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  1. Definitely drop survivability expert. Its completely worthless on a battleship. It is a decent skill on destroyers though.
  2. Hawk7389

    IFHE All Night Long

    DD's are by far the hardest class do well in. Its not even really debatable.
  3. Hawk7389

    How is the Halland?

    Except it doesnt really out damage them, the shima is in the bottom 3 on the server in average damage, win rate, and xp. Doesnt matter how much damage they do if they never hit to begin with.
  4. I am willing to bet they change the upgrades to something similar as the original rewards that they planned for the rb, that everyone protested because they were totally over oowered. It is typical wargaming for them to pretend they are listening to their customers protest then a little while later do what everyone was against anyway.
  5. Hawk7389

    Is the armory working?

    I found it I use the mod to uncap the fps, or edit the .ini to uncap it, I causes the armory and naval battles to just infinitely load.
  6. Hawk7389

    Release the Slava already please

    Could be because it's far and away more accurate at 24km than the other bb are at 12.
  7. I've tried it multiple times, never has seemed to fix it in my case.
  8. I've had the same problem for the past few patches. The normal fixes people post do not seem to work for me. Only thing that seems to work is to run an adware program like ccleaner and restart.
  9. Hawk7389

    Georgia just an inferior MASS?

    Except its server stats are significantly better than either the Iowa or Mass. So...nope it's not bad. Its 3rd in win rate and damage compared to the other tier 9s.
  10. I have been having this problem for the last couple patches. When I try to load the armory or naval battle screens I just get an infinite loading icon. I have tried changing the hardware acceleration to false, and clearing the caches. Neither seem to make a difference. Randomly it will work for a day or two, then it will go back to being bugged. I know I can access the armory from outside the game through the website, but I would like to enable naval battles.
  11. Hawk7389

    Why are Italians so bad?

    That was true of their army, but their navy was pretty strong. Certainly much stronger than the Germans.
  12. Hawk7389

    Are french BB ever gonna get a buff to armor?

    Exactly. After playing a fair number of battles in the smolensk, I'd say if you focus on most bb for 60 seconds, you would be lucky to do more than 15-20k damage (fires included) which will mostly be healed back. A single smolensk can definitely wreck dds, and is scary for a cruiser, but battleships not so much. Not to mention you are always one salvo away from a devastating strike from any battleship or cruiser shooting back.
  13. Hawk7389

    Tirpitz or Massachusetts?

    If you don't go full ham on the secondaires with the Mass, you are better off just playing the NC or Alabama.
  14. Did the match maker fix the atrosious accuracy?
  15. The Stalingrad has guns that are infinitely more accurate and ap that has much better penetration. Its kind of the opposite, the Stalingrad has all the Khrons strengths, and is 1000x better than its weaknesses.