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  1. Getting torp'd when you didn't realize you have the chat window activated and all you see is ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd.....when you're trying to flank to starboard.
  2. To Aigle's credit...

    Having an OK time in her, gun transition without expert marksman is HORRID! But with a speed flag she tops out at 45kts while burning coal...that's some scooting speed but at that speed her gun tracking is Meh, still working on her.
  3. I wore a DD as a hat through 1/4 of a match in my Bismark because he cut me off but expected me to avoid HIM....nope, so the accumulated collision damage got me the pink eye....WORTH IT!
  4. On two torp launch boats I send one tight salvo just short of the indicator then one wide spread on the indicator. On three torp launchers almost the same but then I hold one back to see their reaction, 10 second evaluation then send the third salvo in a manner you choose. I also hover around 2K from my detection range and always try to send them when they are broadside to me. Best of luck!
  5. Finally Topped 50%

    Sadly that's about where you will hover forever. Unicum's are placed in the system to "prove" it's not rigged...but it is. WG wants 80% of its players to be at or around 50% W/L ratio.
  6. Smoke attracts torps, little DD's can maneuver and have a better chance of avoiding...large BB's not so much.
  7. Grozovoi is a wonderful AA platform that can be quite trollable at times. I melted 28 aircraft one match and the other CV driver was mad as a wet hen.
  8. Ranked is Rigged!

    All I have to say is that those that are opposed are shills and I agree its rigged! I've never seen a more "Accurate" targeting of randomness in my life. PISS OFF
  9. My bad, I should've said around 6km. But you get what I was saying.
  10. DD's in ranked that sit in their own smoke not spotting are the cancer of ranked! Smoke only to A. Get out of a jam or B. to help out a highly value ship "go dark" while you spot. Most DD's have a less than 6km detect range so screen and scoot! WAY too many people fielding [edited] ships like the Spree, Molotov, Dumbquart...etc
  11. When Whisky Golf get's their collective heads out of their fart tubes then people can have fun. It's just a money grab and RNG/MM Marmalade
  12. Ranked isn't for safe places or fidget spinners
  13. Ships are WAY to accurate and the maintenance ships repair WAY to slow plus the tier overmatch at the end is just the dry pickle in a you know where....
  14. I don't understand why WG even has this mechanic in place...Why screw with peoples experience in game to drive them away after they get sick of getting bent over to maintain the 50% W/L ratio?