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  1. Arms Race

    While I appreciate WG trying to do something different there is a huge flaw in it's making. It's hard enough to get others to work together tactically in random battles how did you think this was going to work? All I've seen is suicide runs to re-load points and clueless captains doot dooing around the map like it's a normal random battle. ...unless I'm missing something
  2. These are what I would consider to be decent tier 9 ships to keep (Non-Premium) from what I've sailed: DD: Yūgumo Kitakaze Fletcher CA: Roon Dmitri Donskoi BB: Iowa Lion Alsace
  3. I hope you gave the BB Captain a +1 for such an amazing shot!
  4. Pirate Crew Kill Rewards!

    Captains, if you didn't get your rewards send in screen shots to support and you will get what you are owed.
  5. Pirate Crew Kill Rewards!

    Oh and here's the screen shots for you chuckle heads saying for me to "prove it" Ticket sent in...
  6. Pirate Crew Kill Rewards!

    Sank 4 Crew and 1 Captain, only got the Captains loot....ticket it is then...shame that one needs to badger WG to get what they should've had ironed out in the first place...Oh and I'm not the only one.
  7. Hey WG! When the heck are we getting the Pirate Crew Rewards?
  8. Rewards for killing Pirate

    Still haven't gotten my Pirate Crew rewards yet.... :/
  9. Rewards for killing Pirate

    Captain kill was compensated but my 4 Pirate crew kills were not...I know WG had bigger fish to fry today so I'll keep waiting.
  10. Visited Blyskawica

    Very nice! WG should make the guns match the actual ship since the power creep kinda made her obsolete or at least not as effective as she was.
  11. The Problem With Pirates

  12. Yeah like WG would ever let that information go public, like I said before the game would be done if that ever happened.
  13. At WG headquarters, go right in and look for yourself
  14. Lower that 50% they are just bad. It's funny after 7000 battles that my W/L ratio is flat at 50%. You would think it would improve as one gets better at the game. The 60%er's and above are placed into the system at random intervals during account creation. If you get lucky enough (or re-roll enough) you'll get one and sail away un-restricted. WG wants those 60%er's to be in the "System" to "kinda" show that they don't do that, I mean if the games population knew that they where being restricted this would be a ghost town.
  15. No such thing when WG assures you to remain at 50% W/L. Flawed statistics are flawed.