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  1. Kroaky

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    can i claim the ships on my pirate account ?? hehehehe (404)
  2. Kroaky

    Catch Leprechauns and get Rewards!

    gday Hapa , any chance of a late inclusion ? i had great fun as a runaway pumpkin in the last event but only just saw the new's for this event
  3. Kroaky

    Turkey Thank You!

    Thank you War Gaming, and in particular Hapa_Fodder and his team ,for putting on this fun event . i think most of the community got behind it with lots of thanks given and very little toxicity it was really interesting to play ships i dont normaly have access to and good fun to try different play styles to my normal game I will be back if wanted for future events Runaway_Turkey_136
  4. Kroaky

    2020 Turkey Shoot Bounty event is over

    i had my my first event as a volunteer for this and it was great fun . Yes i played some "OP" ships ... who wouldnt with 379 ships , all with 19 point captains ?? , but i also played some glass cannons ( in ways they are not meant to be played ) and sniped in t 10 bb's for a bit of a giggle ... but mostly i tried to attract the enemy attention then pull back slightly to draw them into the range of my teammates guns ... it was quite funny watching 4-5-6 ships ignore easier targets that were closer and broadside to them , in an effort to "win the prize" .. all up i found it to be great fun with very little toxicity , and that mostly at higher tiers . I'll definately be putting my name up for the next event as this one was so much fun Thank you @Hapa_Fodder and your team , keep up the great work