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  1. KnightFandragon

    What happened to USS California (BB-44)?

    Especially not if all its going to be is another boring gun boat. They give other nations ships fancy toys, neat abilities and they dont suck. Its high time the USN got a similar treatment. Something that actually makes them fun, exciting and good. RNG Gunbote with mediocre armor, no speed, and poor range with meh dispersion is old news. All that for AA and a negligibly better DCP/RP?
  2. KnightFandragon

    9v9 and Mercy Rule Solution

    LOL, like MOST PVE games, the bots dont win. Rather the PLAYERS suck so goddamn BAD that they GIVE the win to the AI. THe players can steal defeat from the jaws of assured victory, but the bots cant win. PLayers AFK, yolo, teamkill, and just generally [edited] off, THAT is how the players lose. When you get 9 guys all playing even half seriously, you literally CANT lose.
  3. KnightFandragon

    9v9 and Mercy Rule Solution

    Mercy Rule? They could simply make it where if the AI CV is the last one left, it stops driving around in the back and just goes to the middle, so no one has to chase it down. The Mercy crap is beyond annoying. Nothing quite like ending the game before the BBs are even really near the fight. Entire game over, and still 3 AI ships left like 5 minutes into the match. Alternately, they could give us a respawn system in Coop that goes the full 20 minutes. AI bots die, they respawn, and players each get like 1 respawn each or something.
  4. Yup, The CA is just another prime example of keeping the US ships underwhelming. Its just another pitiful, 21knt gun boat. Gets no fancy skills, abilities, nothing to really set her apart from any other ship, aside from shes a 21 knt ship going up against the much better T8-9 ships...
  5. KnightFandragon

    9v9 Co-Op: Pros and Cons?

    Yeah, 9v9 wont change anything unless they also increase or tweak the ticket loss in PVE.
  6. KnightFandragon


    Yeah, this is WOWS.
  7. KnightFandragon


    Hmm, either way. I do love the first salvo fire starts I see constantly.....opening salvo sent my way, wham, fire...yay. Plus given how much time I see my ship and other burning, how much of a difference does it all really make? has anyone ever actually done a with and without all the ANti-fire stuff tests?
  8. KnightFandragon


    Im not talking about the skill, im talking about that orange hose module that is -3% Fire chance. You could honestly get me for English being hard, cuz yeah, that sentence was written very badly.
  9. KnightFandragon


    Honestly the tools to reduce fire chance are either expensive as crap, like FPE in the skill tree, or has almost no effect, -3% fire chance from that module? lolwut? How useless. I do basically, always run the 2 wrech commander skills, 10% faster DCP, as well as 15% less fire and flood time. I recently switched my Mass, AZ and Alabama over to the 15% less fire/flooding module as well, so, 30% less fire/flood duration.
  10. KnightFandragon


    Mmmhmm, same fire resistance, US and German BBs, first shot, fire....
  11. KnightFandragon

    ST, changes to test ships

    Yeah, it definitely needs 45s turret traverse, if its actually supposed to do anything at all at T7, never mind T8 and 9. Its already slower than a boat, giving it insanely poor turret traverse will just mean it literally never gets to do squat, before being blown to bit... In the tiers where turret traverse are 30s or less, a ship with 60s is going to be...well......completely fubar?
  12. Well, if we wanna be completely honest, they are here. I do believe the Dunkirk Spec Ops has them on the enemy team.....trying to shoot Schnell Boots with friggin DD and Cruiser guns...derp....
  13. KnightFandragon


    Address HE spamming by giving us better DCP and handing out RP to all classes, so all classes can better deal with it.
  14. 375mm belt? 507mm turret face? Thats one well armored ship.
  15. KnightFandragon

    The 1500 Doubloon Commander True Cost

    Wait, they added new commanders? I just bought George Doe the other day. Think hes the guy manning my Mass.