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  1. Roon - i need help.

    Yeeeeeeeeeeah yall got this semi right. Roon is the 2nd course in "Deutschland vor allem im schweren Kreuzer". More or less, you sit at range (hence spotter plane) and burn the big guys...then mid game when they are thinned out and wounded you close in and kite heavy cruisers and murder everything with AP. Criminal Torp Arcs as well...go for concealment and fire builds. Rudder is semi good but keep dem eyes open. I need to start doing player guides for these cruisers...
  2. Z-39 is Here

    This ship is useless to me for the sole fact it has 150mm guns. My Z52 has 128's....yeah REAL useful skill trainer there.
  3. Abruzzi vs Tanky McTankyFace.

    Wow...this ship...looks....like....garbage.
  4. Stalingrad vs Kronshtadt

    I really wanna see what the German premium cruiser is.
  5. Why people love Roma so much?

    lolz, k
  6. Why people love Roma so much?

    Let us backtrack here: You jumped into two people talking about a pixel ship, and even after they both more or less took it down from 11 and smoothed it over you felt the need to keep it going... Do you want a cookie? A participation trophy? A pat on the head for proving someone wrong on the internet (because I more or less JUST admitted that I was wrong) How does this make you feel, have you felt like you accomplished something important? Step back and cool off man.
  7. Why people love Roma so much?

    Well that's pretty awesome that you did that! However you didn't even bother to read previous posts that if proven wrong I'll happily retract my claim.... However by your attitude you did prove that you're an a-hole. Calm down and have a cookie homie, it's just a game....
  8. Why people love Roma so much?

    How is it moving the goal posts when he more or less implied he did it in a match?
  9. Why people love Roma so much?

    I admit I do love those moments. I once threw some torps off into the distance and detonated a shima once.
  10. Dunkerque

    Nah homie, that ship is a claymore...it's hilariously good when RNG grants you love.
  11. Why people love Roma so much?

    Look, lets take a step back here for a second. I'm more or less saying the amount of times I've played a Roma I've NEVER citadelled a Yammy at 15k, the guns are all over the place. Yet if you can prove to me that you did it, cool, I'll eat the boot. Tone on the net sucks, I sound like a [edited], but if you were sitting right next to me homie it'd be a playful banter bull..yeah. Look I love the ship, it's so so so well made, but the stats and the meta...she's just a gimmick boat. I do like the Crowder meme.
  12. Why people love Roma so much?

    Go for it, when you pull it off whilst both ships are moving/shooting at each other I'll stand corrected.
  13. Why people love Roma so much?

    No ego, I just know a drive by "well I did this, you just suck!" when I see one. I mean you more or less called me a poor player outright, and without even providing evidence of the feat you claimed to have pulled off.
  14. Why people love Roma so much?

    I've never done any of those things, the guns are ridiculously troll. They either massively over-pen, or just miss all together.