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  1. Kaeldian

    Remove planes and CVs from WowS

    The "Carriers risk nothing" argument doesn't hold water from me when I can see from the air all these high-arc cruisers sitting behind islands pumping out fire with impunity. And they are often the same guys who pitch a fit and cry when I send AP dive bombers over said island and plunge explosives and steel into their citadel. The truth is many people want THEIR immunity, be it concealment or hard cover - they just hate it when CV's ruin their immunity.
  2. If scrubs wanna hate, let them hate. People who get mad at people for using the tools available to them to win aren't the type you can reason with anyway. They live by imaginary rules they impose on themselves then get mad when other people refuse to play by said unwritten rules. Screw em, let them rage.
  3. Kaeldian

    WG Please Explain HE Cruisers

    *wonders to himself what he's doing wrong with his Baltimore and other "OP" USN ships*
  4. I wonder if one of those was the AFK Atlanta with silent AA I found sitting in the enemy Cap with my rocket planes. Poor guy complained how he started the game with half health. I'm not sure exactly how that happened though..... *whistles innocently*
  5. I always assume that the ship coming at me while I have the upper hand is going to go for the ram in desperation, even if they are as far as 8km out, I react accordingly and find a way to avoid the ram. Not a stupid mechanic. But think of it as a "Catch Up" mechanic that allows the one who's losing gain something from it. Most good games have such things, even if you don't particularly agree with them.
  6. Hate to see how this guy reacts to tier 10 AA when he gets his Tier 8. Co'mon man, take it as a challenge, I know I do - and my Tier 6 is a flippin' Ryujo who's Zero's get shredded to confetti if anybody so much as sneezes AA at them. I learned quick to avoid certain ships until the game progresses and I can catch them alone - and I'm far from the best player out there. Adapt and overcome man!
  7. Kaeldian

    So whats your opinion

    Unfair Plane! Violet Stat pedder kemp bush! But yah, no lies detected. Doesn't matter which game it is, the cognitive dissonance is real.
  8. Kaeldian

    How do you dodge AA flak?

    This explains so many videos I've seen of advanced CV players doing curving attack runs rather than going straighter. I've been trying to find a way to dodge flack but shrink my targeting reticule by still flying mostly straight. Fascinating. I must experiment with this on my Shokaku over the weekend.
  9. Kaeldian

    So whats your opinion

    You have to understand - some people just can't take blame on themselves - or they are just literally so bad they don't realize it. They'll dismiss your performance either as just getting lucky or you're a selfish stat-padder. It is what it is - people always ignore the truth of what's in front of them. Just look at the geo-political situation we're in today... games are no different.
  10. Kaeldian

    CV Balance, what would you do?

    The only thing I wish for as a CV player is better control over my interceptors. The fire and forget of my Fighter support consumable feels so MEH. While it's fun trying to anticipate the dance moves of my targets, I wish I had more opportunities to be a team player outside of spotting and dropping a meh consumable. Same with the consumable that launches catapult fighters. I wish those who used them had better control of what and when they engaged.
  11. Kaeldian

    Jingles.. what are you saying?

    "Need More Dakka!" for AA support is one of my favorites. I keep him on for the time's I inappropriately touch somebodies citadel and get the "That's a Paddlin'!" voiceover.
  12. You won't get argument from me on that one. I've just given up [edited] about it years ago after 19k battles in WoT
  13. Kaeldian

    Has fire been nerf'd too much?

    Naw, it's fine. It's just strong enough now to be viable without being OMG THIS IS SO [edited] like it was in those opening months. There's a reason that my old Cleveland stats are so stupidly inflated - and not all of it has to do with the fact it was a tier lower back then.... Hell, my Sims stats are considerably overinflated for the same reason now that I think about it.
  14. Ah remember getting torped by a teammate in the opening 30 seconds because I had the temerity to disagree that Torps were not OP. I got blasted as "proof" that they were OP somehow. LOL It's for the best... really
  15. Kaeldian

    When to Grind and when to Pay

    That's cool and all, but a Flint is further off than an Atlanta for me by a considerable margin. That, and I work in Atlanta - so I kinda feel obligated to represent