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  1. Shwartzs Created 9 hours ago I turned pink for shooting my team mate in same division (Real Life Friend), why cause we was side by side both shooting over an island, he got to close on two occasions. I even got a warning penalty. Why are you even penalizing division dmg. We both friends, we know there is only accidents going to happen. Fix your stupid pink system. I should not be pink for a simple mistake. Most of all I should not be getting penalized for division damage! That is just absolute garbage programming. And for some reason I'm now restricted to play only pve battles? well I'll tell you right now 28 days premium. You lift this and fix this issue. Or I'm done spending money and playing your game. No division what so ever should be penalized for their accidental damage upon each other. Friends don't Screw each over for kicks, yet when an accident happens we get penalized for it and restricted to pve battles.... looks like I'll have to quit playing unless you get it removed off my account. I'm not going to play those PVE battles. Either you remove it or we done....
  2. server down again ????

    and they are running behind, its 3:20 am mountain/pacific time.... sigh...
  3. dumbest concept ever.... you are not to bright
  4. server down again ????

    more patches, less likely to see a cheat, hackers can't keep up with multiple patching, no need to make it an issue
  5. I had no issues registering and getting it all up and running and playing for a week and getting all the way through to 4th set of missions of the Tirpits. Until last night until now I just can't get into the test server no more with error message try again later. And my friends are getting same thing. Did your servers crash?
  6. dev's are good at ruining their own game on so many aspects, they ruined tanks... I don't even play tanks no more and sold all my arty cause they are crap now... and ships is going down that same road... compare population to other side of world as to usa population and you will see usa smart enough to not deal with this [edited]
  7. leaving a team

    I have read other posts and see what people are saying, go to team profile, Well I did, and there is no drop down arrow, or list of players names whos on team with option to quit, I just made a ticket out cause why does a game have to be so damn Fkn Complicated to leave a team. Why no Damn Option in game to do so!