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  1. ksix

    Second Round Of Directives

    Yes not sure why it's in directives at all. If it's like prior years the ships and event is a week and a half out (end of month).
  2. ksix

    Premium Ship Review #136 - Puerto Rico

    Damage in the game is a balancing factor. It has no bearing on real life shell lethality. Super Heavy AP was basically a slightly longer heavier shell and also traded away a little space within that was previously dedicated to explosive filler. What you lose is range and muzzle velocity and in return you gain better penetration. To give an example, originally the US 16" gun was spec'd out to have a max range of about 40k yards and a muzzle velocity of around 2600fps. When Super Heavy AP was standardized the same guns had a range reduction to about 36000 yards and a muzzle velocity reduced to 2300fps. The 16"/50 gun was brought into service on the Iowa to alleviate some of the lost ballistic performance by allowing for a significantly larger propellent charge which brought the velocity back up to 2500fps and range up to 42000 yards.
  3. ksix

    meaningful Kremlin nerfs

    As far as I'm aware WG has never nerfed specific AA guns on a ship by ship basis. Almost all share global stats so any nerf would require a relabelling or remodel which will never happen. Kremlin by design simply defies logic. USSR can't manufacture heavy armor plate of appropriate quantity or quality? Give fantasy BB best armor. Guns with such a high velocity that they'd be worn our in no time? Give it best accuracy! Navy leadership and personnel with questionable track record for maintenance and reliability? Give ships suped up damage control! Reality is it's a Russian developer with the largest regional player base in Russia or ex soviet Bloc countries. Of course they'll feed their own fantasies of a top tier Navy.
  4. It's pretty crap radar. Still not sure how 2+ min 6km ship and 3km torp detection is a-okay but 7.5km radar can only last 25 seconds. They could boost the range or duration really or just exchange it with German Hydro. I'm not a big fan of radar really but on Black and YY it's pretty piss poor. Especially YY.
  5. ksix

    Lunar New Year event.

    I'll get the pan Asian Izumo if it's priced right. Izumo has rail guns and making them more accurate will be glorious.
  6. No. Mobile variations of the DP 3" were used primarily against ground targets in Korea and Vietnam. It was also used as the primary armament on numerous Cutters.
  7. ksix

    Atago Buyers Remorse

    Most other cruisers can't stealth torp. If you're torping while spotted broadside to BBs you're playing the ship wrong. Torps are for area denial. For the most part you should be bow or prow on setting things on fire at or near your max range.
  8. The line is still too bland and offers little appeal.
  9. Only due to proximity fuse otherwise it's pretty garbage. More accurate fire control systems coupled with high velocity and high ROF kept 40mm and other similar caliber weapons relevant in AA roles long after the 3" gun was retired (see SPAA and CIWS developments). In fact the 3" gun saw much more success as a surface engagement weapon.
  10. Sorry but WG is just insulting the intelligence of people at this point. The high price is one thing, the fact that its 95% junk is the bigger problem. They're like the grifters of old selling people a bottle of tap water calling it the cure to all ailments.
  11. Lucky? How about if you're stupid. Sorry but its really true in this case. ~25k converts the entire line with freeXP. The secondary rewards are complete trash too since its 95% camos and flags (IE worthless!). If they wanted to entice people with more than 2 brain cells to rub together they could of at least threw some chunks of coal in there. This travesty makes the $130 or so for the Puerto Rico event look like the deal of the century.
  12. ksix

    That's it, I'm out (Henri nerf)

    Yueyang says "lol this was not a real nerf"
  13. It has better sigma than Alaska. It's a very good bote just not meta changing like Smol or Stalingrad and certainly not worth the price they effectively stuck on it.
  14. ksix

    Not to late WG for PR with the PR

    It was still over $100. Gorizia is crap and will join the ranks of T7 port queen with the likes of DOY. Great, they gave you gold value back. You still traded cash for pixel currency so in my opinion it 100% should be factored into the cost which makes it, what, $135 or something? Then you're forced to grind a lot in said trash bote. We're suppose to accept this still? No. WG played the call of the mega whale. Some answered, most didn't. During the most festive and giving time of year one company stood above the rest and asked how much time and money can they squeeze from its player base. It's still a new low in WGs history of cash grabs.
  15. ksix

    Bourgogne or Stalingrad

    A lot of misinformation from people in here. Stalingrad has never been nerfed. People have learned how to counter it and focus it down when they can but it's still an insanely tanky super cruiser with arguably the best guns in the game. Bourg is much better than a pre-nerf Alsace (which was also incredibly minor despite the chicken littles). Alsace only dropped .1 Sigma (1.7 to 1.6). That's it. Bourg reloads 4 seconds faster with a slightly better Sigma of 1.8 but most importantly has MBRB which allows for a lot of opportunities to blap cruisers, close BBs (Russian/UK) or land permanent fires. It has 127mm secondaries so it doesn't need IFHE like Alsace does to pen DD plating and superstructures. Bourg is also faster by over 2 knots. Lastly it's easily one of the best AA BBs in the game.