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  1. Raigoth

    ST Heavy Cruiser Changes

    Only effect those ships as of testing. Whether they start changing the other ships has yet to be said.
  2. My take on this is that because of their ability to survive damage, they are increasing the time it takes to remove a fire. Two things. First: Why are you increasing the usefulness of an already toxic mechanic like fires? (This is coming from someone who plays the Conqueror) Second: Why dont you tweak the armor values a little bit instead? If literally the only reason you are increasing the timer is because they have an "Excessive advantage" and the ONLY way to do damage is through fires, then why not tweak the armor so its a little bit easier? Im not a developer for the game, so im not someone who gets to make these decisions, but you guys are setting a fairly poor example of thought processes here. Whats next? 2 minute fires for BB's? I dont know how negative my opinion is on here, but there is my $.02
  3. Raigoth

    How to make Mouse a grouch...

    Emerald and Izumo (prebuff) were two ships I totally FXP'd past.
  4. Raigoth

    Favorite Premium

    Hmmmm....theres a few. For battleships, its a toss up. I like the Bama, Jean Bart, and the Nikolai. Cruisers I dont really have one. DD's I think either the Kamikaze or the Okhotnik.
  5. Take videos/screenshots and send them to wargaming if its that much of an issue. Team killing is NEVER the way to do things, COOP or otherwise.
  6. Raigoth

    What class next?

    I was thinking about both of those actually...Ive heard that the US DD's were pretty good, I think ill go for them and the British ones.
  7. Raigoth

    What class next?

    I completed a person achievement of mine last night. I unlocked the only tier 10 battleship I didnt already own, and then bought it. I now own every current tier 10 battleship in the game. I am now wondering what I should go for next. I have decided to leave it up to the forums! Probably a mistake, but I figured it would be fun to see opinions! I refuse to play carriers, as whenever I do, I play horribly and make the team lose. I might play them at a later date, but not right now. So, the choice is Cruisers or Destroyers. I like both, and know they have much different play styles. Also, as for nations, which ones would be good to start for each class? Ive already unlocked the Minotaur, so British cruisers are done until they release the heavy cruiser lines. Anyway, opinions? Advice?
  8. Raigoth

    Doubt anyone will care...

    OP is no fun, you cant have a BB with everything or else it just wrecks through everything and removes any challenge to the game. An example would be the Nikolai. Now, I only just recently got that ship in a container, but even I can see why people claim that thing is OP. The damage it can do to BOW ON BB's is insane (5k damage to a Texas?) and the armor! Oh my the armor... I was in a game and tanked a potential damage of 1.4 MILLION. Now, I dont know if that is unheard of in other games, but ive played in tier 10 games and didnt do that. Republique is indeed quite fun, im having a good time with it in the games that ive been playing. Monty is still first place though. Although I did have a pretty good game in my Conqueror yesterday...
  9. Raigoth

    Doubt anyone will care...

    Yes it would seem so! I guess im just used to the forums being a toxic place due to other games which shall not be named.
  10. Raigoth

    Doubt anyone will care...

    Glad I could bring some light to the forums :D
  11. Raigoth

    Doubt anyone will care...

    I dont think there is a "Right" or "Wrong" way to get ships. If it was the wrong way, they wouldnt allow it in the game. I know I rushed up the lines, but I like to think im at least decent with the ships ive got.
  12. Raigoth

    Doubt anyone will care...

    Not sure really...probably cruisers, but DD's are tempting.
  13. Raigoth

    Doubt anyone will care...

    Thanks! When I started playing the game I figured it would be like tanks where I would never get a tier 10 (Still dont)
  14. Raigoth

    Doubt anyone will care...

    Its not the most accurate, but when you hit and actually pen...its better than the Yamato for damage in my opinion.
  15. Raigoth

    Doubt anyone will care...

    Definitely recommend it. Its a fun line, ESPECIALLY the Lyon. 4 turrets with 4 guns each? Dispersion is decent on it and its fairly quick.