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  1. They want to turn it in the Essex which is the Worst CV in the whole game thanks to its down tiered planes going against all Tier 9 Japanese planes along with Super OP AAA from every Tier 9/10 ship.
  2. This is Straight up Horse Sh-It by Wargaming!!!!! They destroyed the Essex by down tiering all its planes, Now they're going to destroy the Midway. The Down tier in planes has killed the Essex which is whats going to happen to the Midway. They need to seriously Nerf all the other Ships AAA defensives if there going to continue to give us crippled planes for the tier our ship is at!!
  3. I'm not fishing man, Truth be told, World of Warships is my outlet pretty much, I don't have much family so when the holidays come around the depression starts to kick in. My birthday is today ( with no much going on besides work/school) and Christmas is in 2 days so while other gets a lot of enjoyment , cant say its the same for me. Im not expecting anything.
  4. Thank you and it would be a wonderful blessing
  5. Thank you! by the way, Alabama shouldn't have made it to the playoffs!
  6. Awesome and Thank you. Bet you will be extremely happy to be finished!!
  7. I think CornHuskers fans future looks a whole lot brighter with Frost as your new head coach.
  8. Im just turning 19 and I'm not demanding anything. Im just a college student trying to make my way while working full time to pay my school. Was just hoping for a secret Santa somewhere to bring some christmas joy as I'll be working 12 hrs tomorrow and not having much enjoymen plus christmas eve. What can we say , life is hard!
  9. Todays my Birthday and I wish .. I wish Santa would be nice and Grant me some Christmas crates and bring a smile to my face! Name is Buckeyefan21x if anyone wants to division up Happya Holidays and cheers to being 1 year older
  10. Could we get a no-carrier game mode?

    CV add a lot to the game actually, you realize how boring the game would be without the added extra variety?
  11. Not to mention the Big E gets two torpedo squadrons that are lowered tiered planes as well. Wargaming hasn't given the Essex any additional squadrons to justify only giving it a max tier 8 planes especially when the Lexington and midway match there tiers in regards to there tiers.