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  1. New Years Camo

    Way to necro a thread over a year old.
  2. I know what I wouldn't have done.
  3. As the Karma system works right now, something like this should ABSOLUTELY NOT BE DONE. Anyone and everyone can give or take away Karma points now for any and all reasons. If there was an actual reward for Karma, we would have even more people spamming reports, and Clans would start spamming compliments to members. Karma is a mess as is and giving it an actual reason would just make it more of a mess. Best thing they could do is just remove it. Some people take that pointless number way to seriously.
  4. Yup. Same issue. Since day 1. Annoying as (insert your favorite 4 letter word here).
  5. Line Riders

    I see this topic pop up every so often, and I've been wondering this whole time, where do you guys find all these line riders? I can only recall, maybe 2 times, someone who was intentionally (as opposed to just running into it and turning around, we all do that at some point) riding the map edge since they introduced the engine power cut (whats that been? 2 years now?) Its just not worth it. You are a sitting duct while riding the map edge. If I saw as many people riding the border as you guys who make these threads imply, I would be rejoicing for all the easy damage.
  6. Also, sorry if you take this as a rude questions, but are you sure it was an Akatsuki? I've seen many people mix up the Akatsuki with Akizuki, and vice versa. Akizuki torps could have one hit you. If it really was an Akatsuki, something else must have happened.
  7. Ships Horn

    I'd prefer if they just got rid of the stupid things, but I'd be happy if they would at least fix the enable/disable box. Had the horns disabled since day 1, but sometimes it doesn't work and I still hear them.
  8. The 1st one looks to be a fold down platform for standing on, with a set of stairs. Most likely for when the ship is in port to get up and down to/from a motor launch. Look whats below the 2nd item. Its to provide a stop when the ship is tied up at a dock or along side other ships so the screw doesn't collide with the dock/other ship.
  9. Actually, you're the one that needs to fix something. You are having connection issues. Notice how in the first few screen shots the ping is -9 (your bearing doesn't change at all on these), then it jumps to ~400 (and your ship starts to turn). Your mostly likely having connection interrupts to the server. I would check your modem and/or router, cable connections. If all is OK I would then run PingPlotter to try and locate where the issue is. WG support should be able to walk you through tracing you connection to the server with PingPlotter. Also, in the quick search I did on google, some AMD processors can cause negative ping if you happen to have one. If you do I'll leave it up to you to Google-Fu that yourself.
  10. If you were both in smoke, and he spotted you at 3km, it's a pretty safe bet he was using the module.
  11. Without having watched the replay: He could have been using hydro, or have been using the upgrade which increases the guaranteed detection distance to 3km. If it had been 20 seconds since he fire his main guns, the smoke would block you from seeing him. Secondary fire has no effect on spotting.
  12. https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=de&u=https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flottentorpedoboot_1940&prev=search Google translate of a German Wikipedia page. Best I could find.
  13. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/assistance-delivered/ Scroll down to the bottom.
  14. Its been this way for over a year, at least.
  15. I tried it. Its pure arcade now. I think its better than it was a month ago, but its still crap. They should have stopped making major change at the end of Alpha, start of closed Beta stage, and just refined it from there.