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  1. New wave of team killers?

    yes there is http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/19170-enabling-wows-replays/​
  2. -1 for bad attitude ... please at least try to be polite ... people take more notice
  3. i got disconnected during a tank battle ( i got a crappy isp and it happens quite a lot ) and i got a warning for a first offense .... usualy i can get back into game fast enough to get back into the battle but this particular time i couldnt
  4. and yet , here you are , playing a game made by russians ... and any money you spend on it goes to russians ... if you really feel that strongly should you be playing any wargaming title ?? my parents both served in the Royal Air Force during ww2 , i was born in england , raised in australia but as far as i am concerned I AM A RESIDENT OF EARTH we are all HUMAN , we all bleed red , breathe the same air etc etc ... until such time as we all feel the same, wars will happen
  5. its people with your attitude that spoil WoT ... and you will spoil WoWS ... so please , dont let the door hit you on the way out
  6. i'd cry too , if i lost my Pickle
  7. gotta love the louis got home from 8-ball ( won 2 out my 3 games with a 11-4 team win) and this was my first battle for the day
  8. unfortunately , ctrl+click does nothing ... i get no free cursor , so i cant target anything and i cannot turn secondaries off with the "P" button .... this has only been an issue since closed beta ... it worked after the patch , right up till the thursday CBT started and yes , i have reported it in the bug thread DxDiag19.01.15.txt