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  1. I agree with the video. I find myself playing this game less and less every month. The changes to mechanics and obvious bias nonsense plus the never ending gimmicky power creep has been consistently killing off any joy the game can provide. I was waiting for subs to make things interesting but seeing the moronic implementation of subs in the latest test it is sadly clear that WG is no longer interested in making a game fun in any way.... its the WoT fail domino effect all over again. In the gaming world, ever since the fall of Star Wars Galaxies there has been a method of measuring just how badly devs can screw up their own product. Its called the 'Smedley Scale' . From 1 to 10, 10 being Smedley's NGE .... WG is now at a solid '7 Smedleys' and climbing.
  2. Skyfaller

    ST 0.10.6, soviet aircraft carriers

    As with every soviet fantasy ship the bias code is weaseled in from multiple angles not directly visible. Slow planes? Speed isn't very critical when 2 of your 3 attack plane types can fire their ordnance outside of direct AA damage range. In fact its the opposite as the slower the plane is the easier it is to fire the ordnance and turn away before entering AA aura. Low health? You may have not noticed the fact all attack planes have heal ability...and its not the weenie heal other carriers get. Fast Regen? Of course it is... notice also theres only one attack flight. Other cvs dump 2 of their 3 attack flights before contact with enemy because it allows the CV to save planes..now this bias cv removes the need for that PLUS increases the aircraft regen times... end result is less planes lost and more planes regenerated. Aka, it significantly increases the ability of this cv to always have full squadrons to launch. Finally, all attack plane types are literally the highest damage and most effective types that can hit from beyond AA range. Tiny tims wreck DDs and battleships but dont do well vs AA heavy cruisers... thats why they also have skipbomb and long range torp planes that can hit these cruisers and BBs from beyond aura AA range. ...and all AA abilities and damage boosters function on direct aa aura range...which this cv is already given the means to avoid.
  3. Skyfaller

    The real Russian CV we all know is coming!

    We knew it would happen.
  4. Skyfaller

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    ...and yet in testing my T10 sub sank more ships using unguided torps. Why? The ping alerted them a sub was nearby and I used my surface speed and stealth to close in to just outside of my detect range before firing. Your DD failed because the red ship saw you with enough time to react effectively. That wasn't an ambush. An ambush is if you had fired those torps from stealth and stayed in stealth. Homing torps have two major problems: They break the sub's stealth completely by announcing the attack you're launching...and then the torps home in on a target which makes said target's efforts to evade be mostly pointless. The two pings required to hit in the same spot is not exactly 'skill' ...its no more 'skill' than a DD trying to hit superstructure of a BB with its HE guns. A sub SHOULD only be effective in its attack if it strikes from stealth. Without homing torps that will require either firing a torpedo spread upon expected path(s) or getting in very close to secure the hits. Both methods were actually WW2 sub reality. Sub torps should not have citadel hit capability. They should instead be 100% chance flood per hit and a good chance of breaking a module. This can be a partial break... like a torp to engine would reduce engine power by 25% until repaired (compared to knocking it all out completely). Sub stealth should be so effective you should be able to get as close as 3km to a target without being spotted when at periscope (surface =5km). Counterbalancing this ability is the sub's weak hull.. you literally should NOT survive a SINGLE hit from main guns of a DD.
  5. Skyfaller

    Nakhimov's Peculiarity

    Look at the info already released. The russian inferiority complex and childish fantasy dreams just go overboard on this one. The CV is very stealthy. With skills and modules it should reach about 12km stealth or less. It carries GERMAN SKIP BOMBERS, USN TINY TIM ROCKETS and IJN LONG LANCE AIR TORPS. So yes..they loaded their CV with the highest damage, most effective air dropped weapons and 2 of those can be fired OUTSIDE the direct fire AA range of its victims. KOMRADE! HOW CAN WE BIAS UP A SHIP WE NEVER HAD? EASY! GIVE IT ALL THE BEST THAT OTHERS HAVE AND CLAIM GLORIOUS SOVIET VICTORY CAN I PUT A BURAN ? NYET... WE ACTUALLY BUILT THAT ONE. Slow planes? Total lies. Captain skills bring them to par with other nations. Weak planes? Weak to what? 2 of the 3 plane types carry their attacks outside the most effective AA range...and plane HP matters little if you get fighters chasing your planes anyway. Single attack squadron? Oh look, devs noticed all cv players dump 2 of their 3 attack squadrons before reaching the enemy.. and there was a damn good reason for it. Soviet cv wont have to bother doing that. How NIIICE. ALL their T10 planes have repair. ALL of them. LOLOLOL The CV secondaries are Smolensk main guns...and the AA power is petro-stronk. It has continous AA damage out to the max of flak damage... funny huh?
  6. Skyfaller

