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  1. Dr_Venture

    Tier VII California Buff Discussion Thread

    Keep the reload - buff the secondaries to Mass level - give it DFAA Behold - you have a ship that can punish cruisers - but not feel TOTALLY BONED when the flank collapses and you become a speed bump at best.
  2. Dr_Venture

    WG ignoring obvious issues.

    I think the issue here is that the United States reflects a time period this game isn't designed for - missiles. Supercarriers today really don't have armor - they have an obscene battlegroup screen on top of their air group and ship defenses designed to stop the threat of the day - aircraft and missiles. However - when you put say....a Gerald Ford into a 1945 setting where a Yamato can drop a duce on it from the other side of the map ACCURATELY then we have the issues we are seeing.
  3. I took a break for awhile and came back thinking I'd take the two new tier X's out for a spin. Turns out - I get to grind two tier 9's again. Well, guess I'm going to stay away. I don't like the fact you grind to a tier X and run the risk of it being replaced - and then forced to grind a straight-up stinker to get their X tech tree again.
  4. Dr_Venture

    Smolensk is bad

    Musta ran into me on an Elbing spree - I kill Smolesters for fun.
  5. Dr_Venture

    SP containers be trolling me

    Those flags will encourage you to grind. They want you to grind.
  6. Dr_Venture

    Premium Ship Review - Ise

    My clan and I have used 2 ISE and a Ranger more than a few times - and while it's powerful it's not busted. Sure 16 torpedoes at someone is rough - but it's setting up that drop is the hard part. If anything we normally rake DD clouds for those guys who hide in smoke and spam torps at dumb BB drivers
  7. Dr_Venture

    Canadians Confession

    Lies. I would have seen you at last week's cult meeting.
  8. Dr_Venture

    Canadians Confession

    The CV main, who is a servant of Satan.
  9. Dr_Venture

    Here come the jets.

    Finally - I've been waiting for Jets to return for awhile!
  10. Dr_Venture

    2022 ships wishlist, 2 ships T10.

    West Virginia 44 - I have not forgotten wargaming's promise!
  11. Dr_Venture

    USS Colorado Buff (Final Refit Hull)

    God I miss those days... Some moron brawls your tirpitz and claims hacks when you torp him.
  12. Dr_Venture

    Superships are harmful to the game

    I for one want this game to continue to evolve - much like Warblunder where we get to cold war era and so on and so on. (because I want to see how creative they are at pulling [edited] out of their bums)
  13. Dr_Venture

    CV Life

    Oh, this was a while ago - his abuse didn't phase me in the least. I went right back to smashing people with Sky Cancer. Their hate fuels me.
  14. Dr_Venture

    CV Life

    I literally had someone PM me after a match saying they "hope my unborn children get molested by a priest" - because I killed the guy in a CV. So:
  15. Dr_Venture

    Enterprise is unplayable :\

    Pretty sure the was the goal all along - flood non mains with Enterprise to get them to play the class. Alas - I never got Enterprise and frankly I'm kinda glad I didn't. It just doesn't seem worth it when the Tech Tree Carrier is better.