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  1. Hello all!

    Hello sir or ma'am . good luck and good hunting.
  2. Odd containers

    Open them up, looks like a copier run off.
  3. Hell frackin this^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  4. Admiral Mode

    Hey I resemble that remark!
  5. Yet again?

    Off topic for a bit here I see way less ranting on these forums than on WOT, it down right friendly over here. Yes sir replays and screen shots.
  6. USS Missouri, BB-63, has been recommissioned.

    Say what you want l'm off to find that kayak mod!
  7. idea for new BB consumable

    When did I get voted out?
  8. From bacononaboat post: I know, I know folks - I was just as shocked as you. 'These HE spammer scrap piles actually take skill to play???' raced through my head as my Cleveland was blasted out from under me. Blood shot out from my nose, the wind howled, children screamed, and the sky became filled with GREEN ****! And then it was over. The great symbol of imminent destroyer demise, of battleship funeral pyres, and been taken from me in mere seconds....by an AI Benson. Thanks for the laughs !
  9. Very good information there lert, thx.
  10. She handles like a pregnant yak in a mud wallow. Please say you have no first hand knowledge of this.
  11. My mistake pressing the battle button!., there someone had to say it.
  12. I have the Arkansas beta and always get two CV's with it so you are the first target to go.