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  1. RenamedUser_1000640496

    Possible cruiser solution? Zao buff?

    Alpha testing it did same 20km range torps as Shima
  2. RenamedUser_1000640496

    Crazy idea: remove DD ability to cap

    Actually making it so only battleships could cap points would make things interesting because then it would force teams to outright kill the other teams or to brawl because camping would be a draw
  3. RenamedUser_1000640496

    Crazy idea: remove DD ability to cap

    This would be a good idea but the problem is with cruisers getting nerfed to hell and battleships sniping. It just sounds like more cruisers getting slaughtered it doesn’t really solve anything
  4. RenamedUser_1000640496

    Possible cruiser solution? Zao buff?

    So with this latest patch of sniping bbs and bad concealment cruisers I have one solution to help this at least with one ship the Zao. How you ask. By giving it back the 20km shimakaze torps it had when it first was released. That’s basically it. cruisers got the worst deal In this captain skill rework and one ship could help bring a little balance back. That and maybe the Smolensk getting range back but with reduced fire ability. Make Cruisers Great Again
  5. RenamedUser_1000640496

    Are all games static?

    Coop games are never static and over faster maybe not as exciting as randoms but you get them over faster
  6. Play coop the bots don’t camp games are over faster and still have fun
  7. RenamedUser_1000640496

    Killing the Cruiser Game

    Smolensk having only 16 range is suicide they could have just nerfed the chance of fire rate on it instead its unplayable I want a refund
  8. Not really upset just it’s inevitable that they ruin something that was fun and enjoyable I play cruisers and with this update making BBs over powered I’m not going to bother. I’ll just stick to coop. Every game I have played by WG everything I have liked they have nerfed or gotten rid of I would say they are out to make me miserable but that’s by just me. Hey no tier ten premiums no submarines. Yea WG always lies no reason to get upset when you know it’s going to happen
  9. RenamedUser_1000640496

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Really wish I screen shotted my game in my GK had like 500 secondary hits and did 325k dmg
  10. RenamedUser_1000640496

    refund for Siegfried

    And Smolensk
  11. RenamedUser_1000640496

    Are you on target to complete Hizen on time?

    Yea I’m on track to get it but having to pay Dabloons for it that’s a no for me not giving WG a penny
  12. RenamedUser_1000640496

    so i checked the EU forums...

    When the biggest aspect of clan wars is spotting and knowing where your enemy is CV totally wreck that because strategy is basically out of the window and just ends up being who is more accurate
  13. RenamedUser_1000640496

    so i checked the EU forums...

    World of warplanes had a tough hill to climb competing against war 🌩 wasn’t even close. War planes control system and style was just mediocre at best. Beta tested that too 🤦‍♂️ WG has good products bad implementation and the. Bad upkeep. Best example for WG is a BMW great for the first 2 maybe 3 years then all the electronics start to fail and then doesn’t quite have the same enjoyment as before.
  14. RenamedUser_1000640496

    so i checked the EU forums...

    Everything increases over time it’s just the nature of things. More people on the planet more potential players always with covid and lockdown more people home looking for something to do
  15. RenamedUser_1000640496

    so i checked the EU forums...

    I haven’t given them a penny since they screwed up tanks with the wheeled vehicles and arty nerf they lost me as a paying customer years ago so I still play yea but not one penny. They always screw over the playerbase