuels used (you get far more pollution from an oil-tanker springing a leak since when the fuel is burned it's toxins are pretty much gone), the problem is the location of the launch site, deep in the heart of China. As you can see on this map, Xichang doesn't have the traditional ocean nearby to dump it's spent rockets into after launch like you'd get from Canaveral, Kourou or Tanegashima. After launch, the pieces will strike land somewhere downrange. Normally this isn't a problem, as most of these landlocked launch sites have vast areas of government-owned land downrange where the rocket stages can flop to the ground without hurting anyone. Launches from Baikonur land out in the plains of Kazakhstan and Plesetsk's rockets usually end up wedged into the trees of Siberia. (There's actually a pretty unique scrap market in Kazakhstan. Farmers, like real life Jawas, track down and dismantle stray boosters for parts and scrap to sell~! Not like Roscosmos is gonna reuse potentially damaged parts again anyway, is not safe~!) It's not generally a problem, but when it becomes one it gets noticed and people immediately jump on the finger-pointing bandwagon as if this was an intentional bombing or something. Simply put, it's a common thing, just rarely this close to a population centre. And, to my knowledge at least, never before recorded. So I just thought I'd tell ya about this neat bit of rocketry that people aren't really aware of~
  5. Caption the profile image above you.

    On several kinds of drugs
  6. Just a lil side thingy~
  7. I came here expecting a rant about poor gameplay and pointing fingers, instead I find a discussion about nudity.... *breaks out the popcorn* Please.... continue~! :D
  8. I call this one "Ode to Offtopic"

    Seems to me like you're scoffing at my artwork/community parody, it's not becoming of talent to scoff
  9. The Pall (Part 2)

    Yet you insult me and refuse to see even the most basic of reasoning.
  10. When I asked a friend about Girls Last Tour, he started his description in probably the most brilliant way to describe the anime, and this sentence alone in Kookie's thick New Zealand accent is all the description I needed: "Well, it's about two f***ing potatoes..."