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  1. Dr_Venture

    Zepplin worth it?

    Can you build for secondaries + keep it viable as a decent CV? What are the builds for it?
  2. Dr_Venture

    Zepplin worth it?

    I've been monkeying with the Lexington to learn how to CV. Faster planes seem to appeal to me much more. I can land torps no problem as well. Plus I'm outta lines to grind....
  3. Dr_Venture

    Zepplin worth it?

    I've been debating on buying the Graf, with the release of the German CV's...it makes me want it slightly more to train a captain. Will a Graf CO carry on over the line? What's good about the Graf anyway?
  4. Dr_Venture

    What makes Colorado T7 worthy?

    Colorado has been power creeped like the New Mexico. West Virginia should be a tier 7 in it's place.
  5. Dr_Venture

    Mainz is out!

    I really see no point in buying this.... Hindy + Prem Camo = all I need
  6. Dr_Venture

    Mainz is out!

    *insert shocked emoji here*
  7. Dr_Venture

    World of Warships Ship Opinions 08: Roma ( THE REPOST )

    I don't know how you play homie, what has been troubling you?
  8. Dr_Venture

    World of Warships Ship Opinions 08: Roma ( THE REPOST )

    Amalfi is arguably where the line gets very good. She is speedy as hell and can turn on a dime. The rest of the line is a pure breeze from there, man. Zara and Trento were flat garbage in my book.
  9. Dr_Venture

    F Der Große main gun upgrade

    DPM is critical when you're shells are going all over the place. DPM is critical when you're brawling. 406's all the way!
  10. Dr_Venture

    Italian BB...with SAP and Smoke

    If I can find a way to abuse smoke on the IT CA line, I can do it with Roma. She is fast and concealment builds are highly beneficial when fighting at range.
  11. From the Dev Blog. Guessing this is a Roma clone?
  12. Zoup threw on a reload booster, and basically play it like an oversized Scharnhorst. He moved around contested caps, bullied cruisers, and used secondaries. This is essentially a tier 9 Scharnhorst, with bigger guns, more HP, and that glorious secondary spec...I cannot wait to grind for her now.