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  1. Biggest OP thing in the game

    Are willing to give up being able to delete a full health cruiser in one slavo with a bb to get the he nerf? Only seems fair, only you can heal 100 percent of fire damage back, a cruiser can only heal a tiny fraction of citadel damage. You can also still fight and get more damage while a fire takes minutes to burn you down, the crusier is gone and game over instantly from multiple citadels. Hmmmm seems like bb ap is whats op maybe it should be nerfed.
  2. Amazing how a ship can go from borderline op, or at least the best at its tier, to being garbage/port queen/worthless because of .1 sigma and 2 seconds on the reload. Give me a break.
  3. The secondary build works fine in random, it forces you closer to the action where a bb should be anyway. And I think you are far over estimating the average knowledge and skill level of the player base. Sometimed I wonder if the bots are better than the average scrubby player.
  4. Fix BB AP against DDs

    DOESN"T MATTER!!!! One time a DD deleted me with torps after I sailed straight for 3 minutes straight while I was one shotting the op cruisers!
  5. Fix BB AP against DDs

    Sadly I dont think it was a troll post, there are people that actually think Bb's are the hardest class to play snd require the most skill.
  6. Fix BB AP against DDs

    Yup the most over powered. Not like the under powered bbs, that have the most armor, most hit points, can heal their damage at a higher rate than cruisers, and the most powerful guns with the longest range, with the highest sever stats in damage per game, and survival rate. Most of my games have been in Bbs, followed by cruisers and dds, and I can tell you without a doubt bbs are by far the easiest to do well in. Dds are several magnitudes more difficult to play well.

    The only way it would be fair to nerf fire or he for cruisers would be to aldo make their citadels much smaller so thet wouldnt get instantly deleted everytime they are spotted or pushing, regardless of angle.
  8. To much HE in the game?

    It is no more skill less than deleting a cruiser with battleship ap regardless of angling.
  9. Yes but they arent really used much, the majority of people use the 12km torps. Regardless of which torp you use, you shouldn't ever be knife fighting in a shima at less than 6 km, if you can help it.
  10. To much HE in the game?

    He damage "alpha" damage from a salvo of pens is no where as close as damaging to the same number of ap pens, not to mention a few citadels mixed in. You dont delete cruisers and bbs with he, you do with ap.
  11. And notice where I said less than six or seven. As in less than the 7 or 8 or you just said. The module doesnt effect your concealment anyway. And at longer ranges the traverse wont matter. So the module really wouldnt change the gameplay for the shima anyway.
  12. It plays more to its strength, which is torpedo walls. If you are constantly less than 6 or 7 km from the enemies, you aren't playing the shima right anyway. All the module does it bring theconcealment back to what it was the last patch anyway.
  13. Thats not what it does, it makes your torps reload faster but traverse 80 percent slower.
  14. Playing a shima that way hurts the team anyway. Its horrible at it, worse than every other Dd for capping objectives. If thats what you want to do, you would be better served to use literally every other tier 9 or 10 dd.
  15. To much HE in the game?

    It would be only fair to nerf the ability for a battleship to insta delete a crusier if you take a cruisers ability to burn a bb. My play time is almost evenly split between battleships amd cruisers, and after nearly 7k games I can say without any doubt, if you are evenly mildly accurate with your shots, you are more than a match in a BB for any two he spamming cruisers much less one. You can delete a cruiser in one or two salvos with battleship ap, in what 30 seconds to one minute? How long will it take a crusier to he fire spam you to death? Much much longer.