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  1. Dr_Venture

    Clan map screenshots?

    Thank you very much man, I appreciate it.
  2. Dr_Venture

    Clan map screenshots?

    Ah I was hoping someone had something more readily available
  3. Dr_Venture

    Clan map screenshots?

    Howdy, This season for clan, does ANYONE have screen caps of the maps used? Thanks!
  4. Dr_Venture


    Working on it comrade:
  5. Dr_Venture


    First we must collect the proper items to unlock: 1 x Goat (Billy Bob's) ` 50 x Virgins (Costco) 1 x Mountain of Salt (EASY DUE TO MY RECENT SANTA CRATE BONING!) 1 x Lenin's Cat (Doc Brown owed me one...) Make yourself fly in the game...somehow... Combine with this: ------ BEHOLD MY FELLOW CAPTAINS!!!!!
  6. Dr_Venture

    Bad container bug!

    No mate, they legit just opened all at once...
  7. Dr_Venture

    Bad container bug!

    So I bought 5 x crates...go to open them up...click the first one. Suddenly 5 crates to open becomes 2? Then I clicked again and then I was empty on crates. Go to look into notifications queue....they spam gave me 4 crates worth of streamer camo and 1000 dabloons. Seems like a bad bad bug...not getting to open the crates and letting rng sit and reset...just spam out what was in the first crate.
  8. Dr_Venture

    Ships of 2018

    I think it's safe to say Roma was the BIGGEST disappointment of 2018. Overpens everything, bad bad HE, troll guns, and armor that can get citadelled by DD's. Everyone expected some kickass Italian brawler with flat accurate guns with two types of AP and NO he...and got some gimmick gimped klingon bird of prey.
  9. Nevada was beached to avoid "blocking" the harbor. Oklahoma capsized and was a total loss. Maryland took a pair of bombs and moved on. Tennessee took a bomb, got mega lucky because it was a turret hit (dud). California sank and was raised and became a god tier AA BB. West Virginia became the same thing California did. Pennsylvania was in dry dock...and Utah got mistaken for a carrier and got roflstomped.
  10. I know better than to gamble here, I got a good ship last year....spent too much dough...
  11. Dr_Venture

    Santa Crate Value Estimates

    Then spend away comrade.
  12. Dr_Venture

    Santa Crate Value Estimates

    Funnily enough, it's not overpowered if you know how it works. Belfast basically smokes up, and fires with HE over AP. Typically it'll have a spotter so it doesn't get hit with return fire. Belfast requires a very high skill ceiling to make it work like you say it does.
  13. Dr_Venture

    Santa Crate Value Estimates

    Belfast and Kutzov are one trick ponies, MO is basically a radar BB that poops credits...everything else is meh. Save your money bro, you ain't missing much.
  14. Dr_Venture

    Another 30%

    Oh please let me get a 30% coupon...daddy needs some more gold.
  15. Dr_Venture

    Santa Crate Value Estimates

    I mean I got the Kutzov last year, in my opinion the only way I can top that is if I score a Belfast or a Mo, which by the odds I wont. I will use the money for x-mas this year and get the Khab....