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    1- Only if you memorize the keep depth of every ship in the game. The idea was you can set them all to swim at 4ft and youd hit any ship but never would get a citadel hit even if you hit the citadel area. Dialing it to the ship's keel depth enables the citadel hit damage to come out IF it hits citadel location. The keel depth of a Yamato is different than Midway's and different than Conqueror's... not setting the right keep depth per target means the torpedoes could swim under the ship and not hit or hit too high and miss out on the citadel. 4- Its a balance thing. I said 45 merely because being subs they need to have some means to move around the map..if they made them as fast as most destroyers then they'd just end up being weak destroyers movement-wise. The 10 kn submerged was to counter their high surface speed and make it so that to attack a ship you need to submerge and close in... a slow crawl ... and do this because there are no homing torps anymore so to increase chance of a hit you better off firing much closer. 5- This ties with #4. It does no good to submerge to stalk a target and have it move away from you missing your chance..and then you're stuck unable to try for other targets because you burned up your 'dive time'. At least this allows your battery to recharge and try again..penalizing you with having to waste some time on surface recharging. 6- Look at the video and see how many torps that thing can spam..now imagine this spam from a sub that does not need to ping (aka alert its target) and does move about the map on surface quickly. If you giving a unit the ability to sneak up close and hit a target, potentially citadel damage (if torp depth dialed right and aim was true to citadel area) and be largely immune to any counterattack (doubt you'll be getting close to a BB that has a DD nearby eh?) when underwater...then you HAVE to balance that out. Limited ammo guarantees the sub wont be spamming torps from invisible location and unable to be spotted or hit back by the BB. It also makes the sub make sure his shots will count. IRL Gato class for example carried 24 torpedoes total. 8- This ties in with the stealth of the ship. Look, the way things are now in TST, if my team is winning by points and its only me and a non-destroyer ship left there is nothing he can do to find me. I will see him long before he sees me and ill dive and stay there until my 'dive timer' runs out. If we take this further and really game the game this results in most subs not diving if they can avoid it until the time left in the battle is roughly equivalent to their dive timer..and THEN move in and dive and stay down until their team wins by points/timer. Its highly exploitable just like french DDs can outrun anything ...except the french DD can be hit by a CV if you have one. Sub? Not a chance.
  7. Skyfaller

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    How hard is it to : 1- Add a + - depth dial for torpedo running depth the player must input. Torps will fire from the sub and go to their set depth as they travel forward. Each ship in the game has a different keep depth so firing at a target's keel depth and hitting it in the citadel area increases chance of citadel hit. 2- Remove the ping and homing mechanic. Replace with the existing torpedo arc+lead indicator+aim line icon subs have no on surface...but apply it to underwater as well. 3- Have the sub constantly had hydrophone on..not as a consumable. This ability is also manually controlled with a + - setting.. and this setting controls the ARC of detection. 360 arc is max, 25 is minimum. The wider the arc the slower the rate the sub detects around it (in background mechanics its still emitting a ping but you dont see it nor enemies see it..the wider the arc the more seconds between pings there is)..the narrower the faster it is. Arc of detection follows the camera view. This way the sub player has to choose whether to have 360 detection but its update rate be slow..or blind itself in some arcs to increase detect update in another arc. 4- Make subs be fast on the surface but slow under water. Aka by tier 10 be 45kn surface and 10kn underwater max. This gives subs the ability to move about the map as fast as a speedy destroyer but be crawling slow when underwater...this makes it harder for the sub to close the range to target or attack. Example speeds could be: Surface=45kn, periscope =25kn, below periscope = 10kn. 5- Return to the battery system and have the battery drain based on the engine setting of the sub when not on surface and recover battery when on surface. Firing torpedoes should be the only other item consuming battery power. 6- LIMITED TORPEDO AMMO. Yes, subs should have limited torpedo amounts. Each torpedo arc (fore/aft) should be treated as a consumable and each pair of tubes be considered like a turret on a ship (separate reload times which when reloaded, reduce ammo amount of that torpedo arc). Why limited? Because subs are an extremely stealthy unit and you cannot have it just spamming torps underwater. 7- National theme perks for subs are easy to put in. Germans get snorkel consumable to recharge battery while in periscope, IJN gets long lance torpedoes, USN gets much longer submerged time thanks to better batteries, UK gets fastest torpedoes, soviet subs obviously get underwater turbolaser cannons and bio-weaponized kraken tentacles each armed with a sword made from stalin's scrotal tissue..for great balanz! 8- Finally, subs should not count towards victory conditions. Subs should not be able to cap nor count as a ship...that means if by end game theres just a green cruiser and your sub vs a red cruiser..and the red cruiser kills your green cruiser, the red side wins. Your sub does not count. ..and if they change the sub hydrophone in TST now to be the radar of surface ships that'd be an amazing change.
  8. Imagine if WG grew a brain and ended up removing the current radar, replacing it with this hydrophone code as the new radar, removing the absolutely moronic ping-homing torpedoes and then made subs have to dial in the running depth of the torpedo (each ship has different keel depth..dialing to the right depth = citadel hits IF it hits citadel areas, otherwise, reduced damage torp results) and fire them based on an arc+torpedo line of fire icon... locked targets generating a lead indicator (like they do on the surface now)... gave subs back the ability they had last test to dive or climb to whatever depth they want... and finally returned to the old battery+regen in surface mechanic. Solves radar. Introduces actual WW2 like sub combat. What a fantasy that would be right? Its something as fantastic and unbelievable as the entire soviet ship line.
  9. Skyfaller

