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  1. Tirpitz? Alabama? No ship is really good for grinding out credits in Coops, as coops dont actually pay for crap, but a BB is probably your best bet, along with flags, camo and premium time, to actually make the money meter move.
  2. People say stuff is to squishy cuz it is.... PLayers have such a hardon for making everything die super, duper fast in basically every game anymore. If stuff lasts more then 2-3 hits, or has shields or armor, or the game doesnt have some sort of 'auto delete' function, suddenly its to hard and w/e it is is OP. Player tout skill, ability and tactics, but dont actually want to employ any. They just want super high damage to delete everything for them, so they dont have to work. Cruisers are unjustly gimped due to that citadel [edited]. Players in this game sit back and wonder why BBs are so dominate? Its due to the huge disparity in durability for starters. BBs already hold the advantage in health, armor, firepower and in many cases, their mobility isnt significantly worse then many cruisers and destroyers. To further gimp the lighter classes with citadels just seems wrong and is among the primary reasons BBs are so dominate. What player comes into the game and wants to be randomly deleted? Players come into a game and want to put up numbers, want to have fun playing. THey dont want to have to sit back and be overly worried about every single shell that comes their way, hoping it doesnt detonate the ship. Looking over their shoulder, always praying that the enemy firing at them doesnt citadel them for 3/4 their health. THe ship that gives players a worthy naval experience without being obscenely squishy is the BB. You need tactics, skill and ability with a BB, but its not to the point of having to be 150% on your guard at all times, being paranoid trying to frantically dodge every single thing you meet, knowing that a single shot could be the end of you..... It would be like giving the Warrior in an MMO Armor, Shields, Health, Great Swords, Self Heal and a Speed Boost, while giving the Melee Scout: Light armor, Daggers, less health, slightly faster running speed, no self healing, and the ability for the Warrior to randomly score huge 5x dmg criticals, while the Scout gets no such feature. Wonder which class you would see and which class you wouldnt, unless the player wants to artificially gimp themselves. Back to the other topic of fire, we wouldnt need so much fire and burning [edited] if cruisers and DDs could simply survive long enough to do something without having to play like they have a gunman to their head in their living room saying, play well, or I kill your kids....
  3. Ill pay em like 15 for an Indy and 30 for a Tirp, but not 200-400 for a bundle.... Give us a BF sale that we actually wanna splurge on, not one that leave us cringing at the cost.
  4. I read the whole thing, but yeah. At the end of the day, everything you listed is PLENTY enough of a disadvantage to cruisers already. The easy as pie, deleted nearly every other salvo Citadel crap is just icing on the crapcake. The phrase "1 step to far" comes to mind. "Overkill" also comes to mind. The smaller guns, less health, large size, weak armor, without citadels, Cruisers STILL woudnt go toe to toe with a BB, they can lose the citadel, it just hampers them more then it needs to.
  5. Nothing, cuz no cool dragon flags. Those little fkers are nice. Dragon flags subsequently convince me to buy prem time t
  6. Lets get some amazing thanksgiving/black friday events goin. Win a game, coop or random Any number of games 5x Capt XP, 2x credits, 2x XP 1st win, coop or random 2x capt xp, 2x credits, 2x xp 1000 Elite capt xp coop 7500 Elite xp random Win 5 games, random or coop Any number of games 1 random SC module Starts Turkeyday@1201am Ends Monday@1201am Sell flag bundles 50% off, throw in 100 each special flags, 25% off for each in their own packs. Let us rake in the xp n credits. 19 pt commanders for days
  7. I wonder if they couldnt take the Iowa, or build a new BB with modern technology. Autoloaders would increase the RoF of the massive guns, Radar, GPS and all those modern technologies would increase situational awareness, detection and so on. Composite armors would increase defense, CIWS, Trophy APS type stuff, both hard and soft kill protections could help defend it from incoming fire. Then, if they dont go artifically gimping themselves, they could build it as big as they needed without the WNT limiting it's size.
  8. KGV's AP: makes me want to punch a puppy...... Things AP is a fking joke lol. Nothin' like hammering a Fiji for 0 dmg 2-3 salvos in a row. Then stuffing some AP up the side of a Broadside KGV for like 1030....... Then in an earlier game, I bounced like 2-3-4 salvos off a Cleveland's side, incapacitating turrets, but no damage. Shot the hell out of another KGV for a solid 0 over the course of a 5-6 minute brawl... crapis god awful...
  9. Yeah, the 'anti BB' bias is showing through a little heavy here. IDK who thinks they are unsinkable monsters. No where was any of what we have said about making BBs unsinkable monsters, naw, it was the over the top degree of HE and Fires in this game. If you actually go and read and comprehend what we typed, were not advocating for making BBs god mode. Honestly, BBs are pretty easy to sink, a little focus fire and teamwork does the trick. I know, dont say those words in a PVP environment, but still.....half the problem stems from everyone being an individual out for their own glory. Ya'll wanna be able to take your Wizard up against a Warrior and win in a sword fight. Instead of sending your warrior after them, or, supporting your warrior, or getting 2-3 wizards to gang up....... Besides, Bismarck got damaged by Bi-planes from a lucky shot, which set her up for what came next. A mound of RN warships and 2+ hours of shelling destroyed the Bismarck. Arizona got wrecked by a lucky bomb hit, a good number of USN BBs at Pearl just got damaged, but repaired. Honestly, Bismarck is what happens when you shoot at a BB and a lucky shot doesnt detonate it. Kirishima is another example, you get into a gun fight with a BB, and yeah, it takes a awhile to sink them. Unsinkable? No, but insanely tough and durable? Yeah, id say so. Vulnerable to air and random explosions? Sure lol. On that note though lol, Cruisers and Destroyers are a hellva lot tougher then WG depicts them for sure.
