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  1. The Stalingrad has guns that are infinitely more accurate and ap that has much better penetration. Its kind of the opposite, the Stalingrad has all the Khrons strengths, and is 1000x better than its weaknesses.
  2. I am incredibly pleased with this. I probably wont regrind for the special ships, so I wont get then and that's fine. I have no problem with people doing it for special ships, but the bluffs were just unacceptable. I really didnt want to quit a game I have put so much time into.
  3. I dont see how they can keep saying the free premium consumable is going to off set this. IT DOESNT OFF SET IT IF THE BUFFED PTW [edited] SHIPS HAVE IT TOO.
  4. They are all pretty substantial. These aren't little buffs.
  5. Well now the veteran players will have the huge skill advantage AND the buffs. How many new players are going to keep playing when they realize they will have to keep regrinding the lines they just completed just to be on an even playing field with the same ship as someone who has been playing for thousands of hours. This will be a disaster, people are going to leave in droves over this, and new players will never stick it out when they realize how insane the grind will be to be on an even playing field.
  6. I usually give you guys the benefit of the doubt, but to propose this is INCREDIBLY disrespectful of the time, and for many, the money we put into YOUR game. Have you guys not paid attention AT ALL to the state the community seems to be in since the CV rework? I for one am indifferent to it, I find carriers to be much weaker than before obviously, but they also seem so weak as to not be worth playing. With has toxic as the game has become over it, you are now proposing that, after spending countless hours grinding through to tier 10s, and possible REAL money spent on xp conversion, captain retraining, grinding for credits for each ship, you will have to do it AGAIN just to be on an even playing field as someone with the EXACT same ship that has the bonuses? That is insulting, and its incredible you tell US to be respectful in our posts. Respect goes both ways, and you have finally lost mine if this goes through as is. I know you will not care one bit if I quit, and never spend another dime, but I can guarantee I will not be the only one.
  7. You are failing at math. Each resource crate has at least 400 coal. If you so 3 resource crates a day, that would be a minimum of 1200 coal.
  8. Hawk7389

    For All those "AA Spec works guys!!"

    You obviously haven't played carriers much. Unless by magically regenerate and infinitum, you mean if you lose a whole squad you are lucky to get it back full strength before the end of the match. The time it takes to regenerate the planes if you take heavy losses hardly makes them infinite.
  9. Hawk7389

    Shimakaze what torpedo range do you use?

    The 20 km torps are pretty universally seen as garbage by any decent players. They have the worst detection range of any torp, and if you are launching torps from the far away, you are being useless anyway.
  10. Hawk7389

    friendly fire penalty is stupid

    Dont game on over priced hipster Apple poducts?
  11. How did the rework change this for you? There is nothing the carriers do better now than before the rework. They were neutered in the damage they do, how survivable the planes are, and their ability to spot since they can only put one squad up at a time.
  12. I find that hard to believe with as weak as a carrier strike is. In any case I've been deleted by shima torps three minutes into match in the Yamato. A Shima that was never spotted before the torps hit. Does that mean the shima is over powered now?
  13. Again a CV could punish a Musashi infinitely harder before the rework. Implying the Cv's now are more powerful and reigned in the OPness of the Musashi is asinine. Before the rework a CV could insta delete a Musahsi in one or two drops. Now it would take half the match to do the same damage.
  14. People are respecing because they over reacting. Carriers are far weaker than before, why do you need to respec, if anything you would spec out of aa builds, since the cv's are far less damaging and dangerous now.
  15. It is a negative for BB's that carriers went from deleting you at will, to having to spend half a match to do the same amount of damage to you? Really? Honestly when in a BB I almost ignore carriers now, the only class I remotely worry about a carrier strike is when I'm in a DD, and even then they were WAY more dangerous before the rework. The rework did nothing but make carriers weaker, which was needed. There isnt anything a carrier can do now, it didnt do better before the rework.