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  1. Dr_Venture

    New legendary captains for Germany and Italy

    If your stearring gear is knocked out, Lutjens should say "we shall fight to the last shell" and you get a massive reload boost on everything.
  2. Dr_Venture

    Germany's new toys...

    Odin strikes me as a potential secondary monster. Speed is the key for her in my mind.
  3. Dr_Venture

    Germany's new toys...

  4. Dr_Venture

    California HYPE

    I wish they would flat out make her a Mass clone with 14 inch guns. I'd love to terrorize people at the lower levels.
  5. Dr_Venture

    Ships I'd Rather see than another Tier 10.

    USN Pearl refits. Seriously, it's been too long.
  6. Dr_Venture

    The Massachusetts is a Tier X Monster!

    I love my Mass, god damn ship is an absolute blast to bring out to play. The secondaries alone make her a monster...throw in a kick@ss AA package and you make pre-CV rework Midway's angry.
  7. Dr_Venture

    First US Sub Commander (seriously)

    Glad to see someone has a sense of humor!
  8. I'm not joking at all, I want Lieutenant Commander Thomas Dodge. "Welcome aboard"
  9. Dr_Venture

    California HYPE

    I'm shocked none of you posted this:
  10. Dr_Venture

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    Anyone else growing a beard to be more authentic for playing subs?
  11. Dr_Venture

    More Tiers

    No Dennis Hopper, we riot.
  12. Dr_Venture

    More Tiers

    So is tier 20 the smokers from Waterworld? I want Dennis Hopper as a captain.
  13. Dr_Venture

    Tier 4 fun...

    This is me when I run into a fellow seal clubber in the low tiers. "Ahhhh, the game's afoot huh?"
  14. Dr_Venture

    Tier 4 fun...

    19 Point German Brawling CO in the Koenig Albert - AKA "The Kaiser's Pirateship" God I love that thing.