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  1. No.
  2. Loud
  3. Those are dishes of the Australia Telescope Compact Array at the Paul Wild Observatory outside Narrabri Australia. A set of six 22m dish aperture synthesis arrays, they scan on a 0.3-110 GHz frequency range. Careful, you're in my territory now~
  4. Don't forget to send a copy to every plushie and figurine you have on your desk
  5. That looks like an old friend's dog, Diefenbaker. Dog died of old age and Becky died of breast cancer bout a year ago. Two great friends I'll always raise a glass to~ As for myself, I've had pets all my life, from mice to horses. Currently, I have only Margaret Thatcher~ world's angriest bunny. Here she is pictured with a Killdeer chick we were raising at the time, lil guy (or girl, hard to sex a day-old wild bird) hatched late and was left behind, so we give it a soft, warm place to hang out while we built a proper nest Listening to some British rock: Munching on her dinner (yes, she lives under the bed, she litter-trained herself and has full freedom of the apartment): Hat~! (Still looking to get her a tiny Brodie helmet) She has her own bed on my desk~ And lastly, one of the first photos of her, when she was reaaaallllly lil~ She loves watchin' Cosmos:
  6. It already happened. Thankfully it's well on it's way to being rectified.
  7. Yeah, this thread itself shouldn't even exist, due to the extreme salt and elitism of OP. But this Yawno guy... he needs help, professionally.
  8. Why would I watch your videos? They're just generic Miku songs and other tripe that you can find under any rock. Here have a random video, you have to watch it because I posted it.
  9. What have you done to "deserve" this government support? You're not serving your country as part of a military organization, you're not part of the workforce, and you're clearly not actively searching for employment. You're just sitting on a pile of plushies, expecting your monthly cheque from the government so you can buy more plushies and NSDAP banners.
  10. 14089193_1413111872050579_67265086409223

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    2. Chobittsu


      I love this image~   Someone at JPL must have been REALLY bored one night

    3. 212thAttackBattalion


      Thermodynamic test for new cow shell on ships haja

    4. MotorheadEddie


      I want to know the Krupp numbers on a cow shell lol