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  1. @slimeball 'to some degree' is the key issue. In the current, limited planes plus long flight times (aka meaning the planes must return and then re-arm) with limited amount of planes, the carrier player is actively penalized for just doing berserk kamikaze runs. It doesn't matter if a tier 10 cv has LOTS of planes... whoever just suicide attacks with them will quickly run out of planes. This new system on the other hand, has your squadrons literally getting 3 free suicide runs (most have 3 'attacks' per plane type that is in the air) and when you lose that airborne squadron you are rewarded with instantly taking up a different attack plane to repeat the suicide attack frenzy...by the time you're done with that one, you can go back to using the one you were using previously. With the new system's ability to citadel BBs and cruisers with AP bombs with significantly higher consistency than the AP bombers do now on top of torps and rockets you have a recipe for one player being the damage zerger that can't be killed because his ship is faaaar in the back where none can hit it. AA is hardly an issue now as the CV player controls just one squadron... and since suicide attack runs are rewarded by damage an enemy player can ill afford to take you have a problem. Losing planes and running out was part of something carrier players were penalized with to prevent this kind of damage spam. WG now enables and encourages it with ZERO counter balancing act. Even the AA has been toned to help this nonsense.
  2. K the review didn't give the most critical information.... what range does each nation torpedoes have? IJN is supposed to get the longest range torps but be deepwater ... does this apply to Kaga?
  3. Skyfaller

    So how will the premium CVs play post-rework?

    Id prefer they give the premium CVs a unique flavor that is not directly translated into damage output. For example, Saipan could be made into a dive bomber and fighter only carrier. Aka its squadron does not have rocket nor torpedo plane option. It would instead have only dive bombers and it would have more fighter deploy options. It would have HE and AP dive bomber options. Kaga could be made into IJN's long range torpedo dropping ship... by having it receive only torpedo planes that have much longer 'attack run' timers (aka they can get low on the deck for longer periods of time) than any other carrier... but it has no dive bombers, no rockets and only a small amount of fighters. Its torpedoes would also have longer range than any IJN carrier (aka if IJN cvs max out at 7km then Kaga torpedoes would have 10km range). Overall those changes would allow the premium CVs to be unique yet not have damage output advantage over the other carriers. Dealing with and playing these CVs would require a different approach to gameplay.
  4. Skyfaller

    8.0 CV Rework - Final Nail in the Tone Coffin?

    Japan's cruisers were not for carrying fighters. They were carrying the fleet air scout planes. IJN had carriers carry fighters and bombers while the cruisers would be the ones deploying the scout planes. With the current system, WG could simply have the aviation cruisers point the camera to where they want the scout plane to fly towards, click the launch plane button and the scout plane will fly in a straight line for X minutes then circle in place for 10 seconds and start flying back towards cruiser doing a few circle turns every minute. Make the scout plane be undetectable unless its 2km from a ship.
  5. don't forget the large caliber AA flak literally ceases to fire once planes get into medium range. Thats where the 'aura damage' cannon and MG caliber guns kick in.
  6. There's a huge difference between 'a carrier CANT run out of planes' and 'a carrier does not usually run out of planes'. I've had games in my full AA spec Neptune where I shot down almost the entire enemy carrier complement. I've had games in the same ship where a carrier stopped coming to the area of the map I was in because it did not want to lose its torpedo planes to me. When I run my AA ships I mow down enemy squadrons down to 1 or 2 planes then stop firing on them. All because I don't want the carrier to be able to launch another whole new full squadron and get it back to my team in a short time.. I want him to fly those planes back wasting time and then re-arm them. With the new CV system of unlimited planes the carrier player simply won't give a rat's anus about losing his planes. He will take every shot even if its risky all for the chance of inflicting at least ONE torpedo on my side's BBs. I certainly would. That is rewarded with a quick re-launch of another squadron.. even if its not torpedo (timer at work) he still is rewarded with taking another attack plane squadron up ... and with the new design of rocket planes being super effective vs DDs, dive bombers super effective vs cruiser and torpedo vs battleships all this means is whatever squadron he launches will be catered to going after a specific ship type. CV player will gladly go up in a rocket squadron to take out the DDs and kamikaze them into cruiser AA so he doesn't have to waste time to switch back to the torpedo planes. ...and with no CV fighters able to go hunt the other CV's planes, the surface ships are nothing more than damage pinhatas for them. I will tell you right now that when the new CV system comes into play, every game will end up with the same routine: 1- CV players will rush to sail their carriers as far away into the back of the map as they possibly can. 2- Why #1? Because the first thing the CV will do is fly his planes to SPOT the enemy CV so the battleships can take shots at it and hopefully sink it early. I've taken down CV's in the first minutes of the game with my Yamato because our CV spotted theirs and it was in range. 3- The battle will then either end up with one side losing their CV early and thus being dominated and ravaged by the other side's CV... or both sides retain their CVs and each side's surface ships are just damage pinhatas for them to enjoy. No, ships will not sail together for AA protection. The design of the game prohibits that. DDs can not do their job staying close to cruisers or BBs. Cruisers cannot survive BB fire unless they hide behind something. BBs sailing together are easy meat for DD torp spreads and are prime targets for cruisers HE spamming to set them all on triple fires.
  7. Skyfaller

