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  1. no server to connect to
  2. So why is it whenever I get something from the premium shop i get the worst players for the next 50 games? Seriously 5 tier 10 bbs with over 500 games each and an avg damage of 35k in damage. FFS
  3. CaptSalt

    Riga... What am I doing wrong?

    yes to be a forum troll is all you ever wanted. Sorry, you get to see more t7 then I do. When I play any t9 ship I see 10's always. Didn't say i don't do good in T9. What I said they made to have the longest grind and are the worst ship of any tier. please feel free to come back and troll some more. Maybe wargaming will give you another free day of premium :P
  4. for some reason, I got 2 of the Alexander Overcheckin but didn't get the 3rd commander. I was wonder why IJN has been overlooked also. I have all the specialty capts and think it is about time for us to get 2 more IJN capt. Make it happen Wargaming
  5. CaptSalt

    Riga... What am I doing wrong?

    So you named 5 ships out of 33 or possibly more. I have 33 tier 9 ships and almost every one of them are total junk when battling tier 10 ships. All have 3 times longer reload speed of T10 ships and most have .5 worst concealment of T10. I understand some people just got to disagree with others to feel better about themselves. I used the Drake for this Sprint ranked and had fun with it, but I wont play it in Random battles because it a junk boat. Fletch is by far one of the best T9 boats in-game. Lots of fun boat at T9 like the Ibuki, but in general they are junk long grinds because Wargaming can't get their craptogether and have equal splits from Tier 10 matches to T7 matches .T9 always 80% of the time find themselves in T10 games.
  6. CaptSalt

    Riga... What am I doing wrong?

    Most Tier 9 boats are junk with a few exceptions. With the Riga, I went long-range and demolition expert run fire flags, and once map thins out a little bit you can start to move in.
  7. yea well you cant make 6 trillion dollars and give it away and expect things to stay the same, But 100.00 ships in a game?
  8. So I was looking at the new Ship prices and to think someone gonna pay $200.00 for a t9 german cruiser with bb dispersion and a T6 CV . Come on Wargaming, what are you guys thinking? you are gonna sell half of the stuff because the prices are so high. I mean this is supposed to be free to play game, and you are selling ships for 100.00 each... Yea it comes with a few flags and a 10 point captain. But a 10 point capt with the right flags can be ground out in a day easily. Personally I love the new german Iron Cross camos and I would rather buy 10 of those for 10 bucks each then get a ship that has no growth other than to what? say you have it? There is so many ships that at this point have become useless to the most part because you keep adding unrealistic mechanics. SAP Shells , Cruiser able to out DPM BB"s ZAO is so under ranged now it lost almost all gameplay. Mater of fact I only see the Zao in coops. Kaba you never see anymore. Z52 seldom Still haven't seen the Legendary upgrades for the Tier 10 CV's No new maps or operations for a long time. Would love to see bigger maps with more ships. Maybe some type of full-grown Operation for 50 ship clans to be able to have like Peral Harbor attack. Game getting stale. Nothing to grind out and nothing new to do.
  9. Other then Clan battles, randoms battles are basically trash battles at tier 10. Tier 8 and down seem to be fun, but still has same issues as the top tier. Match matcher is broken and wargaming would not or will not fix it. No way should there ever be a skunk match, and I have seen way too many from both sides. I am not a pro and never will be, but this game is nothing like it was in beta. There is no fun in it anymore. Overpens should break stuff, not just be 1/10 damage. Super campers would rather live then win. Was just in a battle and people would not fire at broadside ships for fear of being shot at. I mean what is wrong with the mentality of staying alive is better than winning? I dont know how you guys will fix this, But I would start with Overpens doing damage and also causing modules to break at the same time. Somehow get rid of the bots. IDK but hope it gets better. Seems this is going down the same path as world of tanks and i haven't been back to that game in 6 years.
  10. CaptSalt

    Your longest super container drought

  11. CaptSalt

    Need help with communications

    f1 thru f10 i believe and the B key give you same options
  13. as i said the trolls will be trolls, with 19k in post, when do you play ?


    1. CaptSalt


      COOP  player . super troll on forums 

  14. CaptSalt

    Hey developers, [edited]....

    professional trolls are showing up.