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  1. Lancemann123

    Submarines are Coming

    well, It's nice to know my two ARP submarine captains will actually have a use. I always wondered why they were included, but now I'm sure glad I didn't get rid of them
  2. Lancemann123

    Republic Tokens and Legion Missions

    Are you sure you can purchase those 4 camos at a later date? A lot of those event based permanent camos disappeared once the associated events ended. Also wondering if you can buy them with doubloons in the exterior tab once you get the corresponding DD from a crate dropped mission or is the only way to obtain them through tokens? I ask because I was also doing the math like others, and even though I have quite a collection, I don't have enough T7 through T10 ships to get them, and I suspect that is the case with the vast majority of players. It seems the only players who would be able to obtain all 4]are collector players.
  3. Lancemann123

    Update 0.8.4.: Soviet Battleships!

    --We’ve added a special camouflage called "Supertest Veteran" for VIII Alabama ST-- Really WG? you all went and made a special camouflage for a ship that maybe 10 to 20 are in existence and then broadcast about it? ok...
  4. Lancemann123

    Lunar New Year in World of Warships

    good god, it's like WG thinks everyone has nothing else to do but play 10 hours a day 7 days a week.... eesh
  5. Yeah, I was trying to decide whether or not buying any of those containers was worth it for the chance at the camo, but then I saw Flamu's video of him opening up 15 great 8 containers that WG gave him for free, and he didn't get either the dual nation commander or a camo, and that would have cost us almost $70. After that I said, nope, if his attempts can't get anything at all, what chance do the rest of us have...