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  1. Sierra1968

    HMS Ark Royal premium ship

    If they buff the plane HP, and damage output, it might be ok, otherwise it needs +1/-1 matchmaking.
  2. Sierra1968

    CV's getting it Again

    Ok, so I came back about a year ago, after a year hiatus, due to life happens. I was amazed at the change in play style that occurred. Everyone was hiding behind islands, backing up or pulling forward to take a quick shot, then hiding again. The only way to circumvent this new, boring, peek-a-boom play style was to make CV’s easier to use. The CV could flush out island humpers, and deal with the pesky stealth torping/firing undetected in smoke DD’s (that class has had it too easy since launch, at low to mid tiers). Now, players that got used to their preferred play style (do lots of damage with little fear of retribution), they absolutely HATE CV’s, for “ruining their fun”. The game adapted to the current meta over time, and players are angry that they have to learn/adapt to a new play style/meta. This change keeps the game from getting stale. CV’s are not invincible, and they will punish a YOLO player, but they can be effectively countered. People just have to figure it out, is all.
  3. Sierra1968

    Atlanta vs. Flint

    I really enjoy having that extra range, especially when island hugging.
  4. Sierra1968

    Atlanta vs. Flint

    Unless your clan doesn't do clan battles, then Atlanta, which greatly benefits from BFT and AFT, as I assume the flint does also.
  5. Sierra1968

    Stronk Russian Battleships: First Impressions

    Got the PV last night. Pretty decent, and the AA is deceptively obscene. It doesn’t have a good rating, but in 2-3 matches I shot down close to 60 planes! Guns aren’t too bad, but it’s a long reload. It seems designed for bow tanking up close. Turrets have REALLY good angles. That’s what I’ve noticed so far with her.
  6. Wait, what?!? Have you not heard of the Orion P3, or the A-7 Viking, that drop sonar bouys? They also carry potent ASW equipment, and yes they have helicopters also. Back in the 80’s we had a Russian sub shadowing us, who got a little too close, so the carrier nearby (60 miles or so) scrambled it’s A-7’s and those things were dropping sonar bouys like crazy. Ended up chasing the sub off.
  7. Sierra1968

    CV Nation Recommendation

    If you’re thinking about just IJN or US, I’d go the US route. Kaga is the only IJN CV with HE bombs, just like Enterprise is the only US CV with AP bombs (which behave differently from IJN AP bombs). US strength lies in its dive bombers, although I had a game last night in the Enterprise where I had 99 rocket hits on targets. US rocket planes, until you mount tiny tims, launch a butt ton of rockets at targets, and are great for DD’s. UK CV’s are the easiest to use, US have the most utility, and IJN have stealthy torpedo bombers, so can get big damage numbers, if specced right. The Kaga tends to be an outlier for the IJN, because of the HE bombs and the lower tier planes.
  8. Sierra1968

    Kaga Advice?

    I always cycle my planes (1,2,3,1,2,3) to ensure I have full flights, and to ensure I have enough of the "right" planes to deal with any sneaky buggers who get to close. I always start with rocket planes, they are the fastest, and can deal with a DD if I come across one. They can also get out of AA quicker. They make good early spotters. TB's followed by DB's when you find a target to hit. Kaga is a tier 8 carrier with tier 7 planes and tier 12 capacity. On the loading screen, look at enemy ship AA ratings, japanese and German ships tend to have lower AA ratings, and the US tends to have the best. Brits and Russians are in between. Note the ships with lower AA ratings and try to find them, or failing that, find a lone ship on the flanks, preferably non US, and attack it. Spot DD's to help your team eliminate them, and don't be too reckless with your planes. Pick skills and modules that speed up plane replenishment and plane speed, HP, and armor. I go for bomber hp buff for the module slot, because they spend more time in AA. That's about it, then lots of practice.
  9. Sierra1968

    IJN CV Captain skils

    I don’t have any four point skills on my CV captains yet, as I’ve spent my points on survival and speed skills. Nothing really trips my trigger for four points, which could be better used for lower point cost options.
  10. Sierra1968

    IJN CV Captain skils

    I would recommend skills that reduce aircraft servicing times, and increase aircraft speed above all else at first. I usually pick air supremacy and improved engine boost first, then the skill that makes planes come back quicker (forget the name at the moment, improved engines?). Then aircraft armor, and survival expert for the extra HP for planes and your ship. Concealment is ok for IJN, but sight stabilization would probably be better, as you’ll be using that every time you launch an attack. The 1-1.5 km spotting distance reduction isn’t worth it really, in my opinion.
  11. Sierra1968

    IJN CV Captain skils

    Why torpedo speed? IJN torpedos already go 50 knots, do you really need the extra 5 knots at that speed?
  12. Sierra1968

    CV's getting it Again

    Yes, but you forget about speed and distance compression present in the game.
  13. Sierra1968

    CV's getting it Again

    Well, it will give DD's a chance to engine boost into a cap point, and give enemy ships a chance to move from their spawn points before being spotted. CV's won't get as much spotting damage, but may get more actual damage, because ships may spread out a bit more, if they aren't harassed 15 seconds into the match. You may catch that lone cruiser or BB racing to get behind an island, or into position. While I enjoy the extra credits from spotting, CV's shouldn't be able to spot the entire enemy team in the first 30 seconds of a match. Spotting is already retardedly low, except for BB's, so they can't do anything to spotting distance. This means that a CV will have to position itself blind in the early match. Once again, WG is elevating the skill floor on CV's. I enjoy the new playstyle, but CV's are very quickly becoming specialist only ships. You have to leverage the mechanics to your favor more and more these days....
  14. Sierra1968

    Anyone else disapointed with the Zep

    It'd be nice to have Stukas and something like FW 190s. Stukas would be high hit point but slow and armored, like a JU 87G's for torpedo and dive bombers. The FW 190's would be the rocket planes, or possibly dive bombers. That would be a much more historically flavored combo. Definitely need to get used to the different play style though, as it's kind of a mashup of USN, IJN, and a sprinkle of RN, just for kicks.
  15. Sierra1968

    Enterprise - Worth Getting?

    Just had a match tonight, got two citadels for 16k damage on a BB.