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  1. Skyfaller

    Nelson should Have Torpedoes

    Sorry but I'd love a Yamato with bow torps. Bow Tank AND torp? ooooh Ara Ara!
  2. Skyfaller

    Fixing the Shimakaze "Legendary Upgrade"

    The legendary upgrade should've been about torp detection range and speed changes plus different salvo launch options to allow the Long Lance to at least be closer to its historical counterpart. Reduce detection range by a good amount.... ....and pay for that reduction with reduced torpedo speed. There is no reason why WG cannot have the legendary module base the reduction %'s straight out of the torpedo's max range stat. That would allow the 20kms to get the most benefit out of reduced detection and at the same time get the worst speed decrease of the lot. Shorter range torps and any torp whose captain has torpedo acceleration skill, to receive less detection range bonuses but also not lose as much speed. Historical settings for the max range Long Lance was 45 knots. Use that as a reference. Equipping the Legendary Module changes the torpedo spread firing options. Instead of wide/narrow firing all torps in launcher at once, the Shima would have only narrow firing arc... but the player can choose whether the ship fires all torps in launcher at once or sequentially 2 at a time over a short period of time (2 second intervals?). This would give Shima the ability to create their own spread patterns much like british light cruisers and DDs can...but without the fine control of firing one at a time per click.
  3. Skyfaller

    ST New Mechanics and Consumables

    It'd be like an Gneisanau firing a shell that has the pen value of Scharnhorst's 11 inch gun but the AP damage of the Der Grobe's 420mm gun option (+2000 damage). Literally, making BBs have the ability to become battlecruisers ammo-stat wise just by switching ammo. Personally, I'm hoping they adopt the semi-AP into secondaries of certain nations... like Italy and IJN while german/usn/brit retain their HE based secondaries.
  4. Skyfaller

    Dev blog anouncements! WNN 46

    Let me tell you EXACTLY what is going to happen with those new mechanics: 1- All soviet ships will receive the absolute best at gaming-the-game advantages from them. 2- All IJN ships will get the short end of the stick PLUS a penalty on top when using any of these. Yamato semi-AP? Watch it be only 500 more damage and with just barely better pen than HE round. Meanwhile, soviet semi-ap will end up with enough pen to detonate inside any cruiser and with the highest damage of any nation's shells of this category. All other nations will end up with semi-AP that will detonate inside cruisers mostly when regular AP shells would've..and with slightly better damage. 3- Near shore camo will not be given to destroyers but rather to cruisers...so that the only cruisers capable of monster damage long range HE fire which can tank BB shells bow on benefit the most. Of course, that means soviet cruisers. 4- Fuel smoke will be given to destroyers and light cruisers only. Since speed is a key element of it that automatically makes only soviet DDs truly benefit as no other destroyer can match their speed. Aka only soviet DDs can lay a long smoke screen that has a good duration. 5- Smoke shells will likely be different per nation. Guess which nation will get the best smoke rounds.
  5. Next patch: Stealth buff: Soviet max ammo increased to 20,000 rounds.
  6. It still does not address the core problem of OVERPENS doing nothing. Simply put, an overpen of a shell hitting the citadel area... does near zero damage. Think about that for a moment.. the shell may not have exploded inside but the shell did just go through the entire engine compartment. Even if it did not explode the engine itself is wrecked and that is critical damage anyway. No other ship showcases this problem better than Yamato class ships. You pop a round at a cruiser that is 45 degrees angled bow to you (it was head on when you aimed at its waterline but it rotated to the side when you fired)...see the round hit the waterline/citadel area of the cruiser .... see the overpen.... and get zilch damage. ...this when that shell literally just went DIAGONALLY through the LOWER area of the citadel. The problem thus is this: The game does not model the shell going through the ship. That much has been clear as day for many years. All the game does is read the location/angle/force/etc the shell hits at a specific armor location and then it decides if the shell detonates inside or not and if it detonates then it reads where the shell hit the armor and if an assigned/associated component is supposed to be behind it then it applied damage to it as well. . Only external components like rudder are modeled to be destroyed if hit. Internal components like engines, fuel, ammo, etc are not modeled. Only if the component was RIGHT NEXT to where the shell hit does the game associate it with damage taken. That is how a Yamato shell can literally travel through the entire ship from bow to aft and do no damage...despite the fact it would have literally hit the internal turret loading/ammo storage areas, the engines, the fuel tanks, etc, as it went through the ship. But it does not because the shell itself ceased to exist the moment it hit the armor.
  7. Skyfaller

