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  1. Cinderbox

    Ship spreadsheet available?

    I am sure there are some Excel masters who have made this already, would like to be able to see one or a shared one on google docs
  2. Cinderbox

    Co-Op Torp Blockers

    NO especially in CO op there are blockers who block your shots on purpose and kill steal, seen this happen a lot recently. Let em die again if they keep doing so lol
  3. Simple fix add a timer to it, same as horn or many other games for anti spam messages. Say five Fcommands per minute or something else.
  4. I like the addition of a new mode but the waiting que is far too long. I know it is not prime time but the numbers were well over 100 people most of the time, seems odd to have such a long wait. Also another tokens to get into battles same as supership type kills the funability out of the modes to me as well. thanks Sorry correction only have to pay to be a 9 or 10, I see this as a way to have the lower 7 8s to participate nice idea. THumbs DOwn no DIvision allowed, BOoo would be a lot of fun with friends
  5. Cinderbox

    server down

    server is Up, quick update
  6. Cinderbox

    brawl mode really showcases the huge flaws in game balance

    Okhotnik these seem more OP than any ship i encountered so far, I used Hill and did well, just didnt have the torpedo firepower as some I fought
  7. Cinderbox

    server down

    update booted me, hope they fix things
  8. Cinderbox

    Server is UP!

    just got in game finally up
  9. Cinderbox

    Error Connecting Server---Again

    hopefully all will be fixed, kept getting kicked from server yesterday along with many others
  10. Cinderbox

    Pan-Asian Cruisers in the Armory

    Why not just sale the tier X ship without all the jumping through hoops and poofs of smoke? Looks so cheesy you should be ashamed to sell items like this, take a chance to win a piece of nothing for 20 times then you can take a chance again and again...
  11. Cinderbox

    Server is down...

  12. Cinderbox

    (Massive?) Failed Game Connection

    Like some other online games, it seems this is some type of glitch, most of the folks in my clan were un affected only 1 other got kicked offline
  13. Cinderbox

    (Massive?) Failed Game Connection

    same as 11am eastern time, complete restart no connection, a few pals on discord still in game, may drop ? after game ends? a few dropped after game was over. 16mins and finally can get back in, sheesh.
  14. First of all I must say thanks for some of the changes, I whined/cried/complained about no attack vs subs on my Des Moines, well it worked out, it is fixed so thanks. I also like the birthday gifts I received today and am glad that I see changes being made that people actually wanted, I will admit I was skeptical when reading the long post about the company going to change back to listening to the community. Anyhow I will be looking forward to being a paying customer again, peace out all.
  15. Cinderbox

    Submarines in Random Battles

    Thanks for the addition!