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  1. So make it a T7 where it shoulda been and dork with the Nelson in some upgraded version as the T8.....why they made Nelson T7......
  2. Well, id be fine with 50k after repairs with its default camo in PVE......not barely making money with it lol...not 10-13k.... If PVE is that easy, then crap, erase my 94 deaths and like 20 some losses, cuz, well, for that pay PVE should be so easy you cant lose or die...
  3. Tier 8 anyway I sat and watched shells pen my angled little bow section. I understand angling just fine. Its a WG game, angling is god. Its not hard to sit and watch the shells come in, and tap a little A or D and then sit and watch as the shells pen right through the angled bow section. I understand the RNG goes to crapevery 10 or so games in Coops to. If your good or lucky, you can get above it and overcome that, my AZ has a death every 14 games, where the AI just gets to ignore the armor. Where cruiser shells suddenly pen angles and areas even Battleships bounce off normally. I get to watch as the 11th game after a [edited] RNG match, my RNG goes through the roof. Nothin' like 3 first shot citadel hits from long range and from angles and shots that dont even look good. Citadel deleted a Russian Cruiser, 31k, from about 18km, citadel hit a Missouri through the top of it's bow, forward of gun 1 from like 20km and then citadel popped a Hindenberg from like 16 km....had a great game right after a [edited] loss/death where the game decided to randomly crash.... Yeah, WG, they love thier RNG and they love thier angles.....understand both those and your golden.
  4. If your answer to his was sarcastic, yeah, yours didnt come across as sarcastic at all, you even completed it with a confused little smiley....... The guy you quoted? yeah, it sounded pretty obviously sarcastic....
  5. I think your sarcasm detector needs to go into the shop.
  6. People still play WOWP in any capacity?
  7. Meh, buff Cruiser health to 75% of a same tier BB and reduce Citadels. Cruisers are now better. BBs arent worth a crapin close, its why people hang back with them. Getting in close with a BB stops working at T3, they are forever, more effective at range, where you cant light them on fire for days, torp them to crapand citadel [edited] their flat [edited], close range broadsides..... If you want BBs in close, simply nerfing their range isnt the way to it...not the good way anywho... Of course, if you wanna nerf BB range, you can strap them with increased rudder shift time to allow them to fight effectively in knife fight ranges, but then you invalidate current cruisers even more, since a agile BB is just a super heavy Cruiser...
  8. LOL, I dont have clear sky acheesements......I only coop lol, and no, there is no player trading. Though it would be neat, but idk why we would need player trading.
  9. Ill take a couple of those repair modules, since in 0.6.8, we will be able to put them in a useful slot...cuz no, my BB dont care about its turrets going out.....doesnt happen that often.
  10. I wish BB spotter planes didnt alter our camera angle, or id use those to spot. I've used my Fighter to spot for me over
  11. No, I want systems to act somewhat how they would in RL, but within a game world. You can mix "real" and "gamey" and make it work. Take fire: Right now, its just, point, click, fire, burn the ship to the ground. Press R, stop a pack of fires, just to be lit back on fire and burn to the ground.... Or Flooding, get hit, flood, stop it, then get lit on fire and burn to the ground... What I would love to see is: Fire: You shoot and light a ship on fire, rather then just burning it to the ground, it does very little hull/health damage, but instead, is more utility, destroying AA/Secondaries and impairing the ship. So, you light a fire on the rear end of the ship, you get like 25 fire dmg per second, per fire until it goes out, with very little overall impact. If you skillfully aim it at the superstructure, or somewhere important, you then can start impairing the ship in a meaningful way. You get 25 dmg per second per fire, and as you blow stuff up, it has a chance to light more fires, and you get your crazy fire damage that way. DCP: Rather then being a "Push button instant repair", id change it to: 15% chance per second to stop a fire/flood and to repair a destroyed AA/Secondary mount. DCP would also reduce the recovery time on damaged guns and engines. For each rank of your captain, you get 1% more chance to your DCP, for a max of 19+15 for 34% chance per second to stop floods and fires, -5% per