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  1. I was wondering if there's any mods that can be added that would show the angle the shell lands on target at the aimed-at range... to see if one can get plunging fire or not from it.
  2. Skyfaller

    ST 0.9.7, changes to test ships

    Probably because it is a T10 hull +AA+Secondaries mounting T8 guns and torpedoes. ... its an equivalent nerf to Musashi's on main guns but for a brawling/close range BB. Being T9 gives it access to more T8 battles and just like it'd be overwhelming to have Yamato vs a T8 team it'd be overwhelming to have a T10 german hull with torps having T10 like accurate T8 guns. Pommern is essentially a T10 hull turned Tirpitz. That's all it is really.
  3. Skyfaller

    ST 0.9.7, changes to test ships

    Kitakami: This ship needs 20km torpedoes. The torps are already made slow as heck and they have the 20km torp visibility anyway ..and at tier 10 a cruiser having to crawl to 15km range to chuck torps is suicidal in an environment where CVs and DDs and soon subs can just spot it before it even gets to launch range. Just look at how often T8 IJN cruisers or the old T10 Zao's 8km torps were used...practically never just because its horrendously risky to use them. Kitakami is obviously a ship where the torpedoes ARE the main armament. You cannot force this ship to have to get so close just to use its weapons. It'd be like forcing every single cruiser in the game to show perfect broadsided to every BB if they want to shoot their main guns. Finally, could WG state what resource will the Kitakami be used to acquire it? Coal? Steel? Shipyard? Doubloons? What?
  4. Skyfaller

    Russian basket case. What? Why? How?

    'Cart' is a capitalist pig word komrade. 'basket' is something every peasant of the red motherland understands and is willing to fill or they go gulag. Now, log on and praise Putin as you ride his glorious and 100% historical and balanced 1970s to 1940s time traveling soviet navy ships.
  5. Skyfaller

    0.9.8 Dockyard : Anchorage! + new premium!

    popular because it was too strong and too easymode thanks to all the soviet bias piled upon it. Just NOT having those delayed spawning tracers alone would've brought down its OP-ness significantly but WG will not remove any soviet bias off any soviet ship no matter what...all they do is apply a lip service 'nerf' like removing armor from a light cruiser so the final effect is it gets overpenned more rather than taking more damage... /shrug.
  6. Skyfaller

    Premium Ship Review: Azur Lane Sovetskaya Rossiya

    I was referring to the pic where the kremlin guns magically converge to all shells hitting a very tiny spot on the NC's bow area and the tracers showing the shells turning inward 60~ degrees moments prior to impact to achieve this. As I said, I don't know where proships got their numbers but they do tend to datamine their stuff...and the visual shown does match what we see Yamato, Kremlin and Slava consistently perform at said range of 18km.
  7. Skyfaller

