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  1. they have clan logo's for tank's so why not WOWS?
  2. yes on the clan flags!., good Ideal there chaos
  3. 5.3 mil frack that awesome !
  4. The Bloody Buccaneers

    Yes and a good time can be had by all ( bump)
  5. Hello all!

    Hello sir or ma'am . good luck and good hunting.
  6. Odd containers

    Open them up, looks like a copier run off.
  7. Hell frackin this^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  8. Admiral Mode

    Hey I resemble that remark!
  9. Yet again?

    Off topic for a bit here I see way less ranting on these forums than on WOT, it down right friendly over here. Yes sir replays and screen shots.
  10. USS Missouri, BB-63, has been recommissioned.

    Say what you want l'm off to find that kayak mod!