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  1. Buckeyefan21x

    Puerto Rico is popular

    And how much $$ did you have to spend to get all that? How much did you put into santa crates. I assume you were buying the Mega ones
  2. Buckeyefan21x

    Next Clan battle season

    Clan Battles are boring just like the rest of the game modes. same old crap
  3. Buckeyefan21x

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.10

    What happened to Wargaming posting the special Commander from the Russian BB line event into the armory for patch 8.9 like was promised so people who missed the event can buy the specail commander for his talents? They were suppose to be released in match 8.9 but they werent!
  4. Buckeyefan21x

    CV whining is now outdated. Move on

    You must have been viewing a terrible player because there no way someone attacking a Wooster without losing every single plane in the squadron especially with DF/priority sector fire. the Wooster player must have been lowest players skill wise.
  5. Buckeyefan21x

    To Say Carriers Suck Is An Understatement

    CV have been Nerfed into the ground and the players numbers are getting closer to closer to the RTS days. Which the RTS days was way more enjoyable for me anyways then what we have now. Atleast you could do damage back then but had to be strategic since you didn't haven't unlimited number of planes. Bring back the RTS style Wargaming
  6. Where is the 200% win bonus for the Anniversary week? The last few years they had given us 200% all week long? Im only showing 50% right now?
  7. You would be smart not to spend any real money on the French DDs created considering there all coming out for free and thier regular line ships. There is nothing special that you cant just grind or free exp up through the line.
  8. Buckeyefan21x

    Clans Come and Go?

    A bunch of leadership infighting
  9. Buckeyefan21x

    Clan Battles: “Neighbors” Season

    Giving us 3000 less steel is pretty [edited]. Most teams wont even make it to hurricane like it is every season which makes it 4000 less steel overall. This change is pretty crappy on Wargaming part. They just give us less and less rewards each season. They need to increase the steel reward for this season , 3000 less is way to much even if there doing tier 8 ship which im not for sure what there thinking that just because there going with tier 8 there's magically going to be thousands of new players playing clan battles and making it is past Squall league. They should just keep the steel at 11,500 every season .
  10. Buckeyefan21x

    Overall Activity Dropping

    Wargaming has screwed there game with the CV rework. I use to play everyday on my days off of work, Now with the Rework of the CVs, I barely touch it now. The whole rework is a disaster. I wish another more competent developer would make another Action WW2 Navy game such as Battletations Midway/Pacific 3. Wargaming has destroyed their game.
  11. Buckeyefan21x

    Selling CV's

    Wargaming has successfully destroyed the CV gameplay. RTS Format was a million times better than the crapwe have now.. Yes it had some problems but to what we have now, CVs are a sinking ship and there no coming back from it now. I use to love playing CVs but not anymore. Plus they continue to nerf them into the ground. ITs looking like Im going to be returning my premiums CV and selling the rest of the non premium. I also have lost interest in the game in general and don't care to play it anymore since the CV rework is a disaster.
  12. Wargaming needs to allow players to be able to manually control there CV without losing thierattack planes or having them sent back. Wargaming AI logical is so bad. it has gotten me killed so many damn times either by the CV not moving where its suppose to go, The automated repair party being used on 1 fire, only to get torp with massive flooding once it runs out. Not being able to control the CV like we use to is terrible. This is one feature that has to be brought back into the game, The AI CV movement along with the usage of consumables just isn't as smart as a human player of knowing when to use it, or where to move exactly. You cant park your CV behind island correctly with the automated control. the AAA OP, The gameplay Breaking CV rework, Everything about patch 8.0 is horrible.
  13. It should be a full cash refund as this isnt what I paid for. Also the doubloons are worthless because most ships you might exchange it for arent even on the tech tree and only in the premium store.. They should atleast for example allow you to exchange your doubloons on ships that arent in the tech tree. The Massachusetts for example is one ship I would like to spend my Saipan refund on but it's not in the tech tree causing no value in my refunded gold. They honestly should make all the ships available for exchange even including the rare ones for doubloons value so I can do the exchange. After the CV rework , I hate the game now anyways but atleast it would be more fair of a compensation.
  14. Buckeyefan21x

    Post CV first impressions here.

    The CV rework is a complete disaster, CVs are basically useless...They need to forget the rework and just go back to RTS format. No one going to want to play this Garbage. They rushed this CV rework out the door and its a terrible first impression. As a long time CV player who enjoyed them. I cant stand what they did.
  15. Buckeyefan21x

    This is a Freaking Disaster

    CV play is dead as right now, Its not fun at all. Whoever thought this was acceptable making it to the live server should be fired.