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  1. There is no reasoning with him, you might as well move on and talk to people that don't have extra chromosomes.
  2. Hawk7389

    IFHE on Massachusetts

    They are still much much more accurate with manual secondaires. People way over estimate how much firing from both sides with secondaires help.
  3. Hawk7389

    IFHE on Massachusetts

    I found the extra accuracy and damage far exceeds being able to fire on two ships at once.
  4. Hawk7389

    IFHE on Massachusetts

    Why even get the Mass if you aren't going to go full secondary? If you dont you are just using a severely gimped Alabama. I also hardly ever lose more than one or two secondaires on either side in a game.
  5. Hawk7389

    IFHE on Massachussets?

    Exactly, might as well go in full ham with secondaies, doing a hybrid build with the MASS is just gimping yourself
  6. Hawk7389

    IFHE on Massachussets?

    If you aren't going to go all in with aft, manual secondairies and if he you might as well not do any at all. Not having any one of them will gimp your secondary performance to the point that you might as well taken a survivability build.
  7. If you think lopsided battles are bad in this, don't even try playing World of Tanks. You will then learn what lopsided battles really are/
  8. They had more of a navy then Germany too.
  9. Wow you obviously haven't actually read any actual naval history books, Japan wow a lot of the battles against the US and Allied navies, especially in the first 6 or 7 months after Pearl Harbor in which the dominated. This isn't the best place to claim some kind of historical knowledge when you haven't actually researched, there are many people who have read almost every book on naval history roaming these forums.
  10. Hawk7389

    Biggest OP thing in the game

    Are willing to give up being able to delete a full health cruiser in one slavo with a bb to get the he nerf? Only seems fair, only you can heal 100 percent of fire damage back, a cruiser can only heal a tiny fraction of citadel damage. You can also still fight and get more damage while a fire takes minutes to burn you down, the crusier is gone and game over instantly from multiple citadels. Hmmmm seems like bb ap is whats op maybe it should be nerfed.
  11. Hawk7389

    A proper sendoff to the Alsace, farewell

    Amazing how a ship can go from borderline op, or at least the best at its tier, to being garbage/port queen/worthless because of .1 sigma and 2 seconds on the reload. Give me a break.
  12. The secondary build works fine in random, it forces you closer to the action where a bb should be anyway. And I think you are far over estimating the average knowledge and skill level of the player base. Sometimed I wonder if the bots are better than the average scrubby player.
  13. Hawk7389

    Fix BB AP against DDs

    DOESN"T MATTER!!!! One time a DD deleted me with torps after I sailed straight for 3 minutes straight while I was one shotting the op cruisers!