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  1. Skyfaller

    Incomparable or wait?

    Its a very unique ship for sure. I love mine but I know its limits. If you play it to abuse its strengths its very fun and potent. Just know it takes a LOT of patience to do this though. You REALLY need to wait to push until after DDs are removed from your side of the map as only they can out-stealth you. You have 20 inch guns, faster than most DDs, stealthy as a cruiser (and with the armor of one) and you got torpedoes. That means YOU get to choose which red BB births its hemorroids when your Incomparable pops into existence 10kms away and full steam coming for him XD
  2. It was the only ship capable of making Slavas, petros, stalingrads and Kremlin cry... from 33kms. Simple logic is Vermont was the only ship besides Slava that could strike hard from long range, other side of map at angles that the soviet bias brawling ships could not possibly keep the bias-nose armor to. So of course they start nerfing it (this is the first nerf pass.. not a real nerf nerf but its the first step) to get it into medium and close ranges effective only so that the bias ships retain their place on the top... as the big P mandates it.
  3. Skyfaller

    Kansas-Vermont Branch Changes

    Not really a nerf actually. Slower shell speed and reduced penetration at long range actually means less overpens and more pens/cits. Only vs the heavy armored BBs like Kremlin/Yamato does the change sort of affect Vermont... minimally as the shells would never have cit or penned them unless they hit superstructure or deck armor flat down. Slower shells also mean higher arcs which helps TONS to citadel things from long range. The increased pen at short range doesn't change how it will cit cruisers but it will help it enormously vs BBs that are angled..and 12 barrels is a lot of pain.
  4. Skyfaller

    Wargaming stop the lies about subs

    Looks to me like the sub was reversing and you kept dropping the depth charges too short. Easy to miss in the middle of planes attacking you, sub attacking you and ships attacking you. I'm actually surprised the sub even bothered using homing torps at that close range. It shouldve used unguideds and done a lot more damage without giving you any warning.
  5. Skyfaller

    PSA: Submarine Reticle Changes on PTS

    Ok, so let me see if I understand this correctly... The PROBLEM was subs firing unguided torpedoes at point blank range and sinking BBs that could not react nor have hope of surviving it. WG's solution is to spread the torps out... which at point blank range for the unguided torps will still all hit the target ship but now the sub doesnt have to waste time swinging the torp spread to hit all 3 damage sections for max damage... the spread will now be available to him automatically. Are. You. SERIOUS? You know what? Forget it. It's not even worth giving feedback any more.
  6. Skyfaller

    Suggestion – Redo the WoWS tier system

    I would prefer they re-vamp the tier system and ship lines to make them all available. For example, give all tier ships the same amount of upgrade/module slots. Then assign HP values to ship based on their tier BUT the minimum HP is always equivalent to the current T8-T10 difference. This means T1 would have the same HP as T8 has now. Armament damage would undergo the same change. Then have the MM mix tier ships based on their type, not their tier. DDs would be available in all tiers. Meaning a T1 can be facing a T10 ... why? Because that T1 DD now has T8 HP and T8 weapon damage. However it is stealthier, slower and has less torps. Cruisers would be available on a 5 tier spread. So T1 vs up to T5 and then T5 vs up to T10. BC's would be available on a 6 tier spread. T1 vs up to T7, T4 vs up to T10. BBs would be available in a 3 tier spread. T1 up to vs T4, T5 vs up to T8. T7 vs up to T10 Carriers would mirror BB MM. Subs would be available in all 10 tier spreads like DDs are. Finally, scoring/rewards would be based with the added modifier that damage inflicted on a higher tier ship would bring significantly higher earnings. Reward using less capable ships.
  7. Skyfaller

    The American Fattleship Line

    Its how soviet BBs have their accuracy basically and just look at how silly bias OP slava and kremlin pull multi-citadel hits with their homing-shells.
  8. Skyfaller

    The American Fattleship Line

    I never tire of showing this....because the receiving end was another Vermont, because of the hilarious long range and the fact it was the FIRST salvo fired at the start of the battle after red ships spotted. Behold the Power of Chonk :)
  9. Skyfaller

