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  1. MightyJoe

    Is the server down?

    Same here.?
  2. Hello Like to join in with the clan RUST taking any greenhorns in? Been playing for about month mostly weekend and some weekday evenings. Love the game I have a tier 4 ship and of others under  4 so far .

    1. MightyJoe


      I just see that i've been excepted with WOLF7, wish me luck. :Smile_coin:

    2. K538


      Best of luck!

    3. MightyJoe


      Not a active group, I'm in the  VVV clan much better.   

  3. I've applied in Wolf 7 still waiting?  :Smile_amazed:


    1. wtfovr


      If you haven't heard from WOLF7, please apply to WOLF2, WOLF3, WOLF8 or WOLF9  those clans also currently have openings.

      I'm in WOLF6 so all I can do is let the WOLF7 commander know that he has an application waiting.


    2. wtfovr


      Just checking to see if anyone has gotten back to you.


      looks like WOLF7 accepted your application.  

      To be honest. Im not sure about why WOLF7 hasn’t built up their base like the other WOLF clans, (I can’t see how much oil is in the clan but you can as a wolf7 member). but you are always welcome to communicate with the commander and and if you want specific buildings built you can always ask the commander or deputy commander to build it.

    3. MightyJoe


      yeah i'll check it out. thanks



  4. Hello friends  :Smile_amazed: