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  1. Firing after losing target lock

    This is from the latest patch notes. Hope this helps answer your question. Link can be found from enderland07's post. Once a player's ship that is locked on by an enemy ship disappears from sight for more than four seconds, the target lock will be removed from that ship. Previously, the target lock would remain on the ship until a different ship is locked on, and would not get removed from the player's ship even if after getting out of sight for a considerable amount of time.
  2. I really hope that with the Seagal change also comes a way to earn this new Captain again. I missed out on earning Seagal. I also really like the look of the new camo for the IJN ships!
  3. Some higher tier BB questions

    1) I was initially grinding for the Kurfürst but stopped as I got to Friedrich Der Grosse. For high tier game play now I recommend you grind a ship with better gun handling. The Germans have terrible accuracy and are suffering in performance because of that currently. I am currently grinding for the Yamato and am 3/4 done grinding through the Izumu. I would recommend Montana or Yamato for clan wars. 2) I put concealment on everything no matter what ship class. What can't be seen can't be hit. It will help you with positioning of your ship in battle, and also allow for you to fall back into stealth between salvos greatly reducing the amount of return fire from the enemy. 3) Secondary builds are best on the German line and soon to be French line. I would focus on a tank/survival build for the Yamato or Montana and also spec your build around their gun performance. 4) No it is not worth it. The only nation to invest a little in that is the US line. However if you choose to go down the German line you will spec for the secondaries and that automatically also improves your AA performance. My advice is to spec for survivability. 5) Eventhough manual secondaries skill buffs the accuracy of your secondaries, I also don't use the skill. I believe that your captain points are better spent on other skills which boost your survivability. 6) not sure when they will be released, but if I had to guess Christmas 2018 or Spring 2019.
  4. Which BB line is currently dominating?

    Wait for the French BB line, it looks like that line is just right for you. Watch a YouTube video or two on them, they look fun especially if you like to brawl!
  5. 406s or 420s for Der Große?

    You only need to research the modules that are required to progress from ship to ship. This is mostly the hull, which you can see what modules are required by the line with the arrows leading to the next ship. Any side upgrades are not required such as the engine upgrade and fire control modules etc. As for which guns to equip, i always choose the biggest caliber and went with the 420s.
  6. Free the Fuso

    I agree with everyone else here that you should always save your freexp for the modules of your next ship. However, since you are grinding the IJN line, it wouldn't hurt to start saving some of the freexp for the Izumu later down the line.
  7. Mutsu is a joke

    I bought the Mutsu before the Kii was released to have a captain trainer. Now that I have my Kii, the Mutsu just collects barnacles in my port.
  8. German BBs, not my favorite

    Bismarck is a great ship especially in tier 8 matches where the meta is more aligned with the Bismarck's strengths. Once you get dropped into a tier 9/10 game things change because players play smarter and more conservative shooting at range. This is why I believe that you are stating that the Bismarck and Friedrich Der Große are weak ships. One way to make sure that you will not get deleted in the first 5 minutes of the game is to make sure to spec your captain with the concealment skill, and make sure that you also run the concealment module. This will help you not be the xp pinjata at the beginning of a match. Having concealment on the German BBs helps when getting into position at the beginning of a battle, allows you to drop into stealth between salvos at range, and can also help you with closing the gap between a target and yourself that you choose to focus on. As long as you are outside of your own secondaries range, the opposing ship that you are engaging always has an advantage over you. The German lines strenghts come into the light the closer you get to your target. Also make sure you choose wisely when to push in because otherwise you just get deleted, so don't yolo. The opposing ships pack a much bigger punch now, and you no longer are the biggest bully on the block especially when up tiered. The word on the forum is that you just have to get passed Friedrich Der Große and grind to the Kurfürst where it will be worth your time spent grinding out the line.
  9. I have been on WoT clans that sync drop as well as WoWS clans that sync drop and with every clan it is a fun and competitive way to play together casually. As soon as we drop and see we are on opposite teams we always jump into another chat room on ventrillo/teamspeak or there is a mandatory radio silence. I am part of HAVOC, and we do this on a nightly basis so we can all grind our ship line together while having some fun competitive gameplay. Giving up team intel to clan members on the opposite team has no relative value unless you like to waste your own game time and guarantee to sink your own stats. Any competitive clan will have standards and if that where to ever happen it would mean an immediate ban from the clan. Like many people said before me, it is more likely that clans that sync drop focus fire on clan mates rather than give them intel. When we sync drop we play the objectives as best as we can, but when we see other clan members down our sights it makes victory that much more sweeter! After each game we all jump back into the lobby and joke around how we managed to kill each other etc! It's a lot of fun!
  10. HSF Graf Spee hate. Why?

    One of the main reasons I bought the HSF Graf Spee is also for the 100% free exp bonus that the HSF camo brings! Overall it's an ok ship and I will use her to help me complete the HSF collection event going on right now. That way when I get the yamato I will have a good free camo to equip her with! In regards to getting a good captain for her, just run the operation(don't know name off the top of my head atm) that gives you a 10pt German Captain and you are good to go!
  11. Roma Needs Some Love

    The dispersion is one of the weaknesses of the ship that was disclosed by many Content creators. The ship has many strengths when it comes to her gun handling, but there has to be something to counter the strengths to even things out. After reading little mouse's review, I knew that this ship isn't for me since I have to put up with crap dispersion when I play my German BBs.
  12. Division Screen Thoughts?

    I dislike the new division window as well due to the fact you have to maximize it to ready up. Having another window to manage similar to a chat window is annoying. Only positive part is that you can place it anywhere on your screen, but I still prefer the original division window.
  13. I think I've burned out.

    I understand exactly how you feel. In the past I also stressed out over finishing campaigns in time and it can be toxic to your enjoyment of this game. Now days I attempt to complete campaigns/challenges, but if I don't that's ok as well. This is just a game and you can't let it affect your RL. Take a break if you need to, it is better to do that than rage quit.
  14. Went to news on the wows site and it's actually self explainable quick Facts: · The HSF Collection is only activated if you click the"I Want to Join"button below · Once you opt in, you get your first High School Fleet Container after a single battle in any tier V+ ship · After that, you get a single portrait in regular containers you open. · Or you can accelerate your progress by fighting battles in HSF ships and getting more high School Fleet Containers
  15. For anyone still needing clarification quick Facts: · The HSF Collection is only activated if you click the"I Want to Join"button below · Once you opt in, you get your first High School Fleet Container after a single battle in any tier V+ ship · After that, you get a single portrait in regular containers you open. · Or you can accelerate your progress by fighting battles in HSF ships and getting more high School Fleet Containers.