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  1. Well, only if they're US based. Doesn't come close to being effective at stopping scavengers from other parts of the world. The best deterrent is the depth.
  2. I don't understand this thread. If they're intentionally shooting friendlies they eventually get banned when they hit the damage threshold. Whats the problem? Even in my meager 250+ battles I've also only every seen intentional team damage once. The rest have been accidental, usually from really stupid/selfish torp spreads.
  3. It can be but a lot of players choose not to. Damage Control mod 2 + basics of survivability reduces burn duration to 45 seconds meaning it would take 5-6+ fires to burn a ship down (including raw HE dmg) and that's without factoring in Repair or Damage Control AND that doesn't factor in resistance to burning which increases with tier. If someone sets that many they earned it. I've only had problems with fires when I've been focused which usually means im the only thing to shoot at.
  4. Preventative maintenance on a BB is worthless. Of all the skills you'll end up picking its literally at the bottom of the pile in terms of benefit. As far as "work on your situational awareness" that's just a flatly stupid thing to say. The skill literally tells you if you're being targeted by none, 1, or 6 enemies, all of which could still be invisible to you. Similarly it tells you BEFORE they train their guns on you acting, in effect, as ESP. To ignore the usefulness of this is really quite ignorant.
  5. Completely disagree. Its by far the most useful first point skill. Knowing when you aren't being targeted so you can swing your tail out, turn, or fire a broadside is very valuable. Also lets you know if a dd is stalking you. There is literally nothing else useful for a bb in the first row on a game to game basis.
  6. RN citadels do need to be adjusted but there are certainly tanky cruisers. Hindenburg, Zao, Moskva. Yes, side on, a cruiser can be punished more severely if the aim is good but at the same time they rack up overpens where a BB will eat full pen damage. People seem to not realize that a number of citadels are actually penetrations of the barbettes as opposed to the actual citadel hits in the lower hull.
  7. Hydro Mod and 50 Anniversary Camo here.
  8. Slightly better AA? For a Japanese ship its monstrous AA. 100DPM @ 5km 176DPM @ 3.5km 104DPM @ 3.1km Only the tier 9/10 IJN CVs rival it in base number (and Yamato but 75% of it is 25mm). Not worth trading much away for though on that I agree since CV encounters are maybe 10-15% of the time.
  9. Both ships served extensively in escort and shore bombardment roles but Mamie has the distinction of having fired on, and struck, enemy BBs plus she fired the last 16" shells of WWII. It also probably would of been the only ship in the game produced by Fore River Shipyard which gives them a little recognition as well. Alabama came out of the same yard as two other premiums, Texas, and Arizona.
  10. I think that ship sailed when they gave us the Alabama instead. Should of been big mamie due to her much more extensive combat service but oh well.
  11. Doesn't work according to the fine print since the Alabama bundles are "discounted" and the regular Alabama is a "special offer". Has to be a regularly available store item.
  12. Amongst the best you can get a month of premium, 100k free XP, 20 million credits out of them. Monetarily speaking T6+ ships rewards are by far the best especially if you already have the ship and get the full gold compensation.
  13. This will never happen since the ship is in the last stages of development but I'm big on historical accuracy and this ships current form flies in the face of it entirely. Torps removed, torpedo bulges added Top speed 27 knots (bulges would of slowed it) Rudder Shift 16 Seconds Identical main guns to Amagi For Secondary/AA 40mm Bofors are plausible but 10cm aren't as they only made HE rounds for it. 12.7cm/50 makes far more sense since it had HE, incendiary shrapnel, and illumination rounds. I'd boost Kii firing range to ~20 kilometers but counter it with worse accuracy This gives the Kii extremely good AA still along with its tougher armor making it a solid all rounder. Amagi would retain its better accuracy, speed and maneuverability advantages. I see no reason why this wouldn't be fine for T8. At T9 as a Missouri partner I don't think defensive AA or radar would be out of line.
  14. It might need that AA as from the looks of it they gave it no external torpedo bulge during its fantasy refits. From a historical standpoint the lack of an additional torpedo bulge and keeping the torps defies logic.