    Premium Ship Review: Azur Lane Sovetskaya Rossiya

    I used the dispersion chart you provided. Numbers below in red are where the soviet ship has advantage and by how much, blue is where the USN dispersion has advantage. From 0 to 14kms the soviet ship has an advantage. From 15 to 19 the USN has an effectively insignificant advantage. Just by that, the soviet dispersion set has much better overall accuracy across its entire gun range than USN. From 14 to 19 the shells disperse, horizontally, just 9m .. so unless you aiming to hit the very nose or the very tail of a broadside ship, its practically guaranteed your entire salvo will land somewhere on the target's hull. Your own dispersion comparison gif shows the soviet ship landing more hits in the area the ship's hull would be (beam of ship) while the azur ship, while landing more hits in the center region, has more shots landing short and long of where the hull would be (missing the hull). I did not said the shells never flew over the hull, I said the flat ballistic perk of soviet ships makes shells intended to miss (and I meant a close miss not miss by a km) hit the hull on their way to their intended 'miss' landing point. Other nations with non-flat ballistics have those close-miss shells come in arc and fly over the hull to land ~20 to 50m long. The horizontal chart you provided does not explain how soviet BBs manage to consistently land multiple citadel hits on targets where any other nation it is a luck-based thing no matter how well aimed. Horizontal dispersion is not the culprit on this as the citadel covers the majority of the ship's length at or under the waterline...and at closer ranges the dispersion is less than the length of the target ship itself. We're left with vertical then... and for a ship to land consistent multiple citadel hits it means the shell has to land at or very near the aimed point (waterline/citadel) otherwise even a 10m vertical dispersion offset would have it splash too short to arm underwater and too long thus hitting upper armor belts not citadel. ... so that leaves either soviet ships have an extremely generous& beneficial vertical dispersion AIDED by flat ballistics (synergizing stacking benefits) chart while everyone else gets boned in the vertical ... or there is something that switches the soviet horizontal and vertical dispersions to be extraordinarily small (almost DD-like) under a certain range (16~12km?). What do you think it would be? If we look at the horizontal dispersion you provided in my first post, the 4km dispersion is 81m on the soviet guns. The image I provided of the bow-on NC getting hit by all kremlin shells shows the shell tracer paths ..and the range was less than 3km. If the horizontal dispersion chart continued down to 2km following its pattern.. and make them -12m on each hop from 4 to 3km and 3 to 2km the horizontal dispersion would still be roughly 57m. ...and if you zoom at that image, those shells are certainly not landing anywhere close to a 57m area of probability. They all hitting the same spot right near the NC's turret. I've never seen a USN or IJN or German or French BB ever group its entire shell salvo into a spot that small at that close range nor can i get them to do that in training server vs a target sitting still. The image attached here shows a visual of the soviet and IJN dispersion ellipses shaped by their horizontal and vertical dispersion factors. The 50% one is where the shells would mostly fall due to sigma (center area). I've no idea where they got the vertical ones but apparently they datamined them .. regardless, the visual does match what we see in game. IJN ships miss long and short by a wide margin while their horizontal grouping is better than most others. The soviet BBs show significantly better vertical dispersion as their ellipse is noticeably narrower in the Y . The USN dispersion ellipse would likely be somewhere between IJN and soviet on the vertical and slightly wider on the horizontal. Thunderer was also shown in the original where this image came from and it was wider in the horizontal than the soviet but smaller in the vertical than the soviet gun... and yes, Thunderer is a much better long range sniper with AP and HE than Yamato even out to 28km when it comes to hit rate. You run the tests and the numbers. It is why I said in my first post that my understanding was the soviet ships have an additional accuracy bonus on top of that dispersion chart you provided. It doesn't match what I see happening and I happened to have a picture taken illustrating how damn ODD soviet guns are. The horizontal spread in that pic does not match the chart or even close to its pattern..and soviet BBs pull this off consistently at close ranges and on training server... no other nation does that.
  8. Skyfaller

    Premium Ship Review: Azur Lane Sovetskaya Rossiya

    It was my understanding that the soviet ships had the 'narrow dispersion at short range, slightly wider than most other nations at long range' on the horizontal (but they also have it on the vertical so technically they have THE best and most accurate dispersion regardless of range... vertical dispersion is the only true critical factor when it comes to accuracy for if your shell lands at the waterline it doesnt matter if the shells land 50m left or right of where you aimed.. they will land AT the waterline striking the ship).... but that on TOP of that, they got the bias-accuracy under 16km (they claim its 12 but it kicks in at 16) that practically makes vertical and horizontal dispersion be near zero. Its how their ships manage to pull multiple citadel hits per salvo on a consistent basis. I also don't understand how you can claim the Azur ship is more accurate.. the base soviet dispersion chart shows that even at max range its only at an insignificant disadvantage vs USN while at close ranges it has a massive advantage. Plus this is just horizontal..the vertical dispersion differences favor the soviet ships big time... and the flat ballistics on top of that make any shells 'destined' to miss 'long' will still have the shell impacting the hull on their way to their intended 'miss' water splash location. With the Azur ship not having the soviet accuracy chart nor the bias accuracy bonus under 16km, it is just a USN ship in the skin/armor layout of a soviet ship. It does keep the soviet ballistics though which makes the ship a fantastic test subject to illustrate just how much the stacked upon and synergizing bias advantages russian ships get.. with their dispersion charts (vertical and horizontal) and then with the bias accuracy buff (no other nation pulls near 60 degree inward turns like the one shown in image of kremlin vs NC and the NC getting hit by all shells in the bow and 1-shot killed).
  9. Funny thing is, those content creators are stating those ships are OP and then proceed to show VIDEO evidence, in real time most of the times they stream, of how disgustingly OP the soviet ships are. Its not just talk, they're actually showing it. If you are somehow claiming Kremlin, Petro, Slava, Stalingrad and Moskva are ridiculously overpowered compared to their USN counterparts then you need to grab their USN counterparts and make a video showing and proving just how disgustingly superior they are and why they are so much stronger than these soviet ships. The way I see it, every nation has a set bunch of perks which they pay for with some penalties. USN is given the least amount of perks and pays the least amount of penalty. This is why their ships are the most balanced towards the middle ground of everything. Soviet ships are given absurd amount of synergizing and stacking benefits and pay inconsequential penalties for it.
  10. Skyfaller

