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  1. and has to practically go full broadside to fire all guns. The firing angles literally ruin the ship. If it had Hoods firing angles it would be a great T8 premium.
  2. ksix

    Italian tier X cruiser

    Eh, WG has a big history of fake garbage. Tanks is loaded with it. Boats has a lot of questionable ships. The very fact that Italy also had to wait until Russia, largely a naval joke until the 50s, had 2 DD lines, a cruiser line, and a BB line, as well as a bunch of premiums, to even get 1 line should of tipped anyone off that they don't know what they're doing. During the stream even the dev on the other end said he knew "nothing" about the historical aspects of Italian ships. Those are the people who are designing content for the game. They'd rather goof off plus its far easier than having to do actual research. On the plus side since its a WG creation the chance to keep the power creep moving forward is excellent as opposed to something made under realistic constraints.
  3. RE: 3. WG rarely rebuffs quickly post nerf. Nerfs happen then 8-12 months or more pass THEN they may re-examine for a buff after everyone has largely ignored the ship. Its a stupid way to operate so players have every right to be alarmed by an overreactive nerf as the ships generally are stuck with it for the foreseeable future. There are way too many examples of this (YueYang, Hindenburg, just to name 2).
  4. ksix

    the Benham

    Unless this has changed recently this is false. I tried with Roma way back due to the obnoxious beer can. At that time disabling camo visuals unequips it from any ships in port too.
  5. ksix

    WNN 54: Italians!

    They'll need American pen angles or super heal to be something good. Cruiser class without HE, DFAA, Hydro, Radar etc..in exchange for smoke? Eh.
  6. ksix

    Full Georgia secondary build ?

    Stat shaming aside secondaries aren't the best thing to do comparative to survivability for any ship but it makes the game something different so I think its worth having a few BBs that are setup that way.
  7. ksix

    Oh come on WG!

    UK, Germany, and France need their historicals. Pan-Asia and Italy need anything.
  8. ksix

    Italians are coming!

    Most of Italy is about Fish, not Pizza. Pizza = Italy is very American. And most fruits taste delicious on pizza :)
  9. ksix

    Summer Sale...

    Doesn't matter in the slightest, its still garbage customer service AND the terms of the pack make no mention or warning that alternate camo ships don't count towards re-rolls. The actual player benefits nothing from having paid for 2 of the same ship and similarly it would cost WG nothing to allow the said paying customer/player to re-roll a different ship. Its not like an ARP boat that was free. Do I sense a WG apologist?
  10. ksix

    Summer Sale...

    I don't agree. This is clearly aimed mostly at people who have nothing. If you were a newbie 3 tier 8 or tier 7 at the discount is a great way to get into premiums. Existing previously paying players are just fodder. Its no different than the insane coupons they give to non-payers. Simple fact is this company does basically nothing for existing customers whether it be a pack or a coupon.
  11. ksix

    Summer Sale...

    Wouldn't be so sure, someone else pulled a Tirp while already having the Black (same ship just a camo/name change) and they told him to get stuffed. 10/10 customer service comrade.
  12. ksix

    Summer Sale...

    Makes sense but WG doesn't reward whales. Customer loyalty apparently means nothing in Russia.
  13. You get $20 and change in gold for already having Boise, not $26. Never value gold less than 250/$1 especially where this is suppose to be a "great value" pack. Last years summer sale they cycled through some of the more popular tier 7s which were 50% off in either gold or cash so playing the lottery for essentially the same price is a lot worse. Better off waiting.
  14. No, you're thinking as if the guns are the same, they aren't. Mino fires a lot faster and has a DPM of 240k from just 2x2 turrets. Neptune can only achieve 230k despite having 2x3 due to its much slower reload. An oddity would be the fact that Mino is the only T10 in the game that gets less HP than the T9. Hardly anyone notices though because Mino is such a massive upgrade in most other respects compared to Neptune.
  15. ksix

    Alabama + 2 VIII Premium Containers

    Your math is off. Its about $30 each and if you wanted Alabama it might be worth it. A lot of people already have Alabama so they get $30 of gold at MSRP (there are better packs and discounts with better returns) so you're paying $30-$35 for a mystery crate (depends on how you value gold). If you pull a DD you only saved between $5 and $10. If you get a ship you wont play or play only a handful of games and shelve then you've just flushed that money. People with Black Friday ships also have the chance of pulling a useless duplicate. Im interested in just over half of the list but the value they artificially imposed on the crates isn't worth the gamble. If I get 1 ship I didn't want or a BF dupe I lost. I basically just paid full price for everything. If they gave full compensation for Alabama then it would probably be worth the risk.