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  1. This game needs more omaha's. Every nation will have an Omaha, Italy, done. France? Check, Mongolia? Absolutely. There is gonna be so many Omaha's you'd think Oprah was giving them away.
  2. White Flag

    Hahahahahahahaha no But I agree with the epoxy. And then break them back down into small rocks only to put them back into big rocks.
  3. Stuck on a F$"/!&ng rock

    I clipped the side of an island once and got stuck and couldnt move forward or backwards, I was in the cap tho, and we ended up winning and I got a few kills out of being a coastal battery in my furutaka lmbo
  4. CVs are wrecking the game

    There's nothing more satisfying than sneaking past the enemy team in a DD and torping their CV's. I live for that stuff. Sometimes snag my self a BB along the way. I only experienced one smart CV who kept a fighter squadron on me when I got detected. I didn't do much that game RIP
  5. fire on your allies

    One time I was drunk I attacked a friendly ship because it scared me and it looked evil. Then I realized it was a friendly and I stopped playing that night.
  6. When will Atago be back?

    We all wish that "Soon™" is like a week or 2 but we all know its a few months to never.
  7. Tenryu is....

    I love my tenryuu. Its a great ship. A big destroyer is what she is. Lovely.
  8. Yeah you're right. Never been a fan of russia in WOT or WT.I just dont like their material. Yeah I know the game is made by russians and it makes sense. I understand where they are coming from. Im just not a fan of Russian war material and when I think of a navy the last country I think about is Russia. yeah I know RIP.
  9. Aw hell naw, NK aint crap. But I dont get Russia. I do not want to play russia. USA, Japan and Germany is all I need. Russia can go suck a torpedo.
  10. Fix edge surfing ASAP

    I got a simple solution, Giant squids and lobsters!!! You hit the border? You get diced in half by a giant claw or get pulled under the sea by tentacles! All without warning no less. Wouldnt want it any other way. but Seriously, maybe make it like land or get put on a timer like battlefield.
  11. The kawachi was terrible, I free exp'd it and then got to the myogi, half exp half free exp'd that and then I got the Kongo so Im happy but I need the new hull ;_; I played like 5 matches in the Kiwachi and I could not stand being outranged by everything and firing a shotgun blast at targets.
  12. Edge of game map

    I found it weird that its a hard border and you dont get a return to battlefield message. I've hit it a few times on accident when Im slugging it out then Im like OH crapBORDER, then all of a sudden Im going the other way in like 2 seconds. Nifty. Working as intended.
  13. I'm going to miss World of Atago when its gone ;_;
  14. All this teamwork is fun and all but thats also why I love Destroyers, especially IJN DDs. Stick with the group and leader? Hell no! Anarchy on the high seas! Torp everything thats red! Go where you please! Its exciting.