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  1. Lol, Good shooting...in a WG Game? Shooting is 3 parts skill and 7 parts RNG. Nothin' like a 2km broadside into a flat broadside cruiser for 1030......or an entire game of dead center straddles cuz lol RNG. Citadels in this game just make everything to damn soft. Id love to play a game of WOWS where there were no Citadels for anyone...let us play broadside ships as ships are meant to be played. That or let us side strafe our ships....the entire notion in this game that we are supposed to fight nose on with ships I think is stupid as hell.
  2. WoWs, explained in like 15 seconds

    WOWS Explained in 1 word
  3. HSF collab part 2 officially announced

    Daaaayyuuum, so there is going to be double the chance of meeting an Autopen-mato, triple when ever Musashi appears.
  4. colorado is da boss with ihfe

    Even the BRitish?
  5. USN Secondaries are Bad They Say...

    LOL, that game doesnt exactly give the 'USN Secondaries dont suck' any validity, in fact, it kinda goes to show how crapthey are. 27 hits? 39k total damage? Show us the page that shows of those 27 hits you only got like 1200 dmg... No, USN Secondaries suck some serious [edited].
  6. Should Fire be a Major Source of Damage

    Anti- Fire. You mean taking the 2 Wrench icon abilities, the 5% faster CD to DCP ability and that one that limits fires to 3 or w/e? Yeah, your still going to get roasted. PLus, you gotta suffer and grind your way to a captain with enough points to even get that skill set, sooo....yeah. Until that time, then yup, you fry.
  7. Should Fire be a Major Source of Damage

    Lol, or, you know, DDs could support the BBs who would be more apt to want to move in if it meant NOT being burnt to the ground every game. You make fires stupid powerful, torps stupid powerful, BBs slow as [edited] reloading and turning, then wonder why they dont wanna go in close. Honestly, taking a BB in close is like taking a musket into a house fight against guys all armed with AA12 Auto shotties....
  8. Changes to Richelieu and Gascogne

    Well, every Nelson ive seen so far still insists on sailing broadside, sooo, crap, why would anyone NOT sail broadside in a Reichlieu?..... Then again, ships still cant side strafe, sooooo...yeah
  9. New Gimicks - New Abilities

    Quick Scope: Battleship turrets traverse 25% faster for 20 seconds Move with a Purpose: Battleship main batteries load 50% faster for 2 salvos PUT THAT OUT!: Fire duration reduced by 75% for 60s Duct Tape Brigade: Repair party duration increased 50% and repairs 50% more damage, including citadel damage.
  10. I play for fun and improving my stats. I do not consider fun getting sunk every 5 seconds and being a spectator, sooo, yeah, im into both.
  11. Most and least intimidating battleship

    It woulda been more amusing if the British started with Nelson's actual ship. I mean, afterall, the game starts Britain with an already dead Captain on a ship he never sailed.....to bad we get that useless 122 gun slug rate Rose instead of Nelson and his 106 gun 1st rate HMS Victory. That 122 gun is such a useless non factor in basically every game I use it in. Literally the only way I ever got it to kill anything was deliberately holding back my fleet and basically controlling just it.... On anther random note, I didnt realize how crap the French starter 122 gun ship is...5 reload, ouch...
  12. Most and least intimidating battleship

    I stole the Sanitissma but then ran out of naval warfare to fight with it. So, it was basically just a really fking expensive burden on my taxes, though by that time I actually owned most of the world, Britain FTW. I didnt even load HE spamming shells on my ships...
  13. This is the "Roma"??

    HMm, that sounds like a good ship......jamming, hoist issues, exploding...mmm, kinda like the IS-7 lighting on fire on the testing grounds.
  14. They are......they had a review of what each of those was, it was a series of Fletchers and IJN and KMS and British and yeah....it was like jumbalya navy...
  15. Most and least intimidating battleship

    atleast then our 1 shot in 60 hitting would make sense lol......and the full on broadside for 1 1030 point pen in 60 would make sense to.... 16 inch ShS into a cruiser for 4 ricochets 2 misses and 3 over pens is like lolwut?