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  1. Just a suggestion based on the charity event. I think based on the training room turn out, having a weekly or monthly live stream event, engages the community greatly as you saw by the numbers in that short time showing up to battle with WGA members. The smack talk after destroying a WGA member in battle is what the community loves, and considers it to be a badge of honor. At the very least it is a fun way to get aggression out about perceived game issues or just life in general. It made me personally feel CONNECTED to the pulse of WGA. Even being able to post in twitch chat about gripes feels as though your voice is being received. That being said I think you can see the out pouring of community that attended that torpedo joust and I heard there was a secondaries only battle with Fem and Hapa that was also awesome. Scheduling these events regularly and maybe, passing out a T2 premium or Just dust off the Iwaki Alpha (that I missed a chance to get) to pass out now and again. I think it was overall a great time, the community seemed to have fun playing and watching. Having a lead time to post about such events will also give the community something to look forward to, especially since a good portion of the community cannot attend the meet ups, such as my self stuck here in the northeast and the Canadian players as well. The community can see WGA staff and feel more connected. Overall beyond the WONDERFUL Charity event you indirectly touched on something the community is looking form. WinWin in my humble opinion. Just something to think about.