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  1. My Deployment Pictures

    Next on the list is Guam. Not a whole bunch to take pictures of honestly.
  2. My Deployment Pictures

    History was what I was there for mainly...that and I kinda didn't have a choice weather to go or not. First up, Pearl.
  3. My Deployment Pictures

    Sooo...I forgot I had these until I was looking through my hard drive. I was on deployment last year, and even though I'm not one for pictures, I took quite a few of them. Anyone interested in seeing a few? Places visited were... Pearl Harbour, Hawaii Guam Manila, Philippines Kuala Lumpu, Malaysia Singapore Shanghai, China Okinawa, Japan Inchon, South Korea Kure, Japan Tokyo, Japan Los Angeles, California And then miscellaneous pictures from at sea. Any interest?
  4. Models. Past, Present, and Future.

    Keeping with the 'what if' motif, we've got an E-25 here followed by a GW Tiger.
  5. Models. Past, Present, and Future.

    Ah, been a little while since I came back here. I've not been idle in my time away...though last summer was spent sailing the Pacific, and so will this one, but I have more stuff to show off. My 'what if' tank. The E-75 Flakpanzer. If the war continued and these saw service, it would've been really, really heavy service.
  6. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Woap. Nevermind! I got it up and running!
  7. Hangout by the Sea

    *joins in on the crying*
  8. Caption the profile image above you.

    Aww man...you ate the last cookie.
  9. Hangout by the Sea

    *Waves to all* Ugh...I don't wanna be duty tomorrow. *Holds arms out for hugs*
  10. Hangout by the Sea

    *Huff* Good afternoon everyone. *falls over*
  11. Hangout by the Sea

    Well...I guess I should head to work now. So long everyone!
  12. Hangout by the Sea

    It's late. You can make a mistake. But only one!
  13. Hangout by the Sea

    That's fair.
  14. Hangout by the Sea

    But I can't really fault ya cause you're on the other side of the world.
  15. Hangout by the Sea

    I don't have the energy to shake a fist, so I'll just grumble at how lucky you are.