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  1. Probably because Conq can just stop firing and engage its stealth mode then hit the reset...err I mean heal key.
  2. It doesn't. Kurfurst can get closer thanks to excellent Hydro and far far superior armor and has 1/4 pen for free. Secondaries aren't just about the pew pew. WIth Repub you have to play like a [edited] and give up some very valuable skills to make it viable.
  3. USS Juneau found

    Still no excuse to leave the men for a week. I bet if the crews of those ships knew it would of taken the Navy that long to mount a rescue they would of gladly stayed to aid themselves.
  4. We're not talking about submarines. I maintain Iowa, SD, NC class battleships had ZERO mechanical cooling (A/C) systems for the general crew population. These systems were strictly limited to very specific portions of the ship, such as officers and hospital spaces. This was true until, I believe, the 60s. Except there was an air draw, there were forced air ventilation ducts through-out all ships. Tiger class cruisers, Daring class destroyers, both built and launched post war, both had portholes.
  5. Air conditioning for the crew didn't exist until decades later. In the 40s the systems only fed the highest ranking officers compartments. I also don't see the argument against flooding considering they were generally focused in the deck. Not only were they watertight but If the ship has listed that far its done unless it can bottom out on the sea floor. To add to this the sweltering conditions I speak of are from WWII sailors on the Iowa, South Dakota, North Caroline class ships. These were new ships so that tosses out a "poorly maintained ventilation system'.
  6. Something I noticed recently, it seems by 1940 American ship designers began to remove all portholes from their combat ships, from battleships all the way down to destroyers. Carriers lagged a bit but they eventually did away with them on Midway. Even unarmored areas received no portholes for ventilation. No other nation did this that I've aware of. Most accounts I could find say that the living spaces were sweltering and sailors would sleep on deck if they could. So with such inadequate forced air ventilation why did they insist on this policy? Seems like it damaged moral far more than it improved survivability of relatively unarmored areas of the ship anyway. Don't get me wrong, it makes sense today with modern forced air ventilation and air conditioning but back in the 1940s these systems were large, crude, and limited in capacity. Just wondering out loud.
  7. This was due to shell design, not gun caliber. Japan type 91 rounds were purpose built to plunge into water below the belt and penetrate. To do this they needed a beefy shell with a long fuse delay. US Super Heavy AP was streamlined for better ballistics and a shorter fuse netting excellent all around penetration. In terms of raw destructive power post penetration there would of been no comparison. 18.1" would of been far more devastating.
  8. Don't agree at all. Too much stock is put into US fire control and not enough in the excellent Japanese optics and use of spotter planes to relay shell drops (not to mention their own radar which was crude, but worked and was rugged unlike fragile US systems). The only scenario the US would of enjoyed near impunity is during poor weather visibility (rare in the Pacific), other than that Yamato would be at no significant disadvantage against an Iowa or South Dakota/NC. In fact i'd say the US ships would be at a significant disadvantage since Yamato handedly outstrips South Dakota or NC in terms of firing range.
  9. Richelieu Secondaries

    100mm secondaries only pen 16mm by default which limits them to cruiser and dd superstructures. Only the 155 will pen BB superstructures, and those fire too slowly. I played around with secondary builds for a bit and it wasn't uncommon to get 200-400 hits and only around 10k damage. Basically its a massive waste. You need IFHE up until Republic which switches over to 127mm (21mm pen). As fun as it might be to see them blasting away I'd suggest ignoring secondaries on French BBs, at a minimum, until tier 10, if not all together.
  10. 3 MINUTE torps? What are you talking about? Shima reloads only seconds slower than a Yue Yang or Gearing and spits out 50% more.
  11. clan wars reward is going to be Stalingrad. This will either be free xp or a campaign.
  12. Moskva has a 1k+ turning radius fwiw
  13. WG development staff get to goof around with paper stuff and Kii was bastardized as a result. The main belt is better than Amagi but Amagi has a substantially better citadel plating. Kii also has hull torps it never would have if it were built and lacks a torpedo defense modernization. Its still 10 16" guns, fast, and decently maneuverable. I like mine. The AA is good when you need it-the only thing I actually dislike is the full conceal of 13.4km. That said I think the worst T8 Prem is the new Gascogne. 8 guns in just 2 turrets, poor firing arcs, bad AA, 32mm armor all over the deck, cant overmatch bow on cruisers-which is huge. Tirpitz and Roma cant either but both of those are far better armor and Tirp has its derp torps. Its just a steaming pile for the asking price.
  14. Rich has garbage secondaries, theres simply not enough of them. I don't know why people keep spouting nonsense to the contradictory. Alsace is good, and Republic is good (thanks to firing arcs). It should be pointed out first that they require IFHE to pen DDs and CLs, otherwise you're only going to get damage from superstructure hits and fires. Second big issue is that your turtleback can be penned close in and your 32mm armor all over makes you a massively easy target to rake for damage. Also, no hydro. Basically you're much crappier at secondary brawling than any German BB. If you want to even come close to the Germans you need to basically give up concealment and survival, its literally not worth it if you're about choosing the best build for any given ship class. For PVP the smart choice is obvious. If you just like to screw around or play only Co-op then you can do whatever you want.
  15. I ran the short ranged for a few games and decided they weren't worth it. You'll miss a lot of targets of opportunity just to gain a little more surprise from the boosted speed. The damage advantage is moot if you don't land hits. The only situation where the shorter range ones are better is dd vs dd and cap denial, against cruisers and bb though, you want the range.