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  1. Got some Get some

  2. Education is the most top priority But dont forget Basketball as it is your second life-Jojokla23 Power Forward of Academia School

  3. Zombies always get negs just why its till 99

  4. Standard Zombies Smell sh't dont bother me im a zombie human.

  5. Pshhht can you please read my topic in suggestions Graphics and Gaming experience

  6. Hello there again my friend are there new around in our home i've been long gone.

  7. i shall return!!!

  8. Gaea are you the manager of the whole World of WarShips Forum?

    1. Gaea


      I'm the manager of EVERYTHING!

      And no, I'm not exactly, I'm just active here cause you guys are awesome. But is there anything you wanted? I can usually help you guys out if you need something.

  9. Crag_R Sir Targeting Tanks OH no Misclick i fired At the kitten nnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooo!!!

    1. Crag_r


      Yes um... Mistake.. yes... of course it wasn't intentional

  10. Im just a kid with an imagination Gr 6 pupil

  11. WIll THe Biggest Baddest Ship In the Game Will Prevail?

  12. I Like project hababuk