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  1. Chobittsu

    Best Capt for Jean Bart?

  2. Chobittsu

    Best Capt for Jean Bart?

    Me. *dabs* But I've been using Jean-Jacques Honore since I got her, never let me down
  3. Yeah! This time for sure! Man, if I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say this sorta thing, I'd have at LEAST 20 bucks... As for the new offices, it'll be interesting to see how they fit into the paradigm of development, I saw one goober up in this thread saying that Lesta still makes WoWS but I would take that with a bucket of salt. You don't cut ties with a studio in a country just to be reliant on them for continued development. I wouldn't be shocked if they just plug in the work servers they used in Lesta at the new Belgrade office and just started training new developers locally. But, all this is speculation until we can get a proper sit-rep from Weegee, which the tinfoilies will promptly ignore and come up with wild fantasies for anyway cause "corpo man bad"
  4. I'm gonna have to side with the red-text lads on this one... large in-depth discussions are best done on the forum. Not only because those streams are meant to showcase new features and talk about other misc stuff, but also because it's a hell of a lot easier to find something someone said on here, rather than trying to sort through all the streams on Twitch trying to find one clip
  5. Chobittsu

    no buff for the california?

    Obligatory @SaiIor_Moon summoning
  6. I had no idea that Salvador Dali did dazzle camo! :D
  7. Another contest! Huzzah~! Community involvement! That's not sarcasm, I'm genuinely happy to see these sorts of things. But this one has.... a slight problem. The opening lines of the contest page state: However, when you scroll down, all you're gonna find is Colorado. And since nowhere in the page does it say, specifically, that Colorado is the only ship, this very likely means that Weegee did an oopsie with their page-building. So the options are that Weegee gets flooded with a lot of Colorado camo submissions, or we wait and see if they fix it and we get more variety. Up to you, I'm just pointing something out that I noted
  8. Chobittsu

    DevBlog 331 - Closed test 0.11.6 - New Ships

    Yes yes this is nice and all.... but where is my octuple-mount 155mm main battery Jean Bart?
  9. Chobittsu

    What the...

    Well historically most of our ships are pretty smol~
  10. Chobittsu

    PSA: The Vote for Huron's Camo

    Those thousands of knockoffs aren't an easy-to-find multimillion dollar company like Wargaming.net. A lawsuit would be a slam-dunk if they pursue it. As for representation of the Huron tribe itself, it's hard to do something for them specifically. I was in contact with several colleges and museums on the subject trying to find information on their canoes and any decorations they might have used on them. If you pull back from that one specific tribe and go with Canada as a whole, the Orca isn't a terrible choice
  11. Chobittsu

    PSA: The Vote for Huron's Camo

    And a fat lot of good it's done them when this is the first I'm hearing about them and their work...
  12. Chobittsu

    PSA: The Vote for Huron's Camo

    A small sample group doesn't really reflect the entire population. I quite like it too. While I didn't vote for it I think it's a lovely design. I'd just feel really REALLY weird about having a ship, that is supposed to celebrate Canada's history and give us some more representation in the game...... being dressed up as someone else's ship... Otherwise, there's some solid choices here in this contest, I slapped down my vote (won't say which so as not to influence anything until after the contest), and am looking forward to seeing how this plays out. With some luck maybe this'll kickstart Weegee doing more of these contests and driving up those community involvement numbers
  13. MFW one of the Huron camo contestants is an AMERICAN Coast Guard ship... and another is actually in breach of Canadian Trademark #0923450, owned by the Department of Canadian Heritage.

    I'm not gonna skew the results and tell you what I voted for and support, but don't be shocked if a couple of these are quietly disqualified or edited before release

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Wolfswetpaws


      Why wasn't this sort of stuff (rules/laws) mentioned in the original announcement?
      Or was it, and I didn't see it in the "fine print"?

    3. tcbaker777


      i sure hope the one with the feathers/leaves (i honestly cant tell from the angle theyre drawn on) down the side isnt the trademark one, i honestly like that camo

    4. Chobittsu


      Nah that ones safe, and honestly was in my top 3, but I'm a sucker for deep blue hues

  14. Chobittsu

    Premium Ship Review - Brandenburg

    Hehehehehe, so basically, she's very smol.
  15. Aight folks, in case you missed the memo, Huron is on the way.

    To avoid it having another generic Canadian Flag camo like we've seen on Yukon and Haida, I suggested that a community contest be held to design something, that contest is here!

    So, I invite everyone to illustrate something, doesn't even have to be good, I just wanna see community involvement.   I however will not be participating, as I don't want people to vote for me based solely on the history of the drama or just to "meme on weegee".
    But theres 125 of you on my follower list, and I expect to see at least some of you appear on the voting page! Aight?

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Chobittsu


      Great news then, you can do something with crayons and it's still a valid submission!   :D

    3. Wolfswetpaws


      Crayons are an often under-rated creativity tool.  :-)

    4. Freddy33715


      Where can we see who created which camo?  When i go to vote it only shows the creator, and not their camo.