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  1. Prkl8r

    How can the British BC not suck?

    Well, ideally they'd give them the RN BB line gimmicks, and rebalance the BB line for brawling or at least to be more standard battleships, but that's not going to happen.
  2. Prkl8r

    How can the British BC not suck?

    The citadel and HP pool and gun angles is what will determine if they can brawl or not. Everything else is whatever.
  3. For all the people that don't think that these ships will have the armor to brawl, consider that brawling in the game isn't actually based on armor, and is more based on citadel placement, which WG bases on balance rather than historical accuracy. Hell, even RN mainline BBs used to be able to brawl because of the below waterline cit.
  4. Than play one of the many lines of BBs that sit in back and snipe. We already have plenty of lines like that.
  5. I kinda want them to go with the brawler gameplay style. The RN BBs are already long ranged glass canons.
  6. Pretty much this. The thing is only dangerous to cruisers that show broadside and are within 15km while doing it. Any ship that is nose or stern towards it, is basically going to just take superficial damage, because of the shell dispersion pattern. It spreads out in a line so if you try shooting a bow or stern in ship, your only hitting like 2-4 shells maybe.
  7. Except she's a close quarters shotgun with paper armor and without the maneuverability to make that work. Her health is also not amazing and doesn't have a super heal.
  8. I mean IMO those are all low hanging fruit that they didn't have to do too much to make people happy. If they really cared about coop, they'd rewrite the AI so that it acted more like players and was smarter about avoiding rushing and torpedoes, and not sailing broadside to people. The Operations were their biggest investment into Coop but idk, are those even a thing anymore? I don't really see people talking about them much these days. Like I said, WG themselves will tell you they balance ships based on PVP modes alone. That means that a ship being good or bad, should solely based on how good or bad it is in PVP modes. Like I said, i'm not going to insult anybody or degrade anybody who prefers to play coop, but I see coop mains butt into ship balance discussions too often, and IMO they don't belong there.
  9. Well, insulting or not, he was in a sense right because, lets be honest, WG only cares about the PVP modes. They only balance round Random Battles, not Coop. I'm not going to insult somebody for playing primarily coop, but honestly, their input on what ships are good vs bad are worth a grain of salt to me. This is simply because you can't judge a ship by how good it is vs bots when WG balances ships for PVP, and they say this all the time.
  10. If all you want is 16 guns Mecklenburg might be better. The guns are smaller, but the hull and accuracy look like they will be much better on paper at least. We still don't know how we'll get it yet though.
  11. I mean, it's probably really good in Coop because bots will sail full broadside to you all the time.
  12. I think you missed the point. He was showing what's possible in the ship, before talking about why it's not a good ship. Realistically, a good player can do amazing things in any ship though.
  13. Prkl8r

    Are Dockyard ships getting a bad rep?

    No it's bad. Even PQ shows some great dev strikes at the start because, yes it is possible, but the sigma is 1.4 so you only are going to do that when you win the RNG lottery. It also gives up everything to have that many guns, and let me tell you, it's not worth the trade.
  14. You can still have fun in a bad ship. The argument I'd make is that you could probably be doing better in just about any other t9. It's fire chance is pretty nerfed so your relying on the number of shells to get fires and that's going to be wildly inconsistent with a 1.4 sigma. And that said, whenever I see a Marlborough, unless I also see one on the enemy team, I'm usually wishing we had something better.
  15. I believe for people that didn't get her yet, there is a buyout period still.