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  1. vonluckner

    [WIP] RN Battlecruiser Arc

    It's a gross mistake to think tiers have a relationship to when a ship was made. Tiers are a reflection of how powerful a ship is relative to others. Tiers tend to follow a chronological order because designs improved as time went on, but there is no rule that says a particular ship belongs at a certain tier just because. Just look at when ships were actually commissioned and the notion that there is any chronological rhyme or reason to it falls apart. Vanguard at T8, Iowa at T9, and Yamato at T10??? Belfast in her 1959 refit sitting at T7 with Myoko, commissioned in 1929? Mikhail Kutuzov and Mogami both at T8? Icarus at T6, Javelin at T7, and Cossack at T8? Of course this is without even addressing the fact that both G3 and N3 are interwar designs, so by your paradigm they'd be out of place at their respective tiers. If she'd need 32mm plating, then obviously she'd just be given it. It isn't like plating is realistic or historic in any way. It's purely a balancing measure. A modernized Hood at T8 makes G3 an easy fit at T9 and N3 for T10 rather than having to invent something out of thin air.
  2. vonluckner

    Honestly, the UK DDs are pretty crappy...

    If you're only doing 12k (or 20k, really) per game independent of tier then you're doing something desperately wrong. I would consider analysing your own playstyle before jumping onto how different ships perform.
  3. vonluckner

    Should WG Buff the RN DD line?

    Jesus the entitlement. 8% fire chance makes it only the best firestarting DD at T10. Daring base 10.74 with just IFHE 9.62 with BFT + DE 14.21 with DE + IFHE 11.78 with BFT + IFHE 10.69 with BFT + DE + IFHE 13.08 Harugumo base 9.11 with BFT + DE 13.02 with DE + IFHE 10.47 with BFT + IFHE 8.45 with BFT + DE + IFHE 11.64 Khabarovsk base 6.64 with BFT + DE 8.63 with DE + IFHE 7.02 with BFT + IFHE 6.66 with BFT + DE + IFHE 8.02 ..in FPM, assuming MBM3. A Daring with IFHE and DE has better firestarting potential than a Harugumo has with IFHE+DE+BFT. A Daring with just IFHE has better firestarting potential than a Khabarovsk (or Gearing) does at any point. Daring is extremely strong.
  4. vonluckner

    PSA: West Virginia '41 is a monster!

    Good ship, it is much better than average when fighting higher tiers. Do you honestly believe that any T6 BB is sufficiently armed or armored to fight T8 BBs at long range? The only defense you have is angling so you eat full pens instead of citadels.
  5. vonluckner

    Premium Ship Review #114 - West Virginia 1941

    Accuracy on the guns seems fine and I'd much rather have 16" overmatch than 12x 14" guns. It's a niche ship for people that like the Standards, though. Would you rather fight T9s in the Colorado, or T8s in the WV? Obviously the correct response is "why would I consciously choose to do either when I could play another ship?", but if you just want to chill out playing a super dreadnought then I think that the WV will be the way to go. I enjoyed the 5 games I played her this morning. In some very distant and questionable ways it reminds me of the Musashi. It's a nerfed higher tier ship, but because it has the full firepower of its higher-tier sister ship it doesn't really feel like it's punished as much as it should by being middle or bottom tier. Because of the firepower and acceptable survivability, it isn't a struggle to play at any point. Very casual, accessible playstyle that requires little to no higher thought. Would be a very good first premium for a new player unlike Warspite or Mutsu that require a little more foresight to do well, even if they probably have more overall advantages that WV. I tend to prefer ships like this that can fight upwards very well, so while Arizona is an excellent ship I don't really play her. In the grand scheme of things, I think it's a well-balanced premium that brings something new to the meta for that tier without upsetting the overall balance. That was my assessment from the first CV rework test. Don't know if its been changed, but BB AA felt almost irrelevant. In that state I wouldn't care about a BB having good AA or bad AA because it made no difference.
  6. vonluckner


    Because this is a game, and PA DDs are only "copy and paste" on a superficial level. They have access to different consumables and different torpedoes than other DDs, making them a more specialized tool for hunting enemy battleships, or at higher tiers for their ability to stealth radar. PA DDs are actually not copy and paste- not like Boise and Nueve de Julio are. The Chung Mu is superficially a copy and paste Fletcher (it is a Fletcher), but the deep water torps and access to radar make it a different ship altogether. Same deal with Benson and Loyang, Gadjah Mada etc.
  7. vonluckner

    Warship Economy, Good??? NO! Needs help.

