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  1. Prkl8r

    Ranked - Why X and CVs?

    But...couldn't you just bring all the highest AA ships and make the enemy CV totally useless?
  2. LOL, carrier players, you might want to look at stats before you make that kind of generalization. I have less than 20 games in carriers. I was just pointing out something that seems to break the balance for new players. it wasn't an issue when nobody played carriers but now that they are really pushing carriers to players, it doesn't work well. This kind of thing killed the new player experience for WoT, I hope this kind of thing doesn't for WoWs since it's overall a much better game.
  3. I should mention that I'm playing Hermes, so....that probably exacerbates the situation.
  4. My last game had two October Revolutions left at the end and our side had 1 BB and two tier IV carriers. There was absolutely nothing we could do to help the BB.
  5. Low level ships, generally premium, with an AA gimmick like October Revolution or Texas, are basically immune to tier IV carriers. I know people are down on carriers right now, but it seems pretty crappy to be able to just play these ships and not have to deal with an entire ship type.
  6. I mean, that's true, but good luck getting somebody to stay by you while playing Nelson, as slow as it is.
  7. Now that CVs are a thing again, which ships went from good to a liability to have on your team when a CV is in the game? Seems to me that Musashi and Nelson are both now rendered irrelevant if a CV decides to target them. Any other ships that fall in this category?
  8. Prkl8r

    Exeter mission--really?

    She did but it was pre release and I don't think she had played it yet. The review was still when it had smoke screen. I imagine it will alter her opinion now that the release version doesn't have smoke.
  9. I'm having trouble pulling more than 30-50k damage in this thing because of the gun angles. I can only safely use the front guns leaving me with a measly 4 guns. I know there are a ton of people that will pop out and say this ship is amazing, I just need to get gud. Any tips from those people?
  10. Prkl8r

    Warspite - T6 Monster

    That's not a thing anymore. They buffed Warspite's turret traverse ages ago. It's standard traverse for a BB now.
  11. Prkl8r

    Alternate U.S. battleship line

    I just want the SoDak, the rest is whatever. Early model SoDak would be cool at tX but it would be a sub 25 knot ship, and idk if that would work at tX.
  12. Wondering if I should respec any ships during free respec. Right now I still have ally my ships with it. If I mainly have the USN and RN BB lines. Can I or should I drop it from any of those BBs?
  13. Yeah, your Bias that you clearly have. The fact that you don't consider any of the most well known battleships famous just shows that you clearly have no knowledge of and don't care about naval history. each of the royal navy ships I stated has a long history. most were in service for decades. Royal Navy Battleships weren't necessarily famous for what they did, they were famous for what they prevented. They didn't need to actually sink any ships, they were victorious just by existing. They didn't need to win battles, when the fact that they existed prevented Germany from even trying to fight. Also, as a twist in this, I'm actually not British and have no connection to Britain, I'm actually American, live in the midwest. South Dakota to be exact (still waiting for a mainline SoDak), that aside though, I can still say that many of the RN battleships were far more famous than American ones, I mean, like the Hood, the Arizona is only really famous for sinking. None of the other pre North Carolina class ships are really well known. Only the North Carolina, Washington, and Iowa are really famous for combat. Even the Missouri is only really well known for being the ship that hosted the surrender. Hell most people only know South Dakota for losing power. Back to the discussion though, I was talking about why the RU BBs seem like they will be nice addition to the game if balanced, but the RN BBs are mechanically terrible and bad for the game. Seems a bit crap to me.
  14. You got Alabama a month ago ....we've known this change was being considered for more than a month......