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  1. Late to the party, but I just started a pull series and got it on pull 5. Kinda worth it considering I had Missouri from previous.
  2. _Jeremiah_Gottwald

    stormy weather

    As someone who's been in the navy and sailed for several years, calm seas are realistic. Rouge waves are rare phenomenon that some sailors go their whole careers or lives without seeing one, and a tsunami on the deep ocean is nothing more than a gentle bump. Also, on the topic of Das Boot, you're comparing a submarine that weighs roughly 770t on the surface and is 67.1m long, to battleships, cruisers, and destroyers that weigh 1,500t upwards, and have lengths in excess of a submarine. As well, that was modeled in the north Atlantic, where the waves are much different from those in the Pacific. Unless the devs are going to put in the time (which they aren't) to model wave types from every ocean dependent on where on the planet the map is supposed to be, it's just not feasible. While calm seas can't be guaranteed with all sails, most captains prefer to use their own judgement and just go around the storm.
  3. _Jeremiah_Gottwald

    Any Amount of Doubloons Gone From Prem Shop

    Yep. It's what they do whenever a new thing is released. Instead of being able to buy exactly what you need, WG pulls that option from the shop so you're required to overpay for it. It's shady.
  4. _Jeremiah_Gottwald

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    I played about 4 or 5 games two days ago, and I was absolutely appalled by the state in which I found my Massa to be in. She was one of my favorite ships, the one I could always play whenever I just wanted to relax and have some fun. Now even playing that felt like a chore, with my rounds looking like they had the old German dispersion loaded in. 41 rounds on target, out of 141. Before, those numbers would easily have been closer to 60 or 70 hits on target. The secondaries are better now that they've been re-buffed, but only marginally. I think my ratio was around 1/4 shells hitting the targets, which is a lot better than what it was previously, but it just felt like I had to put in way too much effort, to get such a meager result, as when all was said and done, my take away was only about 350k credits, with a premium account. Hell, service and ammunition alone was almost 100k of my earnings wiped out. The economy has become so stunted, that I just don't feel that it's worth playing anymore, and as someone who whaled for ships due to historical reasons, that feels like a big investment down the drain (and it is, I know it is, but I was younger with more disposable income than I knew what to do with.) It's a shame, but this game isn't being marketed to those of us who've been around and supported WG through all this. Everything that I and others did in the closed alpha and closed beta tests appear to have been for nothing, and it's honestly a shame that all the work we put in, the tens, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of hours that people put into this game to try and make it the best out there for people to enjoy was a waste of time. So, thanks for wasting my time and money WG, I guess. It was fun for a bit, but I think I'm about ready to pack it up.
  5. _Jeremiah_Gottwald

    Arpeggio: "Fleet of Fog" Flagships

    While I like to think of myself as a collector, with well over 150 ships in my port, but this will be one time that I will not open my wallet and shill. Having gotten all the ARP ships (minus Takao) from the first event, and having an Atago already, I see no need to buy bundles that cost frankly ludicrous amounts of money for...what...a tier 10 Yamato and another Atago reskin? So now, little Billy who has gotten a hold of dads credit card can throw money in for a tier 10, just to yolo in, blame the team, and then turn the game off due to frustration. That's just flushing money down the toilet. However that money is headed to WG and they really don't care what they're doing to upset the balance of power in the battles by crippling a team with someone who has 25 games and just bought a Yamato outright instead of grinding for it like so many of us have. Shame that the community continues to take a backseat in the ever increasing world of profit for wargaming.
  6. _Jeremiah_Gottwald

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Woap. Nevermind! I got it up and running!
  7. _Jeremiah_Gottwald

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Aww man...you ate the last cookie.
  8. _Jeremiah_Gottwald

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Look into my eyes.
  9. _Jeremiah_Gottwald

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Stars and stripes baby!
  10. _Jeremiah_Gottwald

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Man...I've been staring at this blade for 3 days.
  11. _Jeremiah_Gottwald

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    I...still have no watched Kancolle....Should I?
  12. _Jeremiah_Gottwald

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Why am I even here?
  13. _Jeremiah_Gottwald

    Caption the profile image above you.

    I stole this uniform from my brother.
  14. _Jeremiah_Gottwald

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Yeah. I lift.
  15. _Jeremiah_Gottwald

    Caption the profile image above you.

    "C'mon...do stuff"