fire or flood on the ship, since efforts are split. DCP would also double as the Health Repair guys. If you are on fire and missing health, and press the repair kit button, you then reduce the % chance success of putting out fire, but you start getting health, it wouldnt just be a cut and dry "im missing health, press T". We could then add repair parties to every ship in the game, increasing smaller ships survivability and reducing the power of BBs a little. Flooding: Id change it to where you deal damage like now, but instead of 1% per 1s, with no chance to lessen it, or mitigate it in anyway, id make it where you can alter speed to slow the flooding and give your DCP a slightly better chance to stop it. Something like at max speed, you take 1% per 1s like now, but you lose 0.2% per notch you go down, until stopped. So Max, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, Stopped, would see the flooding reduced to 0.2% per second if you stop. Fire, same thing, if you move faster, it fans the flames, giving them a higher % chance to break all your crap, but if you slow down or stop, it lessens the damage done. It would fit in this game and make it more enjoyable in that nothing would feel overly gimmicky like it does now. It wouldnt feel like, "wow, I just got burnt to the ground, with no way to stop it", instead, we would play a direct role in how effectively we fight the fire or flooding. Ofc, it would be a tacticool decision, do you slow down to fight the fire, or do you speed up to get out of trouble first? It would still be arcade, we would just have much more control over our ship's systems. There would be more dynamic and depth to it. It would add actual challenge and decision making beyond "load HE, spam the ship". Or "burn to the ground cuz I just used my DCP".....the game id like is WOWS with all what I just said....ofc this is a rough idea of it and how it would work...but yeah...
  12. Whats with the run way stripes on the front of that thing? I think I know why Roma got it's ammo bin popped....cuz the Fritz X bomber was like, "aim for the huge red and white stripes", and, well, from the sounds of it, he nailed it....
  13. That guide on ramming and yet all I ever see is "tap, both ships explode".....its pretty basic, any contact equals death. My most recent "ram", if you can even call it that, was my tapping the side of an AI Alabama at like, idk, 0.2 knts? Another second and I woulda been reversing. Outside of the like 2 rams where I intentionally rammed the AI, all my rams have been either side swipes, or absurdly low speed taps, and yet every time, it just equals, KABOOM...... I have yet to see a ram where both ships didnt explode....they need to seriously rethink their ramming system and actually make it factor in what that guide says it does...a 0.2knts ship tapping the side of a ship, should equal like 10 dmg maybe... scraping guard rails should equal like 10 dmg per second until both ships no longer make contact. 5 knts vs 5 knts, yeah, I could see 35% of each ship's health+Flooding both ways. It should also take into account the direction of impact. The ship that puts it's bow through the side of the enemy ship should incur more damage while taking less itself. I once heard the Titanic woulda survived had it simply rammed the ice berg, since only it's bow woulda been damaged. Soo, yeah, the ship that basically slices int othe other ship should cause more dmg then the one being broadsided. The one ramming would take flooding and like 35% health or more, but yeah, ramming should be much more then 'tap, dead"....... Overmatch, yeah, there is another mechanic I think is stupid to. It can just go away, lets add a cheese mechanic where you can just ignore your opponents armor cuz lol.....impacting the ship at like 89 degrees, but cuz big gun vs thin armor = autopen..... Cruisers are in such a bad place survival wise. Its why I dont play them much. I dont dig the whole "random explosion" cuz your citadel got hit. I know thye arent Battleships, but it seems like every thing works against Cruiser survival. Citadel hits affect them more, flooding and fire affects them more, HE is more effective vs them. Poor Cruiser players, I do feel for Cruiser drivers, I pity them in a way, cuz WG has Cruisers so damn weak overall, and some of them arent even that fast or agile...ships like the Indianapolis, big, slow, battleship like, but still, weak as hell like any other Cruiser. Destroyers are a little on the weak side as well, but they at least dont take cit hits and are annoying as hell to hit. Plus, they get Torpedo Noodle