    Why does Japanese cruiser torpedo arc positioning suck so badly?

    No they were not designed that way. IJN cruiser designs had their torpedo tubes protected by placing them inside armored bunkers (armored vs strafing aircraft not naval shells/bombs/rockets) and swung outward from aft. Their torpedo arcs were 40 degrees to 160 degrees ... meaning the torpedoes on the right side of the ship could be released from as far as midpoint between 2'oclock and 3'oclock for forward arc and as far aft as midway between 5 oclock and 6 oclock. In the game however, IJN cruisers have been majorly castrated to the current firing arcs... because in soviet russia it is mandate that non-russian ships designed and built pre WW2 must be nerfed so that soviet cold war ship designs that were never built can enjoy superior performance. If they made the IJN cruisers have their real torpedo arcs they'd be more like ATAGO...but with all launchers being able to fire in the fore and aft launcher arcs of that ship.
  8. Sorry Grimme but I think you need to spend a bit more time in the test server flying those CV planes. Bombs will actually do more damage than torpedoes because they can citadel ships. Both battleships and cruisers. You just have to drop the bomb at high angle so it hits the deck armor.... which is ridiculously easy to do and the only factor that can make you miss is RNG (which is significantly reduced by dropping at point blank altitude) or the target itself maneuvering hard (and this only applies if you end up dropping the bomb on the tip or tail of the ship..if you aim at the center then its maneuvering wont change the outcome much). Once you get the hang of it, you will be doing 1 to 2 citadels to cruisers per pass with some effort (since cruisers can maneuver better) and to BBs with ease. Then you have the fire damage the bombs may add to it. Torpedoes are indeed the 'reliable' high damage attack planes... its easier to consistently pull those 9k damage torp hits than the citadels with bombs. Plus they flood. But bombs will still outdamage torps if we consider both under 'good aim' situations (aka all torps from attack squadron land; the dive bomber does a top-down citadel hit angle attack run). Rocket planes have the least alpha but the highest fire damage capability. Go to test server and approach targets not from the side but from 35 degrees to nose or tail and fire the rockets...this will give you the highest chance of rockets hitting in all sections (front, middle, rear). In just 2 passes you will have a BB in either double or triple fires... then you move to the next target that isnt on fire yet. its alpha is tiny but its DOT can be massive. Repairs: I think the reason you can't use the consumables on your CV is because you are no longer the CV entity..you're the planes. Code wise that means you are a separate entity and there may be issues with controlling a second entity directly like that. Yeah, autopilot is FUBAR now but that will be fixed. It wasn't glitching like this in the current version so it wont be hard for them to find what new thing they added is making it spaz out like that.
  9. Good. Now add to that 41% the damage done by the torp itself. My post said: "Yes, CVs can still one shot even a BB. Flood alone guarantees that. Just like now if a CV spots a BB that is under HE spam attack, and sees it catch a fire and use the repair to remove it... and then sends torp planes after it.... a single flood will sink that ship guaranteed." So you have the VERY common scenario of a BB under fire from other ships (its not 100% health but not 50% either), burns off its repair and the CV in one single torp attack can flood-sink it and continue striking other ships while it floods and other ships keep firing at it. You will very likely still do the bulk of the damage on that BB... all from a single torp hit/flood. Yes, CV planes can do this now that is right..but they don't have unlimited torp planes. The problem here is in the new CV system I can just take off in a torp squadron, and as long as i've just ONE torp plane left that can hit with a single torpedo, I have the potential to deal up to 41% damage to a BB. Worse yet, I can just keep trying and trying and trying endlessly. This is just incompetent design from the very start. You do not give any unit the ability to do massive damage from across the entire map, deliver said damage very quickly and do it an unlimited number of times all the while the unit itself CANNOT be attacked in return (carrier itself sitting far in the back). They traded the many-squadrons-massive-alpha-damage faildesign with a single squadron that can deliver high DOT damage nonstop with low back-on-target timers.... except this time the biggest threat to aircraft, the other CV, cannot counter the other's attack planes directly.
