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  1. Botcha

    The abuse and misuse of karma point

    @Lert If karma doesn't mean a damn thing why is it still in the game? So passive aggressive captains can give a virtual finger to people who erk them? I think the whole damn thing should go away.
  2. Botcha

    T8 CVs totally unplayable

    Game breaker! RIP WOWS
  3. Patch is utter garbage! Can't even win in CO-OP testing the CV changes. You either get up tiered to death or rolled like randoms. Pull it or the game dies!
  4. Botcha

    Favorite Premium

    Earned premium would be Kamikaze R Purchased premium would be the Perth or the Shinyhorse
  5. Driving in dense smoke/fog or trying to hide a Battleship with a smoke screen? Because one is apples the other is oranges
  6. And you are over-estimating the effects of smoke from a ship under any sea-like conditions once soever. There has NEVER been any "smoke" screen to hide an entire battleship, it barely hides itself
  7. Sure I have, and I see Semi's WAY before VW bugs...
  8. What I purposed wasn't that Earth shattering of a difference... 4km assured detect range for a CA/CL isn't a game breaker and a 6km for BB isn't either.
  9. That's the point of being a DD and punishing a [edited] BB that charges smoke.
  10. Since when do BB's get closer than 6km to anything as it stands now in the current meta? Stating that it will cause BB's to be even MORE passive is ludicrous. Not entirely true, a friendly DD smoked up and bolted their smoke but it lingered, I was in a DD skirting that smoke only to have a BB de-cloak 2km away from me and I was pissed...that's all.
  11. No I get the firing in smoke deal and that was a welcome change. I'm just saying that ships of incredible size shouldn't be as hidden as a thumbtack. DD = 2KM CL/CA = 4KM BB/BC/CV = 6KM Still pretty short ranges but that would at least give DD's a chance to attack a non-firing smoke humper since they have so many mechanics working against them (RDF, Radar, Hydro) and zero protection from those from behind islands.
  12. Simply put a BB shouldn't have the same assured detection range (in smoke) as a CA or a DD. That is absolute B.S.
  13. We have 3 different clan shards. I'm in dash and we have zero Stalingrad, you face our prime then so be it!
  14. Way to go WG! We're now facing 2-4 of these Cru....Battleships in Clan Battles. Game breaker!
  15. Botcha

    Does WG hate skill?

    How about removing RNG all together. The cream will rise to the top and the "less than stellar" players will (hopefully) leave