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  1. Don't take this the wrong way guys, I really do appreciate the amount of free stuff you give out through in game events (Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya is awesome BTW, TYVM), during streams, and on the forums. If you put a monetary value on all the WoWS stuff I have gotten from WG for free, it would easily be hundreds of dollars, but... A few weeks ago you were on the forums polling us about contests because you were looking into increasing participation. Then a week or so ago you change the contest rules hoping to spur that increase. Now, the first contest after that poll and that change requires video editing software that most people don't have (and as noted above free programs can be sketchy), and skills that, likewise, most people don't have. This does not seem the most logical way to spur an increase in participation to me.
  2. Its been this way for over a year, at least.
  3. I tried it. Its pure arcade now. I think its better than it was a month ago, but its still crap. They should have stopped making major change at the end of Alpha, start of closed Beta stage, and just refined it from there.
  4. Just give it time. It'll pop into the store or tech tree again.
  5. I would. Save BFT or AR for last (I would get AR before BFT. At 50% health you'll get the same effect and it just gets better from there) And drop AFT for IFHE.
  6. Akizuki does not follow the normal rules of IJN DD's. Your torpedo's are weapons of opportunity, not your main focus. You should be focusing on learning how to get the best use out of your guns. For 10 points I would start with: PT (you could use PM, but I prefer PT) LS (basically mandatory for DD's) SE (buffs her health well over 20k, which you will need as she is a rather slow, unmaneuverable gun fighter) CE (you want to stay unspotted for as long as possible) Since you have 14, I would use the remaining 4 on IFHE. This will allow your HE to pierce DD hulls. W/O it your HE just shatters. Since DD's can auto bounce your AP shells when bow in, IFHE helps a lot. Though you will still do more damage to a broadside DD with AP. With the remaining 5 points I would pick up AR for 2 points, and either DE or BFT for 3. (personally I would go with BFT. It will help more with DD's, her RoF is high enough that she still sets fires even with a low fire chance) I also run Premium Smoke to get the extra charge. AFT is a waste on the Akizuki. It just pushes out the range she is spotted. At those ranges her guns are really only going to hit stationary battleships. He rounds are light and lose velocity fast. Push her range out and you will be looking at flight times as bad as, if not worse, than US 5"/38's.
  7. It does nothing for you on the FDG. It only helps (in certain limited situations) with the Gneisanau's and GK's 128's. I dont bother with it on my GK even with a full secondary build. I definitely wouldn't bother with it if you're not even running a secondary build.
  8. Just ignore it. It does and means nothing.
  9. Yes, it is harder to get a high win rate solo than of you form a division with a couple competent players. That said, you can get a high 50's low 60's win rate solo (higher if you play CV's and are good at them). For example (from the last time Warships.Today worked), I'm sitting at 59.08% over 1432 battles Solo, and 77.97% over 236 battles in a 3 man division since the game went live. It can makes a difference.
  10. This is how I have my DM Captain built and modules equipped. Yes, I could probably eek out a little more performance going for a straight gun build, but the DM is already pretty vicious if you play to her strengths, and I enjoy shooting down entire strike waves so I went with a hybrid Gun/AA build. I also like this build as I can stick this captain in any Premium USN ship and he work fairly well, allowing me to collect Elite XP just a bit faster which I then use on other nations captains. One note on the modules. Once I get the Radar Special module, thats going in. Nothing like 56 seconds of radar.
  11. You could have easily done the missions to get the Tier 3 and 4 British BB's. The mission for the Tier 5 was a bit more of a pain, but you could have done that one as well. Even if you didn't want the ships, you could sell them once the bug preventing it was patch giving you 3 free slots. You could have gotten something if you tried.
  12. Take your pick. 1. A free Tier 2 Premium once or twice a year, that most people will play maybe a handful of times and then sell or make a port queen. -or- 2. A chance to get pretty much any Premium in the game (up to a $60 value at current prices) from a free super container all year. (Ignoring the 3-Slot normal containers, 10-Slot Super Containers, 10,000,000 silver containers, & Free XP super containers)
  13. Take for example, American BB's. When there were just the IJN and USN BB lines, the US Battleships were the brawlers and had fantastic AA, but gave up range, accuracy, and in most tiers speed to the IJN line. Now add the German Battleships. They are (at most tiers) faster than the USN BB's, are better in a brawl due to their armor layout and secondary batteries, and for all practical purposes have as good if not better AA. In this case, USN BB's have (largely) been the victim of power creep as a new line does everything the old line did, but better.
  14. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Gunnery_%26_Armor_Penetration I know its not a direct answer to your question, but the wiki is pretty comprehensive and will be able to answer most questions you have about game mechanics, and probably some you didn't think to ask.
  15. You might as well just switch to Randoms now. Until you get 100 battles MM will only pair you with other new players (you might end up with bots on the teams even in Random because of this). Might as well get a taste of PvP while you are still get protected matchmaking.