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  1. Prkl8r

    How to be successful in Vanguard?

    Oh, I am well aware of the Monarchs problems. I would rather have KGV in a T8 game.
  2. Prkl8r

    How to be successful in Vanguard?

    Well...It's billed as accurate anyway. In practice, Sometimes my shells stay in a tight group, and sometimes they drift all over the place.
  3. Prkl8r


    Same, this ship seems immensely disappointing. having good HP and heal, and maneuverability is great, but none of that matters if you can't do damage. Also, I'm pretty sure it has RN short fuse AP unlike what we originally thought.
  4. Prkl8r

    How to be successful in Vanguard?

    But, cant any battleship do those things? makes it seem like a toothless BB rather than a giant CA.
  5. I'm having trouble doing damage in this ship. It can maneuver well but it's guns feel anemic even as accurate as they are. Anybody that owns this ship have tips?
  6. Prkl8r

    Need help with T9-10 RN DDs.

    I mean, I knew HE was the choice ammo for every other DD, I just thought that the RN T9 and 10 were supposed to have good AP to compensate for the low gun caliber. I thought this was to make up for it in the same way they buffed the IJN 100mm guns so that IFHE wasn't mandatory to do damage. Feels kind of bad that they acknowledged that it feels bad on IJN DDs and changed it, but then went and put another DD line in that requires it.
  7. Prkl8r

    Need help with T9-10 RN DDs.

    I figured it would be fine if I was broadside to an enemy DD but when Shima can outgun you, it's pretty sad, and it's not like my shells weren't hitting.
  8. I'm on Jutland at the moment and need some help with with this one. As I understand it they have good AP, however whenever I have to brawl with an enemy DD....like any enemy DD... I seem to take far more damage from them then they do from me even if we are broadsiding each other. In my last game I was brawling with a Shima and had to disengage because he was beating me. We were both broadside to one another. I'm firing AP because I don't have IFHE just yet. Is the AP in these actually not good or what am I doing wrong?
  9. For the most part, it wont effect the ship, depending on how big the citadel is made. It will however, effect the ship in those instances when it does have to brawl. So anybody that try's to do what people want conqs to do(even though they aren't good at it) and push up, are going to be more punished than they already were. It's really not that big of a deal because you really should never be pushing in a conq anyway. Doing so is like trying to move in with a Zao, it's just not made for that. From there it just turned into a thread about whether the ship requires any skill or not.
  10. I mean, it's fair to get mad, but get mad at WG not the people playing the ships the way they were designed to be played. RN BBs are designed to fire primarily HE. Their AP is like other BBs HE, it's very situational, and often ignored. That's the way the ships were designed. I hate that design, but it is what it is. Being an RN fan, I don't really have a choice but to play the way they designed the ships to be played. I would much rather have a line that is more similar to the USN or KM lines, but apparently every line has to have a completely different play-style in WoWs, even though tank lines don't have that issue in WoT.
  11. I mean, there would probably be a celebration if they ever removed Conq from the game. That's the general attitude of the community. I suspect that the Conq will continue to get nerfed over a long period of time in response to player hatred, but they will never really touch on why the community hates it (HE), until HE is all the ship is. Nobody will really play the ship anymore at that point but the community will not care and still hate the ship.
  12. Not every line needs to be completely different. Also, people are OK with the KM BBs not being able to be cit because that's kind of their gimmick I guess, uncitable + really inaccurate and inconsistent guns. So while it's not easy to kill KM ships, they aren't as dangerous as other BBs. As for the HE pen on germans vs RN, KM do get the same pen value, but they don't have nearly the same alpha or fire chance. So while they can pen just as good with their HE, it's still nowhere as effective to use.
  13. It's always been possible, it's just considered an extreme rarity.
  14. I looked, and at Tier 10, the only ship that has a Cit that would be Cit by short fuse is the Yamato, and maybe, if you get really luck the Montana. All other ships have additional armor between the Cit and the belt. The Monty is a big if because, if I remember correctly, hitting the water arms the shell fuse, so that it actually can shatter on the armor before it fully penetrates.
  15. I did sort of in the OP. I mean it's kinda true. When BB's get into a brawl, it comes down to who can Cit the other more often then not, which would be fine...If the Conq had the actual ability to citadel enemy BBs. As it stands though, with the short fuse AP, the Conq pretty much doesn't have the ability to get citadel hits on enemy BBs. With the underwater citadel, the this evened the playing field at close range for the Conq. It may not be able to get a Cit but at least the enemy couldn't get one on you. I realize the underwater cit is Derpy gameplay, but WG designed and balanced the ship around that derpy gameplay. If they want to remove the derpyness, they should just go all-in at this point and change the line to not be a gimmick line.