    Paper Armor

    you must be driving IJN. Welcome to Soviet hate code.
  11. Yeah I love that absurd justification argument for all soviet ships : 'buuuut if you angle or are broadside you get deleted quickly!' ... which is 100% true for ANY ship in the game regardless ...and even then the soviet ships have it NOWHERE near as bad as IJN ships with their hate-coded gigantic citadels that practically reach the deck and can be cit'd even from extremely acute angles. Soviet ships have to be hit when near flat 90 degrees broadside to you or the AP shells get bounced off... because MAGIC.
  12. Skyfaller

    NoZoup got me thinking

    I agree with his points on the CV's balance issues vs any other ships. My solution would be: 1- CVs should have the same vulnerability to fire than other ships have. No super-fast reloading damage control. CV Player should HAVE to quit flying his planes to go to his ship and manually activate the damage control. 2- CVs should be able to launch planes while on fire.. but the planes themselves should take damage while taking off when CV is on fire. This is balanced because his planes would take off with every one of them having lower HP. 3- CVs should have the biggest detection range of any ship in the game. Carriers should not be launching planes invisibly from under 15km not being able to be spotted while slow moving BBs or cruisers are trying to find the last CV left alive in a game. 4- CVs should have the same HP as the hulls they are based on (given most CVs are based from cruiser hulls) 5- CV plane availability and how they attack is ok with me by now... but I am not OK with them having perfect attack runs no matter what you do. One thing that was highly functional and team-play enhancing before the AA change was that AA consumables would cause the attack planes to suffer aiming penalties... aka you activate AA and the plane accuracy drops like a rock. ...so, AA consumable should triple inacurracy of bombs and rockets and slow down by 3x the time it takes torp planes to narrow their torp cone. The Massive AA Barrage captain skill should grant a 1.5x inaccuracy penalty on planes within its aura. 6- AA range on ships should be increased by 25% . Of course, the AA umbrella would be weaker that farther out but this is to allow other ships to not be forced to sail within 1km of each other to support each other with AA. Its a fact that even if six ships are sailing within a 8km area, the CV can easily get an attack squadron in and do his attack. The AA is not doing anything to prevent or defeat it... only a pair of super-AA cruiser or the new DDs have a chance of shooting down so many planes its not worth doing. 7- CVs should be able to spot ship from much longer ranges than they do now ... but at the same time CV planes should NOT share visual team spotting data ... they should only show what they spot on the minimap. This makes the CV not be able to dominate the entire battle with visual spotting.
  13. There is no evidence Yamato citadel was shaped or located in the way WG implemented it. None. It is just that way because WG intentionally gave this ship a massive weak spot. Just like it gave every IJN ship massive citadels despite that not being true IRL. Even the so called accuracy of Yamato class is implemented in such a way that it makes it irrelevant... these guns have massive vertical dispersion and just slightly narrower horizontal dispersion than other ships... which means no matter how well you aim and no matter what range, the shells will have a horrendous miss rate on the target...but they will fall in a 'tight' area in the horizontal. Aka the shells will land short and long of target but always within the target's aimed area. A miss is a miss is a miss. Yamato's vaunted sigma is of no relevance when its vertical dispersion causes it to miss the actual centerpoint a lot more than other ships. Compare that to Soviet ships. They are given significantly better vertical dispersion (1/3rd narrower than