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  1. Skyfaller

    Yoshino Builds?

    What I'm trying to say is, given Yoshino's insane tendency to receive citadel damage from anyone and anything its unlikely you will truly squeeze benefits of 10% faster reload (if under 50% health..which is like 2 citadel hits lol) given you usually die within a minute due to more citadel hits/being focused by enemy team or you're going silent to stealth up and relocate/get some more distance. :P The extra gun range is priceless on the Yoshino imo. No matter what, being able to reach out and hit stuff that has poor chance of hitting you back is heaven. I tried Yamamoto on this ship but when I saw that Yamamoto's repair triggered upon Kraken healed Yoshino for irrelevant amounts I switched him back to Yamato. The turret rotation buff was nice tho.
  2. Skyfaller

    Help! How Does Overpen Machanic Work?

    All you need to know is: If its IJN, it will overpen or bounce off 90% of the time. If its Soviet, it will hardly overpen ever given their guns are perfectly tuned to have just enough pen to detonate inside every piece of armor it punches through. All other nations follow the rules others have posted above.
  3. Skyfaller

    what the hell wg? [dev blog]

    A torpedo is a torpedo is a torpedo. Detection of sub torps is much shorter than surface ships...this module, which you must sacrifice stealth for to equip on a ship btw, makes all torps equally detectable. I don't agree with WG in most of their changes but this one seems pretty balanced. As for the 1.8km detect... all I can say as a Shimakaze main for many years you will find no sympathy from me about 'detection range' given IJN torps have been nerfed to be detected from orbit and according to WG that is 'balanced' ... this module will make all other DDs experience a little bit of IJN hate code ...if only against the few ships that will equip it XD
  4. Skyfaller

    what the hell wg? [dev blog]

    First of all, its not really a buff. Remember thats the same slot you have to choose the detection range reduction module or this new torpedo protection thing. Vigilance is an expensive skill with very little payback.. basically no ship really benefits from it other than maybe smolensk which is the only ship that gets to sit in smoke and its magical soviet bias tracers don't allow people to shoot it in smoke. Finally, this change is obviously in preparation for subs coming into the game...and it makes a ton sense THEN for BBs to trade stealth for torpedo defenses because subs will be perma spotting entire teams and torpedoing them.
  5. Oh look, no IJN special commander as usual. I can just imagine the amount of soviet dev-IJN hate it will have. Probably something like a small torp reload reduction but at a penalty of a massive increase in torpedo visibility. Oh, also it might have sigma improvment for main guns at long range but a massive increase in vertical dispersion. Also perhaps increases the range of IJN secondary guns by 2x but making them 75% as inacurrate. Perhaps in 2 years from now when they actually release the IJN special capt... we will see how close I got to being right.
  6. Skyfaller

    Smolensk and its relation to Armor

    Yep and consider also that ships like Yamato which had an HE shell that weighed a ton each, does less damage than a cruiser HE round several tiers below it that is firing a shell that weighs like a fifth of a ton. The Smolensk I've hit with 4 Yamato HE shells.... and they did less than 5k total damage to it. Thats just FUBAR design. All HE should be as potent as british BB HE when it hits thin armor compared to its caliber (aka Yamato HE hitting cruiser and DD armor).
  7. Skyfaller

    Ridiculous underdamage

    Sadly, due to incompetent design by WG, any ship firing HE at you doesn't have to worry about how angled you are. HE shells only get checked by armor thickness they hit not the angle they hit. If HE had the same angle and penetration checks AP had... lol this game would not see nonstop HE spam because it just wouldn't work.
  8. Skyfaller

