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  1. KnightFandragon

    The Current CO-OP Sucks

    Except last I knew, you dont even make 75,000 credits in profit from the mission sooooooo, yeah. Its PVE, you make a few pennies, or play for a loss....thats not really a worthy trade.
  2. KnightFandragon

    Which tiers you would like see allowed in operations?

    All tiers. There should be a version of every missions that is like T1-3, T4-6, T7-9 and then for the uber hardcore among us, a T10 all on its own. Then remove the 20m lock out timer and then have multiple missions cycling on like a 20 minute timer, so that way your not stuck playing the same mission for a week or until they decide to change it. On top of that, boost earnings so its actually worth it to play.
  3. KnightFandragon

    The Current CO-OP Sucks

    Id agree whole heartedly if Operations didnt have a 20m lock out timer and each mission was like Armored Warfare's PVE, where the mission enemies are based on the tier of the players in it. Additionally, if the missions were always up, rotating daily just like Armored Warfare's PVE missions. Each day theres like 10 missions that rotate around, in that way, you can genuinely play PVE. WG never takes PVE serious enough to actually have that be a good mode.
  4. KnightFandragon

    Two humans and seven bots

    Yeah, thats all the PVE is in this game now? 2 players 7 bots, where your chances to win are based entirely on how well your AI ram into the enemy AI. Yup, its pretty stupid. We won one, and lost 2, all cuz the ram speed of my AI wasnt good in the 2nd one I guess....idk......
  5. KnightFandragon

    Florida Not Worth It for the Average Player?

    Florida looks like an underwhelming garbage barge.
  6. Where is an updated version of this mod? Or did I put the file in the wrong spot? There was no res mods folder so i made one....that how im sposed to do it?
  7. KnightFandragon

    ST 0.10.0, balance changes and changes to test ships

    40 to 38s reload speed.... Thats still 8s faster than it should be. WHy the 40 fkin second reload on these new US BBs!? Its not like its got 23" guns....
  8. KnightFandragon

    Behold the glory of the new secondary accuracy.

    Ooof, if thats German secondaries, how useless are the rest?
  9. KnightFandragon

    Damage Isn't Everything - A Lesson in Why Carriers are Hated

    Your right, WINNING is everything. Cuz, I mean, I legit dont give a craphow many kills we get, how much damage we farm, if we lose, whats it matter? The problem with this and every game is losing pays WAY to damn well and doing really well doesnt pay even remotely close to enough.
  10. Yeha, sometimes thier DDs and Cruisers pen the crapout of your angled Arizona, othertimes your Arizona bounces Iowa shells because reasons.....yeah, RNG in WG games is pretty out there.
  11. Yeah the ramming AI is fking annoying. AI Get within like 6km of you and it turns into a 'you better run or your getting rammed' If your a US Dreadnought being chased by something faster, your fked......
  12. KnightFandragon

    Personal experiences with Community toxicity

    Lol, COD community? No, I am not that young, I just never participated in COD community either. CoD being a cesspool of [edited] is a given. I just know the WG community is pretty derpy most the time to. God knows a huge majority of the players are atrocious. My dad and bro still play WoT, I used to back in 2013 and they talk about all the absolutely braindead, monkey [edited] they encounter all the time. I know back when I played it wasnt much better.
  13. KnightFandragon

    Personal experiences with Community toxicity

    Ive long maintained the WG community is among the worst there is........
  14. KnightFandragon

    Stop blaming the match maker!

    Im not talkin about PVP specifically. THough the only reason I even ended up in PVP was a misclick. I didnt pay attention... Either way, I lasted until the end, sunk like 1 and had near 100,000 dmg. I went in with my Massachusetts. I absolutely battered the enemy Tirpitz, but never could quite sink it. Even in PVE though, ya get the same [edited]. Just completely brain dead players, and I can blame no one but the MM for putting me with such trash tier players. Like, trash tier, im talkin, of 8 players, there is me, 2 AI bots and 5 players. ALL of them, excluding me, just pressed RRR and raced for the opposite board edge and my whole fkin team was dead before I was even part way across the map. This including ships like Grosse Kurfursts and crap...entire team yoloed out and died. Left me facing like 6 ships, of which I sunk 1 and died to a Hindenberg after it absorbed my point blank into it's flanks broadsides like an absolute champ....yeah, that was my 2nd most infuriating battle in this game and 2nd to last game before I called it quits for good haha.
  15. KnightFandragon

    Kansas is so bad wargaming should be ashamed

    I think im thinkin of the Oklahoma. I watched a couple reviews on both ships....prolly mixin stuff up.