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  1. Yes but there are CVs, the fact remains that its hard counter to this ship and it cant defend itself. Then you have future CV lines, premiums, CV events, and if they ever actually get around to addressing the class. No its not critical in the current meta but its still something I wouldn't want to be completely without.
  2. Lack of AA is a big problem and good cause to avoid this ship. Yamato can barely protect itself from planes, Musashi in this config is going to be free fodder for literally any CV it faces. Its going to have a worse AA rating than a Nagato. FDG is 84300. That's 12.7k not 20. Not only can that number change but they can also nerf the torp belt and screw around with the repair and dam con consumables to compensate. A lot of people going chicken little in this thread. Personally I have to say if this is just a crappy Yamato at tier 9 (which is effectively tier 10 80% of the time) i'd rather have a Missouri. Missouri is a better Iowa so people actually want the former if not both. Why would anyone with a Yamato want this?
  3. Note of correction. The US was not planning to widen the existing locks of the Panama Canal. They were going to build 3 new ones away from the existing two so that a single strike didn't put the whole thing out of commission but ultimately scrapped the idea due to demands of wartime resources and the realization that the canals were under little threat. The approval or cancelation of Montana had no bearing on the project. Case in point the lock size didn't stop the Navy from building larger ships anyway going all the way back to USS Midway.
  4. Strong words from someone who has nothing higher than tier 8 and does poorly in the 'easy mode' BBs. But you keep telling yourself 'BB players are dumb' as you drool on yourself camping smoke and spamming HE in your Kutuzov, if it makes you feel better.
  5. *unless you pay the ~$25 for the perma camo, then you make decent money.
  6. 5 torpedoes did not strike the same location of Shinano. Six fired, 4 hit, only 2 of the hits were close to eachother. I still find the argument of TDS to be silly. Advancements in torpedoes and the rapid increase in warhead size essentially assured that no TDS was going to be successful. The Yamato class TDS was essentially made to safely withstand a maximum warhead size equivalent to about 600lb of TNT. This number was quickly eclipsed in WWII. Its easy to judge now but at the time of their designing they were not expecting carriers to become the weapons they did and these ships were to be so well protected by escorting vessels that it shouldn't of been a problem to begin with. As you said even their AA was abysmal until their mid war overhauls. Hindsight is 20/20. There is a reason hull integrated TDS was largely abandoned post WWII and into the cold war.
  7. They're clearly intent on leaving the zombie heal and fire chance as gimmicks. Neither should of made it out of testing but WG have shown themselves time and time again that they're stubborn bastards and will let things fester for months/years.
  8. It indirectly nerfs the long term impact which should push the damage down. I also think its good they cant spam the heal as fast. I suspect the result wont change enough though so its only the start. I'd like the see it lose some AA so Montana can have its crown back, and lose the 16" guns but I don't think either will ever happen. I suspect minimal citadel changes next followed by a tweak to the fire damage and I think that will ultimately be it.
  9. The US 16" guns also hold their velocity very well, but not until the Iowa do they get a 760m/s gun. Prior to this is 700m/s so the shells feel floaty. Also shell penetration is closer than you might think. Iowa/Montana ~875mm @ 0 ~650mm @ 10km ~440mm @ 20km Yamato ~925mm @ 0 ~700mm @ 10km ~500mm @ 20km Yamato does have the tightest horizontal dispersion of the T10 BB though (Montana can get damn close with the module) and the best Sigma. I wouldn't trade away 3 guns for it though which is why Montana is still better for shear weight of firepower.
  10. Currently on a dry spell, im at around 60 TYL without a SC.
  11. Missouri might have weaker armor and fewer guns but it does have much lower concealment. Montana 13.8 Missouri 12.5
  12. Take your own advice. Cumulative HE damage + fire chance Conq 86400/576% / 65600/504% GK 57600/456% / 60000/492% Monty 68400/432% Yam 65700/315% Those look close to you? +30% to HE alpha of Monty +18% to fire chance of GK. That gain is per shell also. Not close in the slightest. Ironically the GK was already considered a strong fire starter, Conq comes in and just eclipses it. Not to mention the blast radius of the HE shell is the largest in the game so its extra good at melting AA.
  13. Alabama has excellent shell characteristics. Its one of my most reliable damage dealers and works so well I don't care even when put in Tier 10. If Tirpitz is a clone of Bismarck then she's good too, albeit with only 8 guns. I'd never rely on Kii as a sniper. I disliked the unreliability of Amagi and Kii is worse. Every time I fired a salvo in Amagi it was like Plus kii has an identity crisis. Design it with worse armor and far crappier torp belt than its battlecruiser cousin, but give it brawling torps.
  14. Heres a fact for you. The VP went to a football game over the weekend with the intent to immediately leave in protest of players if they kneel during the national anthem. The total cost of the added security and transport for that dumb stunt is well over a million dollars of our money. Politicians literally don't care about taxpayer money if its being spent on them.
  15. Its not mostly fire. The HE alpha is incredible when aimed high into the superstructure. Just the other day I was kiting away from a Conq at distance and got hit for 20k alpha plus the 2 fires. And yes while fire damage is fully repairable forcing a bb to use its damage control is huge. Not only will any subsequent fires do substantial damage but they cant take a torp/flood for the duration so at best the ship is crippled and taken out of the fight.