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  1. Chobittsu

    Update 0.10.6 Developer Bulletin

    Yea you can extract individual textures for everything out of this. But TL;DR: if a mod maker can half-[edited]this in a few minutes, why the hell can't it be standardized? Everyone keeps their Pan-Euro ship, and the Dutch players and historical purists don't riot. This is like if they put a ship called Fletcher in the Japanese tree (because JDS Ariake), and then gave the Americans one called Radford instead.
  2. Chobittsu

    Update 0.10.6 Developer Bulletin

    Well it wouldn't be the first time Weegee has changed a ship's name mid-development, the Republique is still called "France" in the game files. I'm having a glance into the files right now for Friesland (I don't have access to Groningen at this time), but here's the thing... Friesland is ALREADY IN the "Netherlands" folder, there's no trace of it in the "Europe" section. And looking at the ship's textures, the details like hull number and the ship's name plaque are baked right in to the textures rather than being 3D elements on the model, with the plaque being bump-mapped. This means that you can literally just swap the 4 texture files each for the two ships, and you get the desired outcome. For the Infernal camo, that's just porting the models and textures over as well, same with the ship's camo patterns, which is just swapping the textures and then the colour values in the camouflage.xml As for the name of the ship itself on the menus and game UI? You can literally change that to say anything you want, just open the Global.mo and edit line 11271. I can have the ship be called "Lert's Yacht" if I wanted
  3. Chobittsu

    Update 0.10.6 Developer Bulletin

    Actually I have a very simple solution to the whole problem; Rename "Friesland" to "Groningen" and rename "Groningen" to "Friesland". They've already stated that the ships are carbon copies of each other, so why do they have to keep Friesland where it doesn't belong? It's a simple solution that only requires the effort of trading the file names for the two ships around, and trading some information around in the master text files. 10 minutes of work and they'd have a solution that keeps everyone happy. You keep your training ship, we get the namesake of a class in the nation it belongs
  4. Chobittsu

    Update 0.10.6 Developer Bulletin

    Hey you know what'd be great? Friesland being Dutch. The namesake of a whole class not being in it's home nation is an insult.
  5. We'll get this all patched up over the weekend, Saya is pretty swamped with work right now
  6. The game was always "dumbed down" though. If you want a more "realistic" naval simulator, there's always that other game that Wargaming for some reason still censors the name over on the forums yet we all know what the game is anyway. After a while in that, with it's much more realistic physics and damage models, you'll soon discover that naval combat is really REALLY slow, even in destroyers, not to mention aspects like ranging shots, and neither game takes the movement and angles of the ship rocking into account. TL;DR: the only way to achieve an authentic WW2 naval combat experience is to break the space-time barrier in a gull-wing-door sports car and sign up for naval duty. Problem is you'll likely be locked to one faction, and probably not even get to pick your ship. Worst part though is you'll probably only have one job, a terrible view of the battle (if you even get to be near a viewport at all) and lousy food
  7. (Work on Mermaid's Wrath temporarily paused while I work on a thing that has an actual deadline, sorry, I'll get back to work post-haste though~! This shouldn't take too long to finish)

    1. HowitzerBlitzer
    2. Chobittsu


      Aight, unless something comes up last-minute, that should be everything needed to be done for that.  You'll find out what it is a lil later this month

  8. Chobittsu

    Update 0.10.5: The Grand Battle

    I'm still adamantly against what's going to happen to Friesland. She's a Dutch ship, and as such deserves to be in the Dutch tree. If you're desperate for a ship to be your Tier IX in the Euro tree, make THAT one the clone, not the namesake of a whole class. Mirror the plans you've set, have Friesland transfer over with the option to opt out instead.
  9. Chobittsu

    ST 0.10.6, soviet aircraft carriers

    I was gonna look for a shoddy meme to post here, but looks like Hapa already beat me to it by just announcing Soviet carriers. Like a mobius strip of utter tripe and balderdash~
  10. Chobittsu

    Wargaming In The News

    Well pretty much every red-named staff member was on here earlier, and we're still here... so maybe not?
  11. Chobittsu

    Wargaming In The News

    Because citizens of Ukraine don't matter? Regardless, this should prove to be an interesting chapter to watch
  12. Chobittsu

    Wargaming In The News

    Not the only illegal thing I've seen them do, but seeing this many red names in the resent visitors tab makes me giggle
  13. J̸̴̥̦̮͍̌̇͌̔̈́̉̚u͓̖͎̝͉̠̺̚͞͞ͅs̽̂͌ͦ̈́͂̈̃̓͏̛̝͕̟͙͍͇̳͡t̟̦̱̦͍͚̯̓̂͒ ͧ̏ͣͬͨ͂̈̎͘҉̥̘̯̮͈͓̖ͅM̱̜͍̗̅ͬ̉̀o̷̖͉ͩͫ͋̑̾́͢ņ̞̜̐̿ͩ͐́i̴̲͙̞̺ͨ̐ͣͣͫ͋ͭ͡k̈̅ͧ̈́͂͗̏͠҉̗̲̯̦̫̱ȧ̹̯̼̬̱͆̐̄ͥ̂͝

  14. Chobittsu

    ST. 0.10.6, NEW SHIPS

    Someone stop the planet, I wanna get off.