    The American Fattleship Line

    I love my Vermont and prefer it over any other BB. The reload time and speed are balanced since the thing has reach across the map and its far more accurate than Yamato. ..but not as accurate as the soviet bias ships of course. Fun fact: When Vermont came out, and BEFORE deadeye, it would land a tight dispersion at targets even at 30km. AFTER deadeye, it was ninja nerfed. The vertical dispersion was increased big time. Why? My guess is Vermonts were killing too many Slavas and Kremlins so it had to be nerfed.
  10. Thing with BBs is that armor has never been present from the very start and ship health pools are horrendously implemented. The best way to illustrate both of these problems is this: The heaviest armored battleship can be sunk by a destroyer's guns. How? By HE on superstructure causing fires and whittling the HP pool ...once a section is fire saturated it just switches to AP and keeps hitting superstructure... all the way until BB is zero health. This effectively translates into the BB's armor being completely irrelevant and nonexistent. The HP pools put the nail on the coffin. You have superstructure containing practically 80% of the ship's entire health pool. The remaining 20% can be taken out by said DDs merely by lobbing HE at fore/aft deck tops and causing a fire (that for some inane reason, can proc even if the shell shatters). It is not even a matter of 'balance' because almost every single destroyer out there has torpedoes and THOSE are the weapons it is supposed to use to attack a BB...not its dinky 5 inch guns that should never be able to do anything but wreck the superstructure....and that never has sunk a ship IRL. WG should change these mechanics. Ship superstructure should be treated like main turrets...they have their own health pool and when damaged or destroyed all the functions of it are affected. The superstructure health pool would not be part of the ship's health pool. In this case, if your superstructure is damaged, your ship should have its spotting reduced to 8km (for BBs) and lose teamspotting until its repaired. If the section is destroyed then that ship loses same for the rest of the battle. Fire should not proc if the shell shatters. Citadels should not be damage pinhatas but rather strong debuffs to ship engine power. 1 cit removes 20% engine power from ship for 1 minute and this cannot be repaired off. If multiple cits received inside a 10 second time period the penalty stacks. Cits received after those 10 seconds would merely reset the existing debuff timer back to 1 minute. Destroyers would receive their citadel back and its penalty be 10% per cit. Finally, secondaries in all ships should be made to be EFFECTIVE not this idiocy we have now. Ship lines can retain their uniqueness by means of secondary range, ROF and ammo type (AP, HE, SAP). This applies to cruisers and bbs. This would make ships be sunk only by hits below the deckline. It would remove the absurd HE spamming meta. This would remove the absurd meta of BB/cruiser citadel one-shotting issue and allows cruisers to use their agility and speed to close in on the BBs where their AP will likely be able to pen BB armor. Meanwhile the cruisers can use HE to wreck the superstructures of ships from range to debuff their spotting/shooting ability. This makes sniper and brawler BBs be more focused on their roles and both equally valuable in them. Brawlers can push because they'd have cruisers along with them (no more fear of instagib'd) and the sniper BBs provide additional support fire. Imagine that.. a game where ships actually maneuver and shoot for pens rather than sit behind islands spamming magical HE that bypasses inches of armor.
  11. Skyfaller

