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  1. Botcha

    No Ranked Battle Flag Reward

    What I hate is that the ranked flag only lasts as long as the season does. I feel if you earn something it stays till the next season IMHO
  2. Botcha

    0PR Goliath game wth

    sTats SaY i"M gUd!
  3. Oh, I'm not at the top of the team so my point is invalid....Bee Ess! The team died so fast I hardly had time to even set-up.
  4. Botcha

    IFHE Henri relevant in 2020?

    Henri IV's maneuverability was key factor in her effectiveness. Sure she can still fire but now I see most have adapted to making her just another range modded CA that sits behind islands now and not a kiter like she was meant to be. TOTAL "Richard" move by WG, I guess it was to make the new British line CA's look better but that's just sprinkles on turds.
  5. With window lickers like this I'm not sure I can...BTW that makes 3 complete wash-out, blow-out, kick-n-the-nuts games in 3 hours. REAL FUN AND ENGAGING WG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Fine example of today's amazingly "FUN" game 2 - 4 and I quit
  7. I kinda see where you are going with this but I don't think that is a accurate statement...more like this: You have the skill for the game to be like the Patriots (not my team but they win a lot) But you constantly get put on teams with Dolphins and Bengals. Your skills could carry the team for a bit but most people run match making monitor so they know who to target first. They gang tackle anything purple and the Tomatoes are ripe to harvest then. The MM/RNG shenanigans start when you're put on teams full of tomatoes or skittles, usually ending up in a loss. Lose enough then you are "graced" with a better team that you at least have a chance to win. I've div'd up many time with clanmates and a recent trend is to ignore Match Maker's W/L predictor because I've been on 62% Teams that get absolutely throttled by a 45% team...not that they were all that tactically special, it's the magic RNG factor where none of my division could hit ANYTHING while all the red shots hit like hammers and started 2-3 fires per salvo. All too often I've seen it so I don't buy the "WG doesn't manipulate things" garbage.
  8. WG says it doesn't and never will put in place a skill based MM/RNG mechanic..... 1. Subs 2. Sell Tier X Premium 3. Guns no bigger than the Yammy 4. ?? I feel you, and after as many battles as I have you just see the patterns. My W/L is pretty much a strait line ripping 8-10 loss nights even though I switch tiers and ship types. Log out, come back in and BOOM 6-8 wins in a row (most by steam rolls) WG knows they manipulate things to keep most the player base at or around 50% W/L ratio. Purples are just either crazy lucky or they are accounts placed in the game to skew the numbers to try to hide the 50% W/L normality. I've watched many videos of "Unicums" and I aim and shoot just like they do...their shots land quite different than mine that is for sure. They get 2-3 cits against a broadside CA...I get 3 overpens and 90deg ricochets (I kid you not) OR they all "Saddle" the target.
  9. Botcha

    CV's are so broke it's not funny

    I'll try to figure out how to upload the replay.
  10. Botcha

    CV's are so broke it's not funny

    Shōkaku and torp planes and rockets. Never did drop a bombing run for some reason.
  11. Botcha

    CV's are so broke it's not funny

    No, I don't expect to sit invulnerable to CV plane attacks Tier 10 to 10...Tier 8 Shōkaku for that matter shouldn't get 3 pass's at me losing 1 to 2 aircraft total per squadron for the duration of it's attack run.
  12. Botcha

    CV's are so broke it's not funny

    Easiest way to end all these CV rants is to well.....FIX IT!
  13. Botcha

    CV's are so broke it's not funny

    Oh and don't get me started with the "Just use AA ships if you don't like it" I do that and every damn time I queue up said AA boats (even with 4-8 CV's in queue) I NEVER get a CV match. It's almost comical how much WeeGee protects them...no detonations, little fires that stick, auto-fighters, VERY fast speeds for a capital ship, and preferred RNG/MM matches.
  14. Botcha

    CV's are so broke it's not funny

    Then there are far too few good "AA" ships then....can the whole CV project till they get the correct numbers for AA ratings because it is criminally deceitful otherwise.
  15. Botcha

    CV's are so broke it's not funny

    So WeeGee can put up "good feel" numbers that mean diddly. Sounds about right with pretty much this whole "Game"