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  1. Raigoth

    Too much bbs...

    I bet it can. Someone should test it.
  2. Raigoth

    Too much bbs...

    As a bb player, this video made me both happy and sad at the same time. Conqueror can if it sets enough fires. Any ship can really if it sets all four fires after the ships dam con is gone.
  3. Sadly I wouldnt be surprised either.
  4. What are the stats on the repairs? 40 second cooldown? 10-15 second duration? Maximum of about 5. 40 x 5 = 200 200/60 = 3.33 The dam con is only able to be effective for 3 and a half minutes. If im wrong, someone please correct me, but that doesnt sound that dangerous to me.
  5. Spam HE on them. Their damage control is limited, even if its on a short cooldown.
  6. Lenin, Jean Bart, Missouri and the Shiny Horse.
  7. Cant wait to hear what the new lines are going to be if this is true.
  8. I would pay for the ability to create my own camo's
  9. Also keep in mind that if the reset happens like they say, all of the experience will be going onto the tier 1. It wont become free XP and to get it back, you will need to convert it.
  10. Resetting entire lines wont help either. There are a lot of people who can go through a tech tree in almost two or three days with the amount of flags and such that are available. (I can make 10k+ free AND regular XP on a tier ship in a good battle with the resource flags that are available.) The reset would last a week at most, and then you will end up with the same problem all over again until the next reset.
  11. Have the mission start by resetting the ship and working on it on its own. That way you are getting a similar system, but only for single ships, not entire lines.
  12. There should be a better way to do it other than forcing people to regrind through ships again. Maybe add in missions that have people using tier 5-7 or something? Mission chains that take time to get through? I dont know, but this prestige system just doesnt seem like the right idea to me at all.
  13. Its ridiculous to be honest. This is world of warships, not "Call of Duty: Naval Warfare."
  14. I know my opinion is not a popular one (Considering the reactions my post was getting in a previous thread) but regrinding entire ship lines is just ridiculous and I wont be a part of it. No, I dont have to do it, I can just ignore the rewards and play as usual, but what about others? Hundreds of people are going to be SOL. I know its not totally removing access to these ships, we will still be able to earn them, but for a lot of people, this is not going to be feasible. Jobs/real life/kids/college and other reasons. Camo's and flags and such I can understand, but entire ships? I stopped playing tanks when they did the same thing with their missions to get tanks like the Stug IV. I imagine I wasnt the only one.
  15. I just wish they would leave the prestige systems to Call of duty and not bring it to this game.