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  1. You are either incorrect about where you started, exaggerating what is going on, or forgeting/leaving something out. If my calculations are correct, it costs just under 2 Million to buy the Ship, all the modules, and both upgrades. That would leave you at 8 Million after you bought and upgraded the ship. If you are at 2 Million now, you would have had to lose 6 Million credits, over what your profile indicate is 16 Co-op games in the Langley so far. You would have had to have lost 375,000 credits per game. It is not possible to to lose 6 Million on 16 games at Tier 4, even running premium consumables.
  2. Works fine for me with DX12.
  3. Use the guns to, in no particular order: 1) Defend yourself. 2) Kill low HP targets of opportunity. 3) When you are in smoke or otherwise hidden. 4) To shoot at ships other wise occupied fighting someone else. It should not be your goal to go out and get in a gunfight with someone. Torpedos and Stealth are your primary weapons. That said, do not be afraid to use your guns when the opportunity arises if it wont get you killed. They have decent arcs and hit fairly hard, though their RoF is poor. A mistake many IJN DD captains make is to forget that they even have guns. Use them, just chose the time and place where you have the advantage.
  4. You were certainly blessed by RNGesus. I didn't to nearly that well, but it could have been much worse. Ended up with 50 Gamescon, and 50 Valentines 2017 Camos.
  5. Go to their profile. It will say "Banned" under their name if they are.
  6. Considering that your 7 day win percentage is only 5% lower than your overall percentage, I'd say you are doing about as good as is normal for you.
  7. I don't know if this is reflected in game, but there were two type of 5"/38 turrets. The normal one, and what was called the "Heavyweight" one. The Heavyweight was typically used in the foremost and aftmost gun positions. It had a reinforced roof to withstand and protect the gun crew from the concussion of the super firing 5" mount directly behind/infront of the fore and aft positions.
  8. While the Belfast may be more annoying to deal with, the numbers don't lie. Over the last 2 weeks: The Imperator beats out the Belfast in every major performance category (Avg/ XP not included as Tier 4 & Tier 7 XP earnings are not the same) As for which is "stronger" in its own Tier, while the Belfast is very good, I don't think it compares to the Imperator. *edit* Hmm, seems the little chart I made didnt post.
  9. Is it worth it or not is really something you are going to have to answer for yourself. What it does is it gives a 50% increase to XP and Credits earned. (the extra credits are very helpful at the top tiers. Can be the difference between loosing and making money. I would suggest playing some more before you decide if you want to drop real money on the game or not. Be forewarned though, once you buy, and get used to playing on Premium Time, you're probably are not going to want to play without it.
  10. You don't need mods to do well in this game. I'm no super Unicum but I do decently well for myself, all while running a 100% vanilla client. http://na.warshipstoday.com/signature/1000669982/dark.png If you insist on using them, I'd suggest sticking to the ones that are WG approved in the mods section. I wouldn't mess around with mods from 3rd party sights. They often are full of spyware (which you learned the hard way), and could quite possibly be illegal depending on what they do, which can result in an account lock for you.
  11. 1. Because she has the same firepower, and comparable armor and speed to the current Tier 3's. 2. Combat ability with a nod to both historical stats and game balance. 3. Wargaming as always has the final say, but we can make some pretty good guesses based on past precedence. 4. And you have given none why she should be a Tier 2. 5. Why not, her firepower, secondaries, speed, and armor is easily on par with the other Tier 3's. They are all very early dreadnought designs. 6. And we have not heard one why she should be a Tier 2. 7. And that has absolutely no bearing on what Tier she belongs in. Ships are placed in Tiers with other ships that are balanced to have roughly that same combat ability with each other. They are not placed in Tier based on build date, or design objectives.
  12. You still haven't covered how you would balance a ship with 10 12" guns, 27 76mm guns, 21 kt speed, and 279mm of belt armor at Tier 2.
  13. Spent the day working on my 20 y/o Miata getting it ready for an eclipse viewing road trip next week.
  14. And how, pray tell, would that work? We already have the Pre-dreadnought Mikasa at Tier 2, and they had to hit its main guns pretty hard with the neft bat, and it only had 4 12" guns. How hard would you have to hit a ship with 10 more powerful 12" guns to fit it at Tier 2?
  15. Go play COOP in a Tier 4 BB, and farm all the sweet Bot Cruiser Citadels. Took me 3 matches and 20 minutes or so.