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  1. 'I don't have one battle in a CV in my profile so im going to lie and then tell a complete stranger on the internet to kill themselves'. Yep that's a normal response...for a teenage mental midget.
  2. You have no idea what you're talking about. Try a CV line then you can speak.
  3. Yes but in general you get uptiered more than top tier. Just my experience. Also AA power creep has gotten completely out of hand. DDs able to turn themselves into no fly zones, Lion, Conqueror, duke of York, Kidd, new French BBs look to be AA beasts as well. Kind of stupid to have all these new ships/abilities to obliterate planes when CV play is already so rare. DF is also too powerful as a whole (except on CVs) in its current implementation since you effectively cant avoid it. A cruiser pops DF you're going to lose whole squads. My 2 cents is, in the short term, DF should actually be removed and they should just be running a (smaller) multiplier that scales per class and is activated only when manual targeting and the CV UI needs to be updated to include a visual of AA bubbles and when their planes are being focused down.
  4. French BB psych up thread

    I was surprised to see CCs already have Richelieu, had one on my team tonight.
  5. Do you play during prime time? There were a bunch of carriers when the US loadouts went live though that's seems to of mostly died off. I still see a carrier at tier 10 20% of the time. Stock yamato-class will be threatened by everything, not just tier 10.
  6. Izumo has nearly identical secondary and AA equipment to Yamato. Very little difference there. Proposed musashi will be markedly worse. People on the Izumo hate train also love to ignore the fact that its one of the best armored BB in the game (better than Yamato) and has the best 16" rifles in the game. The two ships play differently but Yamato is not drastically better. Musashi will be a pile of dung beyond its bow pen capabilities but with reduced Sigma its going to be even more of an RNG machine at even that.
  7. Shinano was launched, quite incomplete (6 months early), and as a escort carrier. She was to resupply provisions and planes of other carriers and probably would of acted as a flag ship.
  8. They already did. They nerfed it and gave it a 1942 AA/Secondary loadout-which means it has none. I have no interest in it unless they address this either by giving it an as sunk config or allowing a FXP hull upgrade for another 250k or something. Im not playing a Musashi with 100 AA DPS and half the secondary guns of Yamato (plus worse soft stats) at, what is effectively, the same tier. That's a bad joke. I don't know why they insist in over complicating things all the time. Would it of been so hard to do an as sunk Musashi at Tier 9 with worse sigma/dispersion and give it something like DF? I'd play that. A stock Yamato-class though? No thanks.
  9. Duke of York....ehhhh

    Plenty of suckers bragging about buying Huangpoop and Ashit-aka in very negative review threads here. Unfortunately they cant seem to make a ship bad enough to stop this.
  10. Oh yea? Russian devs; they'll have a 20" gun for the glorious capitalist pig crushing Soviet tier 10 just wait and see.
  11. Yamato only to lucky side shots since it has amazing turret armor. GK on the other hand gets a turret knocked out fairly regularly. Cant comment on Montana as I don't have one yet. Don't forget that bow or prow on the turret superstructure is in the way of the juicy towers so on any ship the barbette or turret will take a lot of hits. On this ship if it happens to get knocked out it effectively neuters one whole side of the ship. Its a rare weakness but a big one none the less and good players will aim for it. Hopefully they simply figure out how to make a turret two modules then it will be a non-issue.
  12. I don't have a problem with the quantity of cannon, its the turrets. They better be armored to the hilt and segregated like they were in real life otherwise this thing is going to be a pile of garbage when 50% of your firepower gets knocked out and you have to turn your ship to do anything.
  13. So are DD with unlimited torpedoes and reload mods letting them shat out walls of damage. Its a game. Give and take.
  14. Well the US built about 50 capital ships for every one France did so naturally we were running a bit short on names. Not long after US's scrapping they went to Presidents and there hasn't been a capital ship named after the continent/country since. France still had plenty of names left.
  15. 4 pages in and I'm the first to say this. What a stupid unimaginative name.