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  1. KnightFandragon

    CV rework should be canceled

    Yeah, its going to be spec AA or die. This game is bad@balance, its not about spec to your playstyle, its spec for the current meta or die with no recourse. Currently, its anti fire spec or die, after the rework it will be pick what u wanna helplessly die to, CV or HE....
  2. KnightFandragon

    Now i know why people hate CVs

    But players can keep thinking unlimited, 4-5 strikes per squadron is a good idea... The CV rework will be a joke that does more to hurt the game then help it.
  3. KnightFandragon

    WG's nerf priorities is abit wth, but justified

    100% of the fire can be healed, but u still get heaping mounds if shell hits that can only be 50% healed. Plus, you force a dcp burn which then means 100% of the dmg sticks. On top of that HE deals dmg far easier and more consistently than Ap, since it doesnt care as much about armor and angle, letting you get dmg you otherwise wouldnt get with AP. Soooo, go away with the "but it can all be healed", cuz its not that cut n dry.
  4. KnightFandragon

    SO, some of you are psychic.

    Game has tons of asteroids to hide, but ships are so slow(atleast heavies), that making a getaway has to be started on first contact or ur not getting away. Another thing I found dumb about the game, we were locked in combat till we died, no escaping...
  5. KnightFandragon

    SO, some of you are psychic.

    Yeah played it, wasnt a fan, to shallow, no progression, crew were all the same. Ships are tough but weak at the same time, game play felt boring. Wonder what WG can do to it? More rng? Lol...
  6. KnightFandragon

    So what's next Wor...erm Universe of Spaceships?

    Lol, I could see it now, if you turn to use your broadside you detonate, leaving everyone stuck using the 2-4 guns mounted foward.....that would be horrid. Just like ww2 ships they were better protected on the sides then front n back....
  7. KnightFandragon

    So what's next Wor...erm Universe of Spaceships?

    Ooohh what was it? Prolly couldnt move, being powered by sails n all..
  8. KnightFandragon

    So what's next Wor...erm Universe of Spaceships?

    Lol age of sail would make the terrible rng of these games make sense.
  9. KnightFandragon

    Dear Little White Mouse.

    Or are they actually more effective than people give em credit for?
  10. KnightFandragon

    T11, T12 coming?

    I dont even want to imagine the op of t11-12 ships....1990 Iowa probably would pale in comparison....
  11. KnightFandragon

    WOWS VS WOT...

    Ugh AW made Coop so gimmick, boring and dumb..... AI have 1 shot of health, spawn and drive backwards, mbts so ridden with weakpoints you cant not kill them. Only thing about that game that kills you is [edited] autodmg atgm thermobarics and ai aimbots up your weakspots. Then you only lose if your team afks, or you get an unlucky spawn pattern that leaves you surrounded 360 while being forced to sit in the middle of a 3-4 way crossfire, and make sure you do this in under 8 minutes. Man absolutely fk Armored Warfare....it officially is in the exact same boat as wot for me, total trash, never to touch again and its mere mention gets my salt flowing, it pisses me off lol.... AW went in totally the wrong direction with pve, though to be completely honest back in 2015 my dad and I called it, that AW being run by RU dev team would be ruined basically how it was, and become garbage....we were basically correct. To bad Obsidian left, it was atleast somewhat enjoyable under them...failance 2.0 is when it died....
  12. KnightFandragon

    WOWS VS WOT...

    Yeah WoT community is why we have reduced sodium foods, companies are having a hard time keeping up their salt supply, with so much of it going to the WoT community.... Absolutely atrocious group which I rate lower then the poo stain left in the grass from cleaning up dog crap....
  13. KnightFandragon

    PSA: MM change for T8-T10 in the upcoming 7.11 Update

    LOL, stale gameplay, lack variety? If thats the best argument against +-1, ill have my +-1 now. Competitive play is all about stale, tried, true, gimmicky tactics copy pasta-ing the select few ships that play into the meta..... Id agree that if t4 got its training wheels taken off, some fat buffs for t4 would need to be in order...t4 is like WWI, while t6 is like WW2 when it starts getting serious, and the difference in power and performance shows. Just likecwot, t4s get utterly and effortlessly curbstomped by t6 and even pretty well mauled by t5...
  14. KnightFandragon

    WoWS Dev Blog: Balance Changes (American Battleships)

    Lol u sure giving ship sections would increase survival? More like give the ship more hp foe fire to burn down. Currently doesnt dmg in a section end once its saturated? You wanna improve survival you buff the ships innate chance to be lit up, faster cd for dcp n rp, thicken up armor, boost rudder shift n shrink turning circle.
  15. KnightFandragon

    Please fix the Glue Islands

    Your bottoming out on the island, you know islands have shallow sloping ground under them, that extend out quite a ways. Its honestly just another reason WoWS is derpy...ships try to avoid land contact, but here we hug it, and get stuck...