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  1. Development decisions discussion

    I cant stand the HE taking over the game. You people claim its a game about 'skill' and 'tactics', but then add in a mechanic that is just 'spam brainlessly for heaps of damage', and then tout that as skill. Naw, its just cheap, cheesy, skill less [edited] that does nothing but ruin in the overall experience within the game. HE and fires is fine as a feature, but the current implementation of it is just completely over done, broke and OP as hell. Sure, let little guys hurt BBs, but FFS, not to the degree the HE and fires do now. I've made write ups on how id change it, but yeah, its stupid at the moment. I feel commanders are pretty useless overall. Alot of the skills dont make that huge of an impact overall... Lowered BB citadels is fine. You want the game to leave the camping, bow on BB, then remove or reduce the citadel [edited] across the board, and I dont mean just BBs. Citadel hits are over done in this game. Cit hits, like HE, gives the game way to much of a 'yay, I got lucky' and gives a very cheap shot feel to the game. Its not a very accomplished feeling when RNG just says "DIE" and you delete a ship from 30km cuz RNG said so. Meanwhile, other games you put 6 broadsides into a broadside cruiser from 5km and RNG says no....id MUCH prefer more consistent, but lower damage, requiring focus fire and teamwork, over the lucky 1 shot.... Premie CVs, I got nothing here.... If they are basically RNG Cit hunters, like ive heard they are, then that would basically put them in the same boat with cit hits for me. Just cheap crapin a pitiful attempt to 'balance' BBs. HE Spamming BBs? Yeah, thats probably the most retarded decision WG has made since the Obj 268-4. At the end of the day, I dislike and cant stand more features in this game they I can handle, so I just dont even bother playing anymore. I wish they would change in a meaningful way, but they wont. Cool game in it's concept, but to many of the gimmicky, skill less features have come to the fore front and it just makes for a terrible experience.
  2. WG is desperate to sell Indianapolis.

    Reduce it's reload time a little, buff rudder shift some more.
  3. A Beached Yamato among like an entire US Navy force, complete with Marines? I see it being turned into absolute mulch as BBs, Cruisers, tanks, arty, planes, trucks, bazookas and basically everything fires at it....
  4. WG: Please fix New Mexico Armor

    Shooting it in the Barbettes? Seriously, shoot the Barbettes and USN ships melt. Arizona, its well armored, but she dun like hits to the barbettes. Also, the USN BBs are not hard to damage, they take craploads of normal damage. Of all the ships ive fired at, USN ships are insanely easy to damage.
  5. Dev Blog - ST. Massachusetts changes

    It cracks me up that they add all the negative effects of the USN but dont give them any of thier bonuses. SHS, heavy and slow, but we only get the slow velocity, but not the insane penetration and punch through. Secondaries, we get the 'bad as anti ship weapon', but we dont get the 15-22RpM RoF.....
  6. What the hell is hte Hindenberg made of?

    Yeah, exactly, the USN ships get all the negatives of those "Super Heavy Shells", namely the terrible arcs and slow travel time, but none of the benefits, which would see those things raping face like Yamato's 18 inchers. Instead USN ships get to steady lolbounce off the sides of cruisers cuz reasons...
  7. What the hell is hte Hindenberg made of?

    BUt it saves them from the SHS of the USN ships...those supposedly really powerful shells lol...
  8. Probably because many, many pounds of highly explosive material inside of a closed compartment doesnt like to be contained....
  9. Dev Blog - ST. Massachusetts changes

    Sure ya can. Take Alabama, keep its rudder shift and Torpedo protection, buff secondary accuracy by 60%, buff range to the 7.5 seen here, put that DCP back to 120s. Now its a brawler.
  10. Can all US ships get what hte Mass got? Those decreases to the DCP/RP CD and the increases in duration, yes friggin please. Buff those USN secondaries, atleast hten they will be able to spam their 1 hit in 100 guns at a longer range, so maybe by the time the enemy closes to hugging range you hit them 5x instead of 2...
  11. Enough with the radar B.S.

    Can we have Battleship gun accuracy increasing radar?
  12. Dive Bomber mechanics

    It'd be nice if DBs actually had travel time on their bombs.
  13. Premium ammo on the way?

    All in a bid to make the Russian tanks the master race.
  14. Premium ammo on the way?

    Id love if the US tanks got some armor. Its amusing how the M103's armor should be like 254, but it cant stop a head cold. I heard they nerfed the side armor on the T110E5 some more. Hell, even the turrets, supposedly their strong point, has weakpoints galore....guess all those pubbies got their wish and are now able to point click US turrets....
  15. Premium ammo on the way?

    Yeah but with no gold ammo of any kind, the heavies and armor in general would mean more. Just pressing 2 for auto pen is cheap, skilless crap.