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  1. You can come check us out at Sea Renegades! We don't have 40+ members but what we do have a tight group people that knows each other well! We have 29 members who are all active and team up! Plus we can help you grind to your ranked 10 ships! One thing to keep in mind about you wanting to join these big groups is usually, you just become another number/member without people really getting to know you. At Sea Renegades, you don't just become another member, you become a friend! We are active, we are looking for other active players and people who are interested in Clan wars as well. Come check us out! kb509.teamspeak3.com is our Teamspeak Address and our website http://searenegades.gamerlaunch.com/
  2. So I noticed today that my Yamamoto Isoroku special commander doesn't have Expert marksmen ( increased stats 3 degree/1degree turrent turn rate ) or his preventive maintenance (45% vs 30%) Is anyone else having this issue or did they change it? I also have no special little green icon on the commander skill like the other special commanders such as John Doe( Steven). According to this, he's supposed to have expert mark/Preventmaintence increase http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Unique_Commanders
  3. This is how our members in Sea Renegades handle business! Sea Renegades is Recruiting! Come hang out with us and have some fun!
  4. Mods shouldnt be allowed in the game period, Its so stupid WG allows this crap into the game. Clearly, it gives people the advantage over people not using them.
  5. Looking for semi-casual friendly clan

    Hey Fresh! I just saw your post and sent you a message!
  6. SEA RENEGADES is recruiting! Come check us out! Relaxed environment with both Competitive and casual players!
  7. Signature Stats not updating?

    Hey guys, It looks like I'm having an issue with my Stats not updating my signature? I've removed it and recopied a fresh link but still doesn't help! any ideas?
  8. Sea Renegades is actively searching for new members who want to contribute to Clan Wars and who enjoy having fun! We are looking for members who want to be part of an active gaming community who enjoy playing together! We Division up often and have a blast! Our members come from all over the country ranging from the East to West coast even including Hawaii! We also try to help each other during the ranked season so everyone has the best chance to make it to number 1! Come check us out and see if it's a good fit! Thank you!
  9. Looking For A Clan

    Hello there Yacskn, I'm the recruitment officer for Sea Renegades! I really like how your stats have improved! It looking very promising! My team is looking for new players who want to play Clan Wars ( next season), enjoy teaming up together, and overall have fun! Sea Renegades might be a good home for you! We are organized, very active, and love to laugh/joke around. We are a competitive group looking for like minded players who want to team up and enjoy the game! We are also in Typhoon league so we can also help you to improve your stats even further! Come check us out! Our Teamspeak address is kb509.teamspeak3.com and our website is http://searenegades.gamerlaunch.com/
  10. About Ourselves: Sea Renegades is a well-established Clan, with focus on clan wars(CW) and Div/pubs all year round. Our players tend to be good to exceptional. Members are 18 to 50’s from East coast and West coast. Teamspeak is relaxed, but focused during CW. We are looking for similarly minded players. Sea Renegade members receive the following perks (Clan level VIII): - 10% discount on T5/6/7/8 ships. Helps with the progression up the tiers on ship lines. - 3% XP bonus on IJN, KMS, HMS, USN, FMN, RU and Pan Asian ships. Nice for ship and captain xp grind. - 10% reduced Service cost on Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships and Carriers. This is a big credit earner for members. What we are looking for: - Of course, a team player when on a team. - Teamspeak3 and mic are mandatory. ( Be active on Teamspeak while playing) - Ideally, have a few tier X ships for Clan Wars (not counting CV) with 53%+ win rate and/or WTR 1100+ in those ships. ( If you're close to tier X ships, we are more than willing to help you complete the grind) - Not a racist or sociopath - Take a joke, dish a joke is a plus If interested contact by either 1. in-game, 2.Teamspeak or 3. Website: 1. Contact via in-game chat, forums, and website : Recruiters: Buckeyefan21x Officers ( who will most likely direct you to a recruiter ): Deckapee Tommyboypdx Herr_Reaper DD357 Commander_Fritts 2. TS3 address: kb509.teamspeak3.com 3. Website to Apply (right click and open): Sea Renegades Website
  11. I hope someday they finally put in subs, so i can cause you grief!