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  1. redleg331

    what tech tree tier 7s would people recommend?

    Was Belfast mentioned?
  2. redleg331

    Nerf HE already

    Someone always wants something changed to benefit them in game play . Know you ships limitations and strengths , use it to your advantage , it's not rocket science.
  3. redleg331

    New Premium Ship to be named for Snowflakes

    The post was meant for fun not a serious insult to players request for changes to the game , with this you went to insulting me personally , its a sad day when people take this serious , carry on GLHF
  4. redleg331

    New Premium Ship to be named for Snowflakes

    That will work for me !
  5. redleg331

    New Premium Ship to be named for Snowflakes

    https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1021157752,Taylor3006/ now I see its ok your a CV player 19k + battleshttps://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1000672404,redleg331/
  6. redleg331

    New Premium Ship to be named for Snowflakes

    I really don't care how you feel or care to how you respond , maybe your hypocritical calling a Vet one yourself carry on
  7. redleg331

    New Premium Ship to be named for Snowflakes

    LOL good one
  8. redleg331

    New Premium Ship to be named for Snowflakes

    That's 2 good ones need more I guess it may offend the thumbs downs
  9. Can anyone suggest a new ship or national class for the Snowflakes in this game ? Seems to be a lot of request for nerf this or buff that to give a balance or advantage to a player's feelings ? I just play the game the way it is and don't care ,need a good laugh !!!
  10. How about this , when you log in to play have the server tell the poor snowflakes what to do to stay alive ? If they don't survive it's on them , then everyone is blameless lol . I love just smacking these idiots around in game , if I get sunk , slammed or pull a noob move its on me though , it's called a GG to the enemy ! You don't like the way things are sell your free xp ship , uninstall , send WG a refund ticket request . I enjoy every ship class myself so move on snowflakers , if you get sunk fast don't blame anyone but your selves . WG PLEASE refund these players there $$ for pennies on the dollar ?
  11. Wait let's change this , ooh no I'm not happy with how this plays , then I want my $$$ back . Next thing your upset about something else . because my ship burnt up lol . These guys are idiots ! Refine your skills first , know your limitations , If you don't know what your doing you sink FAST DUH. Anti -Conq is smart players knowing what to avoid , she weak to DDs , CVs and so forth . It's an HE spam sniper not a brawler BB isolated she sinks , get it ? I love my Conq , so don't play with matches kids , I'll burn you FreeXP to Yamato players fast lol. So each line has its strength and weakness learn it and and you'll sail longer . Adjust to these in game , don't ask to change everything you don't like . Maybe I wouldn't like you , can I change you ?