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  1. Those changes would be perfectly reasonable, the problem is most of the players whining about the fires in the first place are completely unaccepting of a balacing nerf to bbs in exchange. They want to delete all other ships in the game with impunity.
  2. Would it be fair to remove citadel pens on cruisers from bbs in exchange removing fire damage? Battleships already have the most powerful guns, the most armor, the most hp, heals all the way up the tiers, and the longest range weapons. If the fully healable fire damage is that much of a handicap if you are playing a bb, then maybe the problem is the operator. At best a single cruiser will burn a bb down in minutes, while the bb has the capability to delete the cruiser every 30 seconds with only a few hits.
  3. Warspite was on sale during the Thanksgiving/Black Friday sale they had.
  4. The Germans were totally outclassed by the US navy. The Bismark would maybe be a match against a North Carolina class, but an Iowa class was better in almost every way. Better main armament, better aa, better fire control and radar, better armor scheme, faster.