    Smolensk and its relation to Armor

    While the idea is good the sad reality is that HE and fire mechanics are so borked that even that will not make a difference. Ships have 2 fire zones on the superstructure. Superstructure has very thin armor that even a DD can penetrate with HE. Superstructure also holds an inordinate amount of the ship's health pool. All this allows Smolensk and any HE-tossing ship to kill a heavily armored ship with light caliber guns that IRL would never have a snowball's chance in hell of taking it down. The only way to fix this is to change the HE and Fire mechanics. HE should only cause fires if they penetrate the armor. Period. This doesn't mean the HE shell explosion 'penetrates' (which is the current method..and its total BULL) but the shell itself. Aka the shell has to pierce the armor and explode inside. So, essentially, change HE shells to work like AP shells but them having very weak penetration values. This means ANGLE of impact is part of the penetration calculation. This would result in ships being unable to spam another with HE and fire damage simply because the shells would very likely be bouncing off. The superstructure of ships should only have 1/10th of the total ship's HP. This is a critically needed change. Fire should not be a damage source for the ship but rather a debuff. Each fire on your ship should reduce your gun range (like storms do) by 25%. 4 fires should reduce your range to absolute minimum (basically the range of your secondaries). Essentially the smoke is preventing your gunners from aiming. Fire debuffs are removed if the ship uses radar (applicable only to ship that has the radar active). Does not apply to sonar. That being said, such changes would make BB's neigh unkillable and able to dominate all other ship classes for the most part. That is why the next change is needed, not only to keep things balanced but also to change the dynamics of the game. Remove citadels as damage pinhata locations. Make them be critical temporary debuff hit locations instead. For example, a single hit to a citadel should bring down engine power by 25%. This debuff should last about 1 minute. A ship receiving 4 citadel hits would basically be dead in the water for that 1 minute. Citadel damage cannot be instantly removed via damage control. Damage control would only cut down the debuff timer by half when used. Timers get reset if new citadel hits are received... aka you've never been hit this battle then suddenly you take 1 citadel... 20 seconds later you take a 2nd citadel... 20 seconds later you take 2 more citadels in one salvo... you're now dead in the water for 20 seconds because the first citadel hit only has 20 seconds left out of its 1 minute debuff timer. What this does is allow cruisers to use their mobility and agility against BBs ... now that there is no fear of insta-death from citadel hits. Cruisers can now get close to where their AP can damage BB hull sides (and citadel them) and they can use their HE to wilt down the BB's defenses (secondaries/AA) and lower the BB firing range with fires. Of course, BBs also now have the option of using HE vs cruisers with a damage potential somewhere between what UK BBs do now and what regular BBs do.
  9. Skyfaller

    New submarine test

    The whole thing is stupid. DDs dont announce themselves when they shoot torps, why should subs of all things? Its mind boggling to see these devs trying and failing to reinvent the wheel by ignoring ..well, REALITY and COMMON SENSE. Subs should travel on the surface to travel fast. Thats historical AND common sense. Subs should have their movements and capabilities underwater limited by battery power. Just running the engine (electric) underwater should cost battery. No, batteries should not recharge underwater. To recharge you HAVE to surface. Its ok to put battery to drain upon things like sonar and torpedo firing...because that does cost power. Its ok that it should cost no power to surface or dive because subs of the era had emergency systems that allowed them to manually crankshaft their water ballast tanks. If you run out of battery you have to surface to recharge, no other way about it (at higher tiers subs could have snorkel consumable which would allow a SLOW recharge rate at periscope depth). Subs should dive and rise SLOWLY not at the pell mell speed we see them in this video. About half the speed we see would be functional. Its NOT ok to use homing torpedoes following a 'ping'. That tech did not exist until far after WW2. The only homing torps in WW2 were 'fire and pray they hit the enemy not us' as they homed acoustically on the nearest noise maker. To boot, only Germany deployed those torpedoes so they would be acceptable as a german consumable torpedo option. Attacking in this game should be done no different than destroyers have to fire their torps. The only difference should be that subs reload torps much faster, their torps have significantly less range and swim slow compared to surface ship torps. Instead of an idiotic ping the subs should be able to input the torpedo depth you fire them at... and every ship in the game should have a different depth at which the torpedo would hit with citadel damage IF it hits the center. Not hitting at the right depth would do regular, torpedo-bulge (if applicable) reduced damage. Yes, you can fire torps while deep down with their depth set at near surface... the torps would just take a long distance to rise to the depth so you can fire from deep down at a surface ship about to depth charge you. Subs should have to click a button and wait a short timer to have the sub display the target's lead aim indicator...but this sub-lead-aim indicator has more information on target than a surface ship indicator has. For example it would have the target's speed displayed, it would have its engine setting displayed (sonar operator can tell how hard the engines are being set to). Subs should not share enemy info unless they on the surface or periscope depth and even then that info would be shared only as minimap contacts. Finally, sub vs sub warfare would be fully manual using the above mentioned torpedo attack mechanics. You set the torpedo depth, you aim it like a surface ship aims its own torps (torp arc) and its up to you if you can land a hit on another sub underwater at close range. Remember subs rise and dive very slowly. Each nation should have its own perk. USN would have blinding fast computer assisted lead-aim timers that allows them to switch targets and get their info with great ease. IJN would have the sub version long lance torpedo so their ships have greatly extended torpedo range...but its HARD to get hits with them since sub torps are so slow. Germany would have the acoustic homing torp as a long timer unlimited use consumable. These torps literally home in on the closest ship in front of them....be it friendly or fore...and if the torp misses it will lock to the next nearest ship in front of it..friend or foe. The only thing the player has to do for these torps is set their running depth. British subs would have enhanced battery duration so they can operate much longer underwater. Soviet subs would have faster surface speeds.
  10. Skyfaller