    Regarding Hakuryuu's torpedo bombers

    Yep, WG never ceases to impress how eager they are to show their developer degrees burst out of some pinhata. This is astonishing incompetence. They 'tested' buffing the torps to an absurd degree... any brain dead imbecile could've told them the results would be a ship that was too OP. Apparently that was the intention... to create a test result they could reject and then justify nerfing the ship into a useless pile of garbage. If they had tested what had been suggested to them for so freaking long... to increase torp range to 10km, reduce their damage by half but increase their flood chance to mirror IJN destroyer torpedoes the Haku couldve been a ship that did throw torpedoes from beyond AA range but those torps would have done very poor damage against any ship that had its repair up...and the loss of direct damage and reliance on flooding (and flooding damage / duration had already been nerfed) would have resulted in any ship hit and flooding to have a very good chance to survive AND repair all that damage back. Hitting a ship with such long range and slow torps is significantly more difficult AND has less chances of hit than driving kamikaze squadrons to very close range and dropping torps or bombs on them. Any non-CV ship would be much better off with an attacker that has a very low chance to HIT you than one that has a high chance to hit you but you get a chance to shoot some planes back (which now being unlimited and since you arent damaging the CV itself is merely a feel-better outcome). WG should bring back the 'sell CV and return XP' thing they made when they changed the CV system for anyone that owns the Haku.... this ship gets completely changed in performance with these changes.... and it is completely un-IJN in every aspect. The only functional things it has left is AP bombs and even those get severely outdamaged by a tier 7 USN carrier HE bombs. Level of incompetence: Epic. Grats WG, you have found a new low to sink to.
  8. Skyfaller

    How It Works: Flooding

    Sorry to burst your BBcherry but torpedoes have always been significantly more damaging and lethal than a battleship shell..even a full salvo of them... striking any class of ship. Since I know someone will come and spew the 'it took 20x torps to sink Yamato/Musashi' argument I remind you that air dropped torps are significantly smaller in size/warhead than destroyer and cruiser launched torpedoes. Submarine torpedoes are also smaller than surface vessel torpedoes. Torpedoes carry more explosive power than an 18" Yamato shell and they hit from the underside where the armor and ship sections are sloped upwards. Torpedo bulges were an ad-hoc countermeasure that never really provided much defense against a torpedo hit from a surface ship or submarine given their warheads were much larger and the overpressure wave these heavier warheads created easily defeated the torpedo belt itself... but it did function very well vs air dropped torpedoes which had smaller warheads. That being said, it is absurd to see BBs take so much damage from a torpedo when a destroyer literally can eat 2 torpedoes and survive it... not because of damage saturation but because for some inanely stupid reason the DDs also receive a damage reduction upon torpedo hit. Same for cruisers, they take absurdly low damage. Flooding as it has been nerfed recently isnt much of an issue as it was before. If anything, CIG should lower the damage of torpedoes significantly to be close to the damage a BB shell detonating inside causes (non-citadel) and then have the flooding damage become the bread and butter of torpedo hits. That way the BB has the chance of using his repair/damage control.
  9. The real problem with the Hak is that it has no real perk. Its national flavor torpedo perk is simply not present.. the 2 torp option is pointless as its actually weaker and more difficult to use than Midway's torps (longer arming time is not a benefit when your target sees you coming..and it gives them more time to turn). The 4 torp, long range option is equally useless given the 8km range is not sufficient to allow 2 or 3 drops before you become visible. I have nothing against slow torps or having to lead the target so much..thats a skill thing and its a challenge I welcome. The AP dive bombers are good vs BBs and nearly useless vs cruisers (overpens nonstop) even when tossed on the side of hull at end of the dive. Thing is.. midway's HE bombers deliver more damage plus fires to both BBs and cruisers. So again, no perk for IJN on this one. Personally, I would prefer if they change the torpedo planes. Make the 2 torp attack plane option be AS THEY ARE NOW except the torpedoes they fire have high flood chance ( = to Shimakaze torps). Make the 4 torp attack plane option be AS THEY ARE NOW except the torpedoes should have 12km range and the torpedo planes should be SLOW.... like half the 'brake speed' slow by default. These changes would enable the HAK to use its torpedo flavor to its fullest advantage. The short range torps dont do much damage up front but can inflict floods...while the long range torps are very hard to get hits with BUT they allow the Hak to fire outside of detection range and essentially become a flying tier 5 IJN DD.
  10. Skyfaller

    Last patch messed up Rocket Fighters

    No, this can't possible be intentional. This isn't something the player can control at all. Its random snap-pull rubber banding like jumping of the aim cursor plus sudden complete lock up of aim cursor movement also at random times. Its one thing to REDUCE the turn rate when aiming... a smooth, consistent turn rate reduction. Thats what the patch notes indicate.. and we DO see a reduction of turn rate when aiming. But every single time you in attack run, at random during the run, the controls will suddenly jump and lock up and spaz out. If this is intentional then it is the paragon of incompetent coding.
  11. Skyfaller

