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  1. Flood Compartments

    I feel like using a cross section of the Titanic was a poor choice to illustrate watertight compartments.
  2. In a word, No. In two words, (Insert your favorite 4-letter word here) No.
  3. I stop after 3 in a row. Come back the next day.
  4. Yeah, I noticed that right after, which is why I deleted it.
  5. Edited. Deleted. Never mind.
  6. What are "decent" stats?

    Just look through the Clan Recruitment channel. Many Clans have topics in there, just look at a bunch of 1st post's and it will give you a good idea of what many Clans are looking for.
  7. Popped the model cherry

    For anyone interested, here's how the IL-2 I was using for the Silly Putty examples earlier turned out. Was hoping to finally start on the Takao next (kits been in my closet for ~3 years now), but I promised a friend I'd make a Gundam model he gave me, so that's my next project.
  8. Gold of France perma camo

    You can keep the rims, just let me have at least a White hull to go with the Gold. Even with the gilding its rather plain looking.
  9. Arc of Atlanta's Guns

    Turn on the terrain hit indicator.
  10. 2 different Lyon BB turret layouts?

    Both are correct, the design was never finalized. They never even finished building the preceding Normandie-class before WW1 broke out, let alone decided what form Normandie's successor would take. They never laid down the keel of a single Lyon. Less than 10 minutes on Goolge would have told you all this.
  11. I'm going to go against my better judgement and respond to one of your threads in the hope of getting you some knowledge. I do not know where you are getting your info from, but I would find a new source. Japanese Heavy Cruisers did not have larger guns than their counter parts. The US, UK, and Germany all used 203mm guns on their Heavy cruisers, just like Japan. What the Japanese did was they put more main guns and torpedo's on their ships that just about anyone. They goal was to get more barrels out at sea. This policy had a negative effect on most Japanese ships of the era as it made them more top heavy than was really prudent, which made them roll rather unpleasantly in rough seas. Also, since they came out of the builders yards already top heavy, it greatly limited the ability of their ships to be upgraded as the war progressed. Japanese cruisers also carried a heavy torpedo armament, more so than any other nation. While this gave them great fire power, it also put the ships at great risk. The Takao-class cruiser Chokai for example, was disabled by the sole 5" gun on the escort carrier White Plains. They were forced to scuttle her shortly to prevent her capture. Some nations (US primarily) made the deliberate choice no to mount (or removed) torpedo's on all ships larger than Destroyers) Japanese heavy cruisers were no more armored than their counterparts. Lets compare the Aoba to the Pensacola (designed as a light cruiser, later reclassified as a heavy due to the Washington Navel Treaty). Both were launched within a few years of each other. Aoba: Belt: 76 mm (3 in) Magazine: 51 mm (2 in) Turrets: 25.4 mm (1 in) Conning tower: none Decks: 35 mm (1.4 in) Upper Decks: 48 mm (1.9 in) Pensacola: 2.5-4-inch belt 1-1.75-inch decks .75-2.5-inch turrets .75-inch barbettes 1.25-inch conning tower You can see they have roughly comparable armor. Now lets compare the Takao-Class (often considered the pinnacle to Japanese WW2 cruiser design) to the New Orleans (the last (or close too) USN treaty cruiser) Takao: Machinery belts: 102mm Magazine belts: 127 mm tapered to 38mm Main deck: 37 mm (max) Upper deck: 12.7 to 25 mm Bulkheads: 76 to 100 mm Turrets: 25 mm New Orleans: Belt 3–5 in (76–127 mm) Deck 1.25–2.25 in (32–57 mm) Turrets 1.5–8 in (38–203 mm) Barbettes 5 in (127 mm) (6.5 in (165 mm) in CA-38) Conning tower 5 in (127 mm) Even with the hull being roughly comparable between the two, you can see the New Orleans has much better protected turrets. She weighs less too. It only get worse from there as the US started building new classes of ships, such as the Baltimore and Cleveland. All this real world manure is really pointless though when talking about WoWS. This is an Arcade game not a simulation, and as such has no bearing when talking about ships performance in game.
  12. Popped the model cherry

    Painting before and during construction would have been easier, but depending on what you want to do you can probably still make it come out decent. Measure 22 Camo, for example, is pretty simple. (See the Missouri and Alabama in game for example) You could probably manage something like that OK even at this stage.
  13. I prefer use the 420's on the GK (preferred the 406 on the FdG). The 406's may pen better at close range, but for how much both the 406's and 420's pen at close range, I've never noticed a real difference. The 420's will give you more solid hits at long range from my subjective experience. Also, since they have a slower reload, skills that increase the reload have a greater effect on the 420's. And am I reading that right and you are using the range module on your GK? If you are, drop that trash and put on the reload module. She already has enough range for how she should be played. If you are constantly using that extra range you are playing her wrong. If you like secondary build, play secondary build. I play her with PT, PM, AR, BoS, MFSA, AFT & CE with the upgrades AAM1, DCSM1, SBM1, DCSM2, CSM1, MBM3 and am averaging 112K in her per game. Don't let anyone tell you you need to build fire protection to have good games. Your build can help, but the player is MUCH more important.