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  1. ksix

    Is this a chat ban

    That's something I've always questioned. The banned criteria for in-game chat includes "bypassing the chat filter".....There is no chat filter. The game literally doesn't have one except through third party mods. It's like entering a State with no speed limit signage and getting pulled over and being told you were over the posted limit. As you said though Wargaming doesn't often make sense.
  2. ksix

    Is this a chat ban

    They instituted a bot program last year. Everyone's chat is monitored and "bad words" are logged. Say enough and it bans you. You can eventually get a 2 week ban (each concurrent ban adds a day or two) so you're a long long way from a permanent ban. And yes this system is very heavy handed. Whatever nanny state decision maker that implemented the current system would probably have an aneurysm playing in your average console or PC FPS.
  3. Because hyper reliable and accurate shell fire, unrealistic reloads, ships that accelerate and stop so fast and turn so sharply they'd of tossed their own crew overboard, and ship launched torps that are all 2-3x faster than their historic counterparts are all hallmarks of a game that was trending toward realism. If you think their implementation of subs is what breaks the games "realism" you might need to take a giant step back and look at what you've been playing. Other than some ship designs and layouts this game hasn't ever been realistic.
  4. ksix

    New Coal Ships???

    So far coal hasn't really had any inflation nor should it since its earnings are pretty much fixed. Most regular players will only bank enough to get 2 ships a year. Hardcore players that skip no daily crates will get closer to 3. Speaking for myself coal earnings are so low I'll never bother with the special captains.
  5. ksix

    Soviet Containers - Finally a High Roller!

    It's frustrating from the perspective that these are no longer events but poorly disguised cash grabs. I ran some simple numbers and if you don't get a unicorn 300 token crate it's impossible to get the ships and camo by buying into all the Armory token bundles. You'd of needed the premiums too. We're talking about hundreds of dollars for a few weeks head start into the T8 and T9 plus the camo. Actual monetary value of what you get is about a third of what they're asking and that's also assuming your time is free and you don't feel obligated to play just to complete the objectives.
  6. ksix

    Russian Cruiser Event...Wow, just wow.

    Running the numbers its going to be impossible for people to purchase everything available for tokens even after spending $200 on the RNG bundles, which are no longer RNG because you'd need all of them. Then you would had to of purchased the premiums for their bonuses too. Literally $300+ dollars and a shedload of time spent for 2 tech tree ships and 3 camo. Bear in mind you still have to grind the tier 10. Conversion cost of tier 1-10? 1/3 the price. Mind...blown. Hey at least the fruits of this grind will get everyone will get a T5 cruiser no one asked for. This event gets an A+ from me. Best one yet.
  7. ksix

    Directive 1 tokens...

    Directive 2 done, 9 crates, all 5 tokens except for 1 that was 10. At the current drop rate of the 20 crates I've gotten I should end up with about 400 tokens out of the 2850 total required for the ships/camo requiring 2450 to be made up through the RNG bundles. One problem. The maximum purchasable is 2200 so in effect it is impossible for me to get the tier 10 camo even after spending 50,000 (FIFTY THOUSAND or roughly $200 worth) of gold. Who ever did the odds for this event, heres a tip of the hat to you. Don't forget the carrot next time you dangle the string. Moron.
  8. ksix

    Tier 9 DD which one?

    Kita is great. Awesome detection for a gunboat DD and doesn't eat BB pens like Harugumo. Considering the balance state of other T9 DDs Kita is generally regarded as being a bit overpowered.
  9. ksix

    Tier 9 DD which one?

    Swede DDs are garbage except for Halland. 2x4 torps with a long reload and anemic damage doesn't work.
  10. ksix

    Directive 1 tokens...

    Directive 1 done. 7 super awesome communist crates for 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 10 I understand that there is a lot of these crates but why give out a ton of them then weigh them heavily to the minimum amount of tokens? That's literally a recipe to piss people off.
  11. ksix

    ok, time to restore Worcesters radar range maybe?

    The ultimate upgrade change is going to bump the duration to something like 52 seconds with a minute and a half cool down plus it can get 5 charges. And you want to give it back stealth radar? You just know this guy doesn't play DDs.
  12. ksix

    Unique Upgrades Changes: No change

    It's funny because it's true!
  13. ksix

    New Dev Blog is disappointing.

    The main reason to take it was rudder shift which is still there. In terms of tangible damage you don't take much more DOT. Really though most of the slot 5 ones arent worth being spotted all game regardless.
  14. ksix

    Ton o Coal!

    The captains are a terrible value when ships aren't much more. I wouldn't be surprised to see a bi yearly 50% coupon for them at some point.
  15. ksix

    Dockyard Returns to Hamburg

    I didn't say it was impossible but it's a very very difficult number for the average player to achieve and then factor in the time limit. It is not difficult to do high damage in co-op. Just takes a reasonably tanky cruiser with torps and a couple BBs to yolo.