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  1. Bombardment Mode? Tokyo Express?

    wait for the Scharnhorst to start a convoy mode LOl
  2. Detailed Data on Ships

    you 'll be stuck in the dark ages , there are free conversion tools on the net my friend and easy to use
  3. always like that quote by Patton , wonder what kind of a sailor he would have been? LOL
  4. Battle Cruisers

    it was a battlecruiser , it got the name "pocket battleship " from the English press , same thing, opps sorry someone already figured it out . Oh and the Fuso ,a battlecruiser actually
  5. Really think a little bit , I beg to differ , it would depend on the circumstance , yes?
  6. USS Arizona

    Does it matter to the hundreds of families who lost men at sea ,if their ship shows up in WOWs?How about the IJN , only 1 BB survived the war , the Nagato , then it went to a nuclear test in the pacific. It would get to the point where all the ships would have to have fictitious names? So us Americans are not the only people who have lost men at war ,at sea . If so WG would have to remove the Atlanta , sunk at Guadalcanal 1942. Remember folks its a game ,and some may be honored that the loved ones ship has showed up in a positive way , ITS A GAME , don't be offended , think rationally!