  10. Remember also the 5 inch guns firing the flak type rounds could not fire too close to the ship because shrapnel would hit its own crew. BOFORS never had that issue though, it fired 40mm HE and it could literally lob a shell out to 200yds with little risk to the crew... given the shell burst (if it was burst type) was too small and the bofors round relied upon direct impact & blowing plane parts off from the inside out. Problem here is that the 5 inch gun/ heavier flak type AA has very short range and the game's planes cross the distance so fast the flaks dont really get a chance to hurt them.... on the way out / planes turning for another pass is where they do their damage... which is absurd given it by default is giving the CV the first strike ability. Planes should not have the ability to 'boost' ... period. The slower they fly the higher the damage they should take. The lower they fly the higher the chances of getting hit as it significantly narrows down the vertical cone of fire gunners need to consider when aiming.
  11. Do tell me, how much flood damage does a single air drop torpedo do if it can't be repaired from start to finish of the flood timer?
  12. doesn't matter if you can just launch, use squadron until its planes are highly damaged or you lose half the planes then just 'release' them to grab a fresh squadron from the CV while the old planes auto-rtb. With this alone WG just cut the return flight time...and the unlimited amount of planes, regardless of re-arm timer, means the CV player is always up front with a high damage dealing squadron. Be it torpedo, dive bomber or rocket. You see players now merely switching between TBs and DBs while the other one is being replenished. This is the equivalent of giving every ship in the game the ability to repair 100% of damage taken, giving them 3x BRITISH repair consumable slots with unlimited repair uses each AND lowering the repair re-use timer to nearly a third of what it is now. That is what CVs have in this idiotic re-work. The only thing they can do is increase the timer.... and no matter what they do, the CV player will still have 3 different squadrons to use and will be swapping between them to make the re-use timer be irrelevant because he will ALWAYS have attack planes in the air no matter what.
  13. Really? What other ship tosses torps that cause flood from across the map with pinpoint precision and you have zero chance of ever returning fire to it? Yes, CVs can still one shot even a BB. Flood alone guarantees that. Just like now if a CV spots a BB that is under HE spam attack, and sees it catch a fire and use the repair to remove it... and then sends torp planes after it.... a single flood will sink that ship guaranteed. Except now they gave CVs the ability to do it to multiple ships with ease. In the test server you just hit the DDs with rockets and let the BBs and cruisers hit each other for a minute or two... watch which heal off their fires... and torp and flood sink them in a single attack run. Air dropped torps should NOT have floods period.
  14. #2 - Shows these devs dont play the game at all. 2x is utterly irrelevant if HE spam is nonstop as it is now. The AA defenses WILL be stripped apart QUICKLY on any ship that does not have AA survivability modules. #3 - Clear disconnect between reality and their mad effort to cash cow for console. First of all, unlimited planes is the issue itself. It does not matter if there is a cooldown based on each plane lost because unlimited planes IS unlimited planes and players will always exploit that. I can tell you RIGHT NOW WG, that the moment you tell CV players that they got unlimited planes they will literally suicide attack every ship they can because the timer to get the planes back up is never going to be a penalty...because the planes dont have to fly back to CV to replenish (time saver). The issue on the PTS is not game balance. Its core design failure. WG has FAILED to understand the basics of online play. The unlimited planes performing unlimited nonstop attack runs is giving exploit-level advantages to CV players. Making the AA be nearly useless as it is now and having 10 seconds AA facing shift time makes that advantage be absolute. WG has failed to understand the BASICS of balance... removing the CV's ability to counter another CV with fighters has turned CVs literally, into constant DPS/DOT attackers from across the map with ZERO risk to the CV itself. Notice he did not talk about how the heavy AA (flak) only works at long range and ceases to work at mid to short ranges. That at short ranges only the small caliber AA guns will fire on targets. This is a clusterf** of epic proportions and it all just stacks advantage upon advantage to CV players which now literally have been given a free reign attack run spamfest pass. Notice they did not mention the massive reduction in AA range.... which further encourages and enables the nonstop suicide-attack-run exploit play all CVs will end up doing because of it.
  15. Skyfaller

    The CV change isn't just wrong, it's berserk.

    Same here. This is incompetent game design to the core.