    Tone/Druid coming in 0.10.5

    Typical WG incompetent design and obviously, research. A SQUADRON of TORPEDO bombers taking off from a CRUISER? The fact a group of allegedly intelligent individuals met, heard this moronic proposal and approved it speaks volumes to the level of failure they have reached. Tone and other aviation cruisers were designed for ONE purpose only: SCOUTING for the fleet. Hint: The only ships in the IJN that carried a single squadron of attack planes were LIGHT CARRIERS. The hybrid battleships carried a single, SMALL, squadron of dive bombers but they could not recover them..the planes had to either ditch or land on carriers or ground bases. Just how hard could it have POSSIBLY been for WG to just have the the cruiser launch ONE aircraft that only had ONE ability 'deploy scout' .... and the player would just need to fly this plane manually to wherever he wanted and deploy scout... which then would've just circled immune to AA (but vulnerable to CV and ship launched fighters) over the area for a few minutes, spotting for the team.
  10. Answer is neither option. They need to be re-purposed. Hybrid ships were introduced by WG with the typical incompetent game design of 'more dps gits more fun' mentality. Every single hybrid ship has its airplanes be damage dealing. Monumentally stupid. IJN is a perfect example of this failure. In reality the IJN deployed its SCOUT planes on cruisers so that their carriers can focus on carrying attack aircraft. The IJN battleship hybrids carried dive bombers which could only land on carriers or ground bases...they could not be recovered by the battleship... and these were desperation moves by the IJN after they lost most of their carrier fleet. However, the DESIGN of the hybrids existed long before the war started... IJN intended those older, obsolete battleships to serve as ships that could bombard invasion beaches and provide SCOUTING for fleet and for ground assault units doing the invasion. In this game these ships should all have received scout planes which would have been operated by flying them manually from the ship to destination and as their only 'attack' be that they would 'drop' a recon plane that would circle far above away from AA gun range for 2 minutes...and it could only be shot down by CV fighters deployed in their flight area.
  11. Skyfaller

    New stage of submarine testing

    Tested the subs and as expected, WG found a way to dig a deeper hole in this cesspool. Its utter, complete, worthless garbage. - Depth control that once was player-determined is now locked into just 4 depths? Who even came up with this stupidity? This has literally locked subs into the dumbest diving mechanics ever devised in a game. Its worthy of a MOBILE PHONE game ...why am I wasting my time playing this trash on a PC? - Seriously? You changed PASSIVE sonar listening into a consumable? SERIOUSLY? Here's a hint: A sub moving slow in underwater will CLEARLY hear a cruiser or battleship for several km's ..yet in the game you are unable to hear or detect surface or submerged ships that are less than 2kms.... they pop into view only like 500m away. I sincerely question the competence of whoever is suggesting and whoever is approving this stuff. - The sonar ping moved to the mouse click rather than the torpedoes? Dear god... the IQ dropped hard on this one. - Torps are STILL doing significantly higher damage vs pinged targets than non-pinged. - Firing unguided torps at periscope depth vs a deep-keel ship like a BB has the torps slide under it half the time... there is no reason for it but it does it. - Surface deck gun firing as secondary is the only decent change made to this patch. There is no 'stealth' in a sub game where you have 4 locked-upon depths and your ship is blind to stuff very close to you. There is no sub gameplay possible when your dive time is locked into a specific limit and there is nothing you can do about it. All player agency on the outcome of his sub's capabilities has been removed. Even the stupid torpedoes are locked behind a moronic 'ping me so I can announce to the world im shooting you from stealth' mechanic. Send this SNAFUcake with FUBARfrosting back to the kitchen.
  12. Skyfaller

    What's going on with my dispersion?

