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  1. Saw one in a coop this morning. I didnt follow it around, but it was somewhere on the map. Was to busy fending off like 4 ships in the middle of the orange sky, I dont recall the name...
  2. Wow, thats a premium camo worth getting. 50% less repair costs and 100% XP along with premium status money making? Dang. Can we get THAT as standard premium camo abilities?
  3. Arizona stopped being fun cuz of the crapT6 MM.....its so much fun in T8, at 20 knts, chasing down fleets of enemy ships moving 27-30+ knts, torping the god out of everything, leaving you, at best, to finish off a few stragglers if the Torps all miss and the CA/DD all die. THen if you find yourself in a fight, you hope its not vs the T8 BB that gets to just lol auto pen you to death...
  4. Yeah, but do we really need a 2nd ship that can outright ignore all armor, like some sort of hacker.......1 is bad enough.....
  5. But only the Yamato class can ignore armor with AP, which scores the far deadlier citadel hits.
  6. Musashi? As in ANOTHER 'lol ur armor dont matter' ship? Yeah, we dont need MORE of that.. It would be some seriously horrid gameplay in Coops if you got a couple Musashis, then the AI get equal numbers of them and htey basically roll around auto aimbotting everything......
  7. Seriously? Someone is still melting down over Alabama? Dear god.... We got it in game, its not a SoDak, but it is a SoDak, what is there to complain about anymore?
  8. True'd be nice if the only way to break LoS was smoke or terrain....
  9. Honestly, all Radar should do is put 'blips' on the minimap, alerting us to something being in the area. Not a magical "I-C-U" ability. It should be more like MEchcommander/Mechwarrior radar, where its a aura around the mech, and anything that enters, gets detected, but not "seen". Ofc, unless you can see it, but then thats not radar at work.
  10. Its gunna be a clan wars base reward, Free XP ship, or some kind of gimmick event ship. Selling 2 of the basically exact same ship, doesnt make to much sense, unless we just want an increased chance to get a So Dak class, as they swap AL/MA back and forth in the shop....
  11. Id give them a USN Heal. Just like in the real war, how the USN was able to save ships that sustained INSANE damage, I would do the same to the USN RP, it would repair 75% of moderate and 50% of citadel class damage, it would last 30s instead of 20s, it would CD 100s instead of 120s. USN ships would also come with built in superintendent, giving them clearly and vastly superior DCP/RP. The DCP would also last 30s and CD 100s vs 120s, as well as have a passive effect for 20s after it fades, of any additional fire and flooding has it's duration reduced by 25%. Your ship would sustain citadel hits, fire, flooding and you fire up the DCP/RP, you get put back together nicely. The DCP/RP would work harder for longer and be able to recover heavier damage, vs British just recovering ALOT more damage at once. USN would be the "effective health" DCP/RP, while British are just pure alpha. I also feel the USN should have better TDS just straight across the board, like Alabama grade 45-50% from T3 on up. Their ships are well built and insanely durable, that would just be one more facet that lends to "durability" as the USN flavor. USN ships, just like in RL, should just be pounded to pieces and still afloat, especially the Dreadnoughts.
  12. Just buff the T3-7 ones..... All those lower tier ones, buff reloads from 35-36 down to 30s for starters. Then, buff secondaries slightly, more RoF, idk... NY, yeah, 30s reload would be good, more armor would be good, maybe better AA or secondaries, let it be like a TX.
  13. Yup, T5/6, AZ is a friggin MARVEL and so much more FUN then we deserve. She is a FANTASTIC bote in her tier. But up tier her 1 tier and she suddenly becomes a drag, she suddenly becomes a bit less fun. AI Colorados are my arch nemesis as they just basically click, pen, click, pen, click, pen, click, pen....the best I hope for is I can avoid a few shots and survive, but get a T8 game and yeah, its 1941 all over again...though ive sunk more Tirpitz and Bismarcks then I typically always the one fighting the T8s, cuz our T8s die or are swimming around in the back edge... I stopped playing my AZ cuz the MM broke, putting me almost predominately into T8 matches, not so much in as a T6-7 in like the last 20 I played it in, so im like fk this, its not fun, buh bye. Being auto penned by T8s from 18-20km, yeah..../lame.
  14. did u survive? AZ is gut bote when not over tiered.
  15. USN National flavor should totally be Durability, not through KMS Citadels, but through actually superior DCP/RP that lasts longer, cools down faster, heals more and higher damage amounts. Where the RN heals 1000 per tick, the USN should last like 30s, and heal medium-heavy shell damage, basically allowing the ship to heal MUCH more damage, also, with a faster cool down, from like 120s to 90s or something thats actually useful. Also, throw in built in Superintendant to the USN. Innate reduction to flooding and fires, like if fire lasts 60s, then it lasts 50s on the USN ships with a 25% reduction to damage per tick. Make dem murrika botes stronk. Would be plenty historically accurate to....USN saved a number of ships that shoulda otherwise sunk, cuz dem DCP/RPs really know whats goin on.