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  1. KnightDragon

    Update 0.8.11 - Feedback

    There is a post on my massage to WG, and I think WG may want to look at other's Videos as well. Once again WG shows how it feels to it's members paying or non paying or somewhere in between.. It's My Video on YouTube..
  2. KnightDragon

    Update 0.8.9 - Bugs Report

    Look what I found..
  3. I really don't see them making the Subs work the way real Subs were used. As they have shown with the ping setup, and I don't see them doing another test until after Christmas.. Just my thoughts..
  4. KnightDragon

    Cleveland With luck today

    This is just messed up... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HUaHThULbU&t=4s
  5. KnightDragon

    Public Test - 0.8.10 - Bugs

    Autumn Season #2 Has text at the bottom that I can't read...
  6. KnightDragon

    Iowa just having some fun

    This is from 10/29/2019 Because I was having some microphone problems I did a replay Live Streaming. lol I hope you have fun watching..
  7. KnightDragon

    I should have played smarter..

    Ranked Battle my team should have won, but we got in our own way.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNtzRdQMxPk
  8. KnightDragon

    Public Test - 0.8.9 - Round 2 - Bugs

    I found a bug when some torps went though an island this morning.. Oh and please don't watch me die.. Watch the torps from about 4:20 to about 5:00 mins
  9. Why is it when WG has special events on the main server they are doing a PST for more or new content? So people like me can't do both, but we are trying to help the game get better so we lose out on 1 or the other..
  10. KnightDragon

    Public Test: Autumn Season

    WG needs to find a way to bring more player participation to the Public Test Server so we can give a better evaluation of the updates. This way we don't get bugs that should have been found before updating the main server, and then have to rush a patch for it..
  11. KnightDragon

    Every time.

    Every time I log in the game or in to a battle I hear static. If your old school it sounds like when you start to play a record. I have made sure I have up to date drivers, and I have been trying to get it to stop with no luck..
  12. KnightDragon

    Just looking for some advice.

    Thanks for the help..
  13. I have been playing off and on world of warships for some time now, but I can't play it a lot do to my disability. I try to play but at times I hurt and have to go lay down and or walk around a little. On top of that I'm colorblind. I can see solid colors but when they are mixed I have a real hard time seeing something. In games most of the time things are moving and that helps me see it. Also the type of colorblindness I have the games color blind feature really does not help me. Okay now that you know more about me then I would like to have said, but I need people to know how much I like the game just life gets in my way. Now all's I'm looking for is some helpful info on coal. How can you get it like farming it? I'm trying to get the T9 Georgia, and I have saved about 40k. Before the Georgia was added I spent my coal on the Russian T5 Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya. Now is there a faster way to get coal other then crates?