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  1. Enjoy. 20210623_183115_PASB510-Ohio_40_Okinawa.wowsreplay
  2. Dr_Venture

    How to Vermont.

    Well....I just finished the grind for it, haven't bought it, kinda curious how people play it. Also - Kremlin worth the pain?
  3. Dr_Venture

    Dealing with CV Rocket Nerf

    The USN CV line has the ability to literally turn their bombers in any direction during the drop to match the target's course and speed. This is why they are so effective - they can literally corkscrew in any direction on the drop to combat a destroyer. How they counter it - just stop moving. The trick depends on the target moving in order for it to work.
  4. Truth be told it's hard to figure out what convoluted scheme they were trying to pull with that one.
  5. Dr_Venture

    Dealing with CV Rocket Nerf

    Call me what you want - but you made the claim, and failed to back it up. Enjoy your day.
  6. Dr_Venture

    Dealing with CV Rocket Nerf

    Midway takes a lot of practice to truly make work. The torps are unforgiving during drops. The Tims are a BB weapon only in my book due to the 7-9 second delay. The bombers are your bread and butter - always - always - always drop them off and save them for later. Perfect the "corkscrew of death" and you can smite DD's if you get lucky.
  7. I never switch to AP - the Penn is kinda meh and SAP is a no brainer at tier X
  8. Dr_Venture

    Dealing with CV Rocket Nerf

    It gets better - Lexington is the god of tier 8 - Midway is well...yeah.
  9. Dr_Venture

    Dealing with CV Rocket Nerf

    No, see you should - because you made a bold claim that you could do something that most people have said is incredibly difficult to do. You said you could do that feat consistently - you got called out - now you can't even provide me a replay. This is what disturbs me - people like you telling the community "oh hey you can do this - just practice" and when someone asks for proof you start cowering away from it.
  10. Dr_Venture

    Dealing with CV Rocket Nerf

    Which part? I'm honestly curious now - can you do it - or not.
  11. Dr_Venture

    Dealing with CV Rocket Nerf

    So does that mean you won't provide footage of you hitting destroyers with Tims consistently in randoms?
  12. Dr_Venture

    Dealing with CV Rocket Nerf

    You need to prove yourself to the community - you stated you could hit destroyers with Tiny Tims consistently. Think about it - you can prove all the haters wrong, and shut me up. Easy win.