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  1. Read Popular Mechanics. February 1943. Page 63
  2. Florida is tier 7. Can play tier 7 scenarios. Massachusetts is tier 8.
  3. Laynester

    USS California

    Sorry. Advanced fire. the 2 skills that are supposed to increase rate of fire and range. California started with AA of 87 and after adds it stayed 87.
  4. Laynester

    USS California

    I bought California this morning. I added Ashley as Captain. I selected Basic and Expert Marksman. Anti Aircraft remained 87 after upgrades.
  5. Laynester

    A Game of Birds and Wolves

    A Game of Birds and Wolves The Ingenious Young Women Whose Secret Board Game Helped Win World War II by Simon Parkin The triumphant true story of the young women who helped to devise the winning strategy that defeated Nazi U-boats and delivered a decisive victory in the Battle of the Atlantic. By 1941, Winston Churchill had come to believe that the outcome of World War II rested on the battle for the Atlantic. A grand strategy game was devised by Captain Gilbert Roberts and a group of ten Wrens (members of the Women’s Royal Naval Service) assigned to his team in an attempt to reveal the tactics behind the vicious success of the German U-boats. Played on a linoleum floor divided into painted squares, it required model ships to be moved across a make-believe ocean in a manner reminiscent of the childhood game, Battleship. Through play, the designers developed “Operation Raspberry,” a counter maneuver that helped turn the tide of World War II. Combining vibrant novelistic storytelling with extensive research, interviews, and previously unpublished accounts, Simon Parkin describes for the first time the role that women played in developing the Allied strategy that, in the words of one admiral, “contributed in no small measure to the final defeat of Germany.” Rich with unforgettable cinematic detail and larger-than-life characters, A Game of Birds and Wolves is a heart-wrenching tale of ingenuity, dedication, perseverance, and love, bringing to life the imagination and sacrifice required to defeat the Nazis at sea.
  6. Laynester

    A Game of Birds and Wolves

    This is a book by Simon Parkin that tells a story about Captain Gilbert Roberts who developed a game to teach anti-submarine warfare. Roberts team consisted of WRENS who excelled at math and became experts at defeating U-Boats without going to sea.
  7. Laynester

    Savage Battles

    i may have missed the message but how does one get ships for the game? if this is a clan or team event i understand but i would like to know so i can stop searching.
  8. I agree that knowing your ship is most important.
  9. Laynester

    USS Nevada

    I would like to see the 1945 version of the ship for playability. the June 1944 version for history and the 1941 version to annoy the carrier haters.
  10. Laynester

    Why the Georgia and not the Tillman IV-2 BB?

    World of Warships is computer game. The Tillman ships were a nice thought process to overwhelm a Senator. The Washington Naval Treaty as well as real world physics would not allow the Tillmans. The locks of the Panama Canal are 110 ft. The Montana was planned with a larger beam so the Tillmans would not fit naval planning. I'm waiting for the Georgia.
  11. Laynester

    Mouse opens free Azur Lane crates

    your marketing is interesting. i have played through events that i knew i was not good enough to get to the end but had some fun. i buy ships because i hope to have fun playing and support the tech people that keep the game running. anyway, i am retired and money is a little tight. waiting for iron bottom sound.
  12. in real life there was an admiral named tanaka who did well with his destroyers. in real life there was an admiral named sprague who played against the yamato and won. in real life there was an admiral named king who needed to learn that the british understood convoy protection. world of warships is not broken but at least this learning curve does not cost lives.
  13. Laynester

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    The update itself went smoothly on the windows system. When I started the game I noticed the removal of several Modules and noticed mention of Saipan. As I started playing I noticed that my anti-aircraft guns on Texas appeared nerfed. I recall Texas AA was in the 70's and now it is 50. I was bothered that AA Mod 1 had been removed and I had to repurchase it as none of the AA Mod 2 or 3 appeared available. There are 22 units of the Mod 2 in my inventory. I have found no explanation though it is possible to miss something. It bothers me that I have had to spend credits to repurchase what I started with and am concerned that any upgrades will cost money. So far this is the most annoying part of the patch. The planes on Hosho worked as they were described and the volume of people playing carriers in interesting.