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  1. West Virginia — a compromise

    How would t7 44WV b op? We dont need a 3rd t8 when the existing 2 fill the role of gun boat and secondary brawler, as well as being superior in every way that matters. We already have AZ at t6. If we need anything at t6, its a USN cruiser... As for a WV44 bundle id buy? Id buy T7 WV44 with a more Massachusetts secondary playstyle as well as coming with Lt. Cmdr John S. Harper, the dmg control officer who became cpt of the ship during pearl. His specialty being: jack of all trades being 10% faster cool down and BOS being 22.5% up from 15% and a special perk that increases DCP and RP duration by 5s. Id get top bundle for that.
  2. Im not ok with rewarding stupid play and have a system in place where you can b dumb as you want but still throw planes out... Is it fun to play a plane-less cv? No, but you as a player need to learn how to use it so your planes so as so increase their longevity. Unless there is some kind of penalty that is actually worth a crap, this unlimited plane thing is just going to foster a very kamikaze style from cvs. Throw away 3 waves, do as much dmg as u can, cooldown and repeat. You might even see your afk botters driving more cvs as they will be far more effective with a cv then another ship.
  3. Bot torpedo dodging, enough is enough.

    Every loss ive had in pve was cuz my so called smarter humans, went bot mode and got t10bbs [edited]. My 2nd from last game back in aug 2017, saw my t9 human team charge in a braindead straight line and all die. My uncle and I have had to struggle fighting against 5-7 of the 8 enemies after our team evaporates before our 20 knt bbs were even near the fight. If bots are getting harder, I fear wanting to play, not cuz of the bots, but because the players are atrocious. But if its getting harder then I certainly want better pay for carrying the turd players and squeaking out a win. 4k profit just doesnt make the effort worth it. I certainly would like some altered and rougher play from the ai, but better rewards to boot.
  4. Id take + - 1, with 4/11 spread, or something that left it mostly the same tier. 2 tier would be something like 2, 3, 10 so the higher tiers arent prevalent enough to be op and the lower tiers have sufficient numbers to keep it reasonable for all.
  5. Should the USN/PA 5"/38mm be buffed?

    Yeah it does. I went in the training room with my AL to see what secondaries were all about. The ai were stationary and the aim point as I got real close was center of the belt armor. Around the rear the aim point was the rudder. The closer I got the less effective the guns were. They were very accurate, all zeroing in on that one point but doing nothing.
  6. Should the USN/PA 5"/38mm be buffed?

    Then change the aim point as well as less spread and better rof. It is dorky that it aims at the belt armor...
  7. Should the USN/PA 5"/38mm be buffed?

    Atlanta is fine as she has like 4.5s reload and very good accuracy. If secondaries were anything like Atlanta guns, ooh boy fun times would be had. But faster rof would be helpful, throw enough 💩at the wall some sticks. Atleast the secondaries would be flinging adequate amount of crap. But 5-6s reload is bad.
  8. Should the USN/PA 5"/38mm be buffed?

    If 5/38s get no other buff, they should atleast get 15rpm straight across the board. Then capt skills push it further, if the capt skills n mods even increase rof, I dont remember.
  9. Bot torpedo dodging, enough is enough.

    Things like torp avoidance is cool until it goes beyond the capabilities of the ship. When the ship has 15s rudder shift and the ai get like 5s..just no.
  10. New Garbage A.I. Round 3

    Small rewards? Good lord, they may as well give us nothing..rewards suck in coop as is
  11. Yeah but heres the difference, limited planes was the CV equivalent of the citadel deletion of other lines. You fk up with your planes and get em all killed being a dunce, your now out of the battle, just the same as a cit [edited] puts any other ship out of action. Unlimited planes means, who gives a rip if you feed your planes to aUSN 100+ aa ship, 1 hit per 12 planes is a win, 1 fire per 12 planes is a reward, so you will be rewarded for being a dumce, as aaa doesnt seem like it kills all 12 planes before it hits 2-3 times... Unlesd losing a squadron incurs a 5 minute CD and losing another is 10 and another is 15, such that derping your planes away leaves you out of planes
  12. Unique commander

    Id take Lt. Cmdr John S. Harper from the pearl harbor West Virginia. The guy who wouldnt abandon ship and kept up damage control efforts until the very end. Jack of all trades: -10% to consumable CD up from -5% Basics of Survivability: -22.5% to duration of fire, flooding and repair. He gets a special innate perk: +5s to RP and DCP duration. Id pay an extra $20 for 44WV just to get that guy as a USN captain.
  13. Id say no, we already have tons of torp ships and with subs otw, torps are going to get to he fire lvls of out of control
  14. Annual remove detonations thread

    Honestly things like detonations are what citadel hits should be and cit hits should be a 25% increase to dmg. Sure ohko sets are RL thing but they didnt happen that much, outside stupid crew leaving doors open and/or lucky shell hits. Even dds hit by bbs didnt just detonate. Id love to see ships last a little longer...
  15. Give every USn ship dcp and rp. Usn new flavor: durability...