  10. Its the gun, the NC/SoDak have 16"/45 Calibers, while the Iowa and Monty get 16"/50s, or is it 55s...either way, its longer and higher velocity.
  11. I think you missed the 'after' in there lol.
  12. Lol, we could go on to remove the citadel bit completely, remove the Detonation and just make it about who shoots better, who positions and angles better and who teamworked better in the long run, rather then who got the most Citadel deletions cuz RNG smiled on them. Citadels, Detonations and all that instant delete stuff, game would honestly be MUCH better without them. Ships would get more mobile, not having to worry about being randomly erased, Cruisers would be infinitely tougher, DDs would last longer, BBs, while yes, they would be hella tougher without being able to be citadelled, it would at least remove all reasons and excuses for them to sit in the back bow on, lessening the chance that a BB simply sits on bow on, allowing Cruisers more broadside BBs to shoot up. It would also get more BBs in closer, offering more then the soft cruisers to shoot, since, in the pecking order of who will wreck more face, the BB might be higher on the 'lets shoot him' table. Unlike now, Cruisers roll in trying to get close for torps and gun runs, DDs get in close for torps and gun runs, BBs sit in the back offering long range artillery support, while the little chiddlers duel it up in the middle, offering no one anything else to shoot. You all want this game to be a brawl fest? Yeah, that would do it. More ways to counter/stop fires and flooding, along with less devastating fires and flooding, which would give BBs more leeway and make them feel better about getting in the mix, oddly, driving BBs in closer, allowing DDs and CAs more opportunity to use their AP on their guns, which would lessen HE use all on it's own. In the little bit ive played my Atlanta, I honestly find the AP works FAR better then the HE in terms of damage just gotta be able to get in close alive, and that is the part that is nigh impossible in the current WOWS....
  13. Except even with smaller or lessened citadel effects, they still wouldnt be able to go toe to toe with a BB, they just wouldnt evaporate in the game breaking lame way they do now. The higher health and higher alpha of the BB would prevail more often then not, but the Cruiser would have a better chance of actually doing something. Player skill with cruisers is countered cuz the ship dies so damn fast there isnt a chance for skill to take any effect. There are to many instances where your skill in a Cruiser matters squat. I mean, your fine if your cruiser doesnt have to turn, but thats a joke, your going to have to turn, and that moment is when you die. Hell, even if you are facing 1 ship, your bound to be side on to another and you die. You can only WASD hack so much before someone finds ur soft spot. Its even worse since BBs dont even NEED to have your broadside to delete you. I've canned numerous Omahas, god knows how many RN Cruisers and even a few T6-7+ US Cruisers, from long range through the bow for huge citadel hits. Only Cruisers ive seen that actually take hits even remotely ok, are the T7+ German Cruisers. Cruisers are honestly the worst ship class cuz they are HUGE like a Battleship, armored like a destroyer, kinda slow like a BB, 30-36 knts isnt that fast, considering how weak the ship is, and their guns arent that powerful, plus are vulnerable to game ending deletions from every angle. Cruisers would already suffer greatly at the hands of a BB without the auto delete Citadel feature. They get like half or 1/3 of a same tier BB's health, they get far lighter guns.
  14. I've played my Atlanta, and the Scharn, which is basically a fat [edited]cruiser in terms of gun power. I know all about being 'insta deleted' and how [edited] that feels, I rank citadel deletions in the exact same boat as the Fire. I have drummed up ways to combat the Citadel deletion [edited] as well. I DONT play cruisers because I do understand the NIGHTMARE that it is to play them. They are horribly out classed, have a nice 'delete me' button on the side of the hull, and frankly, given their situation, they are way to fking annoying to play. My uncle played US/RN/KMS Cruisers up to T7, and owns an Indy, I watched COnSTANTLY as the AI would focus fire him, despite me being 10km closer and directly in their broadside. I would watch as his Cruisers are deleted and not jack crapI can do about it, but hope my guns work. I've had my Atlanta blown out from under me like in just about every game I play it. I angle, I dodge, I bob, I weave, but yeah, cruisers have to be so conscious of EVERYTHING that even returning fire at all usually leads to death. Even turning a little to try and fire my guns meant I was dead...or hurting... Like I said, I dont play Cruisers cuz I know how [edited] of a situation they are in.
  15. It'd be nice if Radar just showed up ships on the minimap, instead of highlighting them like a magical beacon through smoke. Along with Radar being a boost to weapon sigma. Make it where Radar lets you know 'something' is there, instead of pin pointing right where it is.... Maybe at most, it puts a circle about 2x larger then the ship, around the ship on the game world, so you can blind fire at a given spot, instead of just 'press 2 to ignore all cover'....