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  1. Hawk7389

    CB is Dead

    Its almost like adding cv's much less double cv's is killing clan battles, why did no one tell Wargaming this is what would happen? Oh wait most of the active clans in cb did, and were ignored, now its dying. Typical wg, does not listen to the player base at all.
  2. BTW the torps AREN'T fixed, now they don't even go within the white cone if you don't fire them zoomed in. They are even more broken now. I would post's flamu's video showing it, but in typical WG fashion his videos are censored now because they aren't "constructive".
  3. Hawk7389

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Don't give them any more ideas that solve none of the issues, because you know they will jump at it rather than do any self reflection on their mistakes.
  4. Hawk7389

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Seems like Wg needs to be edited since everything they say is inflammatory and not constructive.
  5. You assumed that there would be good will, open dialogue and cooperation from WG? They have NEVER showed they are capable of that, and seem to just double down on their ineptitude instead of admitting fault. Just look a their "apologies", its never WE are sorry that we messed up ect, its always WE are sorry YOU feel that way, even in their apologies they pass on the blame. They are like children and it will never change.
  6. Hawk7389

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    This is why the game will never get better. They NEVER address the cause of issues. They ALWAYS focus on someone or something that has nothing to do with the issue at hand. The people actually in charge NEVER admit they were wrong and always pass the blame. They are COWARDLY to do this, they will NEVER get better, the game will NEVER get better, the fact they keep trying to "fix" the issue by continually coming up with excuses and scapegoats instead of addressing the real issue AND admitting fault shows that our uproar must be hitting their wallet. If they are still digging their hole deeper rather than ignoring it, must be because they have seen a hit to their profits. I have an easy fix, and I won't even charge you, Sub admit you were wrong, actually listen to the player base instead of insulting and ignoring them, and address the real issues, and MAYBE you can save this crapstorm from sinking the game. I have absolutely no confidence that any of that will happen. I know for one, like I have stated earlier in the thread, they will never get another cent from me if things stay in this state. I am under no allusions that they care about my dollars being gone (even though over the life of the games its probably in the thousands), but the fact they keep trying to fix this in every other way than the real fix, shows me that there must be a lot of people doing the same thing. WG, Sub, and all the other people with the real power to make decisions, be actual ADULTS and admit YOU messed this up, and YOU created this toxic culture, and stop being COWARDS and blaming others.
  7. Hawk7389

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    I think you would be one of the best, most of the CC's are in general pretty negative and salty, having someone like you, that seemed pretty impartial, not a WG cheerleader, but also not negative about everything in the game, gives the complaints much more weight. But WG being WG, are never going to admit wrong doing and be the cowardly scumbags they are regardless, so I guess it won't matter. They will go another week or two without addressing anything with anything more than corporate double speak or out right silence, and most of this will blow over and no changes will happen. Just like it has in this and WoT for the last 10 years.
  8. Hawk7389

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    I didn't attack him, he asked us to be civil, I would ask WG to do the same. I simply asked if that was civil, I didn't use foul language, I didn't attack, or even accuse him personally.
  9. Hawk7389

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Oh by the way, was WG giving out a code with FKTURY at the end of it civil?
  10. Hawk7389

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    I wish I could be as optimistic as you. I have played WoT and Wows since both were in beta, and in 11 years I can't think of one time community back lash EVER made WG change their minds. Even in instances it seemed they did, they would just make a small change to me make it seems like we swayed them, and then months down the road slowly make all the original changes we were originally angry about, but incrementally, to get to the end point of their original plan.
  11. Hawk7389

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Unfortunately the vast majority of their players aren't on the forums, don't participate in community activities like discord, and most probably don't follow the youtubers and twitch streams. Good luck organizing a big enough boycot to make any difference. WG will do their normal tactic in any case and wait it out a week or two and let the anger die down, without making any changes or even acknowledge that they were wrong.
  12. Hawk7389

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    There is no changing Wargaming for the better. The Cc's have been wasting their time with that fantasy for years. WG doesn't want to change. The only change that's possible is for people to stop opening their wallets and letting the game die.
  13. No fire will be lit. Wg has proven over and over at every opportunity, that they are arrogant children that will never admit wrong doing, and WILL NEVER listen to their customers and player base. They have proven incapable of change, and this situation will be no different. The only fire that might be lit and cause actual change, will be veteran players closing their wallets and leaving the game. Wg still won't admit they are at fault and will just wait for a new batch of players to join and scam them for every penny they possibly can with loot boxes, captain rework and removal of all the the systems that kept people playing in the first place. They haven't changed before, they won't change now, they won't change in the future. We need to be the ones that change, change by never giving WG another dime.
  14. Hawk7389

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Honestly I think WoWp biggest problem is that the other game that cant be named that competes with it, is just far superior in almost everyway.
  15. What difference would a loaded question make? Its not like any of our questions are answered with anything other than corporate double speak or outright lies.