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  1. Why Are you Joining the CV Rework Test

    You forgot , I'm a player who enjoys CV play as is. I'm playing to see if I will continue to play carriers once the rework as taken into affect.
  2. Hall Of Fame Rewards?

    Im going to open a ticket because this isnt right, at this point, we should be getting compensated with premium containers instead of basic ones.
  3. Hall Of Fame Rewards?

    Still haven't received my rewards yet, Finished in the top 5%
  4. Alot of you are saying well just dont play it if you don't like it. Well the issue with that is there are only two ways to get steel in the game, ranked and clan battles. Since wargaming only gives you small amounts of steel in ranked and clan wars, your forced to play both. They need to remove the save your star feature which I agree with, all that does is promote self teamplay.
  5. Reason for the title... 1. Its straight up cancerous! 2. Its way to stressful having to rely on people who are less skilled than you. 3. There hardly any team work since Wargaming doesn't have a dedicated VoIP in game 4. Games are suppose to be fun, playing ranked battles isnt fun at all. Really just want you want to uninstall the game.(no trollish comments are needed)
  6. If you get in Lightning, put in a good word for me :)
  7. WoWS anniversary!

    Probably nothing worth being excited about, it has been a joke so far if you ask me. There really nothing worth buying with the anniversary tokens and there been no good rewards or doublet/triple Exp weekends. Seems like a lame celebration to me.
  8. So far, we are getting kind of screwed when it comes to the bonuses. You can gain way more exp, free exp, and commander exp when each ship has a 100% or 200% bonus. This whole daily mission of getting 1k exp, 1k fexp, and 2000k commander exp is lame. It should be available as a mission along with the 200% daily bonuses. Most decent players are getting shafted and so far this WOWs anniversary celebration has been boring and lackluster so far. There also nothing good to spend those anniversary tokens on.
  9. CV Rework Feedback

    If this is copying Battlestations, then its one hell of a poor job doing so. If this actually played like Battlestations Midway, it would be great, this is nothing like it.
  10. CV Rework Feedback

    No one likes dumb down game play which is what were getting, you think Cvs are annoying now, Just wait when you have one every single match with this rework.
  11. CV Rework Feedback

    You know what form it will be in, doubloons. I wanted my cash back because this isnt what I paid for.
  12. CV Rework Feedback

    Reasons... 1. Overall, it just looks terrible. Looks like your playing a Cell phone mobile game 2. The whole strategy game play is gone, CV has endless planes to farm ships and lol they reload ammunition in the air ( I Love playing current CV's which everyone wanted a CV change, but This CV change we seen today looks far far worst than we have currently. 3. The CV rework has a good chance to ruin the current fun game play ( if you call it that) as we know it. You guys requested change, but change isn't always a good thing. 4. The game play looks extremely unpolished. ( Since when did dive bombers shoot up in the sky like there going up a roller coast hill and dive back down to attack. Show me 1 ww2 video where they did that? The planes would roll to the left/right to start there dive bomb attack. ( the animations are worst than 2 superior games that game out in 2006/2009 on the Xbox 360, Battle stations midway/Pacific. 5. Wargaming should stop trying to build new ships/ rework CVS and instead focus on building a brand new engine for the game that will actually improve game play and not cause limitations like the current extremely outdated one does now. 6. I'll glad War gaming will be refunding premium CVs, I will gladly accept my refund. 7. What they should do is just return the CVs back to the Alpha/Beta days. So much better for everyone.