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  1. USN BB's - time for an overhaul?

    Didn't they redo West Virginia's engines?
  2. Yup. "Super" Containers suck

    Hey man, those 100 Zulu Hotel flags really bring the room together.
  3. USN BB's - time for an overhaul?

    Correct, hence why this buff is targeted to tier 6 and 7.
  4. USN BB's - time for an overhaul?

    lolz, I haven't touched that ship in forever...shows how out of the loop there I am. I digress though, we have tier 7 ships with upgrades removed and A hulls added back...and lowered to tier 6 why can't we do it to tier 4?
  5. USN BB's - time for an overhaul?

    People legit thought Texas would be OP, it wasn't. Pearl Harbor 1945 refits...wouldn't break them at all. Besides...who here recalls the Omaha cloning?
  6. WOWs and the Great Cat Conspiracy

    My dachshund Otto goes with my girlfriend and plays DnD.
  7. USN BB's - time for an overhaul?

    I've done my time in those ships, and even the Mass ain't that speedy. You kinda commit to a flank and go all in, engine refits will never happen to that line. Yet secondaries, compact AA and some Gucci will.
  8. USN BB's - time for an overhaul?

    16 inch rifles at tier 6 with all or nothing and a spotter plane....also WeeVee's conceal is like 10k. Oklahama as a 1941 at tier 4 isn't bad in the least. Wyoming has 12 14 inch guns. Oklahoma has less, and has worse AA.
  9. USN BB's - time for an overhaul?

    I legit feel like tier 5 - 7 USN BB's have been power creeped to death. When the CV rework comes in, they are legit boned. Besides...cage masts are SOOOOOO 1941
  10. It really makes me ask a few questions when I look at the state of the USN BB line, the premiums that were added outside of the tree, and the nations that followed. Currently as I see it, the USN BB line doesn't really bring a whole lot to the table. Granted NC/Iowa/Montana are down right monsters if they can be played to their strengths...however...their secondary battery leaves me asking the question...why are they so gimped? We had such a heated debate over a West Virginia 44, the secondary battery and the AA was one of the most contested points...yet we have Mass at tier 8 that is yolo'ing around speaking German with an impressive secondary battery. People seemed to think that a West Virginia 44 would be overpowered and Tier 7, the basis was the Colorado...a ship that has seen buffs, but is largely the same sad ship we got in Beta. So...why don't we just change it up a bit? Simply put, lets do what we've said since beta...Pearl Harbor refits are the C hull. New Mexico will become Idaho in 1945 with the single enclosed 5 inch mounts. Throw in a better secondary range and we suddenly have a ship that can challenge the Bayern and give the USN some 1945 flavor. Colorado frankly should be Maryland with the way the game is going. The USN line should become more 5 inch gun focused with secondaries and AA ALOT earlier than the NC. Maryland as the final hull would be a very nice addition, increase the AA, increase the secondaries range, and now Rado captains have a reason to get close...and aren't TOTALLY screwed when someone gets close to them. ----------------- So...why do this when we could arguably make a 2nd line. Here is the tricky party...when you get into tier 6 and tier 7...what do you do? In the grand scheme of things, the USN basically repeated the Pennsylvania class battleships over 2 different classes. New Mexico's and Tennessee's were basically modified Pennsylvania's. Don't let that clipper bow fool you, you're essentially looking at Pennsy's that have ad slightly better tech added. I simply propose this...modify the line as stated and release a series of premium ships based on pearl harbor refits. USS California 1944 as a Tier 7 (14 inch brawler) USS Pennsylvania 1944 as a Tier 6 (more dated, and not as heavily modernized) USS West Virginia 1944 at Tier 7 (16 inch brawler) We essentially produce premium ships that are yes better than the tech tree ships (either for coal or something) and don't give me that "well this replaces x-ship" because we have the Stalingrad laughing at the Moskva. The Pearl Harbor junkies get their 1944 refits, wargaming makes some dough, and guys like me who are about out of ships to grind, get something cool to play with in the mid tiers that isn't the Scharnhorst. TL/DR - buff and remodel the tier 6 and 7 USN BB's to match 1945 standards, produce premium Tier 6 and Tier 7 USN BB's that are Pearl Harbor refits. --- Bonus - Nevada 1945 as Tier 5 premium....and Oklahoma 41 as a Tier 4 BB.
  11. I thing this change is needed, should prove interesting, and I'm looking forward to it. Yet I'm looking more towards subs tbh.
  12. new Warspite owner

    Warspite is godmode when you figure out how to abuse the spotting plane. Seriously...we had HIGH hopes for the RN BB line because of how Warspite was. - greatest letdown of all time -
  13. Harugumo in a nutshell

    This topic sums up what I've said...she's easy to kill and counter if you get past the fact you can dodge the he rain with WSAD hacks.
  14. Go to Ships, OCT 2018 Edition

    I might go after the Nelson...my go to ships have been boring so far. Scharn got powercreep'd to death, The Gumo got boring after awhile, Montana is hit or miss...Zona is bad very very bad in a CV match.
  15. Maryland really isn't much different than rado in 1945...Colorado has single 5 inch mounts right? Maryland has dual mounts.