    Free XP is more valuable than coal because you can use it to free XP tech tree ships. It's like WG releases 1 ship per year for steel and everyone makes it out to be the end of the world. Are the 200+ other ships not good enough for you?
  8. vonluckner

    HMS Vanguard and HMS Dreadnought Problems

    It's neither wrong nor a misconception. HMS Dreadnought was the first all big guns warship to sail the sea. That is a fact. Vittorio Cuniberti did not even design a ship, only hypothesized on general layout- essentially the equivalent of a napkin sketch.
  9. vonluckner

    WoWS Dev Blog: Bourgogne for Steel. FML!

    As was mentioned earlier, it's logical that Bourgogne will be added as the next T10 steel reward. I see no problem with locking certain rewards behind certain game modes. If you really want something, work for it instead of sitting and whining about how you don't like the terms...
  10. vonluckner

    WG going do something about HE cheese?

    BaBBies whining about dying over a 2-3 minute period to ships they can kill in 1-2 salvos will never get old.
  11. Stop looking at main gun firepower in isolation. It's completely stupid. A ship is greater than the sum of its parts, and Daring and Jutland have a whole bunch of other advantages that come into play in a DD fight- agility, hydro, short duration smoke etc. If you really think that no destroyer should need IFHE to use IFHE against another DD, then you need to accept that it's going to be packaged with a bunch of nerfs to compensate. Daring is the top performing T10 DD right now, and Jutland is only trailing Black. Clearly they are doing just fine with 1/6 HE pen.
  12. vonluckner

    [WIP] RN Battlecruiser Arc

    My sweet summer child, Because of the overmatch mechanics, not really. If (caliber/14.3) is greater than the thickness of the armor you hit, you'll overmatch. This means that 460mm guns can overmatch and automatically pen 32mm plating, while 457mm guns can only overmatch 31mm plating. By comparison, 406mm guns (as on Iowa, Montana etc.) overmatch 28mm of plating. So in practice, the Yamato can overmatch T10 BB bow plating, one of the most important armor thresholds in the game. The 457mm guns on the Conqueror are on the other hand identical in overmatch to the 431mm gun on the Republique in that they both pass a 30mm threshold- which only includes some hull plating on the Zao, Henri, and Hindenburg. Functionally, in a fight against another battleship, the 457mm guns are mechanically no different than 406mm guns. In a bow-on fight, your AP will ricochet off the enemy hull, and your damage will be limited to either turret or superstructure pens, or HE damage. This is one more reason among many why the 419mm guns on the Conqueror are so much superior. The extra 3mm diameter on the Yamatos shells are the most important 3mm in the game... 31.95mm vs. 32.16mm of overmatch.
  13. vonluckner

    Jean Bart , Yea or neh?

    I don't think it's bad, but it's not as fun to play as the Mass or Musashi. The 15" guns and tendency to overpen are big weaknesses for a ship that doesn't feel exceptionally accurate. It feels like a struggle. The secondary layout also isn't very good for a secondary spec battleship if that's what you're thinking, with your three 152mm turrets on the rear of the ship.
  14. vonluckner

    Jean-Bart has Arrived in Arsenal/Premium Shop

    If secondary spec is working for you on Richelieu, it will work the same on the Jean Bart since they have the same layout (correct me if I'm wrong). I just personally think the 152mms mounted on the stern is too much of a limitation for a ship with main guns forward. I think the max you get with the JB and Richelieu frontally is 3 100mm turrets. That's just how I feel vs. the Republique and Gascogne which can put more of their secondaries to work against stuff in front of them, giving you more value for the skill points. I run manual secondaries, AFT and IFHE though, so I'm maybe over sensitive for how much use I get from them.
  15. vonluckner

    Jean-Bart has Arrived in Arsenal/Premium Shop

    After 10 games It's kind of a yuck ship tbh. The reload booster is surprisingly difficult to get off to good effect. Your aim needs to be completely on point because situations where you would think it could be really powerful, like jousting with another battleship or trying to gun down a cruiser (or multiple cruisers) pulling out to torp you at close range can be really dampened by both the lack of overmatch, and tendency to overpen at close range. You might be inclined to think "aha, I have a button for this situation!" only to be let down by these factors, which is really disappointing. The more 27mm plating there is in the game, the less happy you'll be. No surprise that French guns are French, I guess. Any notion of running a secondary spec should be reconsidered. While she has superb AA, her secondaries are still the same as Richelieu and Gascogne, with 10.6km range max and requiring IFHE to really be effective. The rear arcs on the 152mm guns make it essentially non-viable to me in any case. If that's not enough reason, I think she really needs Aiming Mod 1 to get the most out of her primary guns. If you like to play a secondary spec Republique, you'll need to retrain to a conventional build or train a new captain (or use your Henri captain if you have one?) She's not bad, but really not very fun to play. If I want to grind credits, do I really want to play something that takes so much effort compared to the sublime Musashi? Alternatively, do I want to train a second captain for it? Both are pretty severe strikes against her, for me.