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  1. Exactly!!!!!! The only thing is that I kinda agree with Zoup is that there is too many currencies. I am sure there is a way to slightly reduce the amount there is while still making it unique enough to earn and save.
  2. Kaioshin

    Your MOST played Premium ship?

    227 battles in the Scharnhorst, followed by 123 in the Tirpitz. I tend to play most of my ships equally and not focus on the same ship often. I try to play my tier X's since I have all of the researchable ones(except CVs) but not enough free time to play all my ships.
  3. I couldn't agree with you more Lert. I have 2.2mill free xp I earned with camo and flags sitting in port, and over 375k coal. I am holding off on using my coal on the Salem. WG doesn't have to announce the price but just weather what type of currency for it(cash,coal,free xp). That's all we ask, so many of us on the fence on buys ships.
  4. Kaioshin

    USS Alaska - Is She Right for You?

    I agree, most players will struggle with this ship. I enjoy my Moskva and Kronshtadt so this should feel right at home for me. Two million free XP and 350k coal in my wallet waiting to be spent!!!
  5. Kaioshin

    My honest view of RANKED SPRINT!

    I’m not yet finished with my trek through ranked, but a few observations. Yes luck is involved, and also skill. When I started I went 5 battles without a single win. Top of the team in xp, kills, high caliber, etc. Then went 6 straight wins, top of the team. It really does depend on numerous factors. In the battles I lost, there was no communication, no focus firing, etc.... the occasional 5 km broadside BB and no one penetration lol. Was I at fault, maybe, was the team, maybe, did I not sacrifice enough tier one seals to RNGesus prior to the battle....maybe...Don't be hard on the players telling them that they, themselves are the cause of their battle woes. When it comes down to it, everything is a factor, include the almighty RNG god.
  6. Kaioshin

    The HMS Daring

    This is very true, played and spec'd right they are beasts. They all have strengths and weaknesses, playing with or against them people will learn to exploit it. Got to learn to adapt to the tactics of the ships.
  7. Kaioshin

    The HMS Daring

    I played 3 battles in my Jutland yesterday. The torps work just fine, the guns are fine and loading AP when the moment is right does wonders. Playing the line since the Jervis, love the play style. Yes it is different type of play style than other dd lines, just adapt. Its great hunting dds, resetting caps, and starting annoying fires. The smoke works great for quick disengage especially with the amount of smoke generators you can get with skills/consumables. If you also have map awareness, radar and other things are easily avoided. Looking forward to the Daring prolly should have it grinded out by this weekend.
  8. Though I haven't been lucky getting the Lightning($90 in crates and countless regular ones) I did get the Jervis though. I find that to be a very good DD that is hella fun hunting DDs with. As of right now I have only played 8 battles in it but been averaging two DD kills per game with it. The short duration, quick reload smoke is great and works for the playstyle. The hydro is not German hydro but very effective. The guns hurt squishy targets. And what Camo68 says is spot on. I took out a full health Kitakaze solo and lost only a little more than a 1/3 health.
  9. Kaioshin

    Where are you from?

    Born, raised, and currently still residing in Lancaster, Ca. Gotta love the dry weather, hot temperatures, and desert landscapes.... the bright side I see the F22, B2 or F35 most of the time flying here lol
  10. Kaioshin

    Warship Wednesday - First Ship of the Day

    First ship I begin every session with atm is the Kitakaze. I try to get my first win in her, then I hop into a tier X to do ranked(and work on legendary modules). I really like the KItakaze, I usually don't keep tier IX's with very few exceptions but I'll keep her.
  11. Kaioshin

    How could ranked be overhauled.

    I really like this idea! Obviously tweaks and XP thresholds need to be ironed out but it will reward players who play to win. Players who are unfortunate enough to be unable to carry the team to a win, but tried hard, will not be punished as bad. Thus, not give up on ranked so fast. WG could also make it similar to the league system in WoT ranked. Certain number of players allow in each league, based off of total XP, or average XP. Just a idea of course.
  12. But that still is having players play in clan battles or playing ranked. Best is to allow all players to play the game as they normally do even if that means only playing co-op or operations. Everyone can play the game as they wish, and we as a community and should not punish players who don't take the game super serious as others may do. They will eventually earn what they need to purchase it. Now if WG will award it to players that perform well in ranked/clan that's fine too, but don't make it exclusive.
  13. I must respectfully disagree with that statement. This ship has been desired a long time here on the NA server, maybe just as long on the other servers. Many players, myself included, do not play clan battles or play only a little ranked. By limiting it to steel, only really skilled/clan oriented players will ever get one. Remaining a free XP/coal ship is the best way to release it. A player who plays the game will eventually earn enough free XP to get it(I made this weekend playing only 4 hours a day and using all flags and camo made 250k alone). Players will also convert free XP also if they get impatient on the grind. Overall its a win for everyone. Players will save free XP and or open their wallets and WG will make money by those who are converting the free XP.
  14. Kaioshin

    What Tiers Would You Like For Ranked

    Tough decision.... I really enjoy most ships at tier 7, but with ranked, some ships break it or leave it frustrating(Belfast comes to mind even though I love her). Tier 8 is nice since you can kill 2 birds with one stone and run a lot of premiums making credits and ranking up. Tier 9 would be great as the second set of ranked ships, they are mostly enjoyable ships and I don't recall ever seeing that tier in ranked. I am not a fan of low/mid tier ships, but I would reluctantly accept tier 6.
  15. Kaioshin

    How many battles per day?

    On the weekdays I allot myself max two hours. The goal is usually getting the 3 daily containers and or achieving 10k free xp earned(saving for the Alaska if/when it arrives hopefully as a free xp ship). I try to play my Khabarovsk, Gearing, and Grozovoi trying to continue the legendary module grind. I follow up with Missouri and Kronshtadt for credits and free xp. If all goes well I finish in about 5-7 games but lately its taking the 2 hours to finish(good team play has been really lacking as of late). On the weekends I play 4-6 hours spread throughout the day and do my usual goals then hop in other ships I'm in the mood to play.