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  1. Dr_Venture

    WG why do you hate the Italians so much?

    They have rapid fire, SAP shells would be semi auto piercing for battleships...NO HE and No smoke/hide options.
  2. Dr_Venture

    WG why do you hate the Italians so much?

    because SAP shells would introduce a level of skill the plebs in this game couldn't possibly hope to obtain.
  3. Dr_Venture

    WG why do you hate the Italians so much?

    *still waits for SAP shells*
  4. Dr_Venture

    Großer Kurfürst Montage

    The fact you didn't do this to the Imperial March makes me sad.
  5. Dr_Venture

    Wreck of Wasp CV-7 Found!

    Sounds like the warm up round is over. There are 4 carriers out near Midway that need to be found...
  6. @Sub_Octavian Release an Italian ship line, and I will guarantee that 90% of the people raging will shut up, and enjoy their spaghetti boat. Just saying mate, I just want some Italian boats to play with. Also, while we're at it...can we just remove the HE shells and put in the SAP shell? It would REALLY give the Italians flavor that isn't some silly gimmick.
  7. Dr_Venture

    What Wargaming Ought to do if They Nerf A Premium

    Actually that doesn't sound bad.
  8. Dr_Venture

    Kreml Preview - A powerful, balanced tinderbox

    I play the GK with all white camo, and blast the Imperial March.
  9. Dr_Venture

    Kreml Preview - A powerful, balanced tinderbox

    State approved comrade, I can't wait to grind this line.
  10. Dr_Venture

    Fun and engaging!

    I see your point there, but I've played this game enough to know when something is fun and what isn't. I mean you really can't get close to high tier ships when they have one of the MANY AA cruisers in the game hanging out near them.
  11. Dr_Venture

    Fun and engaging!

    Nah he's just 8 pounds and is 3 years old, I call him the baby wiener dog, or little dude.
  12. Dr_Venture

    What's a Good Ship for Passive Teams?

  13. Dr_Venture

    Fun and engaging!

    So Dr_Venture returns to World of Warships for a few games...got the baby wiener dog in my lap...cup of coffee in hand...log in to play with @Webbiefor a bit. So lets talk about this whole CV thing...why do I even bother to play them when the Tier 8 will see heavy cruiser MM and Tier 10 most of the time? I mean Webbie got thrown on the other team and I'm in my new Lexington...and it's literally us screaming into the discord "WOOOOOSTER!" Eventually it devolved into me trying to speed through flak trying to hit Webbie for the minimal troll damage...and throwing insults at the super tier X AA cruisers who glue themselves to rocks and seem to have SAMs. Match ends with both of us on the bottom in tier 8 CV's "So ugh, this is kinda embarrassing." I suppose the point here...is perhaps they should increase the size of the attackers. I dare say if AA will be so strong you need more bodies to actually get through...or tier lock MM for carriers. I mean I like the mechanics, it was fun, it was new, it was exciting...the AA visually looks fun...then I realize I'm actually not even getting through to the target and I'm RAPIDLY deplaned.... but hey my Mudtrooper armor is coming along great guys!
  14. Dr_Venture

    So, the was Cesare Stealth Nerfed...

    and this is why I no longer buy premium ships in this game...
  15. Dr_Venture

    Failing to GK

    And that my friends is how you run the Imperial Star Destroyer. Zombie stealth build.