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  1. Nelson's 622mm torpedo tubes?

    Well we are not having an accurate battleship sim right? So I'm do not have much knowledge about warships but in the case of the game some corners can be cut.. It being fixed torps is an interesting concept for the game is what I'm trying to say.
  2. Nelson's 622mm torpedo tubes?

    I think it would be interesting idea.. Bring torps to all ships that have them.. Fixed or moving.
  3. 'Loop' Map Bug or 'Seattle' Ship Bug

    So that I run into an island in my 'Seattle' on the map 'Loop' at around 6 mins into the battle. And my ship literally refuses to reverse from the island. You can see that i play with the throttle repeatedly to make the ship reverse. At one point it just stuck on -0.1 Knts for couple of seconds (02:31). And maximum moves till -1.4 Knots then goes back to 0. My propeller was not knocked out or perma damaged. Overall this resulted in me getting torped by that Shima even after knowing that torps were incoming.
  4. I have the same problem.. I played 5 battle all were still stuck in battle. Then i restarted my client and all my ships returned to port but no credit gained. I dont know the battle results, if i made a profit or loss.. No idea.. played one more battle in my GK, just to check and same results, its still in battle.
  5. Premium Ship PREVIEW: Kronshtadt

    I know.. and the worst part is that other YTers, players are not talking about this.. At times i just feel that WG think of me as a human wallet..
  6. The Weekend in One Image

    Hahahaha.. at least I'm not the only one suffering..
  7. 18 inch guns on the Conqueror

    I dont hav the conq yet.. but i test conq 419 and 457 guns on the 7.5 test server.. believe me.. the 419s were more flexible and usable. Right now playing the lion on the live server with the 419s.. its just the over all dpm and fire DOT.
  8. WoWS as Marriage Simulator

    Hi can anyone confirm if we can earn the Belfast azur lane commander by doing any mission or is it only for the Lord Nelson commander?
  9. Premium Ship PREVIEW: Kronshtadt

    I don't understand the cost of 750k fxp.. Ok so Missouri and Musashi is 750k fxp each. But those are BBs. Even though this plays like a BB, 750k fxp is freaking expensive in terms of time spent to accumulate fxp and if you outright wanna buy its the cost of spending on doubloons for a CA.
  10. yeah that i've put in the ticket i raised. might as well put it here too. 20180602_205636_PFSD506-Aigle_17_NA_fault_line.wowsreplay
  11. Yup, Raising ticket now I have the full replay. But just the clip that i made was 230 mb. And this forum doesnt allow you to upload more than 50 mb clip or pics.
  12. Well i guess you dint follow the sequence of event i mentioned in the pics. The fourth torp was invisible the whole time.. till it hit me and killed me. I cant upload the clip cause its more that 50 mb.
  13. .

    I'm only coming back when they bring back invisi firing.. so there
  14. Hi, I am uploading a set of pics showing the issue Pic 1 - CV is about to drop me with torps Pic 2 - The torp drop. Pic 3 - Note, three torps show up. And I assume the island ate the left most torp Pic 4 - Cue 'Torp beats' Pic 5 - I'm in the clear, now im dodging dive bombers and shell from New mexico down south Pic 6 - Dodged the Dive bombers. but got hit by shells from NM Pic 7 - And there you can see, a torp kills me. from that zuiho. Pic 8 - You can still see the 3 torp trails still in the water but not the fourth one which killed me. Pic 9 - Infact i claim the same in the battle chat being shocked. Now that i had this experience. I kind off remember a number of situations that this happened. And i chalked it up to my stupidity of not paying attention to avoiding the torp in the heat of the battle. Infact i have heard enemy team players say the same thing that i thought they were making up excuses for not dodging properly. This is extreme of being unacceptable, unfun and unplayable.. Thanks WG
  15. I'm not pissed with the fact that they dint release the changed American CAs in part one of the update, what was more pissing off for me was that they dint show the new Cleveland camo. Later I got to know the new camo is for the T8 Cleveland but it was a one of the main reasons why i was playing the PTS.