    TB ot DB for Ryujo

    Both actually. Put attack timer increase for torp planes. They need the increased time to be on the deck and narrow down the torpedo lanes. I've found it crazy useful. Put HP increase for dive bombers. They spend their entire attack run going slow and under AA fire. Without it your bombers will suffer terribly before they can even hit a target. TB's in pre-tier 10 are just horrible vs cruisers and bbs. Their damage is way too low and the hit rate is horrendous..plus you only drop 2 at a time. They're really good vs DDs once you get the hang of it. I kill more DDs with torps than any other ship. It takes avg of 3 torps to kill a DD. On the flip side, dive bombers are excellent vs battleships and vs most cruisers. Rocket planes are brutal vs battleships and cruisers but poor vs DDs. So... use torp planes vs DDs first then switch to cruisers then BBs as targets. Avoid AA cruisers of course. Use Rocket planes vs BBs then cruisers then DDs. Use dive bombers vs BBs then cruisers and dont bother vs DDs (APs always overpen the DD). Example: Torp damage 4k per torp. Vs a BB that's nothing considering their huge health pool and repair ability. Vs a Cruiser its weak damage but its a bigger chunk of HP than the BB loses. Cruisers at this tier have no repair. Vs a DD its strong damage.. 1/3rd its HP gone plus you make it lose its speed which makes it easier for others to hit. Bomb damage: 3k avg, up to 8k if citadel hit. Per bomb. Vs. a BB thats really good.. i've done 15k with 2 bomb hitting the citadel. Vs a cruiser its also real good but cruisers are much harder to hit and their AA is usually stronger. Rocket damage: 4k'ish max per salvo, avg hit is 1.2k if most rockets hit. Rockets require a foot note: They do good damage ONLY if they hit superstructure. Vs a BB its weak damage but hey, its rocket planes.... hitting the superstructure of a BB is damn easy and you get lots of attack runs. With one squadron I've done nearly 20k damage to a BB. Also, fires start easier on superstructure hits. Vs a cruiser its decent damage but again, cruisers are harder to hit in superstructure and the AA is an issue. Vs DDs you will never get 4k damage because their superstructure is tiny. Only one rocket can hit superstructure per run. On avg the best damage you'll do to a BB per salvo is 1.2k..and that's if you're REALLY lucky. Usually its just 700dmg you do. So vs DDs its practically a waste of time compared to the damage you can be doing to be bigger ships with it.
  12. WG, Last patch for some inane reason added a control input reduction upon fighter planes when entering and exiting the attack run. This results in extremely problematic controls. For example, Rocket plane spots destroyer at 3kms. Rocket plane starts attack run. It takes 2km equivalent of distance for attack run to start and the timer to where you can fire rockets run down. During those 2km equivalent of time, the planes suddenly lose half of their turn rate and in some glitch instances, become unable to turn at all. Then, when the attack run start timer ends, the controls suddenly SNAP BACK and this results in your aim cursor wildly jumping ahead or sideways regardless of input from the player. It seems that last patch added some sort of 'slow down all inputs' while the animation of squadron splitting away from attack run planes / attack planes breaking off after attack run and squadron re-forming. The same issue is found in dive bomber and torpedo planes...but for those the effect isn't noticeable because their attack run timers are much longer than the ~4 seconds the rocket planes have to do their attack run...and you have to start your attack runs much further away than rocket planes. Please fix this.
  13. It used to be that way. Then WG in their infinite incompetence removed that feature. /shrug
  14. Agreed. The fix is simple enough though. Tier 4 CV should only be pitted against tier 3 and 4. Tier 6 vs Tier 5 and 6 Tier 8 vs 7 and 8 Tier 9 vs 9 and 10. With this = tier and 1 tier lower MM you have a balance... because your CV being 1 tier higher does not mean ships have massively less AA nor that your planes have much more or significantly less HP to face that AA. Your damage output is also not imbalanced. But a tier 8 CV vs tier 10 AA ... or tier 6 CV vs tier 8 AA is outright moronic.
  15. WG, Please consider adding two new control functions for CV airplanes. I. Altitude: Add 4 altitude layers to airplanes in flight: 'High Altitude' : Equivalent altitude to what we now see when a plane flies over the game's highest mountain top. 'Medium Altitude': Equivalent altitude that dive bombers climb to just before diving in. 'Low altitude' : The current default altitude. 'Deck' : The altitude torpedo bombers fly in when doing their torpedo runs. By pressing R and F the player can have their planes change altitude. Each altitude has its pros and cons. 1- The higher you are the less effective direct AA fire is. 2- The higher you are the further your planes are spotted....and the further away you spot enemy ships. 3- At high altitude you cannot spot destroyers, cruisers or planes on the deck even if they directly under you. Only if ship AA is firing at you will it be revealed at normal detection range. At medium altitude you cannot spot destroyers. 