    people reporting because you play a cv

    Sorry but this is quite ignorant. You cannot claim you cannot do a single point of damage given every game has multiple ships that will not be AA strong even if they tier 10 and you tier 8 cv. Basically anything IJN you can hit with impunity with a CV no matter the tier. Heck even a rocket plane attack against any DD other than Halland will allow you to score at least a couple of rocket hits. Thus the question then is, what are you doing in that CV? Driving attack planes straight at AA strong cruiser and BBs of higher tier nonstop the entire game and losing all planes doing so? In co-op no less, where red ships just lemming rush the front and there is little to no effort from their part to avoid air attacks as they are too busy running to kiss hulls with the enemy.
  12. One thing that caught my eye was this: These British battleships will benefit from the new Torpedo turning mechanic. This mechanic is based on a method used in real life to correct the course of a torpedo after launch. In the game, the mechanic serves to expand the aiming possibilities for ships with limited or fixed torpedo tube angles, as it allows for launching torpedoes in directions that the tubes themselves cannot physically turn towards. Immediately after launch, torpedoes will change course towards a selected direction and continue in a straight line. umm.... why isn't this applied to submarine unguided torps? Its basically a simplified form of how WW1 and WW2 subs fired torpedoes. In fact, this, if applied to subs, could literally be the best reason to change how PINGS work and make it a better experience for the sub and the surface ship. Think of it this way: 1- Make subs be blind below periscope. Aka no teamspotting. 2- Make subs be detectable by sonar/hydro out to its max range unless sub is at max depth. 3- Increase dive timer to 10 mins min to compensate for no-teamspot navigating 4- Swap homing and unguided torpedo ranges. Aka the homing torps should have short range. This increases sub-surface ship interaction chances. 6- Change unguided torps to have 3.5km arming distance and also to use the new torpedo turning mechanic mentioned in the blog. This distance forces subs to fire torps with big lead angles which increases chances to survive/dodge on surface ships and thus reduces the 'point blank shotgun torps' mechanics exploit being used now. You can still do it but the lead on the torps are so big that the target making any small change to speed or direction can cause most or all torps to miss. I've tested this on random, firing unguideds from 3.5km~4km at a target that never spotted me and my hit/sink rate dropped dramatically compared to the ~2.2km point blank shotgun attack. This new torpedo turn mechanic would actually add complexity to this as the torpedo turn arc and aim point are no longer easily visible when firing. 7- Change PING to be an active sonar pulse that detects everything 8km around it and keeps them spotted for 8 seconds... and, at the same time, reveals sub's location as minimap contact to any ship being tagged by sub... and also for the same 8 seconds. That active ping 'tags' ships it detects no different as the current ping-tag except its the entire hull that gets lit up. See below why. Also, pings should consume dive timer since its a big expenditure of battery. 8- Change homing torps so that they can only home in on ping tagged+ locked-onto targets. Player firing the homing torp literally has to ping first to reveal/spot target and tag it...then he locks onto the target and fires the torpedo. Torpedoes homing like this have the equivalent of 2-ping homing now. However, the torpedo will only home as long as there is an active tag... so if the sub wants the homing to hit, he has to ping more than once if target is outside 8 seconds worth of torpedo swimming distance. 9- Firing any torpedo should consume a second or two of dive timer. 10- Change hydrophone so that it only detects targets as 'ghosts' , even subs underwater. This way you have active ping and passive listening. With these changes you have sub play where homing torps have the shortest range (8km max german, 6km for USN at T10) and require ping-tags to be set before torps are fired as the torp will only chase the target that was locked and tagged when it was fired. Then sub has to keep pinging at least once or twice more (since ping-tag lasts only 8 seconds) and every ping reveals sub location for also those 8 seconds. This significantly increases sub-surface interaction chances (guarantees it basically). You also get unguided torps that have the new turning mechanic enabling them to fire at more comfortable angles...but their unguideds now arm at 3.5km so the lead required to hit anything is greatly increased. This means more time for surface ship to WASD-avoid torps no different than how they can do so vs stealthed torp DDs. The turning mechanic also adds complexity to timing the torpedo spread and arrival.
  13. As a sub driver I can tell you that the last live test, back in Dec-Jan , when subs were blind underwater, the surface ships had tons more means of countering a submarine. In the current live test, it is stupidly easy to get inside 3km range of a BB since you have perfect teamspotting to guide you.... and sink it with unguided torps... the BB has no way or means to detect the sub nor do much vs the torps as they literally arm/become visible inside 0.5km. The short dive timer also forces the sub to go YOLO on every attack. WG needs to remove teamspotting from subs below periscope. Needs to make sonar be able to pick up subs at all but deep depth out to max sonar range. Needs to make radar pick up subs at periscope. Needs to have subs have above 30kn speed above water but 20kn or below underwater (so sub can move around the map but on surface only). Homing torps need to be switched to being short range (8km max) while unguideds have long range (16km)....and finally, unguided torps need to have their arming distance increased to 3km so that the sub has to fire them with significant lead (equivalent to that of a DD actually) and that way remove the point blank shotgun torpedo exploit.
  14. I really would like to see the IJN line not be 'light' cruisers since IJN essentially walked away from light CL's even before WW2. IJN has a unique series of ships which no other nation ever bothered trying ...why is the new IJN line not focusing on this? T1 to T6 make them be light cruisers. After all, those are the 'years' IJN actually had light CLs as part of their fleet doctrine. From Kuma to Agano classes, etc. T7 should be where the light cruiser line stops and the new unique line begins. T7: Aviation Cruiser: 155mm Mogami armed with long lance 20km torps and aft turrets removed. Can launch planes from game start just like a carrier but the plane is a weak rocket plane T4 type. Useful for recon only..which was literally IJN aviation cruiser's role (Scouting). T8: Aviation Cruiser: 203mm Tone. As is in-game now but with 20km torps. T9: Aviation Cruiser: Oyodo . DD-stealthy, Torp-less light cruiser..fast, has smoke and long range sonar. Can launch torpedo planes from battle start. Has strong AA suite and 100mm DD caliber main guns (forward turrets only). Basically a half-gunned Harugumo with no torps, Gearing like stealth, Gearing type AA and IJN DD type smoke. T10: Torpedo Cruiser: Kitakami . Self explanatory. The fish must swim.