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  1. KnightFandragon

    Naming the Ohio the Ohio....

    Take this SJW, political [edited], load it in your nearest 18 inch gun and fire it far, far, far away....preferably into the Bermuda triangle so it gets randomly lost. WG can then go ahead and add the USS California, cuz even if that state is trash, that ship would be great to see in game. Who gives a rip about the name.
  2. KnightFandragon

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    Ok, ill give you that one. I forgot about things like that, ships like Atlanta does carry DC on its stern. Either way, Subs, just another thing to utterly annihilate BBs...ugh.
  3. KnightFandragon

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    UUuuuummmm....how do you actually think anything but a DD, which is actually equipped with the depth charges, is going to sink a submerged sub? If its surfaces, sure, blast away. FIrst DDs are surviving BB rounds at 10% dmg, and now ya think anything but a DD can hunt a sub?
  4. KnightFandragon

    Since everyone's making a thread about it NTC

    NTC? Basically WOWS version of a Warframe "Forma"? Releveling the same gun from lvl 0 so you can put better and better mods in it?
  5. Ya mean AA actually works? Novel idea....
  6. KnightFandragon

    Let's look at CVs from a game design perspective

    I honestly wouldnt doubt it....
  7. What annoys me the most in games like this, is how the crap stays crap, and never really gets the buffs it really deserves....but lets keep releasing tons and tons of new OPAF stuff...
  8. KnightFandragon

    Let's look at CVs from a game design perspective

    Carriers, everything everyone ever hated about artillery in other games, ever, except now with crazy high RoF and numerous shots per 'salvo' or in this case, flight... Its like giving the WOT T92 Arty a 12 round auto loader with a built in UAV ability. Then on top of that, its reloading the shells as you spend them, so you can basically just endlessly fire all game long with 0 risk or personal skill and ability. How many doughnut players are getting massive numbers in games now?
  9. I think WG needs to go back to balancing school. They have how many ships and tanks that are so blatantly OP that they end up 'never selling them again except in casino crates'?
  10. KnightFandragon

    What exactly makes CV OP? I've devised a short list.

    Which would again be them applying historical accuracy or balance at their own whims...
  11. KnightFandragon

    AA increase on PTS - a concern

    I try to watch CV rework videos. After I see them make 5-6-7-8-9 passes through heavy flak without taking so much as 1 loss, and little more than 1 or 2 hits by it, I just stomp out of the room just like, yeah thats stupid as hell. Fly in with TBs, make their 4 passes without losing a single plane, or even getting hit, then instantly spawning the DBs and doing the same thing, I just cant sit and watch that much [edited]. Its like flak is nothing but a light show now.
  12. KnightFandragon

    AA increase on PTS - a concern

    CVs shouldnt be anything but death by 1000 cuts. You get unlimited planes, which basically means you've got god mode on, since any losses you take dont matter. You get to just endlessly strike with 0 [edited] given how many planes you lose. CV play is the equal to a BB rushing in head long into battle and getting 100% dmg repair with a 20s cooldown. If AA is anything less than OP as all hell, CVs will be OP as crap. They still get torps, masses of HE and flooding potential, while incurring pretty much no risk to themselves to deal this damage. They can always influence the battle, and the only ship type that can sink enemies less than 30s into the game....
  13. KnightFandragon

    CV rework should be canceled

    Yeah, its going to be spec AA or die. This game is bad@balance, its not about spec to your playstyle, its spec for the current meta or die with no recourse. Currently, its anti fire spec or die, after the rework it will be pick what u wanna helplessly die to, CV or HE....
  14. KnightFandragon

    Now i know why people hate CVs

    But players can keep thinking unlimited, 4-5 strikes per squadron is a good idea... The CV rework will be a joke that does more to hurt the game then help it.
  15. KnightFandragon

    WG's nerf priorities is abit wth, but justified

    100% of the fire can be healed, but u still get heaping mounds if shell hits that can only be 50% healed. Plus, you force a dcp burn which then means 100% of the dmg sticks. On top of that HE deals dmg far easier and more consistently than Ap, since it doesnt care as much about armor and angle, letting you get dmg you otherwise wouldnt get with AP. Soooo, go away with the "but it can all be healed", cuz its not that cut n dry.