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  1. Raigoth

    The Movie Greyhound

    The fact that they did the movie with a destroyer instead of something like a cruiser or a BB makes me happy.
  2. How about if they inform you one way: Youtubers and other CC's showing us one thing And then they change it at the last second: Everything is changed from what the Youtubers and other CC's showed us when its released. Does that count as being "unethical" by your standards or do they have to do something worse?
  3. Exactly. Look at the Big three that are in the news these days. EA Activision/Blizzard Bethesda They are the same way, doing everything that can to get the money from us, but not doing it in a fair or proper way. Sure, they make tons, but I can almost guarantee that they would make more if they would get rid of the predatory ways of going about it.
  4. Raigoth

    Dockyard + Research Bureau = ???

    See now this I wouldnt mind. I STILL dont like the idea of regrinding at all, but at least this adds more to it than just "Oh hey, im gonna need you to play through this entire line again just for some RB points."
  5. Well, if they put them behind the RB, you will have to grind through entire lines of ships all over again, instead of just the tier 10 you might already have.
  6. Well, I mean if they read the entire original post they will be able to see the only edit that really matter that ive made beyond the title itself.
  7. Ive also made quite a few edits to both the title of the post and my original post.
  8. I dont think they have released the details on the modules themselves. Im just nervous that they are going to try and change the modules we have now into something similar that they were trying to release initially and then put it behind the regrind wall.
  9. I care. If they just go into the armory, that means they are going in for coal or steel. If they are going into the RB, that means you need RB points, which means you need to regrind entire ship lines to get the modules, likely multiple times. The name of the destination is really important to be honest.
  10. Are you arguing just for the sake of arguing now? 15 minutes was an estimate, I changed the post as soon as someone brought it to my attention that I may have been quick in my assumptions. At least im willing to admit I made the mistake and reflect that in my post. Im not whining just to whine, im bring up a concern to the devs of the game I play. Are we not allowed to do this anymore? Are there new rules to the forums, or is this just something you decided that you wanted to enforce? I know you probably dont care at all, but you are starting to become irritating. I will say this again, hopefully a bit clearer since you seem to have missed it in one of my previous posts. I do not care about grinding. I care about REGRINDING. I do not want to go down multiple ship lines multiple times to get a new module or consumable or buff or whatever.
  11. I edited that post like...15 minutes after creating the thread, not LONG AFTER you replied. Just because it took you a while to see the edit doesnt mean I didnt edit it long before you saw it. Also, again, if you dont want to see that on the forums, then dont come onto the forums, this is a message board for us to talk to the devs and tell them our opinions on the game. You whining about us whining (As you call it) doesnt help anyone. Its not going to stop it from happening, thats for sure. You want positivity? Look for it in the dictionary.
  12. Better stay away from the forums then. This is a message board for people to talk and yes, complain, about things to the devs, regardless of how small or insignificant the issue might seem to you.
  13. So no compensation of any type, even silver, for the amount of time we put in to get the modules. Thats nice.