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  1. AA_is_a_FairyTale

    my outburst about this ranked

    same time that turning radius isnt a advantage, because you are a American Cruiser, you sit near island most of the match anyway. but rly i that donst matter because the problem is not Balti x Whichita, the problem is the guy in the match think that kansas is better choice for ranked than baltimore.
  2. AA_is_a_FairyTale

    my outburst about this ranked

    Bruh, you know that whicita and baltimore are 90% the same ship, the only difference is that wichita is more stealthy 9.5vs 9.9 and better rudder, in contrast baltimore has access to super-heavy ap-shells.
  3. AA_is_a_FairyTale

    my outburst about this ranked

    1- i never said i played well this match 2- the kansas that answered me had 0 kills 3- the kansas that got 4 kills, ended in bottom of the score, because if he had damage equivalent to 4 kills he would have saved his star 4- kansas it is a bad ship, even more for ranked
  4. AA_is_a_FairyTale

    my outburst about this ranked

    irony Bruh
  5. AA_is_a_FairyTale

    my outburst about this ranked

    I don't know if it's just me going crazy, or this rank is worse than ever, with only 2 days and I'm already dying to give up and the cumulus was when I started a match in the bronze rank, in which my team had 2 Kansas, that's right Kansas, and I with my Baltimore. so i asked them if they were serious about choosing a ship, and one of them answered "why not? better than using a baltimore, it has radar and that's it". Anyway he obviously arrived quickly on our flank and swallowed all the torpedoes of an atago and kagero and died, and obviously we lost the match. Congratulations WG you managed to create the Potato that thinks that a Kansas with 40s of reload, Fat, 24knts, bad armor, with bad precision, is better or more useful than one of the strongest T8 RadarCA of the game (In my opinion). sorry for the small outburst, and my bad english. at least the other kankas managed to steal several kills
  6. AA_is_a_FairyTale

    Comemorando o dia da independência!

    Só queria que a partida tivesse durado mais. 20200908_012647_PWSD110-Halland_19_OC_prey.wowsreplay https://replayswows.com/replay/106255#stats
  7. AA_is_a_FairyTale

    Dica de qual nação seguir

    Pelo que vc procura eu acho melhor os BB Americanos ou Soviéticos(Russos(EasyMode)). Minha opinião sobre a distancias efetivas de cada facção pra ajudar vc a escolher: Close-range - Alemães e , Soviéticos(Russos). Mid-range - Americanos, Soviéticos(Russos) e Franceses. Long-range - Britânicos, Japoneses. Espero ter ajudado.
  8. AA_is_a_FairyTale

    Remessas do YouTube: Maratona Memorial

    No final do video tem um codigo na tela, se não me engano é honortothesailor