    Unique Upgrades-No to RB

    Because WG has a consistent, near 100% history of doing things that go horribly wrong, particularly if its a major change to something. Witness soviet new ships, CV rework (heck CV design in the first version was one fubar thing too), the Great Shima Nerf, the Musashi introduction also messing up Yamato guns and it never been fixed, the design of the Smolensk, etc,etc. I look forward to subs. I mean, who wouldn't enjoy perma-underwater ships that can fire homing torps a-la 1980s tech against WW1/WW2 ships?
  11. Skyfaller

    ST, ships balance changes

    /shrug If you want ships that will never get nerfed and will always be OP you should be going for soviet carebear ships. All that's required is to abandon self-respect ;)
  12. See, key words: 'shoot as often'. Dive bombers do that damage every single dive run so ROF is not even a factor. Like you said , CVs have the samr ROF so the issue is right there. That's what I'm saying, its idiotic that Haku AP bombs doing citadel damage, even if all 3 bombs citadel, will not ever match the damage output of HE bombs all landing plus the added single or double fire that always come with it. It'd be like suddenly haku torps each doing citadel damage every hit while the USN torps do what they do now. If that were to happen there'd be pitch and forks in wholesale.
  13. Regardless. HE bombs doing far more damage than a citadel hit in ONE strike is like saying a cruiser's HE salvo is allowed to do far more than a single BB AP citadel hit. Thats why Hakuryu bombers are junk compared to USN's ... and haku torps are a joke given their near zero flood chance compared to USN's multiple torp hits with increased flood chance (2x floods not rare to achieve).
  14. yeah regardless that a single upgrade essentially makes them immortal in any ship. Notice too they dont fix the citadel 'feature' of Kremlin...that it can only be citadel'd when hit in a VERY narrow, DD-sized area at the center. All other ships get citadels from fore turret to aft turret waterline.
  15. Skyfaller

    ST, ships balance changes

    so as usual, no fixes to IJN massive clusterfrak of issues. Shima/Yoshino 20km torps still seen from orbit. Yamato citadel still above water Yoshino taking excessive damage from shell calibers that it should be bouncing off. Yamato gun dispersion still not fixed from whatever screwup they did upon Musashi release. Ergo vertical dispersion increased significantly. Hakuryu torpedoes still have near zero flood chance and there is no torp-centric thematic advantage to Haku torps vs USN/DE/UK torpedo planes. Bring back the long range torp option, upping it to 10km range so theres at least a thematic means of using them.