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  1. Buckeyefan21x

    Overall Activity Dropping

    Wargaming has screwed there game with the CV rework. I use to play everyday on my days off of work, Now with the Rework of the CVs, I barely touch it now. The whole rework is a disaster. I wish another more competent developer would make another Action WW2 Navy game such as Battletations Midway/Pacific 3. Wargaming has destroyed their game.
  2. Buckeyefan21x

    Selling CV's

    Wargaming has successfully destroyed the CV gameplay. RTS Format was a million times better than the crapwe have now.. Yes it had some problems but to what we have now, CVs are a sinking ship and there no coming back from it now. I use to love playing CVs but not anymore. Plus they continue to nerf them into the ground. ITs looking like Im going to be returning my premiums CV and selling the rest of the non premium. I also have lost interest in the game in general and don't care to play it anymore since the CV rework is a disaster.
  3. Wargaming needs to allow players to be able to manually control there CV without losing thierattack planes or having them sent back. Wargaming AI logical is so bad. it has gotten me killed so many damn times either by the CV not moving where its suppose to go, The automated repair party being used on 1 fire, only to get torp with massive flooding once it runs out. Not being able to control the CV like we use to is terrible. This is one feature that has to be brought back into the game, The AI CV movement along with the usage of consumables just isn't as smart as a human player of knowing when to use it, or where to move exactly. You cant park your CV behind island correctly with the automated control. the AAA OP, The gameplay Breaking CV rework, Everything about patch 8.0 is horrible.
  4. It should be a full cash refund as this isnt what I paid for. Also the doubloons are worthless because most ships you might exchange it for arent even on the tech tree and only in the premium store.. They should atleast for example allow you to exchange your doubloons on ships that arent in the tech tree. The Massachusetts for example is one ship I would like to spend my Saipan refund on but it's not in the tech tree causing no value in my refunded gold. They honestly should make all the ships available for exchange even including the rare ones for doubloons value so I can do the exchange. After the CV rework , I hate the game now anyways but atleast it would be more fair of a compensation.
  5. Buckeyefan21x

    Post CV first impressions here.

    The CV rework is a complete disaster, CVs are basically useless...They need to forget the rework and just go back to RTS format. No one going to want to play this Garbage. They rushed this CV rework out the door and its a terrible first impression. As a long time CV player who enjoyed them. I cant stand what they did.
  6. Buckeyefan21x

    This is a Freaking Disaster

    CV play is dead as right now, Its not fun at all. Whoever thought this was acceptable making it to the live server should be fired.
  7. lol that's what WG says, but bro, it doesn't even matter, even when you avoid them, once your in medium range, your done
  8. The AA on ships is way to OP at the moment, Ive played quite a few games now in the CVs and its nearly impossible to hardly do anything. Its so bad that every BB even when HP pool is drained feels like your going against Pre patch 8.0 Mino/Wooster with Defensive fire turned on. Playing a CV is basically useless now which im sure anti-Cv players are rejoicing. CV will be dead in a week with this AA damage model. Also, it doesn't feel like it matters if you avoid the long range flak and once you get the medium range AA, its over before it even begins. CV gameplay feels a lot worse than what I did before 8.0. Ive even played in Coop, and the bots cant even be farmed, when playing in random battles with people fully spec into AA, its even worse.
  9. Ask to see deck real picture with the mustache!
  10. Buckeyefan21x

    [KSC] & [KSD] Kill Steal Confirmed Recuitment

    Its Friday so its Bump time!
  11. A good group of guys here! Highly recommend this group!
  12. Buckeyefan21x

    Christmas crates have been a total rip off this year.

    It seems to me, the only people who get multiple ships are bascailly first time Christmas crate buyers who don't have a lot of the lower tier ships. I mean 40 big boxes and 5 mega and only to receive the crappy tier V crispy cream is awful. Last year they also said you would receive atlasst one special ship from the box.
  13. Christmas crates have been a total rip off this year. I only received the crappy crispy Cream garbage Russian boat after 40 big boxes and 5 Mega crates! What a waste!. I rememeber last year boxes being so much better with the percentage chance to get premium ships.
  14. Buckeyefan21x

    CV Rework Going Live early 2019

    and the new system more attractive? lol CVs will be deader than before after the first week or two
  15. Buckeyefan21x

    [KSC] & [KSD] Kill Steal Confirmed Recuitment

    Whats the discord link? Currently looking for a possible new group.