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  1. Kermut

    U.S. Battleships: Early Access

    Ha yea, I was thinking the same thing. Suck about Florida though....I came here hoping the mods would confirm there was some way other than the frankly insane grind + doubloon cost to get it, but honestly I didn't have any hope. It's like WG knew that people were more excited about a T7 premium than the new line. I expect Florida will be one of the rarest ships in the game. I can't see all that many people putting in that amount of effort/cash to get a T7 premium, unless it was Belfast levels of OP, and even then nobody would really know because there are no reviews out there of it. Personally I just wanted it so I could run T4 to T10 premium US BB's for a lark. Also on that note, we need a premium T2 and T3 US BB.
  2. blah blah blah blah something warthunder get off the forums please. Also WT ground forces sucked.