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  1. MerrikHyvornin

    Dear WarGaming

    I’ve been enjoying it as well, though I wish it were 5v5. Or even 4v4. At 3v3, if you lose someone, or you have an idiot, there is practically no way to win the match. I wonder how many teams with first blood win the match.
  2. MerrikHyvornin

    ranked experience so far

    I’ve been exclusively in my Kidd. Only way to do it in this CV ranked.
  3. MerrikHyvornin

    Wargamming Needs to Fix BB Over Pens

    I understand The mechanics in the game for over pens, and I understand the necessity, I simply wonder what a dd or light cruiser would look like in real life when a sixteen inch shell flew clean through ‘em. Especially a sixteen inch hole that entered above the waterline, but came out below...,
  4. MerrikHyvornin

    Just Got A LOT Of Tokens!

    Last can of 1st directive. 300. 5’s and 15’s since then. Slowly grinding up.
  5. MerrikHyvornin

    Special Upgrade Mods, What is your usage rate?

    I put a spotter aircraft mod on my Lazo. Only place in the game where that particular one makes sense.
  6. MerrikHyvornin

    Metal Christmas Y'all!

    Merry Christmas Lert. Thank you for your reviews, always a pleasure to read them.
  7. MerrikHyvornin

    What Premium Ships Did You Get Out of Santa's Gifts?

    I have a fair majority of premium ships, but this year has been weird. Bought 20 big, got 3 t7’s (sims, Indianapolis and Duca). Since that first 20,none. Bought perhaps 60-70 more crates, mixed mega, big and small. Going to try 20 more tomorrow, and then that’s it. Well stocked with camos, flags, dubs, coal and free xp now. So it’s all good. Even used the dubs to buy the Haida with my 25% off coupon.
  8. MerrikHyvornin

    Jingles has Arrived

    Does anyone know which ship or ships Jingles actually served on? I see he is a 3 point cruiser guy. Id like to put him on something that’s closest to his actual service.
  9. MerrikHyvornin

    Hey WG you ever going to give us a good IJN premo?

    Kii. Another good boat.
  10. I know I’m odd, but I like being the tier 8 in a tier 10 match. It takes all the pressure off. If the match is a win or a loss, it very rarely rests on your shoulders. As long as you don’t overextend, and you play conservatively at the beginning, your value (at relatively high HP) makes a much larger impact later.
  11. MerrikHyvornin

    How do you play Japan BB AP?

    How much does the water slow down the shells? 10%20?
  12. Would you like some cheese with your whine? Ungrateful b..
  13. MerrikHyvornin

    0.8.8 Patch Notes - T10 SC Confirmed

    If I upgrade to the Kleber in a few days, will I be able to get a SC with my first win? Or does it only apply to 10’s I currently own?
  14. MerrikHyvornin

    SMOLENSK (The new Nikolai)

    Intoxicate the game? LOL. Toxify.