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  1. I have to agree that one on one the CV is broken when going against a DD. This however is a team based game and as soon as you have another ship type such as a cruiser come along, things become a lot more manageable. Last night a guildy and I took out our tier 8 JPN DDs and decided to push towards the east cap point. A Cleveland decided to tag along and we had great success on that flank. Took out two enemy DDs, two BBs, and then proceeded to push towards the center cap all while under constant bombardment by the enemy CVs. Obviously we also had our BBs trailing behind us and laying out some good artillery fire on the reds as well! But this was all possibly due to the Cleveland coming along and providing some much needed AA support as well as helping with the DDs and BBs. This was a two CV per side game by the way, and when the match started I thought to myself boy this is going to suck. But it turned out to be a successful round and very rewarding. You had to actively dodge incoming CV rockets, fire at the other DDs, and send out torps towards the BBs. Obviously other times games like these can go the exact opposite way and you get steam rolled. Team work is key and has a lot to do with your success in this game, which is rare in randoms.