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  1. I honestly just want the ship...it looks cool...it's German...I need a new line...or something to muck with.
  2. Dude tell me about it...the GZ's cloud of stuka's is no joke...they delete basically ANYONE at will with those AP bombs. Issue is though is they are slow and easy to pick off...it's not a totally unskilled weapon.
  3. Myogi...for when you need a challenge. Man I used to take her into tier 7 matches and carry like a champ...I miss those days.
  4. These aren't deals at all...sell ships individually at a slight discount and you'd make a killing. Forcing people to buy bundles with many ships you clearly don't want is just...silly.
  5. Honestly I recall when people said Hood had shite AP....I aimed above the belt on ships and whacked them for like 10K damage easily. The reason I call HE spammers lazy, is because they don't know where to aim their AP...don't shoot the belt like a moron.
  6. That works to a degree, you need to factor in plenty of other factors like destroyers and CV's. You tend to get spotted in a BB very fast even when you're trying to use cover. I do appreciate the write up though.
  7. It's not an exaggeration if it's true, plenty of people seem to agree with me. Oh lookie here, you skipped right down the line from the tier III to the tier X...why are you so adamant in defending the Conqueror? Perhaps you don't want one of your favorite toys to get nurfed?
  8. No, I'm merely stating your factual attributes fly out the window when WG'ing threw in a gimmick that regardless of data is almost completely negated. You're being smacked by a shot gun with napalm rounds faster than you can repair it, even with a fire build you still will burn to death before you can even take half of his health. Data is fine, I don't dispute that, but it's outweighed by the gimmick of the whole line.
  9. Dispersion is almost a no factor when just two or three of the shells from the main battery have an almost obscene fire chance in this game. I've been hit by 1 maybe 2 shells and they almost without a doubt cause instafires...you don't pop DMC and whilst it's cooling down he smacks you again.
  10. Considering some of the other colorful things people have said in this thread, I figured I'd make it short and sweet.
  11. Accurate. They seem to have a hard on for my Amagi.
  12. Oh I'm not doubting that at all and I do agree with most of your points. I suspect whilst we wait (and we will be waiting) for Wargaming to address the HE moronization I'll just have to sit at the back of the map like everyone else and use a spotter plane.
  13. Honestly, and this is the point I've been trying to make, you cannot possible angle or fight the HE spam...they literally will throw HE at you from the distances you've suggested and get away with it. I've resorted to just throwing HE back...it's lazy and takes the fun outta the game.
  14. I agree with you there, which is why the British BB line is just a blaring road sign from space that explains why HE is broken. Now that people figured out "oh cool I can spam HE in a BB and it's so much easier EVERYONE IS DOING IT Hell an Iowa smacked me with HE last night...I flat out called him a scrub and he said "if it works for the brits, it works for me."