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  1. DD XP....Seriously?

    Spotting damage should net good numbers. It does in Tanks. That said 40k isn't going to change it much since that's pretty crap for a T9 game.
  2. Zao and Hindenburg do everything better except speed. Henri is definitely the weakest at the moment. Could use a concealment buff and turret rotation buff.
  3. Except it would have Cruiser perks. 6 larger caliber guns means cruiser accuracy can be justified similar to how Yamato and Republic have fantastic accuracy to offset their fewer cannons. Maybe a 32mm bow too. Could absolutely work.
  4. With battlecruisers/heavy cruisers Kron out and Stalingrad and Alaska coming shortly, I wonder what the odds are that a O-Class for Germany and B-65 for Japan aren't far behind.
  5. Graphics update

    Biggest problem with Warthunder is the devs. Anyone with a long standing history of playing the game (planes or tanks) knows that the game is rife with pigheaded responses, decisions driven by bias (L7 cannon being crap-IS6 had over 100mm of mystery armor only discovered through datafarming-Obj906 1 off failed prototype slaughtering everything and lacking hullbreak mechanics). They also have MAYBE 2 decent sales/promotions a year, MASSIVE long standing balance issues, and a garbage economy with higher tier credit earning nerfed literally into the ground. In the end you just get so frustrated you quit. A lot of crap is talked about Wargaming but at the end of the day the crew behind WoWS far far superior to Gaijin in everything I just mentioned. Sure both games can cause frustration but with WG stuff its usually player induced (poor playing). With Gaijin its the game that craps on you regardless AND THEN you get to deal with the same poor players. Theres a reason competitive play in Warthunder pretty much doesn't exist.
  6. Still has BB bow and Moskvas 50mm upper belt and notably better AA with the same massive aura. Its pretty much an extremely well protected cruiser with Russian radar that will perform admirably as a flame thrower and cruiser deletion machine.
  7. Super Container Rewards

    Just hit my 1000 containers medal thing last night. Out of all of those 5 were legit super containers (non special event/mission rewards). Whats that, half a percent chance? Stupid mechanic. I stopped looking for them to be honest, just take my free signals.
  8. Container drops seem very rare. So far im at 1 coal drop out of 10. At the rate they're feeding us its going to be about a year before most have 240k and that's with playing 5-10 games every single day also. Seems excessive.
  9. This mod wont change the way the boat is played. Its pretty much 10 seconds off torps for 10 seconds off smoke and loss of concealment. Nobody with radar is going to be running this since the consumable already has an insanely short duration and range and the main gun boost is only 30 miliseconds. You lose the ability to contest caps and combat other DDs, as well as losing some smoke, for a pitiful few seconds off torpedoes. Its crap. Changing the way its played would be something like -30% to detection +50% torpedo reload time.
  10. Only thing disappointing to me is that they power creeped Moskva as Stalingrad is basically a grown up Moskva in just about every respect including the signature 50mm upper belt. Makes the path down that whole line kind of moot.
  11. They could just make it a campaign ship that Alabama owners get a head start or coupon towards. There is literally no reason to make 2 cash premiums out of basically the same boat.
  12. Only when they're your cruisers it feels like. Go into cap, proxy spot eachother, get deleted by enemy cruiser support while your cruisers are sailing around honking at each other going "good day, good day, and a good day to you too".
  13. Because ddumies whined they'd eat pens when they reveal themselves to BBs and turn bow/prow on which gave enough armor for the shell to arm.
  14. Premium ammo on the way?

    Everybody could not use it. Firing mostly, or all, premium ammo was a massive credit sink. You had to play premiums a ton or be in a very good clan to afford to use it with any regularity. I was nearly purple, constantly solo, stuck primarily to T10, and was always credit starved even without firing premium.
  15. Kind of a stupid thread. Scuttling was done primarily to prevent the enemy from gaining war prizes. In a game its purpose would be just to troll. What good would that serve? Absolutely none.