Yamato has) and just slightly 'worse' horizontal dispersion..which allows it to have the 'worse' sigma value...yet they have significantly higher hit rates and better even, under 16km when their bias super-accuracy kicks in, it essentially near-zeroes out both vertical and horizontal dispersion... you can see just how bias this is by installing the tracers from Fleet of Fog anime mod (the tracer trail is extremely long and bright so you can see how the shell changes path) and see just how these soviet shells turn 60 degrees or more inward to strike at the aimed location at just ~1km distance from target. But you don't even need to look at soviet bias ships to see how borked Yamato guns are. Thunderer has wider horizontal dispersion and tighter vertical than Yamato..and Thunderer can be kitted to have max range of 28km. Yamato sigma is 2.1 . Thunderer is 1.9 . Yet, at 28km, Thunderer will have noticeably higher accuracy with AP simply because its shells land in a much narrower vertical plane and a slightly wider horizontal.. but that horizontal is still not bigger than the length of most battleships in the game. The result is Thunderer can and does, land multiple (3+) AP consistently on the HULL of the target it aims... whereas Yamato at best lands one or 2 shells and the rest splash short and long. Its not a matter of arcadyness of even gameplay balance. Its an issue of developer bias. Your comment of the Stalingrad is a perfect example... it is far better to take a CRUISER than a Shiki or Yamato to fight enemy battleships ...and its all because of the soviet bias armor, ballistics, AP penetration and super-engines given to these fantasy russian ships. For shikishima to be worth its cost in steel, it would need to have its hate code removed. The AP fired per turret should be doing far more damage than 18 inchers... it currently only does 4600 more per barrel than a Yamato shell.. and when you see a yamato turret salvo totaling 44,400 dmg while a Shiki is 38,800 you see the issue. Shiki per turret should be doing 50k per turret salvo...aka 25k damage per barrel. Total Yamato 3 turrets, 9 barrels is 133,200 ..total Shiki with 25k per barrel , 3 turrets and 6 barrels total is 150k. Either that or the absurd Yamato citadel needs to be lowered like USN ships had and the cheek citadel nonsense be removed.
  14. Skyfaller

    For One Brief Shining Weekend Asashio...

    Asashio is the only DD that can literally turn the tide of the fight in the opening minutes of the battle IF the CV in his team helps him. All the CV has to do is scout the BB positions first thing and to drop a fighter at the torp release point the Asashio tells the CV . Asashio only has to examine map, find the most likely BB-transiting location and then find a torpedo firing location that will intersect that path. Its 20km range and torp reload booster allows Asashio to launch a salvo as soon as battle starts...and in most maps the torp release point and BB transiting path is just 2 grids away from Asashio's starting point. The only thing Asashio needs is CV to confirm where the BB's are headed and at the same time, gives the Asashio a good estimate on where to fire those torps to. When I get a cooperating CV when I run my Asashio the results are amazing. More often than not, a red BB is sunk in the opening minutes or 2 or more are heavily damaged by my torps. The cruisers and red DDs tend to react and do things they normally wouldn't as this happens... like fire off their radar prematurely or scatter/break from sailing along with the BBs.
  15. Skyfaller

    The joke of Ranked!

    The problem is, the other 6 players are utterly dependent on the CV player to win. A bad CV player will doom his team..unless the opposing CV is equally bad. Any other ship type, the 7vs7 setup can afford to have 1 sometimes even 2 people be AFK and the team can still win. But if the CV is incompetent or AFK their chances of winning are dependent on whether the enemy CV is incompetent or AFK as well.