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  1. Hello all... While I was lucky enough not to suffer too badly from the FPS issue, only occasional stutter with high numbers of planes and torpedoes on screen. I am still seeing the "render bug" where I can see the ship's smoke, wake, weapon blasts and fires burning on the ship if any 3 to 5 seconds prior to the spotted ship itself rendering. I have a pretty good system setup....7th gen I7 at 4.2ghz, 32gigs of mem, 1080ti 11gig vid card. I am assuming the "render bug" was/is a separate issue. Has anyone heard any information regarding this issue?
  2. Corgi Gold

    Hello... I saw in the announcement that we should see the rewards by the 23rd of February.
  3. Map Bug?

    Post in the 7.1 update bug reports as well....
  4. To Much Radar

    This is the biggest problem with radar...and it isn't even a "radar" issue. It is a Matchmaker issue.
  5. My Kagero and Yugumo....approve of this message.... I'm already going "Smokeless" in favor of torp reload boost in these two, this just makes my "out front edge of detection" playstyle even more productive....
  6. I wish WG would implement this with the "Special" modules. Since they started issuing these things in super containers it is all I have ever gotten.... I'm pretty sure I now have a double set of all the "Special" modules....
  7. Hello all.... Great video... As a IJN DD main that tries to play upfront on the knifes edge, I have to admit I don't get to many of the rants from other non-DD players, though I try to use my smoke for team conceal since I can usually break off an engagement at will.... There are a few times that this video feels spot on...for me though....
  8. Hello all... As a DD main... I would be happy to take a major damage cut to torpedoes with these caveats. Bring torpedo detection down to between 0.9km to 1.2km depending on nation. Make "Priority Target" skill only show a ship is being targeted if it is being targeted by a ship that is visible on the mini-map. If I am aiming at a ship but haven't yet been detected there should be no way that you should know I am aiming at you. All ships already have the "Detected" notification and should be WASDing anyway. (hope I explained this alright)
  9. Hello all... Most Anti-Virus software as a general rule, flag download files with a ".exe" extension as suspicious. It's a built in feature of AV software to help protect from inadvertent dangerous downloads.
  10. Brought back to port with no post match info

    Its happening to lots of people right now. Going to be a lot of angry players considering all the exp bonus potential being lost if these matches are not being counted or recompensed.
  11. Battles not counting

    Two matches here that have not counted.
  12. I hope this covered for the NA server as well. I was just collecting screenshots and information, last night for a bug report ticket about this very thing.
  13. A Possible Fix for Carriers

    Hello Higgle... I posted these ideas in the "Suggestions" part of the forum. I will repost them here being that all things "CV" seem to get much more traction in the "General Gameplay Discussion" area. Here are a few suggestions I think would help end a lot of the hate being shown to towards CVs. Stop allowing the “stacking” of torpedo squadrons.Stacking allows to squadrons to fly unrealistically close together and allows for the dropping of double the torpedoes in the space of what should only be a single spread of torpedoes. There should be a “zone of control” around the torpedo bomber squadrons that does not allow other friendly torpedo bomber squadrons to fly inside of that zone. This would still allow for squadrons to fly side by side or right behind another squadron. As a side note to this, I think that TB and DB squadrons should be allowed to “stack” since they operate at different altitudes when attacking. Scale the arming distances and the minimum attack run distances to how the ships are scaled in the game. The ships are scaled much larger than they should appear according to the “map” scale. It seems that the arming distances and the minimum attack run distances are calculated using “map scale” and not the true scale of ships in game. This gives/allows the planes to launch at what seems an unrealistic point blank range at ships. Change the match maker so that CVs are matched against equal numbers of CVs of the same tier. There is too large of an advantage to the team that has the larger number of CVs or has the higher tier CVs. Please give the Dive Bomber squadrons some much needed attention. This would help close the current gap between the US and IJN carrier’s attack squadron power. Ok now a little background on me... I have never played a CV. I do know how to dodge torpedoes, though I do get hit occasionally. I am a Cruiser player. I enjoy the ability to “Flex” that cruisers give. I “DO NOT WANT MANUAL DROPS REMOVED”. I believe that manual drops are a good part of the game. It allows for the CV player to show their skill. Thank you for taking the time to read this… MiikLL
  14. Hello...just check your main page portal profiles for each game, WOT and WOWP. They will show that your Gold and Free EXP are still there, just not accessable at the moment in-game.
  15. Hello all...here are two screens of my WOT and WOWP games. im showing that my "WG Wallet" will be restored automatically. All my Gold and EXP show up correct in my WG main profile. So I assume it should be fixed soon....