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Forum Shutdown - July 28, 2023 Read more... ×
Forum Shutdown - July 28, 2023 Read more... ×


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  1. Well'p,  Mouse just logged off from the forums for the final time.  Now I'm just sittin' here... trying to think of some sorta emotional last words.
    ...something profound, meaningful...something befitting my legacy on this forum...


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    2. Wolfswetpaws


      I know the feeling @Chobittsu

    3. Grantwhy


      I'm lazy, I'll let someone else say the words for me


    4. Gaelic_knight
  2. We'll be looking into this, among a lotta other things. For now though we're basically waiting to see what is gonna be the standardized way to handle stuff
  3. Chobittsu

    One for the Road...

    Fight on, Tiger. See you on the front
  4. Chobittsu

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Literal reaction when we all saw the news x'D
  5. So according to Weegee, they are working on an alternative for mod makers, but didn't explain what it is in any reasonable detail, only that it is expected by August, which is a bit later than the forum shutdown in 2 days... so for now we're still migrating to the Mermaid's Wrath Discord for the immediate future. There is also a section on their official discord for mods that I'll be posting to should it come to that, but I would really prefer not to since it would basically just be a redirect to OUR discord... I prefer something that is easily accessible via browser, EVERYONE has a browser, not everyone has a discord... y'know?
  6. **** all y'all, I'm goin' down with this boat, no matter how rotted and stinky it is


  7. Chobittsu

    Forum Game - Word Association

  8. Chobittsu

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Lived for 24,860 forum posts, and shall live on with a few more still~
  9. Chobittsu

    Forum Shutdown – July 28, 2023

    (Disclaimer; Gaishu_Isshoku may or may not actually be stinky, this information has not been fact-checked)
  10. Chobittsu

    Forum Shutdown – July 28, 2023

    .......forum ban any% speed run time~? HEY! @Gaishu_Isshoku!!! YOU'RE STINKY!!!!
  11. Chobittsu

    Forum Shutdown – July 28, 2023

    Hold back the vitriol for now dear, we've got until the 28th for them to be swarmed with negative feedback, and until the 31st of Oct to realize "Oh wait, we need all of these community resources" ...THEN you can unleash on em~
  12. Well, here's something I never thought I would be writing, a farewell.

    First, let me start by saying that I'm always available to poke on Discord, I'm pretty easy to find since my username on there is "chobittsu".
    Second, Mermaid's Wrath will be immediately moving operations over to our Discord, I pulled it outta mothballs so there will at least be SOME place to discuss and troubleshoot any problems;  https://discord.gg/p9577yBj

    Now, that being said, do not consider either of these to be endorsements of the frankly ludicrous idea that Weegee has cooked up with deciding to close these forums. These are only desperate alternatives that I can rapidly deploy while a solution is found, or hopefully, Weegee realizes how insane this idea is.
    Discord is prone to data leaks and information harvesting as well as numerous security problems, just a quick google search can point that much out. And speaking of google, what will happen now when someone is troubleshooting a problem, googles it, and gets a forum redirect to WoWS with a message of "Oops, sorry, we torpedoed our own community, lmbo, go download discord"
    Games older than WoWS still have their forums intact, and active, so Weegee's decision here SCREAMS of ulterior motive.

    But in any case, just in case things DO actually close and are forever lost, I wanna thank you, each and every one of my 128 followers and anyone else that wanders through here who are too many to name.    I can't remember how many years I've spent on this forum, how many hours I've spent goin' back and forth in discussions with you all. Joking around, posting memes, hot takes on the latest tomfoolery of this company and praising them on those rare occasions when they do something right... for all those years, I've considered this forum my home, even if I haven't been around much this past year or so.  The friends I've made here, such as @LittleWhiteMouse and @Lert... they're family. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't have to put up with Mouse's special brand of memes, or shake my head at Lert getting into another accident and using up one of his nine lives.
    And I've met so many wonderful people, like the "golden era" NA team of Pigeon of War, Femennenly, Gneisenau, Niko_Power, even Hapa_Fodder, whom I famously butted heads with on the reg but came to see as an equal while the volunteer moderation team was built (guess he needed someone from the other side of the fence to help spot transgressors).  Not to mention the dozens of rank and file users around here, some I even got to meet in person like @YeOldeTraveller, and some who we all miss dearly like Dseehafer.
    I've been a mod maker, a privateer, a supertester, a volunteer moderator, event staff, even a contract artist working for Weegee itself, short-lived though that was...   All of that happened because of the forum.
    As much as I groan and complain, I'm not willing to let all that be for nothing, I intend to stay and fight, and be one of the last ones out the door when they start shoving people towards it.  With any luck, during the time between July 28th when they lock down new posting and October 31th when they bring the servers down they'll see what a huge mistake it was and we'll be allowed once again to be who we are; forumites

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    2. Chobittsu


      Thank you friends, I'll continue to fight to the end to try and get some alternatives for us. Thankfully Weegee says they'll have SOMETHING for mod makers by august, but they haven't elaborated on what that might be.  In the time being Aessaya and I will be plotting a contingency

    3. Volron


      Ya know, I've been playing since CBT, so this one stings.

    4. FinderKeeper


      Thanks Chobittsu, it's because of the effort of yourself, LittleWhiteMouse, Lert, and others that I've become attached to the community (and to some extent the game). I have Discord and use it when necessary but compared to the forum it's like chalk and cheese (apples and oranges are both tasty, so I used chalk/cheese lol).

      I'm going to do my best to follow your content wherever you end up! :Smile_honoring:

  13. Aessaya and I are in emergency conference right now trying to figure out how the hell to keep things going. I'll be making an official statement as soon as I can, in the meantime the rally point for all the liferafts is over here; https://discord.gg/p9577yBj I've dusted off the old discord, kinda ironic since that app is what's causing all the fuss... but for now we can use that as a staging area while everything is sorted out
  14. Chobittsu

    End of the Forum

    The game's average user age is significantly higher than that of a typical discord user.