Soup....that alone gives them a nice fear factor. Torps, yeah, it would be neat if torps got realistic, that includes duds, and fail to fuse due to angle. Also, seeing the torps fly off the ship firing them, with a huge puff of air out of the tube and watching the torps fall into the water. Also, realistic torps, you only get like 1 or 2 reloads per game, since i heard ships typically didnt carry tons and tons of them, if they even could reload at all. But sure, then you can have ur invisi torps. They already do absurd amounts of damage. NC got smacked by a nice fat torp and DCP managed to fix it. Bismarck got hit with repeated torps and they fixed it, but it was permanently damaged. Soo, hit by torp doesnt equal auto dead.... On flooding, slowing down to fight the flooding, or speed up increases the flooding. stopping gives you the highest chance to stop it early. Part of my DCP overhaul which makes it a passive system rather then a press button, auto repair... On fires, Id love to see where instead of just "light a fire burn the ship", you gotta light a fire somewhere important, like in the middle of the ship, around the guns. On the bow and aft AA guns, destroying them, up on the bridge maybe, which would reduce captain skill effectiveness. Lower damage from fires, but more systems damage and impairments. Knocking off a ship's AA is just as good as 10,000 dmg, since the thing is now open and vulnerable to being dead real quick. same with taking out the Secondaries, no secondaries on a BB equals DDs swarm it like a ant colony...and there isnt much it can do. It'd be neat if we could more readily damage components on ships. I dont mean to the point like DDs, where every hit destroys the engines, but make it more possible....have you ever K/Od the engines on a BB? lol...can you even do it? seems like DDs its "hit=engine out"
  14. It cracks me up how WG tries so hard to make realistic models, they make those historical posts, and videos, they go and create a historically accurate Dunkirk based off the real port, but the ingame mechanics are all gimmicky, gamey, abstract and lame. We have skilless fire, just point, click, burn the enemy to pieces. We have touching damage where any contact regardless of speed, angle, size of ship or anything, and both ships just die. We have flooding, which is basically like fire, just hits you and you die over time..... I'd love a more realistic Flooding, Ramming and Fire system. I have drummed up ideas on each of them, that would make the systems much more dynamic and more skill based, able to be countered a little easier and really would make it better for erryone except the cheesers, which somehow, I figure makes up a large portion of the WG playerbase.....which I guess is why everyone likes it the way it is...
  15. Lol wut? I advocated for the buffing of the citadels until they capitulated on them all. Arizona, lol, no, ive said its the only BB that could tank. And no, it cant tank 16 inch shells, which it sees at it's pitiful T6 MM, facing down the ever prevalent T8s.... I lub the Arizona and the Alabama, not so much on all the gimmicky crapin this game..... The only other buff you could probably find me saying anything about is STS, which, as far as I know, everyone says would be completely pointless and make no difference anyway, soooo, yeah. Oh, and secondaries, cuz, yeah, secondaries suck unless your KMS. 70 hits in over 200 shots, for like 3k dmg.....pretty pitiful. I just opt to stay at range anymore, basically becoming your typical BB player, hang in the back, shoot w/e presents itself, I see why they do it now..... On the AZ, im pretty sure I havent said a damn thing about the AZ except that its one of the only USN BBs that can tank, and that I actually like it alot. Ive only ever said sh1t like in this OP, where the AI just decides that they can ignore all your armor from time to time, or that the AZ cant tank 16 inch shells, which is sees incredibly often at T6, since T8s are very common in that MM.... Also, that the Colorado rapes it cuz 16 inch guns, but yeah, that was awhile ago.....I havent played my AZ recently, except for 2 weeks ago, where I took it on Raptor Rescue.... Ofc, all this "USN BBs cant tank" was followed by "Just go bow on you idiot, your not doing it right, blah, blah"....soooo, yeah.......*see OP*....Yeah, I guess my ultimate problem was I was sitting 1 degree to UNangled...I didnt hold my mouth just per the typical WG mechanics...gimmicky and horrible...You cant just bow on, you gotta sit precisely between 10-15 degrees, If your at 9 or 16, suddenly its to far....../face palm...