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  1. you know that is the smartest thing i read here
  2. u still havent sucked down the shotgun...go now
  3. sure why not, u can take my credits and earn xp as well WG
  4. its ok if u want to suck up to them, but i paid for 2 cvs with unique features. the fact they lost those features because of game play changes they should offer refunds back. i dont care about doubloons, since the only way to make them realize they fubared is hurting their bottom line.
  5. MrRamRod2U

    CV Rework Feedback

    WG, why? why are you dumbing down this game again? i understood before you had to make this an arcade game vs a simulation. time again you appeased the masses, just make it strictly a ship only game already. hell at this point if your turning cv gameplay into a third rate mini game, i dont see why you cant add even more ludicrous features that no one asked for. however this? really? i rather see cv's remove than have this "rework". just give me my refund on my premium cv's so i can go find another game.
  6. MrRamRod2U

    Game unexpectedly ends

    hi, i was playing my Shima and doing Shima things, when towards the 10min mark the game ends all of a sudden when i get a battleship kill. like the game credited the other team instead of ours. i have a replay here. https://replayswows.com/replay/27063#stats