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  1. Duke of York was specifically introduced through an event that made it extremely cheap to aquire. Also when WG initially released it into testing the vocal minority crapped all over it's wildly different play style so they reverted it based off player feedback. That is not the same situation as 'copy/paste cash in'. This is more like the Lunar New Year ships with them largely being very expensive camos compared to their tech tree couterparts.
  2. These solutions they keep trying seem so convoluted. My solution to CVs and DD interaction has always remained the same. Remove CV spotting for the entire team. Map updates only but no direct vision is given from planes. They could even play into this by returning direct vision support but you have to exchange 30% of your attackers with scout planes that carry no armament. Give all DDs without godly DFAA a defensive consumable that blooms the targeting reticle to such an extent they aren't worth attacking and give it a decent timer of 90-120 seconds to heavily deter loitering. Literally that's it.
  3. You must not watch any CC content or read Mouses reviews. A lot of CCs are super critical and negative of Lesta/WG decisions when it calls for it and a couple CCs are negative all the time because that fires up their base the most. Hell, Mouse's Cali review basically boils down to 'they phoned this in, dont buy it'. That's not the first time either and she's about as unbiased as you can get.
  4. You're actually wrong. The British didn't adopt a truly centralized remote powered fire control system (the system the US used) until Vanguard. In practice their FCS for the main guns really weren't any better than German or Italian systems.
  5. And Germans, and Japanese, and French, and Italians etc..etc... Technically the US had the most advanced radar fire control systems of the time but the Japanese and Germans had much better optical fire control and since all we use is optical fire control the mod is clearly on the wrong nation. By the way OP, the amount a BB might roll after firing a full salvo is negligible. The movement of the ship in general would have more effect.
  6. ksix

    Massachusetts or Alabama?

    Mass is basically a straight up power creep of Alabama. Ever so slightly worse dispersion and some not really useful range in trade for far better secondaries and a much faster heal.
  7. It would be at least 2m free xp if that were the case so just as rare. I actually expect it to go into the research bureau myself as Ohio has been solo there for a long time and they need a new carrot to dangle. Only reason I think steel is off the table is they're already doing that with Yashima.
  8. ksix

    Is Kuznetzov (sp?) getting nerfed?

    Smol had its upper belt reduced with the global IFHE armor change. It was never nerfed directly. No coal ship has been nerfed directly as far as im aware.
  9. ksix

    A form of XVM now works in game.

    I played a lot of tanks and basically never saw what you're talking about. Defeatest chat prior to game start if it was something like a 30% to 70% win chance but those games would of been rolls with or without XVM telling you that. The biggest problem, which you omitted, was good players getting focused. I had near unicum stats and was often the best player (stat wise) on my team and being arty focused all game was one of the reasons I'd had enough.
  10. ksix

    A form of XVM now works in game.

    This is perfectly reasonable....until someone who hides their stats starts mouthing off. Either someone does something incredibly stupid and/or begins to armchair General everyone else's play. Thats generally the only time I check stats out of curiosity. A lot of mouthy players are average or terrible so if the stats are hidden I'll just assume as much. If you want to hide them and play quietly then more power to you.
  11. ksix

    Do you have a Vanguard?

    Huge citadel and god awful firing arcs make it a hard pass. They would of been better off giving Hood an a-historical refit and T8+ plating and using that as a premium instead.
  12. ksix

    Smolensk was removed???

    Salem has been in there nearly twice as long and is still available. I think they just look at acquisition data and once a ship hits a certain amount they pull it.
  13. While there is some truth in what he says bear in mind that's the ex-community relations employee who taunted the community over the Puerto Rico mess and was fired for it. He has an axe to grind.
  14. ksix

    The Buff we Wanted! KMDDs

    You cant really compare paper DPM output. Shima doesn't really utilize its maximum DPS unless its hiding in smoke or running. I like my Z52 a lot personally. It has a lot of things going for it like amazing AP, best hydro, and some of the stealthiest torps in game with the fastest reload of its tier.
  15. ksix

    Is this a chat ban

    Guy, I don't know what military you were in but homophobia, xenophobia, sexism, racism, and harsh language is very common amongst low ranks and new recruits. No, things like racism and sexism are not acceptable or tolerated by (most) officers but its still a culture that very much exists within the military. Harsh language on the other hand is common place through-out and never disciplined unless its used in a manner that is disrespectful to officers. You really sound detached from reality making statements like that. The ban hammer here will drop on you simply for swearing. Directly offending someone need not apply.