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  1. The original t10s weren't power crept though. They are mostly still considered the best in the game. Monty and Yamato are considered 2 of the best BBs in the game, and would still be used more in competitive if it weren't for the blatantly too strong krem. Des Moines is considered one of if not the best CA in the game. Gearing is one of the top DDs. Shima not so much but it's got it's niche. I would argue that besides the new RU lines, most of the newer ship line t10s aren't good enough, or at least are too niche, to be considered as good as the original ships.
  2. I have seen very little chatter about the line, and from everything I have seen, they are basically worse USNCAs. Initially I read they would be super tanky but looking at the armor layouts they don't look all that tanky to me. Seems that the line is super DOA especially following the release of the initial stats of the RUCL line, that look completely OP at first glance.
  3. I like how this is now a thread about Italian CAs because of how meh the RN ones are.
  4. USS South Dakota in the tech tree. Maybe the 1920s version as a premium.
  5. Hyperbole doesn't prove a point unless you feel like you need to use hyperbole to prove that point, which doesn't actually prove anything. I don't even disagree that there are a lot of DDs, and that they are actually the best class in the game atm though. You can look at ranked and clan battles for proof of that. Most of them are 1 BB, 1-2 CA/Ls and the rest are DDs. DD's just have so much control over the flow of the game. against BBs and CA/Ls, every encounter is dictated by you, on your terms, unless you get sloppy and let somebody radar you that is. I'm not sure if it's a problem that needs fixing or not, because it takes some finesse and awareness to be good at DDs.
  6. There are a surprising number of people that think Neptune is better than Mino. IDK what they are smoking, I guess they like the range?
  7. I feel like power creep hurt RN CLs more than any other line in the game. It's just not safe to be in smoke anymore, which was their big thing, and the excuse for being so fragile. On top of that, they don't even have the highest RoF anymore, and the ships with higher have HE to boot. They just don't have much of a unique identity anymore, besides being fast firing, fragile, AP shooters, and that's just not enough anymore.
  8. When do you play? And what tier? CA/Ls are more numerous during peak hours at t10. An average t10 game has 4-5 BBs 3-5 DDs and the rest is CA/Ls which is pretty balanced.
  9. That's not actually true at all. PT indicates anytime somebody is targeting you regardless of what weapon they have selected.
  10. Call him out on what? He's just telling people what the current counter-play is with the system WG made. I don't agree with Notser all the time, but he definitely doesn't like passive play, so I would be surprised if he thinks it's good design as is.
  11. Well, in the vid of Notser playing them, he hit 2 torps on a Bayrn for ~60-70% of it's life.
  12. Specifically people that play BB and CA/CLs, and that's that they feel like they have no way to counter them. This is the exact same reason that people hated CVs before they massively buffed AA, but it's going to be even worse because BBs and CA/CLs don't actually have anything at all that they can even pretend to do against them. We'll see how it shakes out, but that's my prediction. Also, According to Notser, the counter-play to them for those ships is just to stay out of range which is like 9km at tier VI. Because that's what we need, another excuse for BBs to stay in the back.
  13. Prkl8r

    Smolensk is a disgrace

    I'm confused, you don't blame people for buying and playing this ship, but if I recall, you were one of the people that thought anybody playing CV immediately after the rework should be banned, or at the least, they were crappy people that deserved misery. K.
  14. Prkl8r

    My personal nightmare - HMS Thunderer

    Thing is, they don't have any high tier BBs like the other nations do, but that could be said for DD, CL, and CV as well, not to even mention CA. Makes Thunderer being the first even more depressing.
  15. Prkl8r

    Smolenks dmg score thread

    Well they say that sweeping changes that effect all ships of a type or nation don't count for some reason.