4- On the deck you cannot spot ships unless they are 4km away..and ships cannot spot you unless your planes are 4km away. 5- Attack planes have accuracy bonuses and penalties based on the altitude they initiate their attack runs from. The following ONLY applies when planes are in the attack run: - Dive bombers: High and Medium altitude gives them damage mitigation vs AA. Cannot attack from low or deck altitudes. High altitude gives bonus speed after bomb release; medium altitude reduces bomb dispersion a bit. Con is that the dive bomber spends more time than it does now facing AA during the dive BUT escape/accuracy chances are increased as compensation. - Torpedo bombers can not attack from high or medium altitude. Initiating attack from deck altitude reduces widening of torpedo arc by 50% (pro) and reduces plane's turn rate by 25% (con). If initiating attack from low altitude the aiming speed is increased but torpedo arc widening is increased when maneuvering. - Rocket planes can attack from any altitude (their attack run puts them in a shallow dive) but dispersion increases with altitude... however they can shoot rockets much further out if firing from higher altitude. Just like when rocket planes now climb over a hilltop during an attack run. Finally, changing altitudes will take X seconds and will affect a plane's speed as well. - Increasing altitude reduces speed. Rocket planes climb the fastest, dive bombers are slow , torp planes the slowest. - Lowering altitude increases speed. Dive bombers gain the most, rocket planes 2nd best, torp planes slow. BOOST will reduce the number of seconds needed to switch altitude. II. Speed Control Please add the equivalent of ship speed setting throttle to airplanes. 4 speed settings, slow, medium, cruise and fast. You change speeds by either using the mouse wheel or by W and S (or arrow up/down). As above, each speed affects the planes in pros and cons. The following applies to when planes are both flying and when they are in an attack run: - The slower you fly, the better you turn.... but you are more vulnerable to AA. - The faster you fly, the less vulnerable you are to AA but your turns rate suffers. It takes X seconds for planes to switch from one speed to another depending on aircraft type. Rocket Planes: Increase speed quickest but slowest to reduce speed. Torp and Dive: Increase speed slowest but reduces speed faster (both have speed brakes). BOOST is therefore used to reduce the X number of seconds to increase or decrease speeds. Now you have 4 altitudes and 4 speeds. If a plane starts at high altitude and drops to lowest altitude, it will gain speed equivalent to reaching highest speed. The inverse applies. Planes at lowest speed climbing altitude will sustain slowest speed as they climb (no stalls or hovering of course). Finally, with this system, WG can even think of adding FIGHTER planes that the pilot controls rather than dropping consumable fighters on the map. Fighter planes would be able to shoot down other planes and strafe ships with machine guns. How they do this is through the use of a modified 'strafe' systems we had in the previous CV design. When you enter your attack run, a 'strafe path' pops up on the HUD. Let's say its 6km wide and 12km long. As long as your Fighter is inside that strafe path, you can fire guns with mouse click and, based on RNG and speed/live turn rate modifiers, will hit whatever is less than 2km in front of you. You can only hit things that are in the same altitude you are in. Modifiers: Speed reduces accuracy and damage taken. Live turn rate means that if your planes are actively turning they will get a damage reduction based on how hard they are turning...and it also means the higher your rate of turn the lower your accuracy. Strafing ships: Requires you to be flying at deck altitude. Only DDs would get HP damage from machine gun fire and it'd be small but can add up the longer the fighter strafes it. Strafing ships (any type) has the effect of de-buffing AA .... like resetting ship's left/right AA reinforcement and 'damaging' mid and short range AA mounts (puts a timer to repair them..but it doesn't destroy them) thus enabling 2 cvs working together to have one fighter reduce the AA of another ship while the attack planes are inbound. Shooting down other player's planes: Must be at same altitude and of course, right in front of your planes. Your cone of fire is as wide as a destroyer and reaches out to 2km. Since altitude, speed and live turn rate all affect your RNG gun accuracy your best chance of inflicting heavy losses on an opposing squadron is to get behind it. Fighters AND rocket planes get special moves by using BOOST while in the attack run: Boost+increase alt = Immelman Boost+increase alt+hard turn = high yoyo (a quick climb while wing over turn that reduces your speed) Boost+lower alt = split-s Boost+lower alt + hard turn = low yoyo ... you can do a LOOP by sequentially doing immelmans and split-s ... and you can SCISCOR by sequentially using the yo-yo's. Boost+ turn = planes execute rolls while turning ...roll reduces damage taken.