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  1. Raigoth

    Positive Submarine Changes

    The only feedback I have is that im not in the game testing the subs. Still waiting on that email/
  2. Raigoth

    No Dreadnought?

    Did anyone else in the game get it? Or is that one of those medals that goes to everyone who qualifies?
  3. Raigoth

    Ah yes,

    The Regrind Bureau working as intended I think. (The seal clubbing part, I dont know if you are regrinding or not, but im sure a lot of people are doing the same thing after resetting a line.)
  4. I can understand that. Although where im from, in Ohio currently, people work every day of the week. Not everyone of course, people do get days off, but rarely do the larger businesses get weekends off. Theres usually always someone in the office or factory or store that is working.
  5. So either way you guys wont see it until monday, regardless of whether the thread is created at that time?
  6. So wait... You say people are gone on the weekends. But to create a thread and ping you guys even though you wont see it until monday. In the meantime, we have to wait and hope that the people that ARE here on the weekends MAYBE see the stats and figure out that something is wrong? Does anyone else see something wrong with this picture or is it just me? The purpose of creating a thread should be so you guys can see it immediately, not a few days after the problem happened. We shouldnt have to create a thread and then sit on our hands and hope that whoever is in the office will see what is going on. "Hey, yeah, theres something going on in the game that is preventing people from playing. The team that is here on the weekend havent noticed anything wrong, but there are multiple threads on the forums about it that they havent seen." "Eh...just take care of it on Monday." Thats pretty much what the situation feels like.
  7. Who do we ping if you arent available is what im thinking people are wondering. If we ping you and you are out of the office for the weekend, who do we ping to get a response?
  8. I am only here on the forums. I no longer play the game itself, but I stay here in the hopes that I will see a change in the system itself. If they want to keep the RB in the game, fine, keep it, let people do their regrinding. I wont be a part of it. The only change that I want is the fact that they are gating ships being the regrind system. We already have the tech trees, the premium shop, coal, steel and even free XP ships. We didnt need another system blocking us from getting ships. If that is literally the only way they think people will use the RB, then why have it in the first place? That is my thing with this whole system. I dont care about the regrinding, I care that we have yet ANOTHER system blocking us from getting ships that we want to get. Sure, they are just pixels on the screen that we use to blow up other pixels, but even so, I want those pixels, but the work to get them is not worth the time it would take to get them. It took me from the point where the game was in open beta until a few months ago to get to where im at, and I dont want to reset my progress. If you want to, fine, go for it. I just dont want ships locked behind a wall that you have to climb over 5-6 different times to get it.
  9. Again, I know no one is forcing me to do it. I am speaking on the fact that to get the ships as a reward, then yes, you have to do it to get that ship. It is literally a requirement to get that ship. To get the rewards, you have to do the requirements. But the requirements are optional, you dont have to do them. You dont have to have the ship in port. But if you want the ship, or module, or whatever else they want to put at the end of the regrindfest, then you have to do the regrinds. Or, alternatively, you can pay to get the regrinds done faster, and get the ships and other rewards faster instead. You also dont need to grind up the tech trees. You dont have to grind for coal. You dont have to play for steel. You dont have to do clan wars or ranked. You dont have to play the game, and since the RB was initially announced as the NTC and its first iteration, I havent played a single game. "You dont have to pay anything! Its all free!" Yes, its a F2P game but heres the thing. WGing expects people to pay. They expect people to pay for premium, or XP conversion (Lord only knows how often I paid for XP conversion...) Premium ships, flags, consumables. They need people to pay these things to make it to where the game can continue moving forward. No, you dont have to pay. You dont have to do the regrinds, or the initial grinds, or to play at all. But WGing is expecting and counting on it. "Well yeah, WGing is a business, they need to make money somehow!" True, but when you make a decision that pushes your paying customers away, then you no longer have a game that needs to be managed, because no one is playing it. I may only be one person, but I wonder how many people left when this system was put into place? How many people like me stopped playing when this was announced? Stopped paying? How many people left when the CV rework released? I know at least one person. It may all be optional, we dont have to do it, or pay for any of it. This is all true. They may have a ton of people still playing, but if they keep adding in stuff like the CV rework, and the RB, then they will continue losing people, and the game will die.
  10. See, my issue is this. We shouldnt HAVE to regrind the lines more than once. This is World of Warships, not "Call of Duty: Naval Warfare" We didnt need a prestige system. Yes. We have Steel. We also have coal. And now we have the regrind bureau. That, along with the initial grind you have to do to get the 5 tier 10's needed to actually qualify for the RB. That is a total of 4 walls someone has to climb over to get ships, and now, you have to climb over the same wall MULTIPLE TIMES to get a ship. No, you dont have to do it. You can indeed just skip over it. The same could be said for Steel and Coal as well. This doesnt excuse the fact that it is in the game, and ships are now gated behind these things with no other ways to get them. As ive said in the past in this thread, I didnt like steel when they implemented it. I didnt like coal, and I dont like the RB either (In fact, as soon as it was announced, I stopped playing entirely.) I would much prefer they just make different cosmetics and consumables or something else other than ships locked behind all of these doors.
  11. Im not upset that they put in a ship for a grind, im upset at how many different grinds there are. You have the normal Tier 10's - Time grind. Coal ships Steel ships and now you have the RB Thats four different grinds for ships in the game, its getting ridiculous.
  12. I could, yes but I would rather it be more of a personal choice than it is. If cosmetic rewards were the only thing locked behind this, I would be more interested in it. The fact that they are locking ships behind another wall like this though it...well its drained any interest ive had in the game.
  13. It is a requirement if you want to get the ships that are locked behind the Research points. I could say the same thing about steel, or coal of course. I dont like those either. I think they are bad as well, but not nearly as bad as the RB. Why? Because I cant open up my wallet and get steel or coal in some way. Well...I guess you can with coal if they are in containers. My point still stands though. I would have no issue with the RB being in place, if ships werent being locked behind a giant grind wall. Steel and coal were things I didnt agree with. Now we have a third wall that we need to go over for ships?
  14. Regardless of what people think, a lot of people dont like the grind on some ships. They want to get that ship over with. I have every tier 10 BB in the game. There were ships I had to FXP past just to continue on with the line (Pre-buff Izumo being a major one) Otherwise I would be stuck in limbo on the line. I did not have the patience nor the time to grind out that horrid PoC ship in the state that it was in at that time. Again, no, you dont have to spend money, but Wargaming is making no moves in their business model to try and make things easier for those who dont pay anything. "But they need to make money!" Yes, but they can definitely be less predatory about it.
  15. No. You dont have to spend money. It is a personal choice. However... If you do not spend money, you cant get premium time. So you are behind everyone else. If you do not spend money, you cannot get the better premium ships in the game. So you are behind everyone else that does. If you do not spend money, you grind lines much slower than everyone else, which puts you behind. No, you dont have to spend money. If you are completely F2P, then more power to you, but to progress at a normal rate, you have to spend money to at least buy premium time. As I said before, yes, WGing is a business, they need to make money, but if their business decisions are pushing people away, then they are losing more money then they are gaining and the game will end up dying as a result. Also, if they believe that bringing those modules back will make them some money, and that they can do it and get away with it within the community, then hell yeah they will put it through. Because hey...thats just business right?