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  1. Possible Solution to Radar

    I'd rather keep saying the same thing...maybe they'll actually listen.
  2. Possible Solution to Radar

    Webbie and I had a game just now....this was by far the most pointless and silly game I have EVER played. 10 radars, spammer guns, radar behind islands, few BB's.... Honestly this was keyboard throwing worthy, the second one of us tried to move REMOTELY close to a cap we got radar'd and then targeted by 6+ ships. There was no hiding, no chance, nothing. We spent most of the short time in this game radar'd...it was overlapping...and the people doing it were hiding behind islands. You guys gotta fix this sooner rather than later, dumping a more radar into the game and the ability to do it through hard objects....with rapid firing guns....is game breaking, there is no way around it...it's game breaking. I know I'm known for hyperbole's, but jesus h christ...this wasn't even remotely fun. (Correction, there was 10 Radars, forgot to count the mino.)
  3. What is the conclusion on T-61?

    You really don't, and I knew that going into this relationship that the guns....really...are bad. The reload is so slow on them you're practically gimped from the get go. Yet your penn is hilariously good, so more or less you avoid knife fights....and then act as the "big mean older brother" with other destroyers and pick on them and smaller cruisers (tier 6 and 5) Outside of that, you use torps at 8.5 and spam-spam-spam.
  4. What is the conclusion on T-61?

    So far I have 4 German DD's: V-25: for my hamster fighters of hilarity! T-61: Mid Tier Fun and all! Z-39: because 150mm guns on a destroyer is fun. Z-52: because I want to be the top boat.
  5. What is the conclusion on T-61?

    So...she uptiers okay...but in all honesty I'm not seeing anything broken. She reloads good, and with a torp skill she reloads fast. It's a good boat to really practice torping ships in tbh. The guns are decent, I respecced my z52 CO to play her and so far...she's doing good.
  6. T 61 now on sale.

    Got the bundle with the 6 point captain. I need flags and dubloons.
  7. British BB Split Proposal

    How about they just redo the line with fixed citadels, decent AP and realistic concealment. That line would be far more enjoyable and far less bullsnot!
  8. "Oh hey mom, I'm not gonna go out tonight...I gotta log in and try and score some Moly."
  9. Is anyone else feeling burnt out?

    So I've got time to kill...why not. I made a post a few days ago about why I'm taking a step back from the game...the gimmicks...the gimmicks are too strong. Every match is soaked in Radar, and the tiers that don't...get sucked up into the higher tiers. The game got super grindy really fast, and you can be the low man on the pole oh so many times before even a skilled player asks "why do I put myself through this?" Too much HE, too much stealth for ships that are hilariously huge, nurfs to the premiums that weren't even OP (Scharnhorst!) and the "flavor of the month". Events geared towards ten....EVERYONE MUST PLAY TIER 10! I honestly look at the stuff to grind out...and I'm just...lol'ing at it...repeat the same old story....grind...get F'ed by MM...run into gimmicks...get beat...have a good game once in awhile....repeat cycle...buy gold...get tier X....great now what! The game outpaced itself, got old, and the gameplay is stale...the rush to keep it interesting opened the door to cheap gimmicks and poorly thought out lines to keep people hooked. *BRITISH BB'S ARE A SAD JOKE* You could have released cool paper ships, limit the radar spam to a few boats, increase detection for larger ships, and fix the British BB line. WHEN THE CV REWORK HAPPENS, I WILL BE OVERJOYED. That line was fun man....CV's were great to play...sucked when you got focused but man it kept you on edge...focused...you could stop the planes or dent them...some would great through... Ugh....I need a smoke...swell
  10. Get the Arizona instead for a good tier 6 ship.
  11. I'm afraid to read what you wrote, last thing I need is to hope for something cool and not get it.
  12. I see what they wanted: cautious destroyers who played conservative. You wont see them rushing caps, you wont see them doing silly things...these destroyers are hunter killers who will wolf pack with cruisers. A British DD is the best thing to survive the radar heavy meta.