    Ninja nerfs are not uncommon, WG does it all the time. Its usually a change to your vertical dispersion since they never publish that info. Vermont when it was released was insanely accurate (this was BEFORE deadeye existed).. to the point where at 12km I could land over 40k damage on a cruiser because more than 8 shells would hit it. During deadeye the accuracy remained good (it was so good you didn't need deadeye)... ..but post-deadeye? Funny thing here.. the first couple of days after it, the accuracy was as good as it was on the first day. Then it began to change little by little each patch. Now the ship struggles hard to land more than a single hit where you aimed it at no matter the range. Its quite astonishing. You see the tracers spread out like mad where before they NEVER did that. You see most of your shells landing short and long of target which never happened before.
  13. Skyfaller

    New stage of submarine testing

    Guess I'll take this chance to ask this: What will WG do once they see people not bothering to use the ping system and just firing torpedoes 'dumbfire' using their own lead aim? Since the description here now apparently says torps do same damage if guided or unguided then obviously players will game this thing to death and not use ping to achieve stealth kills. You know, like a real sub of the era. Will 'skill' be punished?
  14. Skyfaller

    New stage of submarine testing

    The changes listed only served to solidify the opinion that WG design team has lost all contact with reality, common sense and whatever they're smoking, I WANT SOME. First of all, this is not WW1/WW2 sub combat. This is cold war era homing torpedoes. This fact has been constantly pointed out to WG since the sub thing began and as usual, WG does not listen. This is a WW2 core naval game... why do you bother to get things right on surface ships, even to the point of bringing to life the entire delusional fantasy of soviet navy designs, and then put in cold war era torpedo homing into it? Changing the entire detection and underwater time mechanics into something completely detached from reality just adds extra layers of failfrosting to this FUBARcake. I won't even bother listing the many ways this can and will be exploited. Gamers game the game and nothing is gamed harder than poorly designed mechanics. I can tell you right now that if this goes into the game as is, subs will be the main reason why battles suddenly become 20mins+ AVERAGE and complaints about subs not doing anything half the battle then making battles last until timer ends will quickly reach epic levels. Just for the record, here is how subs SHOULD be implemented..as I've been postin in almost every new 'sub test' blogpost: 1- Remove the ping and homing. Replace with a system that shows torpedo lead indicator and has RUNNING DEPTH setting for the torpedo prior to launch. Running depth is set by a pair of keybinds that raise or lower it by 2m increments. Default depth is 2m. Yes, this means a sub can fire a torpedo while deep underwater and have it rise to surface ...as well as being able to tell the torpedo to run at a certain depth underwater when engaging other subs. 2- Torpedo will inflict 100% damage (citadel hit) if it hits below torpedo bulge or if ship has no torpedo bulge where it hits. Since every ship in the game has a different torpedo bulge depth and keel depth this makes the running depth for a citadel hit DIFFERENT for every ship...so a good sub captain knows the torp bulge depth for hit target. 3- Subs should have battery power and it should deplete based on engine setting. It should replenish only when on the surface (faster if on surface at low or zero engine setting). Avg underwater time max at just minimum engine power should be 4 minutes. 4- Subs should be slow underwater... 10kn max avg but fast when on surface (30 to 40kn). This is to give them the mobility they need on the map but the stalk-stealth requirement when underwater. 5- Subs should not count towards last ship standing victory conditions. Aka if 1 red surface ship and your sub+1green surface ship are all that remain and the red ship sinks your green surface ship, the red team wins the match. Your sub does not count. 6- Subs can only cap if on the surface. 7- Detection range based on distance and depth is a-ok. Add a 'vanished from detection' option if sub manages to sit in the bottom of the ocean at zero speed (sonar cant detect it from floor). This gives subs some variety of options based on terrain. 8- LIMITED NUMBER OF TORPEDOES. Subs should be the only unit so far to have limited ammo. This is to prevent spam&camp while in stealth.
  15. In my BB I rammed a red DD at 100% health as it was backing off from beaching itself. It didn't take damage. I beached myself. Pushed the DD up the sandy beach. A minute later DD torps me to death.... by firing torps into the air and somehow falling onto my deck and exploding. wuuuut